Drayvsra Raynes-(Dray-Va-Zarrah)

Drayvsra Raynes

A simple magician? I have witnessed empires & pantheons alike rise & fall. I've given birth to countless worlds and destroyed even more. I've watched the War between Heaven & Hell since creation, it's boring by the way. I have witnessed & copied the creation & destruction of universes and multiverses across totality. I've devoured 10 Trillion souls and cast 3 Million shadows. I do not...respond being threatened. However it's these beings that you and many others call "gods" that intrigue me. I find this perspective, this common level of awe amusing. I've seen entities far beyond the gods and horrors far worse than Lucifer. I know because I'm the one they all try to avoid. You claim these so-called gods will have their vengeance on me? That I'll be punished? Let me tell you what they'll do. Some fall to their knees and worship, some will barter & bargain for me to ignore their existence, & others will hide behind the walls of their pantheons. But the thing they do best...Is beg for mercy. It's just...adorable.

—Drayvsra to the Amazonians & Valkyries.

You desire, therefore I am.

—Drayvsra describing his appearance.

The Bastard Son of God

Slayer Supreme

The Infinite Witch




Child of Paradise

Queen of All Dragons

Y'dikan King

Judge of The Gods

Crimson-7 Dragon

Keeper of Pisces

The Red Queen

The Desire Embodied

The Silence

Forbidden Code:<God is Undead>

Azalea Raynes-Father (Unknown)

Reshemuah-Mother (Deceased)

Iris Raynes-Brother

Drake Raynes-Brother

Kris Gyn Raynes-Brother

3 Raynes-Brother

Clyde Raynes-Brother

Jadis Raynes-Brother

Nauvi Raynes-Brother

Dane Batista-Brother

Isabella-Wife (Deceased)

Demetri Tepes-Husband (Deceased)

2 Unnamed twin children (Captive/Unknown)

1st Son of the House of Raynes

Voiced by: Daniel A. Dilworth-(Me)

*1st Son of the House of Raynes
*Crimson Claw: Kuja-[2nd in Command]
*The 7th Star
*Keeper of the Crimzon-7 Dragon
*Contracter to the Red Queen
*Nikita, the King of Witches
*The Bastard Son of God
*The Quing of New Revelation (Quing=King+Queen)
*The Child of Paradise
*The Infernal Tempest
*Son of King Salamondra (Adopted by a Dragon God)
*Spawn of Tessmarae (Taken in by a Dark Dragon)
*God’s Red Spider
*La Llorona
*Precious Eden
*The Queen of Kings
*Deus Ex Dragonar
*The Forbidden One
*Athena’s Death
*King’s Madness
*Angel Name:@##%)(&$-or “Avalyntiel”-closest relation to human comprehension.
*Demon Name: $^#^^((-*-or “VestaRoth”-closest relation to human comprehension.
*Dragon God Name: $$$@$*-or “Ebelor”-closest relation to human comprehension.
*Dark Dragon Name: (&$::(^-or “Yllgragonteas”-closest relation to human comprehension.
*Eldritch Name: &)$:(^-or “Gonamogg-closest relation to human comprehension.
*Chthonic Name: ))%^&^((-or “Drxstzzylll”-closest relation to human comprehension. [Drex-stass-seal]
*Dialyon Name: 2750dAb%$&6634-or codename: “Reficul”-closest relation to human comprehension.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral{Switches between Chaotic Good & Evil at the drop of a hat.}

Birthday: Febuary 27-(Self Proclaimed)

Age: Born outside of time & his family would often migrate in and out of time emerging into different eras. Looks around late teens-early twenties(6’3), African American, looks around 19-29 but is over 2,000,016 years old.

Gender: Genderless (mostly appears as an androgynous male but, turns into a female on multiple occasions)

Bloodtype: Not Picky

Place of Origin: Born outside of Time in Higher Dimensions of Reality.

Occupation: SSS-Class Investigator & Agent for the MEPHISTO-(Ministry of Extraterrestrial & Paranormal History Investagation & Security & Tactics against Occultism) Organization, God Killer, Angel Slayer, Demon Hunter, Devil Eater, Hitman, Genius Thief, World Famous Stripper, Beautician, Fashion Designer, Gamer, Professional Twerk Instructor, $75 Billion Escort, Multiverse Traveler, Chronos Guard Time-Guardian-(Part Time).


Introduction to MC:The Witching Hour Is Upon UsDaily Life:Days of a Wild Child

Non-Serious Fights:Bloody Fantasy

Dragon Power Activated:Time to Rock & Roar

Divine Power Activated:Angels Stronger Than Gods

Demonic Power Activated:Horrors, Hysteria, & the Whore of Babylon

Serious Fight:You Think Yourself a God!!?

====Motto:"I'm the Hero when it suits me, & the Villian when it suits me. I'm a miracle when it suits me, a murderer when it suits me, a monster when it suits me, classy when it suits me, & vulgar when it suits me. I do whatever I want, whenever I wanna do it, with whomever I wanna do it with, the world & rules be damned. So don't go tryna tell me, a 4.5 Billion Year Young Panthesiac Being, how I should behave."====
"Life's like a sex partner. You can just lay back & take it or you can get on top, ride the Hell out of it, & work for ya Goddamn coin."

"Take life too seriously & you'll die an old virgin."

"You can have me once you love me."
====Catchphrase:"I'm more of a King than you'll ever be, & the Best Queen that you'll never have."====
"Just remember that any bitch before me was a mistake & any bitch after me is a downgrade."

"Long shall be your Suffering, Joyious be your Pain."

"Piss me off & I'll piss on your grave."

"You talked too much shit, you hit like a bitch, & now you just pissed off the wrong damn Witch!!!"

  • His Brothers
    *Being Petty
    *Throwing Shade
    *Performing {Singing, Dancing, Acting, Comedy, etc.}
    *Beautiful Women
    *Beautiful Men
    *Anime & Manga
    *Comics & Cartoons
    *Video Games
    *Toying with Humans
    *Teasing Angels
    *Fighting Demons
    *Mythical Creatures
    *Magic & Technology
    *All gods especially the God of the Christians
    *Double Cheese Burgers
    *Strawberry Milkshakes
    *Loves everyone in general


  • Self-Righteousness
    *Being Bored
    *Weak Excuses
    *Being lectured or talked down to
    *All gods except the God of the Christians
    *Being ordered around
    *People looking down on him
    *Disrespecting his parents
    *People touching his hair (For the love of God don’t!!!!)
    *Disrespecting his heels
    *Fallen Angels
    * Any mention of the Grand Leones Empire
    *The Brittania Empire
    *The Insignia Corp.
    *The Tetsuken Erzanagi Clan
    *Witch Hunters
    *New Generation Feminists
    *Hates everyone in general

====Values:His Choker, his Amulet, & Family & Friends.====
====Quotes:"Let Heaven & Hell rip each other a new one, I got my own shit to deal with."====
"Ya know that one flaw that all the gods have in common? You guys take yourselves way too seriously." "Humans, Angels, Gods, Demons, & Devils aplenty! Come one come all! Let us drink, hump, & be merry, or fight, curse, & slaughter each other. I'll be entertained either way."

Like their mother, Nikita, (his birth name) joined the ranks of the Dragonyne Witches, a clan of powerful mystics who made packs with dragons, powerful fire spirits, and demons. Through a series of complicated events, it was later decided by fate that he would inherit the Heart of Eve-(The core piece of the eight pieces of The Black Vail of Darkness; the left half of The Vail of the Beginning; a true vessel of godly power, and sacred, beloved, adored treasure to witches everywhere.) from his mother once he became of age. Until then, he was the outcast, the black sheep if you will.

They put him through a hell of a lot of abuse when he was a kid. He was subjected to grueling training, bullying from the other children, constantly getting the stink eye and cold shoulder from everyone. Hell, they even allowed him to get kidnapped by royal magic crusaders to then be offered up to their king, who used him as an everyday pet and occasional sex slave. Man that’s messed up.

But it wasn’t all bad. He made a cute friend. The good news is that she understood what it was like to be bullied because you’re different on account of her horns. The bad news was that she was an angel and the daughter of Taurus-(One of the Divine Zodiac Lords) and a very powerful angel spawn. They fell in love, and Drayvsra finally made his first real love interest. But then she was murdered by another angel right in front of him when everyone found out Nikita was a witch. Like I said, the kid’s been through a lot.

But you can only push a person so far until they eventually snap. And boy did he snap!? That perverted king’s neck and back that is! In a complete inferno of rage, he brutally murdered King McGuffin, stole his powerful scroll, The Book of Inocantius-(The Witch-Hunter Grimoire/ Crimson Bible/ a powerful codex of ancient divine techniques to exterminate evil perceived by its user) and easily trashed his top assassins, elite body guards, and finest warriors who have been known to take out entire packs of monsters & giants on their own. After that he went on a complete rampage, summoning huge fire monsters, single handedly decimating an entire army of armed angels, murdering millions of people, and burning the entire Zon Leones Empire to ashes. On his way home he fought Spiral, a 500-ft. tall living tornado with lightning and energy in its body, a pack of 8 gigantic 30-ft flying sharks, and a Hellspawn named Nicholas. He killed them all. This all happened in the spam of three days, and he did all this when he was only 9 years old!!!

Eventually after his 3-day long murder tantrum, he found his way back to the Dragonyne, who had been secretly watching over him the whole time since the kidnapping. Nikita had finally decided enough was enough, and he challenged and brutally murdered Kolvo, a high ranking Dragonyne Noble & the son of bitch that set him up to get kidnapped in the first place. On that day, he pledged that if he couldn’t get the Dragonyne’s affection, he would instead demand their respect. Through hard work, dedication, and the drive to earn his mother’s freedom, he trained like a beast, mastering every fighting and weapon style known & unknown to man, mastering the use of several magical arts, and eventually joining the ranks of the Crimson Claw-The best & brightest elite group of warriors the Dragonyne had to offer. With all these accomplishments under his name and the feats of saving the Dragonyne homeland twice against impossible odds during the war, and following his "True Awakening"-(He remembered his birth outside of time & the true nature of his existence. The Sealing Veil his mother gave him as a child that hid his absolute beauty came undone.) Nikita finally earned the respect, admiration, and love of his people. And by winning a tournament in another dimension he eventually reunited with his brothers and earned his mother’s freedom.

But it didn’t last. With the ancient pact broken, war still continued throughout the 6 factions. In the end only 6 Dragonyne survived. Nikita and his rivals/future friends-Jewel, Nui, Vega, Quo, and Arsen. Sensing the threat of the fate to come, Jewel used a special magic dagger after Nui literally stabbed Nikita in the back with a magic sword to seal away Nikita’s powers & memories and put him in a 2,000 year long coma. Nikita’s Mother then sealed him and the rest of his brothers inside magical hourglasses and sent them away to alternate universes and different plains of existence that SHE created, for those 2,000 years before she died.

When he woke up from his epic power nap, he took on his new name, Drayvsra, given to him by Bodoe & Bodwa and set out to find his lost memories, reunite his brothers, return to their original world, & take their revenge wreaking havoc on Heaven & Hell in the process. 


Drayvsra has a very broad, complex personality. He’s fierce, bold, & rowdy with a flair for the dramatic, yet he’s also a kind, empathetic person, who goes out of his way to help others. He is also an intelligent, sly and carefree individual, living his life the way he wishes, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with whoever he wants. More than anything, he is an entertainer and loves to start parties on the spot or put on a show every chance he gets. He’ll use his ever-changing voice to steal the hearts of thousands, his acting to make others believe in anything, or his comedy to make people laugh until it hurts. However his quick wit, comedy skills, and attitude have caused him to develop a smart mouth. He is brutally honest, never breaks a promise or goes back on his word ever. Though he has a really long fuse, it doesn’t take much to annoy him. He’s playful, loves to flirt, and takes great pride in the fact that he doesn’t have to work hard to get attention. And he is not afraid to use his looks and wiles to get what he wants. He absolutely loves bringing out the wild side in others.
He’s a complete pervert who’s constantly thinking about sex, new sexual positions, sex toy inventions, and potential sex partners. Being completely bisexual, he sees both women and men as fair game. He is completely unashamed of this in fact he takes pride in it and announces what he’s thinking without really watching what he says. He has absolutely no filter!!!  Despite this he’s a sucker for affection, giving out hugs to strangers. He is obsessed with romance and love. He feels that everyone deserves it at least once and this causes him to play match-maker; putting strangers together, creating a person’s perfect match himself, or just throwing himself into the mix. But due to his fickle nature he can’t stay with a person for more than 3 days (a week at most), yet his partners never resent him for it. He remembers every detail about every person he has ever been in a romantic relationship with. 
Despite his playful personality & up-beat optimistic vibe, Drayvsra is a savage predator with an unquenchable thirst for blood and he thinks about fighting, torture, & killing just as much as he thinks about sex. He has a reputation of being called the King of Sadists because he enjoys causing his enemies pain so much that it gets him off. He’s extremely hot-blooded and always ready for a fight at the drop of a hat even if he has to start one. Taking immense pleasure in bringing pain and suffering to his opponents, this emotional state of Drayvsra is so twisted and chaotic that it can only be referred to as “Battle-Horny.” He’s such a sadist, that he put limiters on his power so fights with weaker beings can last longer, tricking them to believe they’re equal, and this on top of his appearance causes enemies to underestimate him. When fighting enemies that will never hope to match him he’ll give them 3 chances to surrender [if he likes them] (1st in the beginning, 2nd mid-battle, 3rd before the kill.) before releasing additional limiters and overpowering his horrified prey. He treats his battles like games or dancing never truly getting serious as much as teasing his opponents. Despite this, his is still starved for challenge and seeks opponents that can actually pose a threat. This starvation with his hot-blooded nature often pushes him to boost his enemies, give them advice, or use his reality warping to make a bad situation worse.
=====Given the facts that the Gods condemned his family, the Angels Killed his Mother, the Demons killed his Father, the Fallen Angels separated him from his brothers, & the Humans made him suffer most of his childhood and killed the 2 lovers that meant everything to him, he has come to accept that All of them as his playthings. He no longer resents them but feels as though he owes them no respect due to how he and his brothers were treated early on in their lives. If they disrespected him, his family, his late parents or caretakers, or the Dragonyne, he will kill them without hesitation.  He hunts and torments any & all angels that threaten the balance or are either stupid enough to challenge him to satisfy his demonic blood and perform his role as a Witch. He fights and tortures any & all demons that threaten the balance or are either stupid enough to challenge him to satisfy his angelic blood and divine craving to cleanse the Earth of filth. When annoyed, Drayvsra becomes quite the fearsome adversary. His intensity and explosive bursts of skill frightens his enemies. His ever-towering overpowering strength often causes his enemies to experience extreme shock. He has indomitable willpower, supernaturally strong charisma which has attracted the attention of both admirers and allies, allowing him to even befriend his enemies. He is shown to care and worry about his brothers a lot & ultimately sees them as his responsibility. =====


●     Long blazing scarlet hair, “sun-kissed” eyes (orange & lavender iris/ orange closer to the pupil, lavender closer to the sclera), bright red, black, & green reptilian eyes when excited, annoyed, or enraged, a beauty mark above his smooth luscious baby soft lips, golden light coco-tan skin smooth to the touch, a live Dragon’s eye in his left hip, a toned, well-endowed body, & curvaceous male figure, Broad shoulders, well-toned arms, Large soft “breast-like” pectoral muscles, a sick six pack, a slim waist and wide hips forming an hourglass body frame, thick thighs (I’m talking Chun-Li status), long legs, & an ass like Nicki Minaj.

●     His body is covered in dragon scales (though not all of them are visible, he can use them to shape shift and appear like clothing or not at all) and he has a dragon’s eye on his hip which belongs to his partner & 7-headed Demigod Dragon & Dragon king candidate, Dynalir, all due to him being one of the last of the Dragonyne Witches, a clan of powerful mystics who made packs with dragons, powerful fire spirits, and demons and created and utilized The Prometheus System-(Housing and protecting a powerful Dragon Queen, bonding dragon eggs to fetuses so every witch born to the Dragonyne is truly “one” with their dragon. They’re born with these dragons living in their bodies, bonded and bound to them like parasites, but it’s truly a symbiotic relationship) to keep from being burned at the stake and gain fire immunity and fire manipulation. Though after a few years, they began using the Prometheus System with other powerful dragon species from around the world and different dimensions. His body is covered in seductive tattoos that mainly appear covering his chest, back, entire left waist, & left leg, but only when sexually aroused or using seductive powers.


●     A special red and black bodysuit made 50% out of Drayvsra’s red hair while Dynalir’s red & black scales make up the other 50%. The Dragonyne rushed into battle with great pride, for these tightly woven, magical, draconic tech suits were a true symbol of union & harmony between a witch and his/her dragon. At a glance, it would appear to be a flaming leather bodysuit.

●     It has 3 long locks of Dray’s hair and chains that drape from each elbow, fierce dragon-head armor guards on the shoulders, elbows, and kneecaps. The whole suit is bound in chrome colored chains, is topped with a crimson jacket that covers the top half of the torso exposing the chest, abs, and waist for all to see, and comes with 3 belts that he wears in an X fashion-(2 diagonally, 1 horizontally) with 6 worded buckle accessories that he wears diagonally on above and below his waist & 2 that center around the dragon skull buckle that brings all 3 belts together. And a pair of red & black Jordan heels.

●     The belt buckles read-(Love, Lust, Respect, Fear, Despair, & Death.)

●     Like his brothers, he wears an indestructible choker with a silver & blue rosary from his mother and a gold & red crucifix from his father. And a special amulet/pocket watch/music box with 10 colorful jewels arranged in a circle representing him and his other 9 brothers. The red jewel at the top of each of their amulets symbolizes him. He also wears 2 large gold hoop-style earrings & 8 individual lettered, gold fighting rings that spell “Kama” on his right hand and “Sutra” on his left.


​​​​​-Consumed the entire 1st universe made by his Mother after his awakening.

-Like the rest of his brothers, the Chocker leaves him restricted to 1/∞ of his strength so as to not accidentally break the world.

·        'Infinite Rayne’s Layering Spell': A spell in their chokers that allows The Sons of Raynes to walk in the world without destroying it, which works by infinitely dividing their power in order to deliberately weaken themselves. Even though this spell weakens them, it essentially makes them unkillable as their existences are eternally layered, preventing from truly getting killed unless all of the infinite layers of their existences are killed. This spell has only ever been undone by Zero-Noir, but it was reactivated by the Quintribal Court before they all entered the world, giving them the same attributes.

-Each of the Raynes Brothers is a Y’dikan-{A Trinity} Where hybrids like the Nephalem regardless of their rarity are merely a duality, a mixture of beings from the same omniverse, the Y’dikan are a trinity. They are an amalgamation of powerful beings from 2, 3, or more Omniverses. Each of the Raynes Brothers DNA set-ups is as follows:

·        1st 1/3: Nephalem-Spawns of godlike power born from the union of two high-level supernatural entities. Their power vastly surpasses that of other y’dikans/nephalems and most supernatural entities, easily overpowering them even in numbers. Some others are born from the very apex or even prime being of their respective parent species, inheriting the potential to become the most powerful being in existence, with major impact on the world and its power balance.

·        2nd 1/3: ?

·        3rd 1/3: ?

-Like his Brothers, Drayvsra is an angelic being of godlike power. His power is to be considered utterly fearsome as it's that which no angel could ever hope to overcome or even equal. This gives him the highest rank among the hosts of Heaven and even the potential to rule the entire universe, single-handedly with unchallengeable authority, or to even go as far as to having his own creation, equal to the already existing one. His is essentially the absolute pinnacle of all angels.

He is able to become a demonic creature of unimaginable power. He also has powers that are beyond the comprehension of that of lesser demonic beings and is able to rule over an entire pantheon as their god out of both power and fear.

-Drayvsra is Metapotent.

-He is also Ultipotent.

-He was stated by The Word {One of the 10 Segments of God} to be an infinite dimensional being (at his weakest), and had millions of times greater power than that contained within an infinite-dimensional multiverse. He was also stated to be beyond infinite dimensions and beyond all space, time and dimensions several times, and existed beyond the Northern, Eastern, Western, & Southern multiverses. He was stated to be one of the mightiest beings in all of existence.

-While being an entertainer with a lust for excitement & desire for all the passions in life as well as an intense sadist with an incurable thirst for battle & lust for combat, being pretty much omnipotent took the fun out of things and for a time, made Drayvsra miserable. But to make life & battle more fun & interesting Drayvsra developed a power & skill that goes against logic, reason, & over-all sanity; He learned how stop, seal, remove, & ignore Omnipotence itself!!! This power made him the most dangerous & feared being in existence.

<He put an impossibly powerful system of limiters on his power, the 7th Star System. This would restrict & limit all of his physiology, powers, abilities, technology, magic, minions, summons, etc. in scale as well as terms of use.

<Its function is simple. Modeled after a 7-pointed star, the system is a simple level-up mechanic that goes up from points 1-7 based on threats and desired use. All seals can be released & then reactivated later or not at all.
7-th Star
-Symbol of Drayvsra’s 7-Star System:===

·        Level-0.)Dead Star-With all his restrictions active. It’s no joke to say that this is his weakest level of power. At this stage he’s Multi-Solar System level in terms of power & can create/destroy multiple solar systems with little effort.

·        Level-1.)1 Star-Multi-Galaxy Level: With this level, he can create/destroy multiple galaxies.

·        Level-2.)2 Star-Universe Level: He regains an infinite degree of 3-dimensional power. Alternately 4-dimensional power that is shown as completely qualitatively superior to 3-Dimensional beings, but is less than universal in scale, or that allows him to create large parts of a universal continuum. Take note that 4-D power should logically always be superior to countably infinite 3-D power, so characters within this tier are not necessarily comparable.

·        Level-3.)3 Star-Multiverse Level: At this stage, he’s 5-dimensional, and can destroy and/or create 5-dimensional space-time constructs of a not insignificant size. Beings who can destroy and/or create an uncountably infinite numbers of universes may potentially also be assigned this tier, as their geometrical 5-D size can be higher than 0.

·        Level-4.)4 Star-Hyperverse Level: He regains a finite number of dimensions greater than 12.

