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β€œ I find this town's nonchalant response to its weirder side quite amusing. ”

β€”Vekhtor, after moving into Arcadia

β€œ Enjoy hell. ”

β€”Vekhtor's catchphrase after defeating his enemies.


Dead Alien Walking


Alien Zombie
Damn Zombie (by Corrina)
Vicky (by Jamie)
Frankenstein (by Sherman)
Demonic Freak


Oliver Roswell (Human disguise)


Akiridion (Formerly)


Crysaegrim (Sepulturian Trident)




Hundreds of years




Straw bowler hat




Ghostly White
Teal Blue (Formerly, as an Akiridion)
Medium (as Oliver)



Hair Color

Silvery-White (Currently)
Electric Blue (Formerly, as an Akiridion)
Black (As Oliver)

Eye Color

Blood Red (Left)
Electric Blue (Right)
Dark Brown (as Oliver)

Professional Status



Pantheon Inquisitor
Head scientist of Pantheon's R&D department
Science teacher

Previous Occupation

Interplanetary doctor
Akiridion medic & archaeologist

Personal Status



Understanding alien ruins & artifacts
Resurrecting dead aliens
Human technology


House Tarron


Studying Greco-Roman culture & myths
Watching horror films

Music Theme

Festival of Servants (Cover)

Vekhtor is one of the primary villains and a recurring antagonist featured in Riftwalkers. An undead Revenant acting as the chief adviser of the organization's R&D department. Despite his allegiance, Vekhtor secretly uses his position in plotting a massive scale invasion against all the known royal houses across the galaxy, especially House Tarron for their callousness towards Voltar, where he also met his first death.

Currently, he is stationed at the Californian town of Arcadia Oaks, known for its status as a hot-spot for supernatural and extraterrestrial activity, where he observes any dimensional displacements there caused by Pantheon's involvement. He goes incognito under the alias of Oliver Roswell, a science teacher at a high school where Corrina and Sherman study at.


β€œ How the hell do you zombify an energy-based being? It makes no sense. ”

β€”Corrina, confused about Vekhtor's undead condition.

Revenant/Akiridion Form

Vekhtor appears similarly to his ilk but with a number of differences related to being a Revenant. Instead of having the generic teal blue skin, it has been replaced with a ghostly white tone that signifies his undead status. He has mismatched eyesβ€”his left eye being red while his right eye is blueβ€”and silvery-white, windswept spiky hair.

He wears a modified version of his race's bodysuits with matte black and grey trimmings. Upon joining Pantheon courtesy of Solomon and Jupiter, he dons a futuristic, long-sleeved, double-breasted buttoned lab coat out of personal convenience.

Human Disguise

As Oliver Roswell, Vekhtor appears as a man somewhere in his 30's, having a medium complexion, and of average height and build.


When he was a living Akiridion, Vekhtor was a serious and sympathetic individual. Raised in a family of interplanetary medics and archeologists, he had an eye and heart for the vast wonders that universe has in store. He was one of the few Akiridions who sympathized with the Voltarians that pleaded the royals' help during their civil war, extending his sympathy into personally heading to the war-torn planet for the natives seeking crucial medical help. He would continue to aid the affected Voltarians in and out of the battlefield until he was caught in the crossfire of the ensuing conflict, resulting in his death.



β€œ Let me show you a gift from the other side, half-breed. ”

β€”Vekhtor, showing the Crysaegrim to Corrina before fighting her.

Crysaegrim: A matte-black alien trident forged in the dead planet of Sepulturia as the weapon of a high-ranking Sepulturian. Vekhtor discovered it in the ruins somewhere in the planet and sometime after his death in Voltar, the weapon converted him into a Revenant. Crysaegrim is said to be pulsing with dark energies that Sherman stated that it's not too different from those of necromancy despite never having practiced in its arts.

Powers & Abilities

Revenant/Akiridion Physiology: As an Akiridion, Vekhtor is generally superior to the average human being, as well as other lower lifeforms. After being brought back as a Revenant, his Akiridion condition has been greatly augmented to the point he is capable of overpowering other Akiridions.

  • Supernatural Strength: Vekhtor's naturally enhanced strengths reached new heights after being brought back as an undead. He can decapitate an Akiridion soldier with a swift hand chop, lift Corrina by the neck before flinging her like a ragdoll and bounce back live ammunition such as arrows with a flick of his finger. The revenant is strong enough to hold his ground against physically-superior opponents, such as Voltarians and certain magical creatures.
  • Supernatural Speed & Agility: Vekhtor is remarkably fast and agile, even by Akiridion standards. He dodged incoming lasers at close range with little difficulty, although his shoulder got shot at when he thought the barrage was done.
  • Supernatural Reflexes: Vekhtor normally reacts and dodges any projectile being aimed at him, even if the source of where the projectile was fired from was meters away from him. However, he has been struck down by projectiles and other ranged attacks coming from angles he didn't expect.
  • Supernatural Durability: As an undead Akiridion, Vekhtor can shrug off the damage inflicted by most weapons, including his race's military-issued serrators.
  • High-Level Regeneration: Vekhtor can instantly heal himself from wounds much faster than any other living organism, including his kind's regeneration chambers if they are reduced to their cores. The only part that lacks this instant regenerating property is his neck.

Zombie Manipulation: ....

  • Akiridions: ....
  • Voltarians: ....
  • Trolls: ....

Trident Mastery: ....

Technological Intelligence: ....

Medical Intuition: ....


  • Decapitation: Vekhtor can be permanently killed off if he has been decapitated, as per customary to dealing with the undead. This critical weakness can also make him on edge if he thinks his enemies have already picked it up.
  • Zombification Limits: ....
  • Fire: ....
  • Vengeance: ....