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The cover of the first book (2001).

Weasel Slyone, originally "Wezel Sluwerik", is a short series of hand-drawn and hand-written children's books, created by VampireMeerkat. There are two installments, but the second one has never been finished. They're originally in Dutch.

They were created 2001 and never given a public release of any kind.

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Weasel Slyone 1

The first book introduces a weasel, named Weasel Slyone (rough translation), who goes around tricking his neighbours into causing themselves and each other harm. His commitment to being a bother has him boldly target a feared leopard as well. When everybody starts chasing him down in anger, a new resident Weasel met earlier that day, a white ferret named Freddy, saves his life and demands he makes up with everyone.

Weasel brings his victims an apology and is accepted as a friend.

Weasel Slyone 2 (unfinished)

The seconds book starts of with Weasel concluding he needs a new last name, since he's bettered himself. He goes around the neighbourhood for suggestions, but nobody can come up with anything. Suddenly a tiger shows up and chases him around, but Renk protects him and challenges him to a race, as he's not in the mood to escalate things by fighting. During the race, the tiger suddenly disappears.
Renk expresses to be tired of all the nonsense he's had to deal with ever since he moved in and announced to go on holiday. Miss Mouse, who's revealed to have a crush on him, sees him off.

Meanwhile, a squirrel sorcerer scolds the tiger he had spawned for doing a bad job, and creates a new minion to go after Weasel; a dragon demanding to race him through the air. As Weasel can't fly, Owl creates a suit for him, but it's not helping much. Freddy shows up from a burrow and plans on helping him cheat his way to the finish line.


Weasel Slyone

Weasel is the main character and portrayed as a mean-spirited prankster. He owns an agenda that helps him keep track of who to bother on what day, and does so with a smile on his face.
Despite this, the residents of the forest aren't too suspicious of him and are willing to believe his lies, though he's first to get the blame when something goes wrong.

Thanks to his first friend and only ally, Freddy the ferret, he comes to understand that being nice benefits him as well and he betters himself. Nevertheless, in the second installment he has to deal with consequences for his past behaviour.

Weasel has red fur, an orange nose, black eyes, and a white stomach.


Elefant, originally "Oliefant" (misspelling), is a simple and oddly small elephant who's willing to give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt. In the story, he was Weasel's first victim.

Miss Mouse

Miss Mouse, originally "Mevrouw Muis", is an older woman and the only character who wears clothes and always walks on two legs. She's polite and lives in a hole that's set up to look alot like a human home. In the story, she was Weasel's second victim.

She has a crush on Renk which is briefly explored in the second installment.

Miss Mouse has yellow fur, black eyes, and wears a blue dress.

Leopard Renk

Renk, originally "Luipaard Renk", is a large leopard who prides himself in his speed and prefers to be by himself. Like Freddy, he just moved in, and the residents of the forest were spreading scary rumors about him. Weasel found the rumors intriguing. In the story, she was Weasel's third victim.

Freddy the ferret

Freddy, originally "Freddy de fret", is a ferret who just moved into the neighbourhood and had the fortune of not becoming Weasel's target. He is a spontaneous, happy-go-lucky character and introduces himself to Weasel as being good at digging, apparently learned from a dog; an ability that is used later in time to rescue Weasel from an angry mob.

Freddy rescues his life from Renk, and after saving him three times over, becomes unusually angry with him and demands him to make right.

Freddy has white fur, an orange nose, and black eyes.

Duckman the duck

Duckman, originally "Eendenmans de eend", though immediately dubbed "Duck", is a gullible character who immediately fell for Weasel's lies. In the story, he was his fifth victim.


Ant, originally "Mier", is another character who allowed himself to be led into trouble. In the story, she was Weasel's sixth victim.


Spider, originally "Spin", is a black spider who found Ant stuck in his web, though did not consider him a meal and instead helped him escape.


Owl, originally "Uil", is a minor character who only showed up in the second installment to help Weasel with his fight suit for the air race against the dragon.

The Renk-like animal

"The Renk-like animal", originally "het Renk-achtige beest", is a nameless tiger with a slender body and running speed similar to Renk's. He's appears in the second installment and was spawned into existence by a squirrel with magic abilities. He was supposed to fulfil some undiscussed purpose; hinted at to be the death of Weasel, which the tiger ignored to have a race against Renk.

As punishment, he was banished to the "past/old news-corner", insinuating he's been erased from existence.

The dragon

The dragon is a nameless character from the second installment, spawned into existence by a squirrel with magic abilities and supposed to fulfil some undiscussed purpose; hinted at to be the death of Weasel through means of challenging him to an air race.
As the story was never finished, the conclusion of this race is undetermined.

The weird giant squirrel

"The weird giant squirrel" is the nameless villain in the second installment and is shown to have magic abilities. Weasel is his target, but as the story was never finished, his beef with him has never been clarified. It's to be assumed he was a past victim of his pranks.

He has brown fur, black eyes with red eye-white, and holds a staf with a jewel shaped like an acorn.

Unseen residents

  • Nightingale Harry/Nachtegaal Harry
  • Mr. Mouse/Mr. Muis (Not stated to be related to Miss Mouse.)
  • Henk Toddertoad/Henk Pabberpad
  • Foxxe Fox/Vosse Vos
  • Johan Bird/Johan Vogel
  • Marcus Ant/Marcus Mier (Not stated to be the same character as Ant.)

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