·        Level-5.)5 Star-Omniverse Level: Making him an Infinite-dimensional Hilbert space character.

·        Level-6.)6 Star-Outerverse level: This level of power makes him beyond all dimensional scale. There are two options in order to qualify for this tier: There should either be a qualitative superiority over infinite dimensions; or the superiority over the concept of dimensions (in general) should be clearly explained.

·        Level-7.)7 Star-Deoverse Level: His power brinks on nigh-omnipotence, a High Outerverse level of power that makes him extremely powerful compared to other beings within this league, and whose power by far exceeds the regular requirements for this tier. To further clarify, a High Outerversal should be so much higher than baseline Outerversal creatures that it cannot be estimated or comprehended from their perspectives. That is, to even be considered for High Outerversal, a character must at the very least transcend baseline Outerversal characters in the same manner that they exceed lower dimensional beings.

·        Level-Out!!!)Red Star-His limiter system completely shuts down making him boundlessly omnipotent. Absolute & Infinite you could say. Beings like Thelos Olon that are boundlessly above absolutely everything, including existence and nonexistence, possibility, causality, dualism and non-dualism, the concepts of life and death, and their analogues at any level.

-With his “Bag of Trickz” ability, he has every super power & special/supernatural ability in existence & nonexistence whether physical, psionic, spiritual, metaphysical, elemental, magical, technological, meta, nigh omni., Omnipotent-level, etc. This functions as a “cheat code” & security measure whenever he gets locked in or out of his own limiter system.

-Because of his power the 7th Star & the 10 Crowns and having a history of destroying the 1st Circle of Hell, (pushing Hell in it’s entirety down to 13 levels), his massacre of 15 Million Angels, & destroying of a total of 7 Multiverses, Drayvsra ranks as the most feared entity in all of existence, even towards other Gods & Devils. This earned him his legendary but personally hated title & famous nickname, The Bastard Son of God.

-Drayvsra can feed on Emotion & Desire itself; the lust, rage, will, ambition, determination, greed, gluttony, desperation, love, curiosity, revenge, and aggression, etc. of himself and others. He can take it and manifest it into a form of red energy, crimson matter, or sound frequency all of which he calls “Pyronide”.

In mass, he can produce 999,000 tons worth of pyronide in the form of a solid, (mineral, metal, etc.), liquid or gas. In the form of energy his limit is three trillion quinseptillion Joules of energy, the same amount of energy that could blow up a planet. In the form of sound, he can hypnotize tens of billions or level massive cities. And all this is if he uses just his own emotions!!!

He can manipulate Pyronide in any way, shape, or form he can imagine. The more intense the desire, the more potent and powerful the Pyronide will be. Despite its appearance, Pyronide isn’t blood, though Drayvsra can mix his own blood into it to massively boost its power. Seriously, Drayvsra adding blood to Pyronide is like adding nitroglycerin to fire.

Applications: He can consume it and make himself stronger, manifest it as a weapon or construct and send it back at his targets, etc.

-In accordance to his limiter system, here are some examples of how it limits his abilities & resources in scale & terms of use:



·        Low-Tier UseThis level is very limited. He may have limited control and/or can't generate a massive amount of materials or he has a very limited pool of material to choose from. It is debatable if he is able to have much utility in this tier.

·        Middle-Tier Use

Uses at this state have at least stable control of the material he is able to create and/or able to generate an average amount of said material. At this stage, he is able and likely to do more impossible or physics-defying feats such as shredding a wall down by using a small portion of the material's properties. Also he may or may not have a larger material pool to choose from.

·        High-Tier Use

At this stage he has nearly complete control of the materials he uses and/or can generate massive amounts of material per a time at this point. He may also be able to have an even larger pool of material to generate of. He is also able to perform higher forms of impossible feats like causing tree-branch size materials to cause a fraction of a planet to be destroyed or create an entirely new planet (though it would be a little time consuming). These are a force to be feared.

-Example: Total Event Collapse.

·        Limitless-Tier Use

These are the most powerful types of uses that manipulate this power. Not only can he now perform physics-defying feats, but now he can perform illogical actions that are inconceivable via the material he uses. He also now has an infinite pool of material types to select from. These uses make him able to destroy entire galaxies or universes and able to create new galaxies and universes just by using said materials as building blocks or weapons. He might as well be Nigh Omnipotent at this point.




·        Basic: He can summon simple weapons like swords and small ballistics.

·        Advanced: He can summon weapons of mild complexity, usually they're chemical reaction weapons like C4.

·        High: He can summon weapons that have a much higher complexity usually like a tank or mini-mecha.

·        Master: He can summon weapons that have very high and sophisticated complexity, like a cyber-virus, atomic bomb or an artificial intelligence.

·        Absolute: He can summon weapons with endless complexity, e.g. space distortion devices, physics defying weapons or even objects that use some sort of super science.

·        Meta: Able to summon weapons with a complexity that breaches the boundary of rational/irrational complexity.


·        Basic: He can summon small weapons consisting of knives, swords and small handheld ballistics.

·        Advanced: He can summon weapons around the size of a chair or people.

·        High: He can summon weapons around the size of a car or small truck.

·        Master: He can summon weapons around the size of trucks and buildings.

·        Absolute: He can summon weapons of planetary scales.

·        Meta: He can summon weapons above and beyond the galactic and universal scale.



·        Basic Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting short distances, from one side of a city to another or simply a few blocks away. He can only teleport himself and very limited amount of mass, equal to a crowd of people or a small army.

·        Advanced Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting large distances, from several kilometers or so. He can teleport limited mass, equal to millions of people/several countries.

·        Expert Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting thousands of kilometers, on a continental scale. He can teleport mass equal to planets.

·        Master Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting on a planetary scale, moving anywhere on the planet or possibly to the closest satellite such as the Moon. He can teleport mass equal to stars.

·        Ultimate Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting on light years distances, on a cosmic scale. He can teleport mass equal to multiple galaxies.

·        Absolute Level: Drayvsra is capable of teleporting anywhere, including from illusion to reality, into one's mind, even conceptual things such as teleporting wounds and diseases off of a body. He can teleport effectively infinite mass.



·        Low: The uses at this stage are limited and/or unstable with his current capabilities. He has very little grasp on the alien concepts he is able to control and likely only able to use them at full force or at all only under emotional stress. Also if he taps into more powerful unorthodox concepts, things will have major drawbacks and the repercussions won't be trivial. He also may not be able to create refined concepts either or even interfere with normal ones. These uses have little power in things outside of mundane things and may not be able to interfere with normal concepts, but he can learn and that is a driving force of this power.

·        Middle: At this stage, he has most likely got a good comprehension of the concepts he uses and even more likely stable. He’s able to control more stronger abnormal concepts, the drawbacks are reduced, even if by only a bit, and he can do a bit more than only in mundane life, heck even interrupt in earthly concepts. He can also create less crude concepts that are more usable. These uses do have combat potential, maybe already have it, though there is still room for improvement and need to learn more.

·        High: This is where he has more mundane limits and not to mention, has an impressive comprehension on the alien concepts being thrown around. He can assume control of some of the most abnormal concepts in near perfect stability and even distort earthly concepts even further to near breaking point. Having repercussions in the use of this for are limited or trivial in comparison to lower tiers and he can also create impressive new alien concepts. While there is room for improvement and knowledge of use, it is little.

·        Absolute: This is the best of the best and he can't improve any further. Drayvsra has perfect comprehension of all alien concepts, no limitation on what he is able to achieve, and finally capable of completely ending other concepts. He can perform any feat he wishes, contradicting, illogical, abnormal, the list can go on and on. Repercussions are gone or too little to be noticed and he is capable of creating concepts incomprehensible to anyone but himself. There are no rules to him, only a kingdom to rule.


Power Levels

·        Low-level Use (Little Effort/Restrained)Drayvsra in this stage cannot break the laws of physics, but he can bend them, such as running on vertical walls and Rule Bending. This is his weakest reality warping stage, being severely limited and is debatable to being called "Reality Warping".

·        Medium-Level Use (Average)

Drayvsra can mimic animated characters. At this level of power he’s known for holding powers such as Cartoon Physics, performing a seemingly impossible feat (e.g. producing a mallet out of thin air). He may be able to impose his laws onto others.

·        Advanced-Level Use (Mild Effort)

Drayvsra at this power level is a very powerful force to be reckoned with. He can manipulate Physics, allowing him to not only bend, but even break the laws of physics. Being the general form of reality warping, this 'Physics Manipulator' can invent his own physical laws and impose them on the rest of the universe, multiverse, omniverse, & far beyond.

·        Master-Level Use (Strong Effort)

This is Drayvsra’s rarest and most powerful stage of reality warping. He typically only uses it when he has to, or when he’s way too bored. Not only can he break the laws of physics, he can control the very rules of logic and reason, able to perform a feat that is not only impossible, but also inconceivable. He is so powerful, he may appear to be practically omnipotent.

-Strong enough to effortlessly lift beings 100s of 1,000s of times bigger than him.

-His strength is blessed by the Slissra Dragona, an omniversal pantheon of Primordial Dragon Gods. The weakest in their pantheon can destroy multiple universes with a mere breath attack. And the strongest in their pantheon are Sparalon-(The dragon that killed God & his siblings & is nigh omnipotent outside of the 7 omniverses), Eroese Dracko The Omnipresent Creator-(The Dragon that Thelos sent to recreate & separate the 7 omniverses & the embodiment of totality), & Alyxada The Supreme Dragon-(She supervises the former 2.)

-Drayvsra can become the embodiment of sadism. He takes pleasure and draws power from inflicting pain, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. He often has a mindset that is completely warped causing him to be unpredictable. He finds beauty in suffering and morality wise he ranges from neutral, evil, or be completely amoral. On most occasions however, he is the good guy, meaning he mainly targets people that deserve to suffer due to his since of karma & vengence.

-Juggled 3 mountains.

-Destroyed a meteor shower with one swing of his claws.

-Crushed a bus into a spear-shape & threw it with enough force to break the sound barrier.

-Grappled with a Hulk-like demon.

-Punched through Kallastelo’s 5th Dimensional barrier in one blow.

-Can create explosions & firestorms visible from outer space with a snap of his fingers.

-Shattered the Chains of Tartaros, releasing Hekatons, 10 of the most ferocious Hekatoncheri in history. Each of them is capable of destroying multiple galaxies & star systems with the barest of effort.

-Can throw a punch with up to 550,000 pentatons of force with little effort. (In base form/Dead-Star.)

-Can kick with up to 570,000 pentatons of force. (In base form/Dead-Star.)

-Lifted Morticon, An angel the size of a coliseum and body slammed him 4 times in a row, (This is basically a +10,000 Gigaton lift.), and ripped its 3 heads off with his bare hands.

-Kicked 3 skyscrapers 85,000 ft. into the air.

-Drayvsra can manipulate the 4 Fundamental Forces of the Universe, (even when fully restrained.) He prefers to use gravity, thus he created his Arc of Helios, or Ptolemaic Theory, a reproduction sequence of astronomical revolution, or orbital motion &/or stagnation. Heliocentrism allows him to casually orbit around his targets, placing him in the center & forcing his targets to orbit around him.

-Used gravity power to effortlessly lift all of New York City, Manhattan Island alone weighs 99 billion tons.

-Using his gravity power to harness the gravitational energy, force, and pull of the cosmos, Drayvsra can attack with the force, weight, & power of a planet, galaxy, & potentially an entire universe.

-Has absolute control over gravity, allowing him to manipulate the gravity of everything in the universe & multiverse, not mattering whether they are physical locations, such as higher dimensions, heaven or hell, or metaphysical locations such as the dreamworld. He can create gravitational effects that can even affect incorporeal and metaphysical life forms who are normally at an alternate plane of existence, such as dream sprites, ghosts, and deities.

-Possesses gravity power so intense he can transform people and objects into small particles, ranging in size from relatively rough to fine dust, like when he turned a truck-sized diamond into sand with a mere touch of his finger.

-Strong enough to tear apart 3 heavily armored military tanks with his bare hands.

-Slapped a man 2 weeks into the future. Yes, he literally slapped someone into next week. (Without the use of time manipulation. Dead-Star)

-Destroyed a moon with one punch. (In base form/Dead-Star.)

-Can create black holes big enough & strong enough to consume & destroy multiple universes. (20 at least.)

-Held the roots of the Tree of Life together so that the multiverse wouldn’t fall apart.

-Lifted & managed to use the Shield of Rhea in battle against Roman without slowing down. Said shield is so heavy; it falls through planets and has nigh-infinite weight.

-Killed Mad Vinny, the 9 dimensional devil Imp.

-Is feared by the Chronos Guard. The Chronos Guard are named so for their command of time travel technology and their non-linear perception of time. The Chronos Guard have been reduced to 1/3 of their race since the Shattered Time War against their arch-nemesis The Texx. The Chronos Guard developed a culture of custodianship and time-related technologies based on this perception which includes strictly controlled space/time travel machines and monitoring devices to travel through time and to prevent time from being subverted or abused—although actual action was described as rare in practice due to their traditional policy of strict non-interference and neutrality. They can act to manipulate timelines of a wide range of events and individuals, so long as they do not cross back into their own timeline.

-Defeated Infin-Itt, a member of the 4th Court of the Slissra Dragona. The 1st descendant of Eroese Dragonar easily destroyed the complete form of the Eldritch Prince Myllasquotll Dagon, reducing him to ash with its fire, and immediately afterwards reforged the barriers between Omniverse #7 and Oblivion, separating the two realms of creation & nonexistence and rendering the boundaries that split them stronger than ever.

Created and embodies the concept of Time, which stabilized the entire 7 Omniverses from the primordial Chaos and permeates as the blood that flows through the whole of existence. The Hyperverse is an infinite construct which manifests all possibility as the What If between the What IS and the What IS-NOT, containing infinite layers, with the Infinite-Dimensional Void of Oblivion which dwarfs the 7 Omniverses being encompassed by the larger Infinity of Aetherius, as well as endless unstructured realms beyond which form a single "Omnisphere" existing in parallel with other structures of similar nature and size, which are themselves part of a greater Wheel existing as the lowest level of a "Microscope stretching all the way back to the Eyes of Eroese Dragonar, with layers innumerable among its infinite walls."

In their Original State, the 4th Court were Boundless, Eternal and Infinite Dragons who existed wholly independently of duality, predating the concepts of Time and Space, and living in pure harmony, having practically no personalities or boundaries that separated themselves from anything else, inhabiting the Deoverse in its original Zero-State of pure Infinite possibility, where everything that can and cannot happen is always happening all at once, forever, regardless of contradictions. As the direct spawn of Eroese Dragonar, Infin-Itt is considerably more powerful than the other Dragon God Emporers, and comparable to his mirror-siblings like Vell-Khan.

-Can manipulate the elements on a Conceptual Level. He manipulates the abstracts (or concept) of elements of nature, allowing him to control or change the very nature of the elements themselves, such as controlling or changing the concept of air so that air becomes harmful to breathe, or changing the concept of fire so that flames cannot be extinguished by any normal means and allowing fire to burn anything including esoteric-(magic) fire.

The conceptual elements are much stronger than normal esoteric elements, they possess supernatural properties that grant them special advantages such as surpassing the limitations and weaknesses that their esoteric opposites may possess.

<Indescriminate Fire>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of flames. This can have many feats, as it can guarantee the absolute burning on anything at all, and can also prevent fire from being eradicated.

<Absolute Black>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of darkness. This can have many feats, such as darkness that can prevent light from existing, darkness that makes things more visible rather than less, produce darkness/shadows that can exist without light, harm things that can absorb or are immune to darkness, produce shadows/darkness that can consume or negate other forms darkness/night/shadows, and much more.

<White of the Ulysess>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of light. This can have many feats, such as light that can prevent darkness from existing, generate light that sheds cold instead of warmth, light that makes things dimmer instead of brighter, produce light that can exist without darkness/shadow, generate light that drains/reduces energy rather the charging it, make light negate other forms of illumination, harm things that can absorb or are immune to photons/light, and much more.

<Terra’s Beauty>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of earth/earthen matter. This can have many feats, such as earth possessing unique physical qualities (such as being liquid without being molten, gem-like without being crystallized, ductile and conductive without being metallic), earth that never depletes of nutrients and minerals no matter how many crops are planted or how long/often it is tilled, and even earth that is not bound by fundamental forces like gravity, being capable of freely moving through the air.

<Vortex Movement>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of air/wind. This can have many feats, including generating air that is harmful to breathe, winds that can form inside of a vacuum, harm things that can absorb or are immune to air/winds, generate winds that can interact with blocked/separated matter, prevent winds from freezing, and much more.

<Jotemn Mastery>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of cold and ice. This can have many feats, including absolute freezing on anything/everything, prevent ice from being melted, and even freeze things below the point of absolute zero.

<Ocean Magic>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of water. This can have many feats, including water that can flow in any direction and against any force, not just in a downward gradient or manipulated by gravitational pull, water that can exist in specific matter states under ordinary pressure conditions despite temperature variations (such as water remaining liquid under normal pressure despite boiling or freezing temperatures) and even water capable of combining fluidly with substances that are normally unmixable like certain oils.

<Full Charge!!!>-can manipulate the abstracts (or concept) of electricity/lightning. This can have many feats, including electricity that can turn insulators into conductors, produce lightning that drains energy rather than charging/recharging it, conduct through materials that are normally unresponsive to electricity like wood for example, harm things that can absorb or are immune to lightning and much more.

-Nullified Anti-Matter & Dark Matter attacks with his barefists.

-Burned 15 entire timelines.

-Stopped the entire Earth’s rotation for ten minutes.

-Sliced open the barrier between dimensions with claws and brute strength.

-Compressed 3 galaxies together in his hands.

-Punched cracks in the void, a world of infinite space. (3-Star Lvl Released)

-Clawed his way out of all of creation, reality, & totality just to punch his brother Iris in the face.

-Bodied 2,000 planets together with his brother, Genoshia.

-Killed 10 newly revived Titans by himself like it was nothing.

-Moved all the planets around the solar system with little effort.

-Can manipulate the 4 Fundamental forces, (Gravity, Electromagnetism, Strong Form, & Weak Force) on a multiversal-omniversal-nigh omnipotent scale. He can even enforce both the known 4 Fundamental Forces of the universe as well as His own Physical Laws anywhere he is present, even in higher dimensions, higher planes of existence, & on dream entities, sprites & fae, spirits, deities, devils, and conceptual & abstract beings.

-Moved around, sliced up, & set ablaze 500 galaxies, spelling his name in cosmic destruction just to show off & make an entrance in the fight between his brothers & Olympus, Asgard, and The Jade Empire.

-Punched Ryota Hyabusa, a powerful dimensional & spatial mage, so hard it sent quantum shockwaves throughout all 47 dimensions.

-Decimated an army of 88,888,888 possessed super soldiers with his bare hands.

-One-shot the Colossus of Isles, a 47,000,000,000,000 ton Idol capable of destroying continents & shattering the solar system.

-Killed Dzna Alf. She exists as the 9 earthen planets themselves, and all Mother Goddesses exist as aspects of her being which consider themselves her "children" alongside all other Demons. Far more powerful than Metatron and the Max Demiurgos, having sealed both of them across several universes after tearing apart a vastly weakened Vishnu into fragments, and is capable of sealing an unstable form of their vastly more powerful fusion. She casted aside the very purpose of her existence, and was reduced to her truest and most primal form as a being of sheer, naked power, becoming vastly more powerful than her previous form in the process.

-One-shot Geo Triseptan, a Dialyon DEM (Deus Ex Machina) capable of destroying 47 multiverses with a mere 35% of its power.

-In his fight with the Grigori, he needed to break the phantasm pillars. Each of these towers holds together and sustains 10 galaxies each. He broke 5 of them, each with one hit and nothing but brute strength. (1-Star Lvl Released)

-Burned Necrogor Black, the King of the 1st Ring of Hell & Azalea’s elder brother out of existence.

-Killed Gigantonkherique {Gig-an-ton-kir-ic}, the Crawler of the Hyperverse. A ridiculously huge worm that exists on a higher dimensional plane & eats 50 multiverses, coming to about, (at the very least around, 39,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 universes every year.)

-Destroyed 500 multiverses with a snap of his fingers. (4-Star Lvl Released)

-According to his perspective, if our universe is the size of a single atom, then his power is the size of VY Canis Majoris, which is up to 2,100 times the size of our sun, at 45%.

-Defeated Ultimyx, a 10th Dimensional Deity.

-Defeated BelKhaleesi, who  is a fusion of both male and female entities, and his body has characteristics of both genders in spite of being refered as being male & is powerful to the point where the combined might of the Four Cardinal Archangels was insufficient to form him, forcing Jonathan to give his own life to enter martyrdom and fuse with them - BelKhaleesi should thus be far above the combined power of the Cardinal Archangels, which threatened to destroy the entire Multiverse and far outclassed even Metatron's strength. Comparable to Lucifer, who at that point merged with Mina and became vastly stronger than all of his previous incarnations, going as far as saying he reached "his truest form as a Demon Lord" and as "the one equal to God."

-Killed Magnzodia & destroyed his entire omniverse.

-Thanks to his specific physiology, Drayvsra is one of the few remaining members of the species known & unknown as The Red Ones, an All-powerful race of formless beings that exist outside of all creation & linger between the omniverses. Unbound & unstable they are the embodiment of all the chaos & discord that comes after creation & free will, the concepts of logic, reason, impossibility, & overall common sense are irrelevant to them as they are unbound by the rules of existence. The 7 omniverses and overall reality are simply a playground for them as merely one of them is capable of destroying an omniverse just by existing within it. Drayvsra is Crown-Class, the 2nd highest of the 6 leagues of this indomitable species.

-Can access and manipulate the connection that links all powers that compose omnipotence, making this the fundamental force behind all collective abilities. He can control and access all the infinite associations, variations, combinations and sub-powers related to omnipotence's primal stage giving him absolute control over all powers. He used this power with 2 others to create his 10 Crowns of D at the same time he created his 7-Star Limiter System.

