Weasel Slyone, originally "Wezel Sluwerik", is a short series of hand-drawn and hand-written children's books, created by VampireMeerkat. There are three instalments, with the third never having been finished. They were originally in Dutch.

They were created somewhere in the late 90s or early 2000s and never given a public release of any kind.

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The first book is about a weasel, named Weasel Slyone (rough translation), who goes around misleading his neighbours into causing themselves and each other harm. His commitment to being a bother has him boldly target a feared leopard as well. When everybody starts chasing him down in anger, a new resident Weasel met earlier that day, a white ferret named Fred, drags him down into his burrow and suggests he makes up with everyone for his own safety's sake.

Weasel brings his victims genuine gifts and is accepted as a friend.

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Weasel Slyone

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Fred the ferret

Fred is a ferret who just moved into the neighbourhood and had the fortune of not becoming Weasel's target. This made him more willing to approach Weasel and help him out.

Renk the leopard

Renk is a large leopard who prides himself in his speed and prefers to be by himself.

Ms. Mouse

She is an older woman and the only character who wears clothes and always walks on two legs. She's polite and lives in a hole that's set up to look alot like a human home. She has a crush on Renk.


Elephant is a simple and especially gullible character who's willing to give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt.


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