Wolfons are dogs that have shaped themselves to look mostly human after millions of years of evolution.

They are closer to their animal roots than their more evolved relatives, the doguns, because their ancestors lost the desire to become human at one point. Despite looking like a mix of humans and wolves, they were once regular dogs and in no way carry actual human DNA.

They exist in a far future where the human race has decreased tremendously and are slowly dying out. Normal dogs and wolves no longer exist.

Their first appearance was at Deviantart on September 8, 2015. They were also mentioned in the Ed, Edd n Eddy fanfiction "Until I See You Again". Created by VampireMeerkat.

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Past and behaviour


A wolfon; specifically a male black wolf (2015).

Wolfons, despite the name and the look, were once dogs and are a more sedated evolutionary step between regular dogs and the more human-like doguns. The original wolfon resembled a werewolf. Because their ancestors decided it made no sense to give up their roots in honour of the humans, they stopped their progress and raised their offspring to be anti-human, anti-dogun, and anti-modernization. Still, their top half never stopped looking human since they made this cultural change eternities ago, which displeases them.
They're more intelligent than the doguns give them credit for and are able to speak the human language, but don't wear clothes or build houses, and prefer to keep life simple.

They are frowned upon by the doguns, because of their animal behaviour and body parts. The doguns feel superior for being more civilized and looking more human than them, while the wolfons don't really care for these self-made beauty standards and are of the opinion that human features are what makes someone less attractive.
They are each other's biggest enemy and the doguns' arrogance makes it appetizing for the wolfons to be a bother on purpose, which isn't hard to do, as their mere presence frightens them.

While these groups are not a unity, the wolfons generally don't speak taboo over dating a dogun, and unlike them, stay with their partner after reproduction and are very loyal. Strangely enough, their reproduction cycle is more like that of a human, while they still instinctively respond to the doguns' more dog-like reproduction cycle.
Wolfons and humans cannot reproduce, but wolfons could reproduce with normal canines if they still existed.

Wolfon hunt

A small group of wolfons hunting down a deer by running on all four limbs (2015).

Because they're a minority, most doguns don't know they exist. Wolfons do know of their existence, but are usually not interested in meeting with up them and prefer to stay out of sight.

They are omnivores, but the majority of their diet exists out of raw meat that they hunt for themselves. Because they are still much like a wolf, they are fast and strong, fully able to hunt down an animal using their own strength. Their intelligence, speed, and muscle make for a dangerous combination. Their reserved nature is the only thing that keeps them from overthrowing the weaker doguns.

They live in large packs, led by a dominant individual or couple. While they know how to speak the human language, they just as often converse to each other using howls and growls. Like doguns, they too get litters and have half-human, half-wolf pups, who are smaller than regular human babies and make animal sounds.


Wolfons usually have a human upper body and wolf-like lower body; but some of them have fur all over their chest or back as well. Their hair extends to the sides of their head and they have wolf ears and a tail in the same colour as their hair.
Their lower body allows them to sit and move like a wolf, but at the same time, their limbs allow them to do much of what a human can do as well. They walk around like humans, but during a sprint tend to go on all fours, even though their human arms don't really help increase their speed and are useless in this scenario.

They have black nails on their hands, like the doguns, but also a full set of fangs in their mouth.


  • The wolfon design is somewhat based on fauns.
  • The wolfon example image is referencing "Larie Kanker" from a genderbent version of the Cartoon Network show, Ed, Edd n Eddy.

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