-Killed Yaldaboath after his awakening was successful. Yaldabaoth is the personification of Power of the 10 JHVH, being immensely superior to the likes of Metatron & Raphiel to the extent where the latter regarded him as the greatest of God's segments and it was the latter who was casually swatted away by the X-Class Demiurge when he was reduced to an insane berserker state. Given his status as the embodiment of Jehovah's power, Yaldabaoth should be superior to the combined power of The 12 Cardinal Archangels, which far outclassed Metatron's own, and was said to be going to destroy the Hyperverse & all the infinite lower Multiverses.

-Drayvsra can manipulate Pataphysics: the ability to have control over the ineffable, the unknown and the unknowable, transcending metaphysical laws and boundaries. It also manipulates imaginary solutions, which symbolically attributes the properties of objects, described by their Virtuality, to their lineaments.

The concepts are so ethereal that it doesn't have an unequivocal definition that passes easily from one state of apparent definition to another. Beyond truth, reality, and everything, this power is for all intents and purposes, all-powerful.

-Defeated 60% Walykyxese-[Wall-yic-kyic-cese], a Void-Born in the form of a human female that is partnered with Lucifer’s daughter, Lacy. The two worked together in their effort to gain access to the open portal Lucifer created from the Letter of Passage Yahweh granted him in a wedger before his departure. It was stated by Bodoe & Bodwa that creation would be destroyed as a side effect of her regaining her true form, Hyperverses, higher dimensions, & all.

-Killed a fully revived Satan before he could take his revenge on Clyde. Satan was the most powerful servant of God and His 1st primary aspect who stands above all others as the one closest to His glory, being absolutely feared and taken extremely seriously by Lucifer, who is unconfident that he can take on Satan in a battle and noting that he might die against him. Is always the last obstacle faced before God Himself.

-Drayvsra’s physical 3-D body is merely an avatar & means of remaining in 3-Dimensional space and time & interacting with humanity as his mother wished. His “True Body” has an entire infinite omniversal expanse in it comprised of 5 Million Higher Dimensions, each with infinite lower dimensions & space-time continuums.

-Has the traits of the true God or a true benevolent being known in Monotheism and Christianity as The Child of God and/or The One True God. Unlike Demigod Physiology or Deity Reincarnation, he is not half-god or a reborn version of a god, but a being made flesh out of the true God of his respective existence, this allows him to truly become the embodiment of all godly aspects and use this almighty power as he sees fit.

This power can be achieved by either being chosen by God, having a blood-tie to them, fusing with their essence or just being the greatest force of all in his existence. Ultimately, this power grants him the archetype of a true God: the all-powerful being, so he could be a mythological and/or real God and still have this power. Other times, users can rise to the beyond and become a true and just ruler. The power functions as an archetype, so even if the user is not the actual thing, they represent the concept in their existence (e.g. Aslan) and therefore wield the full power of the archetype.

-Has the traits of the ultimate evil being known in Christianity as The Devil and/or Satan/Lucifer. Unlike Devil Soul, he is allowed to truly become the embodiment of all evil and use his power as he sees fit.

This power can be achieved by either being possessed by Satan, having a blood-tie to him, fusing with his essence or just being the greatest force of evil in his existence. Ultimately, this power grants him the archetype of Satan: the ultimate evil being, so he could be a mythological god and still have this power. Other times, users fall from grace and become evil rulers. The power functions as an archetype, so even if the user is not the actual Satan, he or she represents him in his or her existence (i.e. The White Witch) and therefore does not wield the full power of the archetype.

-Omnipotent in his own Domain or in Red-Star level. (Via releasing all seals)


-Can move at speeds of 875,257,000 mps. (In base form.)

-Flew around the world 500,000 times in 3 seconds. (In Phoenix form.)

-He crossed 17 galaxies in less than half a second. (In Phoenix form.)

-Flew to Eden’s Lost Garden 3 million light-years away from earth in 15 seconds. (In Phoenix form.)

-Casually dodges lightening.

-Easily dodges bullets fired from point-blank range. Or he’ll rearrange or redirect them without paying any relative attention.

-Can easily vibrate at such intense speeds that allow him to phase through objects, or turn invisible.

-Used quick-draw & shot 150 demon assassins with inhuman precision in a single second.  

-Used White Rose to shred & dismember 20 demons before the rain touched the ground.

-Effortlessly dodged acidic raindrops from a poisonous storm demon.

-Dodged spears of light BLINDFOLDED!!!!!!

-Fought & killed a demonic Marc Antony in stopped time.

-Can utilize high-speed teleportation between multiple locations to achieve the effect of existing in multiple locations at once, allowing him to be in multiple locations, as he doesn't need to physically move across space between locations.

-Blitzed Mad Vinny in their fight outside of Space-Time.

-By embodying the concepts of desire, will, & choice, he can appear anywhere in totality where there is or was sentient life or consciousness. (Basically making himself omnipresent, if not close.)

-Can govern the laws & concepts of Speed, Motion, Velocity, etc. to make him as fast or his enemies as slow as necessary.

-Can move regularly in higher planes of existence where time & space don’t exist & in realms & dimensions where their existence is utterly pointless.

-Moved a ring of 19 planets out of one galaxy & into another 43 light-years away in a microsecond during a hypernova. (Dark Phoenix form)

-Traded 3 million blows with Jewel every milisecond.

-Dodged entire galaxies thrown at him by the Vanir.

-Can move the entire world around him to place him in a position to counter and win against any attack as needed.

-Used his quantum speed which enabled him to run across all of space-time in mere seconds.

-He can transcend the limitations and/or concepts of maneuvering/movement, allowing him to go beyond pre-set speeds, teleport faster/further than normal, evade attacks by going beyond the reach of his speed even if they happen instantly, move in all directions at once, cover all distances with a single step, etc.

Unlike Absolute Speed, transcendent movement isn't limited to simply speed, but everything relating to movement as a whole, including evasion, agility, reflexes, if it can be slowed down/stopped/held in place, if it can be sealed/imprisoned, etc. This covers any/all forms of movement, including physical/non-physical, mental, spiritual, supernatural and abstract/conceptual. (3-Star Lvl Release & Above Only)

-Possesses infinite speed:

1.     Blitzed Aquantic Iris & Cheshire in Chesire King form in their fight with Zatch.

2.     Reached the Scaled Wall of Eroese, the edge of Omniverse 1, crossing trillions of Multiverses & infinite brane Universes in 1 Minute.

3.     Albedo the Hyperverse Chariot couldn’t see him at the climax of their fight.

4.     Can move faster than instant travel across multiverses & dimensions via Hyperportation.

5.     Capable of instantly appearing in any place with no restrictions. When creating a Yalcrock (Dialyon) warship, the ship was always able to out-accelerate the One’s Platinum Chariot. Capable of instantaneous movement, and may originate from a higher dimension.

-Omnipresent in the Red-Star level only. (Via releasing all seals)

-Has defeated omnipresent beings before like Satan, KillRig, & Dzna Alf.


-Drayvsra has an intelligence/mind that operates on a level that exists beyond normal eldritch minds, making him exist on a state beyond intelligence, logic, reason or thought. A comparison between the two would be like the difference between a puddle of water and the ocean. Examples of a formless mind would be hive minds or an others mind.

As his mind works on such a formless scale, even alien minds would have a hard time dealing with or understanding him. This makes him completely immune to any/all forms of mental or psychic control/influence, including those that work on abominations.

-Outsmarted Thoth, the Egyptian god of knowledge.

-Can fix a person’s mind, or shatter it beyond repair.

-Drayvsra can perceive reality, allowing him to sense the whole truth no matter how it is hidden. If he is questioning someone, he will automatically know if target is lying and sense the truth. He is immune to illusions caused by users of Telepathy, Mental Manipulation, and Illusion Manipulation, even if masters of those themselves are not in the area (as in another building). The power can also be used to produce answers to questions that he speaks aloud.

He cannot be fooled by tricksters or reality warpers who try to deceive him.

-Can induce love in absolutely anyone, regardless of how powerful they are, even if they’re transcendent beings or users of Apathy, Empathic Shield, Indomitable Will, True Love Visage, Unlovability, etc.

-Can create and utilize an overpowering aphrodisiac that is capable of sexually arousing anything and making them ravenously crave sexual interaction, regardless if they can feel love or pleasure, with anything once it is introduced into the target's system. This power works on both genders, their sexual interest and people of any age, even genderless beings. Also works on aliens and those with radically different biology.

-Can induce absolute horror in absolutely anyone, regardless of how powerful they are, transcendent beings or users of Apathy, Fearlessness, Fear Masking, Indomitable Will, and Tranquil Fear.

-Can make others fall desperately in love with him or drastically fear him.

-Can read the deepest desires of others and feed on them.

-Can predict opponent’s moves by muscle, or nerve movements, too fast for human eyes to see.

-Can even intensely calm or frighten the mentally sane & insane alike.

-Can spook the dead & scare the undead.

-Possesses a plethora of over-powered dominating psychic super skills:

Amokinetic Bible of Executrix: The Eldritch Queens of Pleasure grants powers that ravage the mind and reach deeply into the soul of their victims. Sorcerers of these Nyravathoth delight in spreading pain, extremes of sensation, and delusions.

·        Acquiescence: The Sorcerer conjures a spark of delusion, overwhelming the target’s mind with contradictory thoughts and feelings that drive him to distraction, incapable of performing any action amidst the psychic fog. Nyravathoth sorcerers sometimes describe the power as a silvery fog that overwhelms all sensation, conjured with entrancing words whispered under the breath.

·        Ecstatic Oblivion: The Sorcerer summons up every flickering moment of stray emotion he can find within the Immaterial, and draws them into himself, overwhelming his own senses and rendering him oblivious to the sensations of battle around him. Many sorcerers become addicted to the sensations they conjure, burning away their soul with warp-spawned ecstasy.

·        Psyren Song: The Sorcerer reaches deep into the casm of chaos and produces a soul-shattering noise that inflicts terrible pain upon those that hear it. Many sorcerers attribute this power to the genetic tampering of Dzna Alf during the early days of Vanity, and to the engineered talents of Lady Mannagerie of the Pagan’s Elk.

·        Bond of Dominion / Beam of Nyravathoth: The Sorcerer projects a lurid, glowing cord of energy that wraps itself around his enemies, worming itself into their minds and overwhelming their will for a few brief moments. Many sorcerers take a perverse pleasure in making others dance like puppets for them, becoming enthralled by the power and dominance they can exert and delighting in the horrific acts they can make others perform.

·        Insidious Utterances: The Sorcerer becomes a mouthpiece for the infinite voice of Nyravathoth, crawling deep into the mind of a chosen victim, calling forth the darkest desires from the depths of his victim’s soul, unleashing them and giving them free reign. Nyravathoth sorcerers consider this power to be the greatest of blessings they can bestow upon a mortal soul.

·        Symphony of Pain: The Sorcerer casts his arms wide, as if conducting a great orchestra of cavorting daemons that howl and dance around his echo within the Immaterial. Their siren call warps the minds of those nearby, causing blinding sheets of pain.

·        Subjugation at First Sight: Anyone who looks upon Drayvsra is so taken with his majesty that they must defend him.

The Revenant Discipline: An ancient psychic discipline formerly used by the unified Veltari AEMs. Revenant psychic powers allow the wielder near-complete control over both life and death, the manipulator able to bend these forces as he or she sees fit. As the avatar of the entity this discipline draws power from, the Incarn-Ip7 or the legendary Indescriminatnt Bujiin both of which are unparalleled in its mastery. Techniques from this discipline include:

·        Ancestral Blessing: The manipulator pulls forth the greatness that lies within the genetic legacy of all, enhancing its allies' bodies and souls alike until they reach the apex of their potential.

·        Shield of Nynth: The manipulator projects a spiritual forcefield around itself and its allies, effortlessly turning aside even the strongest of attacks.

·        Ghast Hook: With a mere gesture, the manipulator tears the souls from its enemies, scattering their essence to the wind.

·        Storm of Whispers: The low hiss of the manipulator’s whisper is joined by the voices of countless ancient Eldritch souls, building up a maddening psychic crescendo that drives mortals mad and tears apart minds.

·        Unbind Souls: The manipulator cuts the ties that bind an individual's soul to their physical body, feeding on their spiritual essence to empower itself and its fellow Eldritch.

·        Sermon of the Phoenix: Chanting in a tongue not used for millennia, the manipulator bestows its allies with the power of the mythical phoenix, allowing them to be reborn stronger no matter how completely they are destroyed.

·        Gaze of Yog: The manipulator's eyes blaze with white fire as the majesty of their true power is channeled through them. As the Whispering God looks through their eyes, any beings perceived by it are slain in an instant. No shield or spell can protect them from this inescapable demise, as it is a final and complete annihilation on all levels.

-His control over reality is so absolute & insane that he is able to surpass and ignore the laws of reality, logic, common sense, etc., making him able to cause anything to happen or not happen.

-A simple kiss from Drayvsra is so overwhelming that it can induce eternal servitude, overpowering fits of pleasure or pain, instant submission, divine protection, or outright death.

-Made Maria, a normal human being, evolve to the point where she could fly in a split second on a simple order alone.

-Psionically overpowered Demetra, a psychic D’vo-type Dialyon capable of controlling all Humans on every Earth, in every universe, in EVERY MULTIVERSE…AN ENTIRE OMNIVERSE AWAY!!!!!!

-Can create extremely potent, utterly convincing replicas of the deceased which are capable of interacting on their own with a single thought. He does this to tempt his enemies or comfort his friends when he refuses to go through with full resurrection. Either way, these “Lost Dolls” can last from decades to even centuries & they are perfect copies right down to the soul.

-Can trap people in limitless insanely realistic illusion Worlds that affect all forms of consciousness & awareness, causing targets to question which world is reality & which is fantasy, and that’s if he even allows them to notice or sense anything.

-Can turn illusion into reality & vice-versa.

-Can bend reality via his &/or other's thoughts and imagination. He can change any and all aspects of reality, allowing him to achieve nearly anything simply by willing it.

Mentifery is both reality warping's strongest form and purest expression, allowing the user to directly achieve any desired change on thought alone. Both rational and irrational alike, unhindered by the need for templates, materials, or proxies.

-Can create, shape, and manipulate layers/levels of existence, including conceptual/metaphysical levels such as levels of dreaming, thought, sub consciousness/higher consciousness, etc., all the way down to the base/foundation of reality.

-When enraged, he can unleash his enormous psionic power, which was able to erase all traces of the Envodou God Tetrus’s sentient Cosmic Puppets, totaling at over 50 billion galaxy busting constructs, along with all their technology and possibly their worlds themselves, from existence with a single thought.

-Can remain conscious & self-aware of himself, his surroundings, & his situation & act accordingly regardless of if he’s been frozen in time, in an alternate reality, dealing with a temporal or quantum paradox, etc. (Demons went to the past to stop him and his brothers from being conceived, but it didn’t work.)

-Managed to outwit Loki himself.

-Moved the Sun & Moon with his mind alone.

-Didn’t even flinch when inside the Fear Field of a Cthulhu Elder God, Nylarthotep.

-Can analyze a person’s muscle structure to learn past movements (up to 2 weeks) and regular routines, and mimic them perfectly in a split second.

-Can learn everything about a person or just necessary information in a split second by making direct eye contact. (Has to be in person.)

-Can seriously hypnotize his prey instantly by making eye contact. (No matter their mental strength, natural defense, or force of will.)

-Killed the Norse God, Balder with a single look. (Cockatrice Stare.)

-Can create gravitational effects that can even affect incorporeal and metaphysical life forms whom are normally at an alternate plane of existence, such as dream sprites, ghosts, and deities.

-Can psionically manipulate quantum foam, the smallest level and foundation of reality, from which all things in existence originally emerged.

Since the quantum foam is on an even smaller level than even quantum strings, it can bypass all the limitations that quantum strings have and even negate their effects. As the foundation and origin of all reality, this power allows him to manipulate anything and everything to the highest degree.

-Journeyed back in time up to 300 Billion years & began walking forward gaining knowledge & experience, all in one night. (Walked back in time & forward through time whilst sleeping.)

-Knows how to kill, murder, torture, & slaughter every entity in creation.

-Has intimate knowledge on how to sexually & emotionally please all different races of humans, angels, demons, deities, robots, reapers, aliens, cthulu, & any other beings he comes across, earning him the grand cosmic title, “The Child of Paradise.”

-Can affect reality with mere thoughts on a universal-multiversal-hyperversal-omniversal-nigh omnipotent scale.

-Made all insects gigantic across the 3rd Multiverse just to see what would happen.

-Can do the impossible by being too crazy or stupid to know it is.

-Was able to play a game of Sink Ball in which the rules state the players are supposed to drown, but Dray is so unaware of his limitations, that not only does he play the game while wearing heavy metal armor, but he manages not to drown, even without holding his breath at all.

-Brought back the Dinosaurs.

-Changed Eldritch Horrors into kittens with a simple thought.

-Completely tampered with his own story & plot, turning himself into the True Hero & the Dark Lord, thus allowing him to be the hero whenever it suits him & the villain whenever it suits him.

-Can manipulate & simultaneously dwell in all the 7 Planes of Existence.

-Ascended to higher-dimensional Demiurge Deity form, in which all of reality looks like a 2-dimensional drawing.

-Drayvsra’s strongest psychic attack is Cerebrageddon: A blade of psionic might so overwhelmingly powerful, it affects reality & higher dimensions. Daemons of the 4th Omniverse speak of the blade in fear, calling it the "Black Branch of Reality" or the "Fangs of Madness." Alive with dark intelligence, Cerebrageddon has the power to sunder the material universe with its edge, cutting through matter as a mundane blade moves through smoke. In battle, Cerebrageddon has been witnessed to destroy a Spatial Nexus and flay the souls from those it struck with a single touch. Even the hardened skin of daemons or armour sealed with the power of the Angeleus is little proof against its assault, as it drinks in the energy of the Immaterium like water, consuming all in its path utterly. The dark spirit that inhabits this omnivorous weapon can alter the blade's appearance, revealing the skulls and faces of the souls it has devoured. As is later revealed, Cerebrageddon's true form is that of an ancient daemon dragon which predates the rise of mankind. The entity was born from the very first act of senseless murder, and is thus one of the most powerful daemons to have ever existed, not bound to any of the 5 major Absolute Powers.

-Drayvsra’s strongest psychic defense is Velvet Nightmare: A powerful genetic psychiatric magic defense against both telepaths and mind-manipulation users of any kind. Anyone lucky or crazy enough to get inside Drayvsra’s mind without permission, will have theirs infected by a powerful magic virus that will turn their head into a complete Hell of excruciating pain, suffering, endless torment & relentless nightmares.

Velvet Nightmare traps Drayvsra's victims in an infinite loop of realities each one worse than the last, forcing them to live and suffer then die endless lives with no hope of escape. Sayuri, the 4th member of Black Ares, an extremely powerful telepath, a powerful demon lord, one of Azalea’s 12 illegitimate children, (Yes she’s a half-sister to Drayvsra & the rest of his brothers), Ramus, a powerful holy mage, one of Aslan’s kin, and one of the 13 Sacred Lions, & Arlanthropp, the Chthulu prince of Madness have all suffered at the grip of Velvet Nightmare.

-Omniscient in the Red-Star level only. (Via releasing all seals)

Durability& Stamina:

-At Dead-Star Level, he is at his weakest & most vulnerable, but he is still more powerful than most forces by far. For example, Drayvsra has claimed, “Besides, planetary attacks don’t even itch. If it can’t wipe the solar system, it can’t kill me.-To Margret after his fight with the Colosuss of Isles.-Below 3-Star Level he is far more vulnerable, but no by much. He cannot be harmed by mortal weapons & means in any way. Only magic spells, weapons, & supernatural forces over 500,000 years in age & nature can harm him. (From Dead-Star to 2-Star Lvls)

-Has an instant regenerative healing factor.

-Can fight boundlessly for eternity without tiring.

-Mostly feels pleasure instead of pain. Finds pain amusing & stimulating. Partially due to his time as a guinea pig & sex slave in the Zon Leonnes Empire as a child, & most due to the fact that he doesn’t feel pain the same way everyone else does.

-Drayvsra can become the embodiment of masochism. He takes pleasure and draws power from receiving pain and harm, be it mental, physical, or spiritual. He often has a mindset that is completely warped causing him to be unpredictable. He has excitement and pleasure on his own suffering and agony, being also able to harm himself, to cause even more self pleasure. Essentially, damaging him (If possible) will not only be completely ineffective, but will only make him stronger.

-Has “Foolish Anatomy”, making him like a physical cartoon character in real life making him nearly impossible to kill.

-Transcends life & death. (3-Star Lvl Released & beyond only)

-Due to the Queen of All Dragons Crown, nothing Draconic in nature can ever harm him.

-Due to the Y’dikan King Crown, anything Angelic, Demonic, Divine, Eldritch, in nature or being can never harm him.

-He is immune to anything weaker or lesser than he is, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects. (In Tiger Mode Only)

-He is immune to anything stronger or greater than he is, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects. (In Stymphalian Bird Mode Only)

-Survived being stabbed in the chest multiple times.

-Survived decapitation & kept fighting without slowing down or losing skill.

-Can survive in the core of the sun.

-Stopped a Death Scythe with his bare hands.

-Caught the Frost Giant Queen’s unbreakable spear in his teeth & shattered it.

-Was turned into a lifeless husk due to a curse which deprived him of power and drained all the moisture and life from his body. He survived by unlocking the Phoenix power, burned to ash, was reborn from the ashes, (completely back to normal) & presumed to beat the living shit out of emo angel dude that cursed him in the first place.

-When a giant demon picked up the Statute of Liberty and hit him so hard he flew around the world 3 times in a matter of seconds and crashed into New York City like a missile, he got up without a scratch. (In Tiger Form.)

-Managed to keep fighting Vanir for 3 hours and only ashes were falling from his body despite the fact that she cast a spell to make time move a Billion years per second.

-Survived getting sent flying through multiple planets by Vanir by accident and showed no signs of pain or injury.

-He completely regenerated and reconstructed himself from a single drop of blood.

-Had a stadium fall on him, and didn’t feel it.

-Walked in a hurricane of poison and out like it was a cool breeze.

-Took 3 tank missiles to the face and laughed.

-Tanked a 537 kiloton explosion & didn’t move an inch.

-Blew off getting crushed between 27 planets.

-Tanked a punch that knocked him into another galaxy, passing 2 in the process in seconds.

