Veronica Maplewood is one of the main and supporting characters of The Venusian Twins Series.

Early LifeEdit

Veronica, Amber, and their parents lived in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, When she was 5 years old, Veronica's mother died and her father marries a woman named Carly Pangburn (or pantsburn), she looked sadly into the window and watches a young woman roller skating in the streets, amazed, Veronica goes outside and bumps to the rollerskater, the rollerskater says her name is Kelly Skaterick, and gives the pink haired girl some roller skates, telling her that someday she will become like her.

Appearance Edit

Veronica is a slender girl with fair skin, red eyes, pink hair, she wears black shoes, a black jacket, two earrings, blue jeans and sunglasses.

As a adult, Veronica wears a new black jacket,a white shirt, blue capris and new black shoes.


Veronica is a rich girl with a outgoing personality, she is funny, laid-back, jolly and friendly. 

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