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Zecrona is a demon with the core ability to shapeshift and cross dimensions, created by 0xSora0ArcticWolfx0 on May 29, 2018β€Ž.

She's a 259 year old "void demon" of no perceivable gender, but prefers to be regarded female. She lives by herself in her own pocket dimension and spends her days inside a grey, black roofed, two-story house, built on a floating island with nothing but a few dead trees surrounding it.

Though she likes to mess around in universes not her own, she's a subdued character who will only lash out when the situation warrants it. She has many enemies and no family or friends to turn to.

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Basic Information

Nickname(s) or Alias: Zec, The Demon, ShapeShifter
Birthday: October 31st
Sexuality: Pansexual
Languages Spoken: Many, mainly English
Native Language: Unknown, presumed English
Relationship Status: Single
Eating Pattern: Omnivore
Likes: TBA 
Dislikes: TBA 
Favorite color: Black
Hobbies: Drawing, "attempting" to create music
Taste in Music: Diverse- Metal, Electronic/Remixes, and even a bit of Country music 


Height: 7'9 (depends on form taken)
Weight: 210 (depends on form taken)
Hair Color: Jet black
Hairstyle: Hair covering one eye
Eye Color: Grey; but differs depending on her emotions
Skin/Fur/Etc Color: Light grey
Preferred Style of Clothing: Any shirts with really short sleeves, shorts or skirts. Doesn't like to wear footwear
Frequently Worn Jewellery/Accessories: None, but may occasionally wear an anklet


Zecrona has the ability to jump through dimensions and is a flawless shapeshifter. Nevertheless, the latter requires her to absorb a lot of physical matter in order to stay in control of her own body.
She can morph and shape into anything, thus avoid most hits, unless caught off-guard. She likes to overwhelm her opponents and can strike fast and efficiently, making her a challenging opponent. Besides that, she sometimes uses a long sword for battle and is able to summon critters to aid her, called "psychos".

Though her abilities are fully under her control and she's a strong fighter, she fears to lose control of herself one day.