-Absorbed 50,000 supernovas.

-Tanked a punch from Abigail’s behemoth without breaking a sweat and that guy’s a mountain buster by day, but can skyrocket in strength during a full moon. He can hit with the force of 3 Million exploding suns. Drayvsra took a hit from him on a full moon with a clear sky & was unimpressed.

-Resisted the Queens of Order’s attempt to wipe him from existence.

-Survived having his soul burned.

-Survived complete erasure. As long as he can think and recall his form, even if erased to a realm beyond the infinite dimensional hierarchy he can exist in a state of nothingness and return.

-Tanked a hypernova point blank.

-Took a universe busting bomb to the face.

-Was trapped in a time distorting magic mirror. In the mirror, he fought the descendants of the void and spawns of Eris for 3,000 years without rest and returned to the real world to realize he’s been gone for only 3 days.

-He has survived and done the impossible many times:

-He not only survived the venom of Sorael (which is capable of killing every dragon or snake like entity, including possibly even Great Baylondial and likely Dragnar Prime, and is always fatal) but came back even stronger from it then he was before.

-Absorbed and utilized the powers of polar opposites, Stymphalian Birds. Thus acquiring Feather Hunter power, which not only should have been impossible because of the different natures between Stymph Birds & Dragons, but he eventually incorporated the power completely into his style.

-Survived massive beatings and wounds from beasts and monsters capable of killing gods, and this was before he received any of his new abilities.

-Summoned the power of gods that absolutely nobody knew anything about, which allowed Drayvsra to the use full power of another god’s divine weapon.

-Temporarily became an absolutely invincible being with the capability of wiping out all of existence after unlocking his Y’dikan power.

-Has a new form, Infernal Tempest that combines all his other forms and has access to literally infinite power.

-Manipulated the All-Consuming Fire, the Almighty flames of God without taking damage.

-Survived being stabbed through the chest by The Blade of Eternal Slaughter, a feat even his Mother couldn’t pull off.


​​​​-Drayvsra transcends and can rewrite the rules of all magic on a multiversal-omniversal-nigh omnipotent scale. He is a practitioner of the magical powers who possess the uncanny ability to transcend the very rules under which all with magic operate. He is the exception to all the rules, & on occasion simply the one making them. This allows him to perform many super-supernatural feats by altering or ignoring the conditions and limitations of magical systems.

-After reactivating his sealed Phoenix Power, he possesses abilities beyond the laws and scope of magic, resulting in Drayvsra being of unfathomable power and capable of incredible feats; his powers are inexplicable to any form of magic and seemingly accomplish completely illogical/irrational actions/effects to it, while also being immune to any and all magical problems. The potential effects are innumerable in possibilities, as he can accomplish apparently everything imaginable with very little exposition as to how it is done. The scope of this power can range from slight nudges to brutal disruptions in scale.

-Drayvsra created N’Vora, a powerful Meta-material that simply doesn’t (albeit shouldn’t) exist in the physical world, spiritual world, magical world, the higher realms & dimensions or any plan of reality. Despite its appearance it doesn’t qualify as matter, energy, force, or magic. Dray jokingly refered to it as a synthetic artificial alternative form of life essence, a Meta-Transcendent energy, and an “Ark” of power that operates beyond Supernatural, Arcane, Divine, & even Metaphysical energies for example; mana or aether. He is the only source of it in ALL of the 7 Omniverses. He turned his right eye into the vessel to eternally contain and produce an infinite supply of it. Since all beings, especially deities & magic users, use mana or aether, they can’t block attacks utilizing or break defenses coated in N’Vora. Drayvsra has to grant n’vora to other magic users & even Deities themselves in order for them to use it like a Supreme Being.

-On Twilight’s Night, a rare event in which not only does a solar and lunar eclipse simultaneously occur but all 21 planets also align, Drayvsra was crowned the new King of All Witches.

His 17 Witch King abilities include…

1.     Alternating magical forces to unify ancient chaotic energies without danger.

2.     Becoming the source of all mana and creating others.

3.     Causing magic spells to happen instantly.

4.     Creating and removing magical Defenses, Immunities, and etc. against any power rendering them useless.

5.     Cheating the rules of magic.

6.     Customizing the properties of magical items.

7.     Customizing the properties of spells.

8.     Generating and possessing an infinite amount of mana/energy.

9.     Harnessing and Balancing vast cosmological and esoteric forces.

10.                        Being immune to Anti-Magic and detrimental side-effects.

11.                        Being impervious to power-altering.

12.                        Making any magic/spell transcend its normal power.

13.                        Operating normally in non-magical contexts.

14.                        Penetrating any/every form of blocker temporal, mental or otherwise.

15.                        Removing spells' requirements/limitations.

16.                        Removing the costs and limits of anything magical.

17.                        Drayvsra has an unbreakable bond with the very source of magic.

-Can grant any wish without limit.

-Can transform into a drop dead gorgeous woman, an enchantress of unmatched beauty.

-Has the power of True Love’s Kiss & can use it whenever regardless of the situation or individual. With it, he can break through any outside forces, including magic/curses/etc. with a kiss shared between two lovers. For instance, if one person is cursed into deep slumber, a kiss of true love from him will return that person's consciousness. In rare cases, True Love's kiss neither has to be on the lips or between lovers (like between a parent and child).

-Was deemed more beautiful than Aphrodite, Hathor, Uzume, Amaterasu, Aine & Aengus, and Freya.

-Can make ANYONE fall hard for him; from humans, to beasts, to monsters, to the most powerful deities, to nigh-omnipotent beings, to the darkest of entities with absolutely no love, compassion, or sympathy in their entire being. His “Darlings” are unquestioningly loyal to him and feel an intense sensation of love for him, to the extent that those freed from his control suffer strong sadness and depression.

-He can take on his most beautiful & seductive form, The Desire Embodied, a form so splendorous, angels gather around him, even the evilest, cruelest, and jealous demons bow to him. And gods will go to war just for a simple smile from him. He can fill the hearts of apathetic beings and move them to protect and love him. He can strip the free will from even the strongest beings. He even made Lucifer himself honestly repent in this form.

-He can also change & reveal his blackest Form, The Silence, a horrific, disturbing, ungodly terror! A grotesque being so frightful, humans die from his mere presence & transcendent beings die just seeing his blurriest reflection. Angels cry & melt, Demons scream & burn to death (even the fireproof ones), and Deities turn to stone & shatter, all from the mere presence let alone sight of him at his angriest or most broken. This is indeed a beyond fiendish cosmic filth, a dark vision that should never be seen.

-After taking on a third of his Silence form, he scared the God-like power out of Deigo “The Boogeyman” Shavez after he used a forbidden ritual and one of One’s lost treasures to become the new Modern God of Fear, Newvalcabra.

-His body has a limitless reservoir of magical power & should things get complicated, he can draw power from alternate dimensions or his familiars, angels, or demons.

-He also has an adorable child form called Kid Drayvsra. In this form, he is so unimaginably cute that it’s physically impossible to stay or get mad or upset with him, and can even make people that normally hate everyone like him. He possesses a level of cuteness which exceeds all others, possibly being/becoming the cutest thing. He (or she depending on if he chooses to be a little girl) can use his overwhelming cuteness to control and affect others. This power can be used two ways:

He can possess sincere adorability, an innocence whose cuteness is pure and benevolent, a being like this could possess this ability without even realizing it. Or he could be malevolent, using his overwhelming, hypnotic cuteness as a weapon to manipulate people. This form also lets him make things look cute, which is a form of attractiveness based on youth and appearance.

-Drayvsra has Existential Unity- This power is a specialized version of Omnipotence, making Drayvsra both the Creator and Creation. He is a panentheistic being: everything is part of him, the universe/nature and he are identical or in a nutshell, are totally immanent in creation. Being one with all, he is everything, everywhere, every-when, and every-how, without any exception whatsoever. This grants him unlimited power, knowledge, and existence, for the very concept of limits is now irrelevant. He still retains part of his former individuality and may choose to experience his new existence through avatars, mortal incarnations, or as a global cosmic force.

-Can manipulate time, space, reality, space-time, dimensions, quantum foam, metaphysics, causality, concepts, & even logic itself on a universal, to multiversal, to hyperversal, to omniversal, to nigh omnipotent scale. (Both with & without magic)

-He manipulated the Prime Line, the timeline of the one true universe that can’t be changed, altered, tampered with, manipulated, or broken in any manner.

-He locked Hermes in a time loop even though he can run through different dimensions and universes & break time.

-Can completely and perfectly bypass any and all immunities in existence no matter how powerful, including omnipotent level powers. (In Tiger Form exclusively.)

-He can manipulate space in battle so effortlessly & accurately that by displacing a portion of space, he can place hostile projectiles behind the enemy, allow for their own projectiles to change trajectory by shifting space, or allow for them to have their limbs appear anywhere, and make his enemy's own sword swings hit them from behind.

-Drayvsra can utilize the principles of sympathetic magic which has two aspects:

Law of Similarity: or "like affects like": model or miniature of a real-world object which affects the real-life counterpart when it is changed. For example, a miniature New York where you can move buildings and they'll move in the real New York. Or a globe (careful with it) if you poke it carelessly, you'll crush the entirety of a country. This allows the user to scry the object in question, because what happens to it happens also to the replica.

Law of Contact/Contagion: that things which have once been in contact with each other continue to act on each other at a distance after the physical contact has been severed. This makes someone who knows how to do it right truly dangerous because they can ignore any distance to hurt someone with only a bit of something they have used, for example clothing, personal possessions, etc., or (even better) part of them, for example blood, hair and nail-clippings.

-He can manipulate; the Alpha Reality, where all different realities, multiverses, universes, dimensions, possibilities, destinies, and concepts originated from, the Omega Reality, where all different realities, multiverses, universes, dimensions, possibilities, destinies, and concepts end, & he can use Omni-Reality Creation to remake the former 2 or make something else entirely, thus he can create and/or generate the Alpha Reality, the origin and source of all realities. Allowing him to create the origin of creation/existence itself, as the Alpha Reality is responsible for the existence of all realities and by extension Creation itself.

-His reality manipulation skills include…

·        Cartoon Physics: Replace or apply absurd laws of the universe.

·        Choicifery: Manipulate reality via choices.

·        Comic Narration: Control reality via comic books.

·        Dual Warping: Warp reality both rationally and irrationally.

·        Fairytale Warping: Alter reality by via the principles of storytelling.

·        Faithifery: Alter reality according to his belief.

·        Gesturify: Affect the very fabric of reality simply by using different forms of gestures.

·        Logic Manipulation: Control the very rules of logic and reason.

·        Mentifery: Power to turn his thoughts and imagination into reality; the original and purest form of reality warping.

·        Miming: Interact and change reality via miming.

·        Narration: Manipulate reality via writing.

·        Oneiric Reality Manipulation: Warp reality via dreams/nightmares.

·        Pathifery: Control reality based on his instincts/emotions, rather than actual coherent thoughts or words.

·        Phenomenon Manipulation: Control, as well as create supernatural phenomenon/anomalies which defy the laws of physics.

·        Possibility Reconstruction: Control reality with already existing possibilities.

·        Primordial Reality Manipulation: Control the original pre-reality.

·        Quantum String Manipulation: Distort reality by manipulating quantum strings.

·        Reality Artistry: Control reality via art.

·        Reality Level Manipulation:" Control the various levels of reality.

·        Reality Randomization: Control reality in a random way.

·        Reality Playing: Transform games into reality.

·        Reality Weaponry: Manipulate reality with weapons.

·        Science Manipulation: Control reality by controlling the scientific law.

·        Subjective Reality: Turn fantasies into a reality by manipulating the boundary between them.

·        True Illusion: Turn your illusions into reality.

·        Uncertainty Manipulation: Warp reality via paranormal and unfathomable feats, allowing creations of anomalies and among other things.

·        Virtual Warping: Control reality in computer-like fashion.

·        Data Warping: Control reality by Data, Information and Knowledge.

·        Vocifery: Change reality by always being right.

·        Figurative Vocifery: Warp reality by speaking metaphorically.

·        Wish Granting: Control reality by granting wishes.

·        Absolute Wish-Wishes without limits.

·        Xenopsychic Reality Warping: Control reality based on the thoughts and imagination of others.

-Teleported himself & entire galaxies across the universes.

-Can travel anywhere in the multiverses without restriction. (Can also go far futher, to magical realms, alter. Dimensions, higher dimensions, etc.)

-Can manipulate/shape the lives of all things, from humans, amortals, conceptual beings, primordial entites, eldritch horrors, and even other Monothestic Deities.

-Drayvsra’s 7th Star System (In all its levels & scales) & his 10 Crowns of D (And the many powers they retain) are based & categorized around 7 key pillars.


-This is the Pillar of Limitless Creation & Materialization. Drayvsra can create anything without limits, including concepts, existence, reality, and even the totality itself. He can also create from nothing or even to create one thing from another e.g. manifesting an image from a comic book, creating life from the dead, and duplicating anything. He can create basically anything he chooses on an unlimited scale.

For examples of his power, he can create any form of life (human, animal, plant, supernatural monsters, etc.) and control them to do his bidding, when the creatures are no longer useful, he can annihilate them instantly. He can also revive extinct creatures (Dinosaurs, etc.), give life to fictional ones (Dragons, Werewolves, etc.), and potentially create whole armies. This is merely a single, small example.

His powers of Creation include…

1.     Ability Creation

2.     Advantage Creation

3.     Almighty Law Creation

4.     Law Creation

5.     Alternate Reality Creation

6.     Alternative Dream Universe

7.     Alternate-Self Creation

8.     Antimatter Generation

9.     Army Creation

10.                        Art Generation

11.                        Block Generation

12.                        Body Creation

13.                        Lifeless Body Creation

14.                        Chemical Generation

15.                        Chemical Reaction Creation

16.                        Concept Creation

17.                        Constructs Creation

18.                        Elemental Constructs

19.                        Universal Force Constructs

20.                        Consequence Creation

21.                        Constellation Creation

22.                        Cosmic Creation

23.                        Galaxy Creation

24.                        Planetary Creation

25.                        Planetary System Creation

26.                        Star Creation

27.                        Creation Embodiment

28.                        Creation Magic

29.                        Dark Matter Generation

30.                        Data Generation

31.                        Dimension Creation

32.                        DNA Generation

33.                        Elemental Generation

34.                        Energy Generation

35.                        Environment Creation

36.                        Fictional Material Generation

37.                        Fundamental Forces Creation

38.                        Future Creation

39.                        Group Creation

40.                        Infinite Supply

41.                        Life Creation

42.                        Historical Entity Creation

43.                        Organic Generation

44.                        Matter Creation

45.                        Mecha Creation

46.                        Memory Generation

47.                        Memory Manifestation

48.                        Object Creation

49.                        Historical Object Creation

50.                        Object Creation Touch

51.                        Omni-Reality Creation

52.                        Omniverse Creation

53.                        Multiverse Creation

54.                        Universal Recreation

55.                        Universe Creation

56.                        Parallel Existence Creation

57.                        Past Creation

58.                        Path Creation

59.                        Path Maker

60.                        Personal Domain Creation

61.                        Physical Force Generation

62.                        Physical Manifestation Creation

63.                        Pollution Generation

64.                        Portal Creation

65.                        Potion Creation

66.                        Property Creation

67.                        Rank Creation

68.                        Reality Creation

69.                        Recreation

70.                        Remote Materialization

71.                        Replicative Sculpting

72.                        Robot Creation

73.                        Rubber Generation

74.                        Sequence Generation

75.                        Shard Generation

76.                        Shape Generation

77.                        Soul Creation

78.                        Space Generation

79.                        Story Creation

80.                        System Creation

81.                        Void Creation

82.                        Volatile Constructs

83.                        Vocal Creation

84.                        Singing Creation

85.                        Weapon Creation

86.                        Yang Generation

87.                        Yin Generation

Creation: (Past 3-Star Level Release)

1.     Absolute Recreation

2.     Almighty Object Manifestation

3.     Alternate Universe Creation

4.     Animation

5.     Chronological Creation

6.     Constructs Creation

7.     Dimension Creation

8.     Energy Generation

9.     Infinite Supply

10.                        Life Creation

11.                        Matter Creation

12.                        Mental Projection

13.                        Meta Ability Creation

14.                        Meta Summoning

15.                        Object Creation

16.                        Omnireplication

17.                        Omniverse Creation

18.                        Path Maker

19.                        Perspective Designing

20.                        Portal Creation

21.                        Uncertainty Creation

22.                        Universe Creation

23.                        Weapon Creation


-This is the Pillar of Total Supremacy ever focused on Drayvrsa’s 2 absolute powers, Hierarchy of Infinitasia & The Law of Domination & Submission. This branch of power embodies Drayvsra’s eternal & Absolute Authority and Infinite Freedom. He has absolute authority & control over anything & everything with no limitation or restriction. He enjoys manipulating the fundamentals of creation such as; Time, Space, Reality, Metaphysics, Pataphysics, Concepts, Causality, Logic, Dimensions, Quantum [S.P.A.D.E.M.F.], Tetralogy, Origins, Existence & the Existential Planes themselves, to name a few. This not only reserves him to simple kingship because Drayvsra cannot only control everything, but he can basically DO WHATEVER HE WANTS WITHOUT CONSECQUENCES. He is unbound & unimpeded by all rules & structures. The laws of nature, the laws of science, the laws of physics, the laws of magic, the laws of reality, the laws of divinity, & the laws of Existense & Nothingness, as well as The 4 Laws After God-(The Law of Attraction, The Law of Excluded Middle, The Law of Identity, The Law of Noncontradiction) mean absolutely nothing to him. (Unless he wants them to)

Drayvsra, when willing, rules over anything and everything in existence; as such, he has absolute control over all objects, planes of existences, and life forms, as well as their wills and mindsets (whether they are aware of being controlled or not). I.e., he can master all infinite universes that are in the Omniverse and absolutely everything within each of these universes. He also has absolute dominion over any situation or environment by simply issuing a command. Even if the subjects that are being ruled are unable to understand him, they will still respond in accordance to what he had dictated.

His fields of Dominion include…

·        Afterlife Kingship

·        Arctic Kingship

·        Beast Kingship

·        Cemetery Kingship

·        Conceptual Kingship

·        Death Kingship

·        Dimensional Kingship

·        Directional Kingship

·        Dream-World Kingship

·        Elemental Plane Kingship

·        Entity Kingship

·        Evil Kingship

·        Fictional Kingship

·        Fifth Dimensional Kingship

·        Forest Kingship

·        Good Kingship

·        Heaven Kingship

·        Hell Kingship

·        Holiday Kingship

·        Land Kingship

·        Life and Death Kingship

·        Life Kingship

·        Limbo Kingship

·        Magic Kingship

·        Mental Plane Kingship

·        Multiversal Kingship

·        Mythical Plane Kingship

·        Nature Kingship

·        Ocean Kingship

·        Physical Plane Kingship

·        Planetary Kingship

·        Potentiality Kingship

·        Purgatory Kingship

·        Science Kingship

·        Sky Kingship

·        Spatial Kingship

·        Spirit World Kingship

·        Temporal Kingship

·        Underworld Kingship

·        Universal Kingship

·        Virtual Reality Kingship

·        Volcanic Kingship

-With the power Autpotence, Drayvsra has complete control of his own existence. He is beyond all there is, even reason, physics, and logic. No rule or law can apply to him, other than his own. He can also rewrite himself on any level, at any time, anywhere, without any limit of any kind. He can even change/rewrite his own fundamental nature/structure. This allows him access to any ability in existence, said abilities being as absolute as their maker/wielder.

-Drayvsra is free and immune from every law, rule, fate, predestination, concept, limits, or any other type of cosmic, spiritual, mental, physical and/or mystical jurisdiction, making him completely immune to their effects. This power is mostly wielded by prime beings and creator gods, as power itself is the fundamental and source of power that allows all limitless abilities to function. The reason why all boundaries are related to destiny and freedom itself is the opposite of it because fate/destiny impose boundaries in all beings.


This Pillar is focused on abilities & skills around all manner of Unrestricted Change. These “changes” do not merely include him as he can induce, negate, and freely control changes, transitions, & transformations in himself & anything & everything around him without limitation. Since Drayvsra’s physical body is merely an avatar, he can take on any form he wishes. The main abilities of this pillar can scale up to Species Shifting, Absolute Change, Omnifarious, etc.

-Drayvsra can change absolutely anything/everything, either completely or partially, permanently or temporarily, from physical things like humans and objects to metaphysical things like concepts and logic, etc. He can choose what he wants to change, and what he will change, for example: changing an insect into a transcendent being or change himself to have limits.

He can even change anything no matter how immutable and unchangeable, without any protection or exception of any kind not even if they exist outside of everything. Because absolute change is an expression of Omnipotence it specialized on concept/principles of change beyond its own boundaries achieving absolute power and invincibility simply by changing themselves into become so.

-Changes include…

·        Author Authority-Changing absolutely all existence.

·        Absolute Existence-Changing his own existence without any limits.

·        Absolute Condition-Changing his own condition to absolute levels.

·        Omnifarious-Changing his own form without limits.

·        Absolute Restoration-Changing anything back to its original state.

·        Absolute Will-Changing all of the creation at the user's will.

·        Alpha Reality-Changing the Alpha Reality.

·        Boundary Manipulation-Changing all boundaries.

·        Causality Manipulation-Changing Causality.

·        Complete Arsenal-Changing all powers.

·        Concept Manipulation-Changing all concepts.

·        Definition Manipulation-Changing definitions.

·        Difference Manipulation-Changing Differences.

·        Dual Warping-Changing reality rationally and irrationally.

·        Entity Lordship-Absolute change over any entity.

·        Existence Manipulation-Changing Existence.

·        Immunity Manipulation-Changing immunity to any/all powers.

·        Logic Manipulation-Changing the rules of logic.

·        Meta-Concept Manipulation-Changing any and every incomprehensible concepts.

·        Meta Existence Inducement/Nonexistence-Change nonexistence into any existence and all existence into nonexistence without any limits.

·        Meta Immunity Bypassing-Ignore/Bypass absolutely any/all kind of immunity to changes.

·        Meta Power Manipulation-Changing every power without limits.

·        Meta Variable Manipulation-Changing all forms of variables to the metaphysical level.

·        Omni-Physics Manipulation-Changing all form of physics.

·        Omnificence/Absolute Destruction-Changing nothing into anything and anything into nothing without any limits.

·        Origin Manipulation-Changing the origin of everything.

·        Perfection-Changing yourself to become perfect in all existing aspects.

·        Perspective Manipulation-Changing all perspectives.

·        Potentiality Lordship-Changing the potential of everything.

·        Principle Manipulation-Changing all principles.

·        Status Manipulation-Changing the status/state of being of everything.

·        Tetralogy-Changing the 4 universal aspects.

·        Total Conversion-Change matter, energy, elements, objects, beings, etc. into anything else.

·        Totality Manipulation-Changing the Omega Omnisphere.

·        Omniverse Manipulation-Changing all universes.

·        Transition Manipulation-Changing all passings/transitions.

·        Universal Irreversibility - Making changes irreversible.

-Drayvsra has complete and absolute control over his own being, allowing him to manipulate his shape, density, size or to be solid, liquid, gaseous, or pure energy. He can spread his form into smaller segments that keep their ability to transform and recombine as they wish. He can take any form that he can possibly imagine, independently from the laws of Physics and Logic.

He isn’t immune to external alterations, but can change back instantly, rendering such efforts meaningless. His mind remains immune to all external alterations and is as flexible as his body while still remaining whole and fully functional even if the body is separated into millions of smaller parts acting independently. While external/environmental effects can affect most with this power, he can simply take a form more adapted to the dangers and thus ignore most dangers or simply reform himself.


This Pillar is focused on The Ark of Balance, with abilities & skills based around The Principalities of Transaction. In other words this is about the Whole of Beings, Worlds, Energies, Matter, Forces, Forms, Principles, Concepts, Construct, Laws, Orders, etc. & the balaces & Interactions between them all on an absolute scale.

Unstoppable Absorption-Drayvsra can absorb any/all concept, power, universal definition, law, boundary, etc., while removing it from the source, into his body and utilize it in some way.

Arc of Greed-Drayvsra’s body is capable of containing an infinite amount of energy, he can absorb as much as he wants. This can allow him the energy required to use other superhuman abilities, survive long amounts of time without food, or output energy for long periods of time.

Total Conversion-Drayvsra can totally convert anything/everything into a usable state and the reverse, such as converting any fuel completely into energy, including any/all by-products and leftover or waste material. No matter what its used for (digestion/food, energy, air, etc.). He will be able to completely break it down and convert all of it into a usable form, leaving absolutely nothing of what the substance or product originally was or even its reverse by converting energy it matter with no spill-off of energy or explosions. Depending on the product/substance being used

product/substance being used and what it's being converted into, the effects may be temporary or permanent.

Reality Restocking-Drayvsra can recreate perfectly anything/everything to the exact state it was in before it was destroyed, such as recreating a person who died in every single detail from their memories, personality, thoughts, their body as it originally was, powers, soul, every detail would be recreated, even down to the molecules and atoms that made them up.

He can recreate something even if there was no trace of it left to recreate, even if the pattern used to create it in the first place was destroyed, even if the building blocks used to create it (molecules, atoms, etc) were completely and utterly gone, it could still be recreated, even if the only thing left of the object, person, place, etc. was a distant and fading memory, in fact even if there wasn't even that to go off of Drayvsra could still recreate it. He can even recreate something that was wiped out by elimination or decreation. Unlike restoration, which simply restores anything to its original state, this power focuses on recreating it instead of resetting it back to normal.

God’s Gamble-Drayvsra plays a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors by flipping a 3-sided die & then precedes to use one of the following…

-Almighty Page-Drayvsra can access and manipulate the connection that links all powers that compose omnipotence, making this the fundamental force behind all collective abilities. He can control and access all the infinite associations, variations, combinations and sub-powers related to omnipotence's primal stage giving him absolute control over all powers.

-Almighty Scissors-Drayvsra can target and remove the connections that link together a target's powers and its source, removing their ability to ever use those powers again. This not only prevents them from using their powers, but may even cause them to forget they ever had those powers to begin with. This removes any/all connections and links that the target may have had to the source of their powers, even the smallest ones.

Unlike erasure, this simply removes the connections/links to the power itself, so while the source of the power may still exist, it is no longer accessible to the target.

-Almighty Stone-Drayvsra can infuse anything (powers, sentient beings, objects etc.) with the force that makes omni powers infinitely powerful. This can remove limits and amplify the effects or condition of the receiver on a nigh-omnipotent scale.

If used on weapons, it can cause the weapon to break through or slice through other dimensions and never break or lose sharpness. When used on an object such as a rock, it would become immovable and unbreakable.


This Pillar is the power, Indiscriminate Annihilation. It is the Perfected version of the simple yet almighty concept, principle, & power of Destruction. Drayvsra can destroy everything without limits, from concepts, boundaries and causation, to studies like metaphysics and science, even irrational "concepts" like the fabric of nothingness or the totality itself.

His powers of Destruction include…

1.     Absolute Destruction

2.     Bone Destruction

3.     Building Destruction

4.     City Destruction

5.     Concept Destruction

6.     Continent Destruction

7.     Destruction Embodiment

8.     Destruction Magic

9.     Destructive Countenance

10.                        Destructive Field Projection

11.                        Dimension Destruction

12.                        Disintegration

13.                        Domain Destruction

14.                        Dream Destruction

15.                        Energy Erasure

16.                        Environment Destruction

17.                        Galaxy Destruction

18.                        Irreversible Destruction

19.                        Magic Destruction

20.                        Moon Destruction

21.                        Omniverse Destruction

22.                        Multiverse Destruction

23.                        Universe Destruction

24.                        Planet Destruction

25.                        Planetary System Destruction

26.                        Power Destruction

27.                        Reflection Destruction

28.                        Soul Destruction

29.                        Space Depletion

30.                        Space-Time Destruction

31.                        Star Destruction

32.                        Time Destruction

33.                        Total Event Collapse

Destruction: (Past 3-Star Level Release)

1.     Concept Destruction

2.     Conclusion Dominance

3.     Destruction

4.     Irreversible Destruction

5.     Nonexistence

6.     Obsolescence

7.     Omniverse Destruction

8.     Origin Destroyer

9.     Phenomenon Elimination

10.                        Power Destruction/Power Erasure

11.                        Total Event Collapse

12.                        Ultimate Erasure


-This Pillar is focused on abilities & skills around Wholeness & Completeness manipulation. Much like creation Drayvsra can make whatever he wants, whenever he wants, however the difference is that unlike “simple” creation addition not only makes things, but gives everything made with this pillar a history that is known by and integrated into the memory of all. They’re given a history that completely rewrites time & reality around them & they’re then perceived as to have already existed all along.

Completeness-based skills include…

Arc of Completion-Drayvsra can add items into existence, either simply making things appear, allowing energy from ever being conceived or some other way. Not only can he create things such as matter, energy, and concepts, but he is also able to create pasts and futures for them as well, making it so that those things have always existed to begin with.

Let There Be More-Drayvsra can add anything and everything into existence, He can even give them a history or future as they are added, in any universe there is. He can create anything as long as it doesn't take away from another being.

As opposite of Nonexistence, which removes anything from existence, this power allows abstract and/or concrete things to be added into existence with a past as the power reorganizes reality accordingly, such as adding a window that wasn't there before to a wall and changing the wall accordingly.


-This Pillar is focused on abilities & skills around erasing anything & everything from existence as well as everything outside of creation & totality. This branch of power embodies Drayvsra’s eternal & infinite connection to The Void.

Nothingness-based skills include…

Ark of Erasure- Drayvsra can remove items from existence, either by simply making things disappear, preventing energy from ever being conceived or some other way. He can delete an eternity, removing targets from all lineages of time in every dimension, alter, reverse, or negate energy, etc. This could also lead to ultimate goal of "destroying matter", as in bringing it out of existence.

Decreation-This ability allows Drayvsra to completely annihilate anything and everything, without any protection or exception of any kind.

There are two main categories of targets: concrete and abstract. Used on concrete targets, the power has an effect similar to Nothingness Manipulation, effectively annihilating objects and beings.

When used on abstract targets however, the effect is more subtle and similar to Logic Manipulation, annihilating the corresponding targets and reorganizing reality accordingly. For example, erasing the concept of "door" would not only erase the door, but also replace it with a portion of the corresponding wall (as if the door never existed).

Needless to say, Drayvsra is universally dreaded as the embodiment of the Primal Fear—with good reason.

“Bye Bitch!”-Drayvsra can end/wipe out anything/everything on any/all levels, including origin, temporal, cosmic, spiritual, conceptual, supernatural, metaphysical, eldritch, natural, memories, genetics, principles, ideas/probabilities/possibility, name/definition, etc. It doesn't matter what the target might be or whether it is inside or outside of reality, this would eliminate them regardless of that as well.

Warning: Anything erased by this power is Absolutely Impossible to bring back, rendering it completely absolute in the truest sense, therefore it should be used with only the utmost caution for this very reason.


Gates to Nowhere-Drayvsra can create a void outside the space-time continuum where nothing can be created nor destroyed because there is nothing to create or destroy. There is no personality or individuality because beings cannot survive there. Even the concepts of reason, emotions, philosophy, reality, time and space, morality and even matter itself cannot exist in this realm. For anything that is engulfed by this realm, everything that once was becomes no more, because it will be forever erased by the overwhelming power/energies of Nonexistence.

In relativity, this is usually caused by black holes, causing a rift between space and time, and the singular point of infinite gravity, thus matter and even light cease to exist.


Anti-Creation Bow-Drayvsra can construct bows (including crossbows) and arrows from nothingness or void or by shaping the existing void allowing them to attack from distance. This shade-shooting can fire a bow of void energy that ensnares and traps their targets.


Anti-Creation Lash-Drayvsra can create whips from nothingness/void.


Void Zoning-Drayvsra can create true, absolute voids, spaces that are empty/absent of anything/everything that we can understand including form, shape, dimension, time, matter, energy, distance, sound, motion, concepts, etc. Because of the nature of these voids, anything that enters them may be impossible to ever escape or be rescued from and/or may even be erased from existence because of the contradictory nature or lack of life-giving elements/properties inside them.


Drone Mode-Drayvsra can shift his physical being out of reality, becoming a "nonexistent"; he maintains his own self-existence while erasing it from the rest of the world. He can control the level of how much of himself is to be nonexistent:

Physical Nonexistence: Drayvsra’s physical form disappears from reality but memories and physical evidence of his existence will remain. He will become invisible and undetectable to the rest of the world in this state, while also becoming intangible to an extent, invulnerable to conventional damage.

Mental Nonexistence: Memories and historical records of him are erased, while his physical form remains, with nobody knowing his identities.

Complete Nonexistence: A combination of both physical and mental, Drayvsra is completely wiped from existence and, until he deactivates the power, all traces of his being are removed from history, time, space, memories, and even reality. Physical evidence such as photographs and name lists do not serve any reminder, as people would simply believe him to be someone they have no knowledge of.

Selective NonexistenceDrayvsra can allow certain people/objects etc. to still perceive his existence normally physically and/or mentally. Requires a high level of control.

In essence, this is the ultimate form of Imperceptibility, and clearly the perfect defense and hiding power. Advanced masters can even control the nonexistence to any unwanted elements inflicted onto the body, rewriting wounds, diseases and fatalities into an illusion while returning to reality unharmed, and teleport by shifting out of reality and back at a different location.

-Can summon familiars, Angels, Demons, Deities, Dragons, Dimensional Beings, Sentient Mechanical Monsters, Deus ex Machinas, Titans, Cthulu Mythos, Eldritch Horrors, Celestial Beings, Conceptual entities, anything that exists within creation & nonexistence without limit.

-He somehow gave birth to 1,000 gods & goddesses. They exist within his realms & dimensions and serve him unconditionally when summoned.

-Bettelgearse is an incredibly powerful reality warping Legendary DEM-(Deus Ex Machina) brought to existence in God’s Omniverse by Drayvsra's wish, with Dray’s every desire being his only and absolute law as an example of the scale & range of his summoning power.

-Drayvsra’s summons are empathic extensions of himself, sharing his memories and emotions, and are absolutely loyal despite their dafty personalities.

-Has infinite, if no more than 7,932,135,441,523,222,467,925,916,526,110,643,000,000,000,000,786,999,837 Familiars/Summonable Beings ranging from (War Beasts, Monsters, Mythical Creatures, Cryptids, Plant Devos, Phantasmas, Angels, Demons, Deities, Dragons, Dimensional Beings, Sentient Mechanical Monsters, Deus Ex Machinas, Titans, Cthulu Mythos, Eldritch Horrors, Celestial Beings, Conceptual Entities, etc. that he can summon whenever he wants. He can even summon locations-(Realms, Domains, Dimensions, even Pocket Universes & Multiverses.)

-Can draw power from Extra-dimensions, strange universes, & alternate realities…

The Pyroverse- Alternate plane of existence, a flaming universe full of dragon spirits, firebirds, and other mysterious entities. [Grants access to alternate dragons & other beings of the flame, Boosts Magic Power & Skill, and Grants nearly infinite Fire Power.]

The Tiger Force- Alternate astral dimensional nexus of primordial cosmic power. [Boosts Strength, Endurance, Mystic Power & Awareness]

The Ava*Luna- Extra-dimensional tempest/nexus of limitless primordial darkness, ionic flux, & lunar energy. [Boosts magic power and ability beyond god-like status.]

-Grew into an abstract being 3 times the size of the Earth.

-Has his own personal Heaven & Hell.

-Created a multiverse (complete with 12 universes) like it was nothing.

-Became best friends with Azathoth & Eroese Dragonar when he was 5.

-Created a universe of perfect peace, harmony, love, & prosperity where nothing can go wrong; The Ultimate Paradise.

-Created a universe of absolute pain, desperation, torment, unfairness, and suffering the puts even Hell itself to shame, The Godless World.

-After defeating Zolin, the Keeper of the Multiverse, Drayvsra how learned to make multiple universes of his own, becoming a multiversal god of creation & destruction.

-Gave gods like Sobek, Sun Wukong, Hachiman, & Brahma divine cancer, nearly killing them in a magic bout using nothing but Healing spells.

-He restored all life on Earth, fully resurrecting all of Humanity. (More than once.)

-When the Pyroverse was destroyed, he recreated it into the Infernoverse, a broader multiverse version of the original, making it better and his connection to it stronger.

-He created NeAngelo’s Ring, a universe of unlimited guns and badass weapons.

-Still managed to burn diamonds despite being severely weakened by Ultaria the Queen of Inadequacy.

-Incinerated a fire-proof golem.

-Literally relit the sun!!!

-Got Asmodeus, the arch demon & literal embodiment of lust, to completely lust after him.

-Can create/summon Angels stronger than deities, as well as demons. Ranging from…

·        Angels of Death - Grim Reaper Physiology, Death Inducement

·        Angels of Destiny/Fate - Destiny Manipulation, Future Manipulation

·        Angels of Healing - Healing, Flawless Restoration

·        Angels of Knowledge - Clairvoyance, Nigh-Omniscience

·        Angels of Life - Life-Force Manipulation, Biological Manipulation

·        Angels of Light - Light Manipulation, Light Generation, Light Mimicry

·        Angels of Love - Love Inducement, Love Manipulation

·        Angels of Power - Almighty Link

·        Angels of Time - Time Manipulation

·        Angels of War - War Manipulation, Enhanced Combat

·        Angels of Wisdom - Enhanced Wisdom, Supernatural Wisdom, Absolute Wisdom

-Can create entire Pantheons of gods and goddesses.

-Fought on par with Merlin & Abe no Seimei in a magic battle.

-Created an army of 500,000 Dragons from nothing with a single hand clap.

-Spanked a battalion of magicians with little effort.

-Slaughtered an entire army with one blow.

-Banished a continent sized demon back to Hell.

-Reduced infinity to zero.

-Can manipulate planes where time and space don’t exist & fight on planes and higher dimensions where their existence is pointless.

-Made Heaven & Hell switch places.

-He fought & killed Faustus, a powerful Devil god that can only be truly killed one way, by destroying him on 4 different planes of existence, in 3 different points in time, simultaneously; 1.)Destroy his body-Physical realm. 2.) Destroy his mind-Astral realm. 3.) Destroy his soul-Spiritual realm. 4.) Destroy him in 3 different points in time.-Past, Present, & Future. 5.) Finish him in the afterlife-Purgatory.   

-Bodied Ares & Nagial, 2 Gods of War at the Ragnarok Tournament with help from his brother Clyde.

-While using Chrono-phage, fought and killed Ontoombex, A flying island angel with 3 long enormous half humanoid/half serpent bodies functioning as heads all in a matter of 20 seconds before a magically e

enhanced nuclear bomb went off.

-He killed Exodus the New Dawn, and creator of the universe.

-Killed Umbradon the embodiment of ALL evil in the universe.

-He was able to pick up and wield The Blade of Infinity, a sword of infinite weight & power, and The Eternal Sword, a sword that can extend as long as existence, at the same time in his fight against Brumonty the Strong, one of the 5 Titan Kings.

-Trained on Boalark’s Eye, a planet 10 times the size of Earth, inhabited by mountain-sized beasts and continent-size monsters for 2 & half years.

-Defeated and absorbed Arsvyard & Dsaavrry, the perfect copy and complete opposite of himself & gain a phenomenal new power and form, Gemini.

-Was deemed worthy enough to receive a kiss from God himself on the lips.

-Drayvsra is an Anti God/Primordial Void representing the counterpart or sometimes the dark aspects of a Supreme Deity in many verses, they existed before the omniverse itself and are considered the essence of all evil, darkness, chaos and the ultimate decreator of the omniverse ranking them among the most powerful entities. This is Drayvsra’s 2nd most powerful dark form.

-After unlocking the Apex Boundary, Drayvsra has the power to match & succeed both God & Lucifer.

-Battled the Nigh-Omnipotent Sorcerer One himself to a draw, eventually destroying all 555 “Zones”, each with infinite dimensions & space-time continuums, of his Omniverse.

-Manipulated, restored, & balanced all 7 Omniverses from Thelos Olon’s Omnipotent throne.

Arx System:

-He invented & created multiple concepts, laws, & phenomena that should be completely impossible due to physics, nature, logic, and overall reason:

·        Arc of Romance-This focuses on Drayvsra’s favorite 17 concepts-(Desire, Love, Lust, Passion, Pleasure, Obsession, Envy, Rage, Aggression, Hatred, Pain, Madness, Despair, Fear, Benevolence, Malevolence, & Neutruality.) This absurd power grants infinite superiority over any & all with free will or emotion. It also grants a vast array of abilities & tricks for use on the battlefield & in the bedroom.

Drayvsra is the ultimate Sadist & Masochist, able to dish out torturous damage to enemies regardless of their status or number. He’s able to go toe to toe with the deadliest of warriors, the most ravenous monsters, vicious angels, & most savage demons and rip them to pieces, breaking them body, mind, & soul with the greatest of ease & finesse. Not only that, but he can take it to. He’s sustained hits from gods like Zeus, Kratos, Atlas, Vishnu, Rudra, Magni, Thor, Odin, Rama, as well as devils like Sitri, Vina, Oddweiss, Amon, & Satan and laughed them off everytime. He takes planetary damage on a daily basis. Every fight is either a Big Bang to the face or a Hypernova to the crotch and he can’t get enough of it. His own madness baffles even the beings from higher realms & dimensions such as the Eldritch or the Bujinn & Taijinn gods whose insanity inducing presence & powers don’t affect or bother him.

He often holds back against enemies who are vastly stronger than his weaker states, letting them get their hits in, riling them up, & getting them irritated, flustered, & frustrated at their inability to kill him before he really starts fighting. Likewise, he often holds back against weaker enemies too, scaring them, pulling them into despair, & reading them for filth if they try to lecture him on his ways of using power. He has only 2 rules when it comes to combat; Make it as stylish & flashy as possible, or make it hurt a million times worse than its suppose to. Thusly, his pain & pleasure inducing skills include…

Benevorous-Drayvsra can feed on the goodness of people's hearts; gaining boosts to stamina, strength, durability, and speed depending on the level of goodness in a foe. The power automatically scans for the best goodness to feed off of when facing multiple foes, which don't need to have actual powers. Applications include…

A.   Turning a foe's goodness to his gain.

B.   An almost anti-hero can still give him a slight boost to his physical traits.

C.   The goodness he feeds off of can come from a super-powerless but goodhearted person.

D.   Even anti-villains can fuel his powers despite dubious alignment.

Malevorous-Drayvsra can feed on the darkness of people's hearts, gaining boosts to stamina, strength, durability, and speed, depending on the level of evil and malevolence in a foe, to boost his physical traits. This power automatically scans for the worst malicious intent to feed off of when facing multiple foes. Foes need not have actual powers; a sociopathic serial killer could give him a boost to his physical traits. Applications include…

A.   Feed on evil and negative energies inside the hearts and minds of opponents.

B.   Turn a foe's evil nature to your gain.

C.   The evil the user feeds off of can come from a super-powerless but corrupted person.

D.   An anti-hero can still give the user a slight boost to their physical traits.

'Introduction to Blood & Chocolate': This main skill focuses on Sensation, Perception, Essence, & Existence. Blood & Chocolate represents Drayvsra’s Omnipotent-Level power to bring pleasure, pain, battle, & death to anything and anyone regardless to their personality, views, beliefs, species, status, state of being, power, domain, existence, or authority, etc. Blood brings Pain & Chocolate brings Pleasure (though it’s still deadly when Dray desires it to be). The set goes like this…

Blood of Haniel-This level actually acts on usage of physical blood. Here, Drayvsra can generate blood, whether by drawing from already existing blood (his, others or separate from the bodies), or by manifesting it from anywhere he wants as well as create, control, and otherwise manipulate blood of himself, others, & from his surroundings, whether it be from blood-banks, hospitals, or battlefields. The blood can also have different properties such as…

Ø Acidic Blood: Mixed with Acid Generation, blood that has acidic properties.

Ø Cryogenic Blood: Mixed with Ice Generation, blood with cryogenic properties.

Ø Crystallize Blood: Crystallize the blood into solid form.

Ø Electrolytic Blood: Mixed with Electricity Generation, blood with electrolytic properties.

Ø Flammable Blood: Mixed with Fire Generation, blood that has flammable properties.

Ø Healing Blood: Mixed with Healing, blood that has healing properties.

Ø Mutagenic Blood: Mixed with Mutation Inducement, blood with mutative properties.

Ø Poisonous Blood: Mixed with Poison Generation, blood that contains toxic substances.

This blood lets manipulate the "controls" of anyone or anything and bring them under his complete dominion, e.g., if he wants to manipulate the "controls" of a person's leg, then that body part will obey his will. 

He can also manipulate the "controls" of any object, controlling them in a manner similar to a puppet as well as put his enemies in extreme fits of pain, and by manipulating the blood of enemies he can control every vein & every muscle in his opponent’s bodies, essentially making them helpless marionettes.

Milk Chocolate-Drayvsra generates liquid chocolate hotter than molten metal & white-hot plasma. It has 3 powers that make it beneficial to him and his allies & deadly to his enemies. 1.) With it, he can control the various attributes of the regeneration process, such as the rate and parts to regenerate, and whether the regeneration would even take place. He can control the speed of healing factor of himself or others, to help close off wounds and regrow limbs without leaving any scars. Conversely, he can slow down the process to increase bleeding and risk of infection.

By controlling the precise location to regenerate, he can prevent unwanted side-effects (i.e. tumors and other disease-infected cells) from increasing, and in fact cause them to die out by preventing cell division. This can also be applied to any matter blocking the wound, allowing one to regenerate around the blockage or eject the obstruction.

By applying the negation on an enemy, this prevents regeneration and even reversing it, causing their cells to enter necrosis when they die without creating new ones. At higher levels, he can even negate regeneration of the metaphysical levels (such as Spatial-Temporal Lock induced ones).  2.) It lets Drayvsra manipulate the process of rebirth and reincarnation, allowing him to decide how, when, where, what/who and even if the target is reborn. 3.) It can manipulate resurrection, using it to resurrect himselfothers, and on a large scale or to prevent anyone from resurrecting.


Blood of Asmodeus-This level involves use of Krux-119, a synthetic blood that Drayvsra created. It manipulates status of anyone and everyone, allowing it to do things such as grant immortality, create/give life from nothing, erase or create memories, resurrect the dead, and more & has many deadly and dangerous abilities that make him terrifying in a fight. Krux-119 can also manipulate natural and supernatural kingdoms, or classes/realms of nature or the supernatural. Often found in classical philosophies like the great chain of being, the kingdoms themselves include the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. Additional kingdoms may include the angelic kingdom, the soul kingdom, the demon kingdom, and the god/deity kingdom. He is able to manipulate any of these and things associated with them. He can even manipulate the hierarchy of these kingdoms.

Dark Chocolate-Drayvsra generates liquid dark chocolate sporting disoriented faces in it with peppermints for eyes & mouthes with surprisingly sharp candy corns for teeth. This chocolate can manipulate how things are in other places, planets, environments, etc. With it, Drayvsra can merge places together into one, affect if target can survive in that place or not, conditions and (if any) different physical laws. It can make target gain new skills, powers, knowledge etc. as they enter a new environment, for example, entering new country/another planet, their existence changes as if they have always been a part of the country, while becoming an urban legend where they are originally from mentally and physically.


Blood of God-This scarlet liquid lets Drayvsra analyze, shape, and manipulate the essence for anything, the attribute or set of attributes such as that make substance/matter what it fundamentally is, for anything there is, and which it has by necessity, and without which it loses its identity. It can manipulate the essence of all things, including inorganic matter, energy, forces, supernatural things, life, animals, auras, life-force, minds, emotions and even concepts as long as it is not organic or alive. It can restore matter, life, minds, energy, forces, the supernatural and even concepts to good condition, and can influence those things in other ways as well, such as enhancing or amplifying them. It can change one type of matter/energy/force/life/emotion/mind/supernatural/concept into another, whether it is matter to matter or if it is matter to life or concepts, or anything else.

White Chocolate-Drayvsra generates bubbling white chocolate that manipulates the purpose of anything, meaning he can manipulate what people, parts of the body and other objects were meant or intended to do, or alter their reason to exist. For example, he can alter the purpose of muscles to make them stronger and meant to lift heavy objects with little effort. He can also affect the purpose of a person's existence, and perhaps alter their destiny in a way. He can make any object be usable in ways they were not meant to. He can also alter a person or object's properties, such as shape, to make them be able to be used for the desired purpose.

It can also create, shape, and manipulate the forms of Drayvsra or others to achieve a new appearance, new powers, and new auras. With it, he can even transform into other species, and potentially possess any form that can be equipped for any situation. He can even achieve a form that is considered perfection. Form variation like "Phenotypes" (due to underlying heritable genetic variation) is a fundamental prerequisite for evolution by natural selection. It is the living organism as a whole that contributes (or not) to the next generation, so natural selection affects the genetic structure of a population indirectly via the contribution of forms.

It can change the physiology of a person's particular nature meaning it can change them from a species like Human to becoming another "Type" attribute such as Animal which will give them either Animal Manipulation/Imitations/Morphing/Empathy. This power is an umbrella power for every type of form power through Mode Switching and Super Form. He can create or access every form: sealed forms, true forms, released forms, merged forms, etc. It can analyze the form of Body, Anatomy, Morphology, Life-Force Manipulation, emotion, mental level, and even Powers and then devise counter-measures such as counter powers, devices, etc...

-Trascendental Beauty: Drayvsra has taken into his body started elements and structures from other creatures to go beyond the limits of beauty available to humans, becoming truly "too beautiful to bear". Just looking at him caused Rayna Ma’Tayr pain as her vision exploded with psychedelic colors, and trying to comprehend Dray’s “true voice” caused her powerful nausea. Arch. Gabriel and Nymph warned her that her very soul would burn away if she had poor morals, while also mentioning hearing his real voice or smelling his scent would be enough to drive her insane or melt her brain. His Brothers & others capable of matching him past 4-Star Lvl have no issue interacting with him while supressed.

-The Rose Dimension: Drayvsra opens portals to his personal reality, a chaotic mixture of a pocket dimension & a personal void. Drayvsra’s will is law & time, space, dimesions, laws, divinity, science, magic, & even metaphysical laws & abilities are useless here.

-Voracious Wine: This creates Wine so sumptuous that even Angels will fall to its temptation and so stimulating, that the highest gods & darkest devils shudder & fall in love seething & ravished in overwhelming pleasure. However the price for this intense level of pleasure is to have the same liquid turn to beautiful blades that sever dimensions and slay enemies with force that can be felt across all dimensions. All the same, the price is more than worth it as all enemies that fall to this power died smiling.

-King’s Hall, Mondes d'amoureux: An infinite amount of hands & arms bleed through reality as if rising from water. These are the loving arms of Drayvsra’s many lovers & protecters, Husbands & Brides from many realities as well as his own imagination. This power comes in 2 forms…

Wives; Beautiful, Nurturing, & Vicious-The Porcelain hands of Drayvsra’s many many wives heal his injuries as well as those important to him. They constantly grope, caress, & feel up their king & husband much to his satisfaction & his enemie’s discomfort. They can turn into long white blades & long whips that surpass lightspeed & have been discribed to give tachyons a run for their money.

Husbands; Strong, Protective, & Possessive-The Black metallic clawed fists of Drayvsra’s many grooms are strong, physically indestructible, & will crush anyone that gets too close to him. Their reaction is instant & their strength can desimate anything from mountains, to planets, to galaxies, to whole dimensions. They turn into soft warm black clay to caress their lovely queen after their hard work.

·        Arc of Numbers

-[Arc 2] of The Seven Planes:

This is the power of Drayvsra’s ability to manipulate the 7 Planes of Existence & all the powers that come with that kind of status.

I.            Akashic Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the akashic plane, one of the seven planes of existence, which governs knowledge and everything related to it. This allows him to learn whatever he wishes and obtain knowledge from nowhere. It is possible that with time, he can learn nearly everything.

II.            Astral Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the astral plane, one of the seven planes of existence, the plane of the mind, consciousness and spirits. This allows him to manipulate astral energy, mimic spirits, etc.

III.            Buddhaic Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the buddhaic plane of understanding and becoming one with everything, one of the seven planes of existence.

This will allow him to empathize with his surroundings, understand and interpret others emotions, as well as controlling them, discern distant places/people with his mind. He will eventually reach the point of Enlightenment, true understanding the universe and finally, Unity by becoming one with everything.

IV.            Causal Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the causal plane, one of the seven planes of existence. This allows him to manipulate memories of himself and others, while also seeing both past and future.

V.            Mental Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the mental plane of thoughts, one of the seven planes of existence, which allows him to read and control the thoughts and minds of others and project his thoughts into reality.

VI.            Messianic Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can manipulate the messianic plane of emotion, one of the seven planes of existence. This allows him to create/manipulate emotional energy, control the emotions of himself and others, replicate and interpret other’s emotions, and create life forms and constructs out of the his emotions.

VII.            Physical Plane Manipulation-Drayvsra can control the physical plane, one of the seven main planes of existence, which allows him to conjure and manipulate all forms of energy, including sound, light, plasma, quantum and thermal. This can also allow him to alter reality, manipulate space and time, control matter and even the art of alchemy.

-[Arc 5] of Candor-Drayvsra has absolute control of all aspects of the Verse in which he exists, and can freely alter its nature, content, inhabitants, history, destiny, etc. All rules can be changed on a whim or flat out ignored, as he is literally the one dictating them.

1)    'Rational Abilities':

I.            Causality Manipulation

II.            Destiny Manipulation

III.            Existence Manipulation

IV.            Meta Event Manipulation

V.            Meta Fate Manipulation

VI.            Meta Space-Time Manipulation

VII.            Story Creation

VIII.            Story Manipulation

2)    'Irrational Abilities':

I.            Absolute Manipulation

II.            Alpha Reality

III.            Conceptual Lordship

IV.            Fairytale Warping

V.            Fictional Lordship

VI.            Logic Manipulation

VII.            Meta Power Manipulation

VIII.            Meta Summoning

IX.            Omniverse Manipulation

X.            Plot Device Techniques

3)    'Personal Abilities':

I.            4th Wall Awareness

II.            Absolute Existence

III.            Absolute Wish

IV.            Coincidence Resistance

V.            Complete Arsenal

VI.            Meta Ability Creation

VII.            Meta Immunity Bypassing

VIII.            Meta Transcendence

IX.            Mindshifting

X.            Multiple Lives

XI.            Purpose Manipulation

XII.            Stage Manipulation

XIII.            Title Bestowal

4)    Plot Control (Omnipotent Level)' :'

I.            Beyond The Impossible - Even the most ridiculously impossible feat/situations are achievable, if not easy.

II.            Deus Ex Machina - If he, the author, writes his/her self into a corner. This can be used to solve any problem and wrap things up with a pretty bow on top.

III.            Karma Houdini - No matter the extent his misdeeds, he will always escape retribution.

IV.            Plot Armor - For as long as he decides to focus on you, you are safe, no matter what the situation.

V.            Plot Device - Orchestrate the story in the desired way through various plot-relevant means.

VI.            Narrative Causality - The essence of AA, as he is the omnipotent storyteller.

VII.            New Power As The Plot Demands - Literally granting new powers whenever he desires appears.

VIII.            No Sell - Others' powers don't work on him, without even the need for a reason.

IX.            Word of God - Whatever he says is the absolute truth.

-[Arc 7] of Ignorance- Drayvsra embodies the reader of the story, i.e. the entire totality and everything beyond is but a story he is reading including things like Fictional Transcendence and 4th Wall BreachingThus, he is immune to anything/everything even to omnipotent powers like Boundary Manipulation, Meta Power Manipulation, etc. as all powers are merely part of the story which he is reading. Even the strongest bypassing based abilities including meta immunity bypassing cannot affect him. Drayvsra is an Absolutely Immortal and eternal being, his existence being completely indeterminable and unknown. Though, he himself cannot affect the story.

Nature Of The Power

This power is basically a real-life reader granting their trans-fictional immunity to the story to a fictional character. The immunity of him is due to not being part of the story at all and even things like fictional transcendence,4th wall breaching are parts of a story to him.

At first glance the immunity of the real-life reader may look more like irrelevance rather than actual immunity as they are actually nonexistent to the characters of the story but this is not the case with the embodiment of the reader as being fictional characters themselves in the first place they are pretty much existent to other fictional characters, unlike the real life readers and thus their trans-fictional immunity.

This power actually functions exactly like author authority. The authors are real life entities who have absolute control over the story but being real life entities they are also nonexistent to their characters(unless a fictional entity has 4th wall awareness but in this case even real-life readers will be existent to them) but their avatars are fictional characters and thus existent to the characters of the story.

Just like author authority is a fictional character being granted the ability to indiscriminately manipulate the story, similarly enough reader embodiment is a fictional entity being granted the ability of a reader to be unaffected by the story. As a result he is not affected by even forms/expressions/variations of omnipotence and not even by other specialized versions of omnipotence like Meta Power Manipulation due to the fact that nothing could really affect the reader and thus affecting him would equal affecting a truly omnipotent being.

-[Arc 9] of Fire-This arc refers to Drayvsra’s fire collection. He has gathered a multitude of different wonderous & horrific pyrations. Some of his flames are magical in nature others are enhanced through science or extra-dimensional forces & primordial energies. Some of them have been drenched in divine sources while others come straight from the depths of Hell. He has flames that are combined with other elements like his Frost Flames that freeze, Electric Flames that create firestorms & tornadoes with fire & lightning, or his Green Flames that generate & manipulate water and heal him & others. He also has flames that can help &/or harm non-corperal beings as well as ignore conventional durablilty like his Spiritual Fire that burns souls like wood, his Ghost Flames that can manipulate & slay the undead & even kill immortals. He also has the Omniverse Fire, the Almighty Flames of God that can manipulate &/or destroy totality itself & the Omnicide flames that will kill anything & everything if envoked.

·        Paradoxical Script [“The Bottomless Pit is Overfowing!”]-Inside him, there is a literal bottomless pit that is combined with a Well of Life that is constantly & will continue indefinitely, creating souls since his birth. When Drayvsra envokes the well to appear reality shatters like glass, but not completely, revealing infinite souls; Some filled joy, applauding, praising, worshipping, & screaming at Drayvsra, many filled with with lust aggressively ravishing one another in a spiritual orgy, many filled with rage and malice desiring nothing but to kill his enemies in the most brutal fashion possible, & many filled with fear and despair, completely unaware, confused, & frightened of their creator more than anything. This power being what it is makes Drayvsra invincible in spiritual arts & impossible to kill through spiritual means.

-Inpsychlopedia: Using several souls, Drayvsra can manipulate wiring and functions in the cerebellum allowing him to learn everything: play any musical instrument, possess insight and knowledge about science, practice sports, speak any language, develop psionic powers, memorize anything, discover something and know absolutely everything.

1.     Beginner Level:

a.      Adoptive Muscle Memory - copy any movements after seeing it performed once

b.     Enhanced Crafting - Craft almost anything.

c.      Enhanced Intelligence - For learning something.

d.     Enhanced Inventing - Can to invent machines, gadgetry.

e.      Enhanced Reading - Read books at a very quick rate.

f.       Enhanced Surveillance - Can use the knowledge to survive.

g.     Enhanced Wisdom - Wisdom beyond your years.

h.     Flawless Coordination - Possess perfect motor control and can perform any physical act without difficulty

i.       Hypercompetence - To be extremely skilled in nearly anything.

j.       Omnilingualism - Understand any and all language.

k.     Panmnesia - Can to memorize absolutely everything.

l.       Science Intuition - Be a prodigy of science.

2.     Intuitive Level:

a.      Anatomical Intuition - Knowledge about the biology.

b.     Artistic Intuition - To have every knowledge and understanding of creating art.

c.      Detail Intuition - To always be able notice, process and understand all of the details of ones surrounding.

d.     Hyper-Instincts - Process information in the most efficient way possible.

e.      Martial Arts Intuition - To understand a new fighting skill.

f.       Medical Intuition - Knowledge about medicine.

g.     Performance Art Intuition - To understand performance arts.

h.     Psionic Intuition - Glean knowledge through a psycho-paranormal sense.

i.       Weapon Proficiency - Has ability to use every weapon proficiently.

3.     Expert Level:

a.      Body Supremacy - Perfect control of ones body.

b.     Cyber Mind - Can rewire brain and mind to have electronic knowledge, can memorize and store manuals, programs, files, audios, digital photo, sites and can mimic computers and others technologies.

c.      Experience Manipulation - To have more experience in any field.

d.     Extrasensory Perception - To perceive things by means other than the human senses or personal experience.

e.      Mind's Eye - Awaken the inner consciousness to better broaden ones understanding.

f.       Psionics - Unlock ones hidden mental and psychic potential and use it openly.

g.     Reality Perception - Can perceive the truth.

4.     Neuro-Psychological Level:

a.      Attack Prediction - Predict and read others attacks.

b.     Brain Manipulation - Manipulate your brain.

c.      Codification - Codify and create complex systems for anything making it very complex and impossible to decipher.

d.     Decodification - Solve or break codes or complex systems for anything making it very complex and near-impossible to decipher.

e.      Device Usage - Understand, use and create any kind of device.

f.       Dowsing Locate objects, materials, treasure, and people.

g.     Enhanced Investigation - Possess great investigative prowess.

h.     Parallel Processing - Carry out multiple calculations and thought processes at once.

i.       Psychometry - Perceive to the residual information of an object by touching it.

j.       Supertasking - Super multitask perfectly.

k.     Transcendent Science - Master the ultimate form of science.

5.     Supreme Level:

a.      Almighty Science - Having achieved the penultimate level of scientific understanding.

b.     Cosmic Knowledge - Be aware of overarching cosmic principles.

c.      Higher Consciousness -Obtain a new state of existence as one mindscape evolves.

d.     Intelligence Infinitum - Infinitely increase one's intelligence.

e.      Mindshifting - Altering ones mind to gain a whole new perspective of the universe and oneself.

f.       Nigh Omniscience/Omniscience - Know virtually everything.

g.     Omnifabricating - Invent anything.

h.     Psionic/Absolute Psionic Power - Activate a higher percentage of ones mind allows for total mentalist capability.

i.       Science-Magic Ascendancy - Have acuity which blurs the separation of logical/supernatural.

j.       Supernatural/Absolute Intelligence - Have a very powerful and superior intellect.

·        Paradoxical Script [“I’ve done everything all the time.”]-Drayvsra can perform an infinite number of distinct tasks, in series to each other, in a finite amount of time with ease. This might still take him a long time, but the time interval will be finite; it will end.

-Eternal Strike:Fist of God: Drayvsra strikes his enemy once. Upon landing, regardless of whether the attack is blocked or not or if Drayvsra has stopped his assault or not the strikes will continue on in the same spot impact was made indefinitely or until Drayvsra cancels it. BTW, he’s the only one who can stop it.

·        Hyperportation-An evolved form of teleportation that is faster than instant travel.

·        Spacial Pausing-Drayvsra stops all matter & energy in motion, freezing anything & everything down beyond sub-atomic level, while time continues to advance yet becoming relevantly pointless.

·        Negative Time-Manipulate time so it flows forward and backwards at the same time.

·        Spider’s Time-A chaotic, incomprehensible clock shows up out of nowhere and causes time to move in 8 different directions at once.

·        The Alice Equation-Undoing all previous actions & events over a set time and location or all of Space-Time by opening his eyes. Having everything preconceived as a dream.

·        Hand of Chaos Theory-Causes 5 multiple dimensions to exist simultaneously, overlapping and blending with each other.

·        Single Helix Phenomenon- If something is possible one way, then the reverse is also possible. A single action branches out & creates nearly endless possibilities & results that are nigh impossible to predict, but the reverse is the same. And the results of both ways can be chosen. Ex.: Killing an enemy and they revive you later, falling upwards, or manipulating future events to change/affect past unrelated ones. (This just should not be possible, but oh well.)

·        Red Ice-Freeze creatures, objects, even concepts with ice reaching temperatures plummeting below negative 999 Billion degrees Fahrenheit.

·        Paused Pulse-“Unkill” people by killing them & leaving their souls & consciousness within their bodies to be revived later or passed on to the reapers in case the remains were completely destroyed to be instantly recreated later.

·        Fruit of Paradise-Increase or Decrease any aspect of anything or anyone to infinite levels. This can also be referred to as Omnipotent Amplification.

·        Fluxemy-Transcendent form of advanced alchemy that Drayvrsa created to impress Drake. It switches oppisites of absolutely anything. Again, it can change opposites, and make anything the opposite of anything else. For example; Dra could take Moving/Stillness and Life/Death and change the opposites to Moving/Death and Life/Stillness, meaning simply that anything which isn’t moving, immediately dies.

-This power is also able to achieve feats such as:

1.     Forward/Cold - Hot/Backward

2.     Day/Awake - Asleep/Night

3.     Here/God - Man/There

4.     e.t.c.

Skill & Experience:

-Trained by a legitimate line of the rarest & most powerful witch clans in the Crescent lineage. (One of the 3 descendant lines of the first 3 witches; Necro, Crescent, & Umbra.)

-Also trained by the legendary Babylonians, Onigiri Monks, Thaddeus the war philosopher & combat master, and Dobone the spirit bear.

-In the Dragon World & among the Dragonyne, Drayvsra was trained by 10,000 Dragons, Dragon Lords, Dragon Kings, Dragon Queens, Dragon Gods, & Dragon-like beings. But his main 25 teachers were:

·        Inkyrideon the Dragon God of Power-Oversaw all of his training, taught him divinity, structure of all Draconic pantheons & of the Slissra Dragona, & blessed him with Divine protection.

·        Borshack the Fire Dragon King-Taught him highly advanced fire manipulation, how to fight like a dragon, sync up with Dynalir, how to dominate the other elements with fire as well as unite them. Taught him advanced gunsmanship, pyrology, war tactics, etc.

·        N’thesta the Hydra Queen-Taught him highly advanced water manipulation, manners & etiquette, dragon history, dragon hierarchies & structure, relations with other races, politics, speed swimming, multi-simultaneous element manipulation (5-7 at once), & finally Hydro-warping-(How to move faster than light no matter how deep in water.)

·        Bethos of the 17 Feathers-Taught him highly advanced air & weather manipulation, high speed flight, draconic physiology, his body’s natural draconic weaponry (Fangs, claws, back-blades, needles, scales, etc.) and how to properly use it, fine arts, & assassination.

·        Koztec the Mighty-Taught him highly advanced earth manipulation, sleeping & fighting.

·        Esscalon the Lightning Dragon King-Taught him highly advanced lightning manipulation, hunting, high speed combat, etc.

·        Casta The Scaleless Duchess-Taught him highly advanced crystal manipulation, illusions & trickery, & taught him the connection between the Slissra Dragona & the Chthulu Mythos.

·        Traajayjia the Ice Dragon Queen of the North-Taught him highly advanced ice manipulation, treasure forging, business & trade, etc.

·        Vastamella Frost Dragon Queen of the South-Taught him highly advanced sub-molecule manipulation, sports, & the Slissra Dragona’s relationship with the Magnus.

·        Taremingond Dragon of the Green-Taught him highly advanced nature manipulation, adaptation, survival, & how to use the power of life itself.

·        Naja Queen of the Poison Spokes-Taught him highly advanced poison manipulation, & chemical science.

·        Gordjinn Emissary to the Dragon Core-Taught him highly advanced lava/magma manipulation, draconic weapon forging, planetary synchronization, defense & fortification.

·        Mogma T-27 (The Bionic Dragon)-Taught him highly advanced metal manipulation, super sciences, etc.

·        Motogan Prime (Leader of the Mech Dragonoids)-Taught him highly advanced alien mechanics & technology, absolute fabrication, organic networking, & psychic database.

·        Elixxa the Basilisk Queen-Taught him highly advanced acid manipulation, serpent manipulation, seduction, & supernaturally sophisticated dancing.

·        Noxxagin Queen of the Hive-Taught him highly advanced insect and wild life manipulation & SSS-Class alchemy (Alchemy so advanced, it’s believed to not exist at all.)

·        Tsjunn-Shui [Sh-june-sway] Dragon King of the Cycle-Taught him highly advanced chi manipulation, mystic meditation, 200,000 Draconic martial arts, enlightened sight, Dragon Unification with Dynalir, absolute peace, etc.

·        Cydian the Cosmic Serpent-Taught him highly advanced cosmic arts, zodiac arts, star forging, galaxy forging, universe manipulation, psionics, extreme mind manipulation, & metaphysics, etc.

·        Niervana the Holy Dragon Empress-Taught him highly advanced light manipulation, holy arts, past, present, & future religions, miracle working, blessing inducement, draconic space-time manipulation, teleportation, temporal sight, & Divine Possession of Dynalir, etc.

·        Lulljack the Shadow Dragon King-Taught him highly advanced darkness manipulation, dark arts, forbidden magic, enslavement, demonology, dimension manipulation, dimensional claw skills, Shadow Possession of Dynalir, & Demonic Possession of Dynalir, etc.

·        N’dusa the Eternal Dragon Spirit-Taught him highly advanced spiritual arts, exorcism, Life & Death manipulation, & fortified ALL of his magical knowledge.

·        Desslagorr the Fallen-Taught him highly advanced death manipulation, how to kill immortals as well as grant immortality.

·        Fiesha the Queen of the Lost Dragons-Taught him perfect stealth, absolute presence erasure, & gave him the power of a Spider Dragon.

·        Ozzekor, Keeper of the Sun-Taught him how to manipulate the power of the sun and all its creatures.

·        Taisha, Keeper of the Moon-Taught him how to manipulate the power of the moon and all its creatures.

-Fought in & survived 3 wars.

-Matched then overpowered Jewel, Vega, Nui, Quo, & Arsen, the other remaining Dragonyne Witches who all proved to be his equals for a long time until he released his 3rd limiter.

-3 Billion years’ worth of Knowledge & Wisdom.

-Has intimate knowledge on how to kill all beings; living, dead, undead, organic, mechanical, cosmic, or supernatural, etc.

-Has slain many True Immortals before.

-Battles powerful angels, demons, deities, dragons and other entities on a daily basis.

-The Nexus Breaker is depicted as being omniscient, omnipresent and nigh-omnipotent. It's attacks are powerful enough to create and destroy entire universes and multiverses, yet Drayvsra defeated it using physical combat alone.

-Fought and killed Alice, Abigail, Anastasia, & Ayesha, Witches who have found and used one of One’s own ancient magic tomes to reach Hyperversal level. The eldest sister, Alice being the Red Queen’s archenemy allowed Drayvsra to push the RQ to primordial levels of power upon defeating her.

-Defeated Velcan, Lullaby, & Silver 3 strong demon lords & disciples trained by Drayvsra’s father, Azalea himself.

-Defeated Shon Yu-King of the Xiolin, Victoria-Odin’s Amethyst/Valkyrie Queen, & Lancelot-The Legendary Black Knight & Dragon Slayer at the same time.

-Banged some DC Comics characters:

·        Banged Superman. Didn’t even need pink kryptonite.

·        Had a 3 way with Batman and Catwoman. TWICE.

·        Had a 3 way with Green Arrow & Black Canary.

·        Had a 3 way with Joker & Harley Quinn.

·        Had a minaj with Wonder Woman & Cheetah. 3 Freakin Times!!!

·        Had sex with Supergirl on the sun.

·        Doctor Fate took some work.

·        Captain Cold was too easy.

·        Fought Deadshot then screwed him.

·        Had an amazing 4 way with the Gotham City Sirens.

·        He even smashed Darkseid.

·        Taught Brainiac how to orgasm backwards.

·        Etc. etc. etc.

-Slept with members of the Marvel Comics Roster:

·        Smashed Deadpool.

·        Smashed the Avengers.

·        Smashed the Agents of Smash

·        Smashed the Guardians of the Galaxy

·        Smashed the Fantastic Four

·        Smashed the X-men. (Many times.)

·        Had a 3 way with Spiderman & Deadpool. 3 Times!!

·        Became Ghost Rider’s lover.

·        Smashed the hell out of Hela.

·        Had a sixsome with Electra, X-23, Psylocke, Domino, & Rouge.

·        Had sex with Wolverine 10 times in one night then had a 3 way with him and Mystique.

·        Smashed venom & carnage.

·        Smashed Deadpool again.

-Smashed some Anime & Manga characters too.

·        Smashed Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, Alois, Claude, & Hannah.

·        Smashed the mc & love interests of every Harem anime!!!!!!!

·        Smashed every girl in Senran Kagura.

·        Banged Goku, Vegeta, Caulifa & Kale, Broly, Jiren, Majin Buu, Android 21.

·        Had a threesome with Krillin & 18.

·        Banged all Team 7 members from Naruto. (Pre-“Last Movie” & Boruto.)

·        Smashed all the Straw hat Pirates.

·        Boned Ichigo, Toshiro, Orihime, Nemu, Rukia, Rangiku, Sado, Sarugaki, Mashiro, Byakuya & Kenpachi and Yachiru.

[Just for the record, no, he’s not a hoe. He only sleeps with people who peek his interest. Meaning, you have to be an Original Badass, Psychotic Badass, cause a lot of explosions daily, kick some serious ass, or just look sexy as Hell in red.]


-Solomon’s Recoil

Solomon&#039;s Recoil

Too Slow

By blocking and parrying enemy attacks at the last possible second, Drayvsra can absorb the force & shock of any attack, no matter the strength, & send it back with ten times as much force and power or perform a deadly execution move perfectly made to finish off his attacker. The vibrations of the soul allow Drayvsra to come up with powerful execution techniques & combos only for the individual attacking him in a split second. No two souls are the same, so no Execution is the same.

-Scale Hunter

Scale-Hunter 1

Unleash the Dragons!!!

A technique in which by using his scales or flames as a catalyst, Drayvsra can summon the limbs or full form of Dynalir. He can summon his dragon’s power from a flaming scarlet portal at any position or point in space or simply engulf & transform a part of his body or transform completely. He can summon one of his incredibly long tails, one of his 7 heads or all at once, use his gigantic fists and/or claws, use his wings, or utilize his legs and foot claws as a means of boosting speed or as weapons. The possibilities are truly endless.

-Angel Surge

Angel Surge

Bringing Heaven's Wrath!!!

By using the power of the Lumen Core in his chains & feathers, Drayvsra can summon his holy guardian angels, (Preferably Pisces, Kokabiel, Totsun the Sacred Blue Tiger, Af angel of Anger & Holy Wrath, and Archangel Haniel, etc.) The Lumen Core entity is the embodiment of light and is the equal and opposite force of the Umbra Nexus. Both the Lumen Core and the Umbra Nexus are two of the most powerful entities that make up the 13 Aspects. Like the Umbra Nexus, the Lumen Core requires a human host to act through in the corporeal world. Unlike the Umbra Nexus, however, the Lumen Core entity forms a symbiotic bond with its host and takes complete control over its mind and body, allowing it no free will of its own. Since the Lumen Core is a force of light and order, it seeks to destroy anything that is dark and chaotic, while disregarding mortal rules and laws. The Lumen Core's age is still unknown at this time, yet, she has stated that she and the Umbra Nexus have been at war with each other since the creation. Although, sometime during the Lumen Core's past, it made a truce with the Umbra Nexus, and together they conceived children that would later be known as the Witch-Blade Artesia or PIIA and represent the eternal balance that exists between the Lumen Core and the Umbra Nexus.

When the Lumen Core is bonded with its host it grants a number of abilities including enhanced strength, speed, self-propelled flight, teleportation, various light and fire based powers, and all of the memories of the previous Lumen Core hosts. The Lumen Core is also capable of creating a variety of objects including weapons and sentient life forms out of light. The Lumen Core has an easier time creating humanoid life forms, including mortals when compared to the current host of the Umbra Nexus since she is able to remember how to do this every time she is reborn. The Lumen Core leads and is often accompanied by a number of her winged warriors she has created, however, unlike the Umbra Nexus, her warriors do not dissipate when she is hostless, and in fact continue to do her bidding until she can return to them. Since the Lumen Core is an entity made of light, it is weak against darkness, and can only sustain its power in the dark for short periods of time, since it drains her power at a more rapid rate.



Momma said KNOCK U OUT!!!

By using the power of the Umbra Nexus, primordial chaos and darkness opposite of order and light, the Lumen Core & is considered one of the 13 Aspects, in his hair, blood, & bones as catalysts, Drayvsra can summon forth powerful demons, (Preferably the Red Queen & her 10 Hearts) to dish out hellish damage to his enemies. This is a technique to manipulate his body to increase the strength of his attacks. 50% of his form-fitting catsuit is actually formed from his hair; when using his hair for attacks or effects, Drayvsra is momentarily unclothed with his intimate regions obscured by whirling weaves of hair, slivers of blood, or thick clouds of bone-dust. Umbra Nexus and Lumen Core also have a series of offspring, that act as the balance between the two forces, it is named Witch-Blade Artesia or PIIA.

The wielder of the Umbra Nexus possesses a number of supernatural abilities. The Umbra Nexus power allows the wielder to create anything they desire. One of the primary weapons of the Umbra Nexus is the ability to generate solid constructs such as blades, claws, and protective armor. The Umbra Nexus can also be used to create living, sentient beings that are controlled by the wielder. These darkness creatures are often in the form of imps or demons often referred to as Dark Ones. They tend to be violent in nature, and use a lot of profanity when they talk. The possessor of the Umbra Nexus can also hear and see remotely through these creatures. Close proximity is also not necessary as they can be created and left in a dark area and controlled remotely via a telepathic control over the creatures.



The ability to slow down time to a crawl, go back up to 900 days, go forward 900 days, or stop it completely. The 900 days limit can easily be broken with intense concentration & more time for a bigger jump. Drayvsra once returned to his own time in the modern world after being sent back to his old time 1,000 years in the past. This was a common ability and most valuable of Drayvsra's. This is an ability that all Dragonyne Witches had, this allows him to slow time down to an insane degree. To the points where flying rocks seem slow, where water drops to turn to ice when touched, and seconds can last an entire boss fight. This is the potentially the single most devastating ability in his arsenal, making him nearly impossible to hit if he isn't blitzed first and allowing him to pummel targets without retaliation.

-Witch Watch

Witch Watch


This is a form of Time Dilation. By summoning one or many magic glyphs, record certain enemies, allies, objects, &/or events in different locations & points in time. Then summon the used glyphs again and replay the recorded actions & events in real time. This has many different uses in both transversal tasks and combat artistry. 

-Positive Lift

Positive Lift

Eliminate gravity in certain points & areas or altogether leaving targets or objects floating powerless in Orion’s Grip in midair, completely unable to move.

-Negative Crawl

Negative Crawl

They all feel the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Gravity increases hundreds of thousands of times over, leaving enemies helplessly pinned down.


A series of transformational techniques that Drayvsra can use to shape shift into different animals that grant her new abilities. Examples of this include…

Liger Phase: Drayvsra transforms into a red lynx, granting her increased movement speed and longer jumps.

Hawk Phase: Drayvsra transforms into a large hawk, giving another ability to fly for a short period of time and shoot homing feathers.

Hummingbird Phase: A defensive technique that, by successfully dodging an attack at the very last second, briefly transforms Drayvsra into a swarm of hummingbirds and push away nearby enemies. Chrono-Phage will also activate once Drayvsra reforms.

Boa Phase: Drayvsra transforms into an excessively long titan boa that allows him to glide through underwater locations whenever this is activated. This form acts as an underwater equivalent to Liger Phase.

The broader scope of this ability includes…

·        Cnidarian Physiology

·        Deuterostome Physiology

·        Echinoderm Physiology

·        Vertabrate Physiology

·        Fish Physiology

·        Tetrapod Physiology

·        Amphibian Physiology

·        Mammalian Physiology

·        Primate Physiology

·        Human Physiology

·        Reptilian Physiology

·        Dinosaur Physiology

·        Avian Physiology

·        Plankton Physiology

·        Protostome Physiology

·        Ecdysozoa Physiology

·        Tardigrade Physiology

·        Arthropod Physiology

·        Arachnid Physiology

·        Mandibulate Physiology

·        Centipede Physiology

·        Crustacean Physiology

·        Insect Physiology

·        Mollusc Physiology

·        Bivalvia Physiology

·        Cephalopod Physiology

·        Gastropoda Physiology

·        Worm Physiology

·        Sponge Physiology

·        Symbiote Physiology

·        Parasite Physiology

-Penance Wink

Drayvsra does a flirtacious wink, sending a trio of devilish heart-shaped projectiles at the target, an otherwise impassible angelic seal or divine seal whilst in battle. This lands a slash that opens a small portal to Hell that shatters the seal.

-Christ Shot

A Holy variation of Penance Wink that allows Drayvsra to shatter demonic barriers by launching several bullets at them in a cross-shaped formation.

-Hexecution Attacks


Drayvsra can summon a variety of torture tools, classical and modern, to slaughter his foes in exceedingly gruesome ways. These attacks range from dropping 10 ton weights, decapitation by guillotine, placing them into a grinder, burning them, hanging them, crushing them to death, using the Iron Horse (a contraption meant to cut into a victim's genitalia and eventually tear them half), and pulling out a chainsaw to bisect foes.

Draconic Summons (Summoning Dragons, Dragon Kings, & Dragon gods): The red scale portions of Drayvsra’s suit unravel revealing portions of his nude body as he chants an ancient phrase in Draconian. The scales turn into a hurricane of flaming red flakes, skins, & scales that turn into burning dragon symbols that will summon any Dragon from his collective dominion.

Beast Summons (Summoning Beast Kings): This works 2 ways. Drayvsra charges his red flames, calls his beasts by name, and flames blast out monstrous animalia of legend. He channels his flames through his guns, calls the name of the beast he intends to summon, screams “Draw!”, & fires the monsters from his guns in an explosive blast with concussive force.

File:Beast Summons.gif

Floral Summons (Summoning Plant Evos): Drayvsra sprouts thorns & vines made of Pyronide from his body, pumps the ground full of Pyronide, dominating & blending with nature, and produces plant evos, floral beasts.

Phantasmal Summons (Summoning Phantasmas): Drayvsra’s body begins smoking & steaming with a pinkish-red gas, bursting with pheromones he lures in his prey and sings hypnotic harmonies that summon unaccountably powerful ethereal beauties.

File:Phantasmal Summons.gif
Holy Summons (Summoning Angels, Angeleus, & sometimes AEMs): Drayvsra chants a phrase and summons an Angel from the 12 Levels of Heaven to finish off the enemy for good. When a mage reaches high enough level of spiritual energy, they can casually summon angels at the snap of the finger. The Ascendants, also known as The Primal Virtues, are the third-highest angel class fought in the original Figure 8. As physical manifestations of Divine Will, they are tasked by Father Dominic to recover Drayvsra’s Heart of Eve to revive Exodus, The New Dawn. Each Ascendant has control of a certain element. While utilizing Angel Trigger his normal Angel Surge finishers are replaced with him summoning the giant limbs of the Ascendants to attack his opponents.
File:Angel Summons.gif
Hex Summons (Summoning Demons, Daemons, & Fiends): Drayvsra chants a phrase and summons a Demon from the 9 Pits of Hell to finish off the enemy for good. When a witch reaches high enough level of spiritual energy, they can casually summon demons at the snap of the finger. The Demons, also known as Hellbeasts, are the supernatural inhabitants of the Netherworld that can be summoned by the Necro, Cresent, & Umbra Witches as part of their role of maintaining the darkness. These demons bestow witches with great power and wisdom and are mainly used to fight and hunt down the angels. However, this power comes at a high price. If a witch does not sacrifice angels every day or he/she dies/is killed, she is forced to fulfill the contract to the demon she made a pact with and his/her soul is dragged down to the assigned pit for the eternity. 
File:Bayonetta Summoning Madama Butterfly.gif

Miraculous Summons (Summoning Gods & Divine Beasts): Using his chains & divine energies, Drayvsra can summon gods, divine beasts, transcendent beings, & supreme beings from the lower pantheons, from the highest realms & dimensions, or from his own 3 Omni-Kingdoms.

Apocalyptic Summons (Summoning Devils): Drayvsra materializes giant veins out of nowhere and rips them apart creating waves of blood. The Blood flows all around creating symbols & patterns from a time long forgotten by even the gods themselves. Dray screams a single word in Enochian backwards and the devil summoned appears to do his bidding.

Eldritch Summons (Summoning Abominations & Elder Gods): Drayvsra generates the gelantinous mater that Cthulhu’s body was made of (Cthulhu's body is composed of an unknown material similar to plasma, it is described as "tenebrous", “slobberingly”, “gelatinous”, and "greasily", giving him an incorporeal quality, as such he is capable of withstanding solar heat, as well as shapeshifting into the three states of matter: Solid, Gaseous, and Liquid. The mere fact that this full physical form is (presumably) in another plane of reality make this body undying and virtually immortal) & uses it to distort & unravel dimensions, high & low, summoning the most powerful horrific abominations from the world of chaos to serve him & desimate his enemies.

Elemental Summons (Summoning Elemental Beings & Embodiments): Drayvsra channels the elemental charter seal on his right hand & punches his left palm. The energy surges & he summons elementals to aid him.

Variant Summons (Summoning Abstract-Aspectual Beings): Drayvsra waves his hand or snaps his fingers causing a tarot card to appear. He reveals the card to be a different aspect and summons it from the card.

Willow Summons (Summoning Undead Beings): Drayvsra’s skeleton lights up & becomes visible, giving him the appearance of a Hispanic Day-of-the-Dead Skeleton as he conjures up necromantic dusk & energy that covers the environment around him and his enemies in shadow opening a door to the Underworld.

File:Undead Summoning.gif

Gear Summons (Summoning Machines & Dialyons): Drayvsra’s suit unravels into dimensional wires with numbers, symbols, & information. This creates Gear Doors that open bringing in all manner of mechanical entities. Some of them are galactic machinations that can destroy or create entire worlds others are transcendent machines that can defie reality & logic. This also brings forth some of Drayvsra’s most advanced technology.

Titanic Summons (Summoning Magnus): Drayvsra bursts with power as his body surges. The golden energy changes into ginormous letters, creating portals the size of planets. Titanic beings & monsters of the 7th Omniverse spring forth under the Red Witches influence.

Void Summons (Summoning Void-Born creatures): Drayvsra’s skeleton lights up & becomes visible, giving him the appearance of a Hispanic Day-of-the-Dead Skeleton as he conjures up nihilistic energy that undoes creation around him and his enemies opening a door to his own personal Unworld.

Mass Summons (Summoning Whole Armies): Drayvsra bangs his fists together 3 times causing a hammering giant bell-like sound to echo across the land shaking the earth & sky. Silver ripples are sent across reality as millions of soldiers &/or monsters appear out of nowhere. Drayvsra can create armies of any species or arctype, regardless of whether he’s faced them or not. This is also possible by him snapping his fingers or shouting his iconic commanding question, “Will the core rise & stand with their King!?”

File:Master & Crazy Hands Army.jpg

Kingdom Summons (Summoning/Switching to Locations & Personal Domains): Drayvsra draws a circle, puts his hand through it & snaps his finger sending a huge wave across the battlefield changing it into one of his personal domains. This changes all of space itself & even dimensions around him & his quarry so it is unavoidable. Drayvsra’s physical 3-D body is merely an avatar & means of remaining in 3-Dimensional space and time. His “True Body” has an entire omniverse in it comprised of 5 Million Dimensions. This “Red Dominion” has 3 Omniversal Kingdoms with only 21 domains of space that he frequently uses so far…{Dimensions & Universes, Multiverses, & Omniverse}

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-7-Star Seal: MetapotenceUltipotence, & Indeterminacy, & Ability Tier Activation.

-The Crimzon-7 Dragon God, Dynalir:Transcendent Dragon PhysiologyNigh Omnipotence, & Complete Arsenal.

-Drayvsra's 10 Crowns of Power-'''(1,201 Powers Total!!!)

#{Bastard of God}Metapotence, Ultipotence, Eye of Thelos-(Pseudo-Omnipotence/Omnipotence), Indeterminacy, Absolute Condition, Higher-Dimensional Abomination Physiology, Transcendent Superhuman Mage Physiology, Omnifarious, Creation & Destruction Embodiment, Meta Summoning, Banishment, Omnificence>Creation, Life Mastery, Conjuration, Empathetic Summoning, Summoning Mimicry, Aspect Manifestation, Imaginary Entity Creation, Supernatural Dominion, Undying Loyalty, Absolute Destruction>Game Over Inducement(Universe Destruction), Omniarch, Omni-Removal, Nothingness Manipulation, Nothingness Physiology, Nothingness Whip Generation, Void Creation, Completeness Manipulation>Meta Addition, Universal Utopia Creation, Universal Dystopia Creation, Meta Space-Time Absorption, Transcendent Energy Manipulation, Transcendent Elemental Manipulation, Impact Absorption & Reflection(Solomon’s Recoil), Replay Effect(Witch Watch), Negative Zone Creation(Hot Zone),True Hero, Dark Lord, Complete Arsenal(Bag of Tricks), Species-Shifting, Conversion, Omni-Conversion, Immaculate World Creation, Universe Creation, Universal Manipulation, Universal Destruction, Multiversal Creation, Multiversal Manipulation, Multiversal Destruction, Omniverse Creation, Omniverse Manipulation, Omniverse Destruction, Desired Power Creation, Transcendent Connection, & Ability Tier Activation. (58-Total)
-Bastard of God Crown

#{Slayer Supreme}Killing Intuition, Indomitable Happiness, Tactical Genius, Path to Victory, Formless Mind, Ultimate Fighter, Divine Combat, Mystical Martial Arts, Mystical Dancing, Transcendent Negation, Life and Death Transcendence, Perfect Doppelganger, Absolute Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Proficiency Touch, Weapon Arsenal, Supernatural Weaponry Mastery, Technomagical Weaponry, Portal Physiology, Animalia Manipulation, Ballistics Manipulation, Gun Creation, Gun Manipulation, Gun Protrusion, Bullet Hell, Enhanced Marksmanship, Enhanced Gunmanship, Absolute Accuracy, Artillery Creation, Omni-Artillery, Magic Artillery, Spell Artillery, Power Artillery, Anti-Power Artillery, Dragon Artillery, Angelic Artillery, Demonic Artillery, Gun Kata, Chain Creation, Chain Manipulation,(Consciousness Grounding, Absolute Storage, Astral Trapping, Aura Trapping, Deity Imprisonment, Demon Imprisonment, Dimensional Storage, Fantasy Imprisonment, Isolation, Willpower Manipulation, Universal Force Manipulation, Multiversal Force Manipulation, G-Force Manipulation, Negative Forces Manipulation, Physical Force Manipulation, Positive Forces Manipulation, Potential Force Manipulation, Benefic Force Manipulation, Life and Death Manipulation, Malefic Force Manipulation, Omni-Magic, Trinity Force), Chain Constructs, Chain Mimicry, Chain Magic, Mass Binding, Whip Generation, Enhanced Whipmanship, Draconic Whip Generation, Divine Whip Generation, Demonic Whip Generation, Gravitational Whip Generation, Invulnerability Bypassing, Penetration & Protection, Scale Manifestation, Body Shedding, Constriction, Hair Combat, Hair Magic, Blood Generation, Blood Manipulation, Blood Property Manipulation, Blood Magic, Bone Generation, Bone Manipulation, Bone Magic, (All is Black)-Unrestricted Murdering, Absolute Thievery, Empathic Weaponry, Sentient Weaponry, Spiritual Weaponry, Summon Enhanced Armor, Enchanted Armor, Authority Manipulation, Authority Embodiment, Rule Transcendence, Status Manipulation, Status Elimination, & Identity Manipulation. (98-Total) -Slayer Supreme Crown

#{Infinite Witch}Meta-Space-time Manipulation & Absorption, Spatial-Temporal Lock, Spatial-Temporal Transcendence, (Meta-Time Manipulation & Temporal Transcendence){Time Manipulation(Chrono-Phage), Time Travel, Temporal Looping, Flash-Forward, Temporal Rewind, Temporal Inversion, Temporal Reload, Temporal Erasure, Temporal Trapping, Time Energy Manipulation, Time Field Projection, Timestream Shift, Time Perception Manipulation, Timer Set-up, Chrono Vision, Temporal Guardianship, Temporal Monster Physiology, Temporal Lordship}, & (Meta-Space Manipulation & Spatial Transcendence){Space Manipulation, Spatial Immunity, Spatial Devouring, Spatial Distortion, Spatial Lordship, Meta Teleportation, Spatial Displacement, Travel Negation, Spatial Closure, Teleportation Negation, Graphical Perspective Manipulation, Multi-Rotation, Spatial Tuning, Distance Manipulation, Unreachability, Personal Domain}, (Reality Manipulation){ Reality level Manipulation, Alpha Reality, Omega Reality, Omni-Reality Creation, Primordial Reality Manipulation, Reality Crossroads, Reality Sundering, Reality Embodiment, Reality Energy Manipulation, Reality Evasion, Reality Filtering, Reality Interface, Reality Modding, Reality Selection, Reality Randomization, Reality Rejection, Reality Separation, Fun Lord, Mentifery, Gesturify, Reality Exchange, Reality Expulsion, Reality Departure, Reality Restoration, Reality Perception, Reality Artistry, Reality Recreation, Reality Combat, Foreign Reality Manipulation, Fiction Manipulation, Fictional Material Generation, Fictional Mimicry, Fantasy Manipulation, Imagination Manipulation, Imagination Manifestation, Mindscape Materialization, Unreality Manipulation, Immaterial Manipulation, Diverse Interface, Fantasy World Enforcement, & Real World Enforcement}, Metaphysics Manipulation < Pataphysics Manipulation, Logic Manipulation, Logic Defiance, Logic Immunity, Meta-Concept Manipulation, (Concept Manipulation, Conceptual Element Manipulation){Conceptual Darkness Manipulation, Conceptual Earth Manipulation, Conceptual Fire Manipulation, Conceptual Light Manipulation, Conceptual Lightning Manipulation, Conceptual Water Manipulation, Conceptual Ice Manipulation, Conceptual Wind Manipulation}, Conceptual Attacks, Causality Manipulation, Causality Reversal, Butterfly Effect, Domino Effect, Reflective Immutability, Absolute Wish, Wish Negation, Division by Zero, Absolute Attack, Absolute Command, Almighty Law Manipulation, Abolishment, Limit Manipulation, Usurp Worth, Dual Warping, Endless Attack, Remote Attacks, Weakness Inducement. (119-Total)
-Infinite Witch Crown

#{Imago-Dei-Est}Meta Resurrection, Salvation, Will Breaking, Meta Immunity Bypassing, Eternal Rest Inducement, Absolute Life Inducement, Unavertable Death, Eternal Night Inducement, Eternal Day Inducement, Eternal Spring Inducement, Eternal Summer Inducement, Eternal Autumn Inducement, Eternal Winter Inducement, Mythic Manipulation, Mythological Manifestation, Element Manipulation, Elemental Mixture, Elemental Recomposition, Fire Manipulation, Heat Vision, Fire Breath, Pyric Spectrum Manipulation, Thermal Resistance, Flame Solidification, Fire Bullet Projection, Pyrokinetic Creature Creation, Fire Boundary, Fire Embodiment, Absolute Hot Inducement, Inextinguishable Fire, Melting, Incineration, Ultimate Burning, Omnicombustion, Nonexistence, Fire Magic, Fire Attacks, Fire Artillery, Holy Fire Artillery, Hell-Fire Artillery, Napalm Generation, Napalm Manipulation, Molten Metal Manipulation, Molecular Combustion, Molecular Acceleration, Molecular Deceleration, Molecular Immobilization, Monetary Manipulation, Value Boosting, Golden Rule, Smoke Generation, Smoke Manipulation, Personal Pyric Spectrum (Flames Listed Below).
Pyric Spectrum' '{List of Drayvsra’s Flames}1.    Eros Flames-Omnislayer.

'2.    'Chaotic Flames- Explosion Manipulation, Implosion Manipulation, Absolute Explosion, Implosion & Explosion, Self-Detonation, & Internal Energy Combustion.

3.    Majestic Flames-Beast Soul, Beast Creation, & Beast Lordship.

4.    Eclipse Flames-Supernova Inducement, Solar Generation, Manipulation, Embodiment, Vision, Solar Energy Absorption, Solar Augmentation, Solar Immunity, Solar Solidification, Solar Mind, & Solar Physiology, Lunar Vision, Lunar Empowerment, Lunar Energy Absorption, Lunar Energy Manipulation, Lunar Manipulation, Lunar Embodiment, Solar and Lunar Embodiment, & Eclipse Manipulation.

5.    Ghost Flames-Transcendent Ghost Physiology, Immortality Negation.

6.    Ren-Sen Flames- Transcendent Chi Manipulation, Meta Combat, One-Man Army, Yin & Yang Manipulation, Onmyōdō.

'7.    'Black Rose Flames

8.    Digital Flames- Digital Materialization, Cyberpotence.

'9.    'Soul Flames

10. Hell Fire Flames- Omni Corruption Inducement, Destructive Energy Manipulation

'11. 'Wild Fire Flames

'12. 'Gamma Flames-Transmutation & Total Conversion.

13. Estellar Flames (Liquid Flames)-Fire Negation Cancel.

'14. 'Ice Flames-Ice-Fire Manipulation, Cryomagma Manipulation, & Big Freeze Inducement.

'15. 'Lightning Flames

16. Darkness Flames-Destruction, Anti-Healing Factor, Resurrection Negation.

17. Holy Flames-Cross Creation, Cross Combat, Halo Generation, Divine Projection, Omni Purification, Purification Attacks.

'18. 'Spell Castor Flames-Spell casting, Spell Creation, Spell Destabilization, Spell Mixture, Spell Negation, Spell Reflection, Spell Immunity, Spell Amplification, Spell Absorption, Glyph Creation, Inscriptive Magic, Emblem Magic, & Symbol Magic.  

19. Bloody Flames (Bat Outta Hell Flames)-Transcendent Vampire Physiology, Transcendent Werebeast Physiology, Transcendent Werepire Physiology.

'20. 'Acidic Flames

'21. 'Poison Flames

'22. 'Venomous Flames

23. Toxic Flames-Sickness (Generation, Manipulation, Inducement), Plague Embodiment.

24. Nova Flames-Constellation (Empowerment, Embodiment, Physiology), Zodiac (Empowerment, Embodiment, Physiology.)

25. Terra Flames-Magma Manipulation, Lava Manipulation, Hekatonkheire Physiology.

26. Green Flames-Healing, Water (Generation & Manipulation), Silent Presence.

27. Neon Flames-Neon (Generation & Manipulation) Plasma (Generation & Manipulation.)

28. Dusk Flames-Disintegration, Dream(Manipulation, Walking, Imprisonment), Nightmare (Manipulation & Imprisonment.)

'29. 'Psychedelic Flames-Retrogression, Evolving Illusions, & Hallucination Solidification.

30. Nebula Flames-Space-time Distortion, Planetary & Cosmic Creation

'31. 'Cosmic Flames

32. Conceptual Flames-Concept Manipulation & Conceptual Burning.

'33. 'Psychic Flames

'34. 'Psionic Flames-Omnipathy

'35. 'Nevermore Flames(Flames of the Eternal Night)- Sun Blocking & Moon Blocking

'36. 'Entropic Flames-Entropy Manipulation, Big Bang Inducement & Big Crunch Inducement.

'37. 'Anti-Life Flames(Flames of the Dark Phoenix)-Antimatter Manipulation, Dark Cosmic Lightning Manipulation, & Duality Transcendence.

'38. 'Speed Star Flames(Flames of Hyperspace)- Pyrotechnic Manipulation, Pyrotechnic Mimicry, Multipresence, Multi-Directional Movement, Projectile Body, Speed Clones, Teleportation Clones, Movement Transcendence, & Nigh Omnipresence.

'39. 'Modifier Flames(Flames of the Scribe)-Absolute Change & Plot Control.

'40. 'Binary Flames(Flames of the Extra-Mundane)- Extra-Mundanity Manipulation & Supernatural Manipulation.

'41. 'Toon Flames-Cartoon Physics & Toon Magic.

42. Nitro Flames(Blue Flames)- Irreversible Destruction.

'43. '(Divine Flame #1) Flames of Ares

44. (Divine Flame #2) Flames of Agni-Cosmic Projection, Enhanced Axemanship, Fire/ Knowledge/ &Sacrifice Embodiment, Speech Manipulation, and Smoke Manipulation.

45. (Divine Flame #3) Flames of Amaterasu-Light Manipulation, Solar Manipulation, Stellar Physiology, Universal Manipulation, Assailant, Chaos Embodiment, Corruption Inducement, Cosmic Manipulation, Darkness Embodiment, Emotion Inducement, & Vice Inducement.

'46. '(Divine Flame #4) Flames of Amon-Ra

47. (Divine Flame #5)  Flames of Asura-Divine Slayer.

48. (Divine Flame #6) Flames of Hephesteus-Weapon Summoning, Weaponry Refinement, Divine Weaponry, Demonic Weaponry, Transcendent Weaponry.

49. (Hell Fire #1) Flames of the Fallen King-Army (Creation & Manipulation.)

50. (Hell Fire #2) Negative Flames-7 Deadly Sins (Manipulation, Inducement, Empowerment, & Embodiment), Vice Inducement.

51. (Hell Fire #3) Ominous Flames-Lunar Empowerment, Indestructability (Only in Moonlight.)

52. (Hell Fire #4) Flames of Oblivion-Pure Destruction, Minion Summoning, Demon Empowerment.

53. (Hell Fire #5) Grim Flames-Pain amplification, Fear (Inducement, Amplification, & Manipulation.)

54. Purple Flames-Webbing, Spider Manipulation & Magic.

'55. 'White Flames

56. Primordial Flames-Disaster Manipulation, Drought Creation, Eruption Inducement, Firestorm Creation, Fire Rain Generation, Fire Manipulation, Conceptual Fire Manipulation, Esoteric Flame Manipulation, Life Creation, Volcanic Fields Manipulation.

57. Grand Flames-Semi-Immortality, Mass Resurrection, Chrysopoeia, Argentopoeia.

'58. 'Fox Flames

'59. 'Rainbow Flames

60. Spiritual Flames-Soul Destruction, Immortality Negation.

61. Invisible Flames-Invisibility, Inaudibility.

62. Hive Flames-Living Hive, (Insect Generation & Manipulation.)

'63. 'Aero Flames

64. Alien Flames- Alien Physiology, Alien Weaponry Intuition.

65. Famine Flames-Divine Siphoning, Absolute Energy Absorption.

66. Omniverse Flames- Omniverse (Creation, Manipulation, & Destruction.)

67. Omnislayer Flames-Omnicide.

68. Flames of Yahweh-Totality (Manipulation & Destruction.) (329-Total)

-Imago-Dei-Est Crown

#{Omniregulator}Fundamental Forces Manipulation, Fundamental Forces Creation, Fundamental Forces Combat, Meta Gravity Manipulation((Attraction & Repulsion)(Positive Lift, Negative Crawl, etc.) Gravity Manipulation, Meteor Summoning, Circadian Manipulation, Black Hole Physiology, White Hole Physiology, Gravitational Wave Manipulation, Black Hole Manipulation, White Hole Manipulation, Gravity Infringement, Centripetal Force Manipulation, Centrifugal Force Manipulation, Granulation, Gravity Imprisonment, Gravity Constructs, Gravity Attacks, Gravitational Singularity Generation, Spatial-Graviton Manipulation, Astronomical Object Manipulation, Gravity Independence, Gravitational Downforce, Gravity Increase, Gravitational Upforce, Gravity Decrease, & Anti-Gravity Manipulation), Strong Force Manipulation (Strong Force Symbiosis, Atomic Cancellation, Subatomic Manipulation), Nuclear Manipulation, Weak Force Manipulation (Weak Force Symbiosis), Electromagnetism Manipulation (Magno-Telekinesis, Magneto-Graviton Manipulation, Magnetization, Demagnetization, EM Spectrum Manipulation, {Cosmic Energy Manipulation, Gamma Radiation Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Microwave Manipulation, Solar Energy Manipulation, Quantum Energy Manipulation, Quark Manipulation, Radiation Manipulation, Radio Manipulation, Ultraviolet Manipulation, Warp Wave Manipulation, X-Radiation Manipulation, Zero-Point Energy Manipulation}), Dimensional Manipulation, Higher-Dimension Manipulation, Quantum Foam Manipulation, Quantum Magic, Quantum Mutation, Quantum Teleportation, Quantum Telekinesis, Warping Speed, Location Swapping, Physics Infringement, Mage Lord Physiology, Primordial Mage Physiology, Power Augmentation, Strength Manipulation, Strength Magic, Motion Manipulation, Speed Accumulation, Speed Augmentation, Speed Reduction, Speed Cancellation, Intelligence Manipulation, & Brain Manipulation, Cryptid Manipulation, Cryptid Physiology, Mythic Physiology, Mythical Bestiary, Mythical Avian Physiology, Utopia Lordship, Divine Territory, & Unholy Territory. (87-Total) -Omniregulator Crown

#{Anti-Devil}Primordial Force Physiology, Primordial Darkness Manipulation, Primordial Nothingness Manipulation, Primordial Chaos Manipulation, Primordial Order Manipulation, Primordial Emotion Manipulation, Primordial Forest Manipulation, Absorption<Omni-Absorption, Expulsion, Attack Ignorance, Paradox Manipulation, Absolute Illusion, Volatile Transmogrification, Superior Vampire Physiology, Kresnik Physiology (Capable of killing even the strongest of vampires & making them extinct; Vampire Manipulation, Vampiric Toxicity, Vampirism Immunity, Vampire Slayer, Undead Slayer), Total Event Collapse, Team Wipe, Army Creation, Army Manipulation, Army Annihilation, Painless Damage, Health Manipulation, Origin Manipulation, Immortality Manipulation, Transcendent Aura Manipulation, Joy Bringer, Existence Manipulation, Existential Plane Manipulation{Akashic Plane Manipulation, Astral Plane Manipulation, Buddhaic Plane Manipulation, Causal Plane Manipulation, Mental Plane Manipulation, Messianic Plane Manipulation, Physical Plane Manipulation}, Tactile Telekinesis, Physical Law Immunity, Potentiality Lordship, Meta Ability Creation, Creative Energy Manipulation, Omni-Element Manipulation, Quality Manipulation, Quantity Manipulation, Meta Miracle Manipulation, Omni-Weather Manipulation, Almighty Link, Absolute Manipulation, & Author Authority. (54-Total)
-Anti-Devil Crown

#{Child of Paradise}Sadism Embodiment, Masochism Embodiment, Absolute Existence, Addiction Manipulation, Pushing, Obsession Embodiment, Power Bestowal, Pulse-Line Magic, Pulse-Line Combat (Philias A-Z), {Foreign Energy Manipulation, Foreign Material Manipulation}, Eros Embodiment, Red String Manipulation, Magnetic Friendship, Emotion Manipulation, Emotion Inducement, Emotion Augmentation, Emotional Energy Manipulation, Positivity Inducement, Passion Manipulation, Passion Embodiment, Bond Manipulation, Meta Love Inducement, Meta Lust Inducement, Meta Fear Inducement, Domination, Submission, Mental Shield Penetration, Inhibition Release, Pheromone Manipulation, Addictive Contentment, Desire Amplification, Mind Control, Essence Removal, Hypnosis, Persuasion, Happiness Inducement, Peace Manipulation, Peace Inducement, Peace Empowerment, Serenity Manipulation, Serenity Inducement, ASMR Manipulation, Kiss Projection,(Enslavement Kiss, Kiss of Death, Kiss of Life, & True Love's Kiss), Death By Sex, Death By Horror, Fear Inducement, Fear Augmentation, Bogeyman Physiology, Transcendent Bogeyman Physiology, Transcendent Poltergeist Physiology, Powerful Touch, Menacing Presence, Horror Embodiment, Pain Manipulation, Pain Inducement, Pain Embodiment, Pain Magic, Pain Weaponry, Pain Artillery, Tormentor, Death Recreation, Psychic Torture, Soul Mutilation, Skin Removal, Torment Inducement, Torture Equipment Proficiency, Insanity Inducement, Madness Manipulation, Madness Aspect Manifestation, Madness Form, Ugliness Inducement, Supernatural Ugliness, Morality Manipulation, Moral Manipulation, Anger Manipulation, Anger Absorption, Anger Augmentation, Anger Inducement, Anger Constructs, Anger Empowerment, Violence Manipulation, Violence Inducement, Violence Empowerment, War Manipulation, War Inducement, War Empowerment, Hatred Manipulation, Hatred Inducement, Hatred Empowerment, Hatred Embodiment, Melancholy Manipulation, Suicide Inducement, Loneliness Embodiment, Companion Allegiance, Empathic Conversion, Love Inducement, Soulmate Connection, Pleasure Inducement, Pleasure Manipulation, Pleasure Empowerment, Bliss & Horror Inducement, Sexual Inducement, Seduction Intuition, Sexual Instinct, Hypnotic Music, Hypnotic Voice, Supernatural Voice, Holy Voice, Supreme Voice, Siren Song, Banshee Scream, Fearful Scream, Party Inducement, Death By Laughter, Society Manipulation, Social Magnetism, Illusory Pheromones, Narcoleptic Pheromones, Personality Alteration, Sensory Deprivation, Vasopressin Manipulation, Miasma Emission, Supernatural Beauty, Love Embodiment, Subliminal Seduction, Seductive Magnetism, Tantric Manipulation, Tantric Metabolization, Hypnotic Breasts, Supernatural Breasts, Sexual Orientation Manipulation, Sexuality Embodiment, Beauty Manipulation, Beauty Inducement, Beauty Thievery, Beauty Embodiment, Love Manipulation, Lust Manipulation, Lust Empowerment, Lust Embodiment, Lust Aura, Lust Constructs, Desire Form, Mesmerizing Presence, Sex Angel Lord Physiology, Sex Demon Lord Physiology, Sex Appeal Combat, Orgasm Inducement, Sexual Sight, Relative Appearance Alteration, True Love Visage, Sex Magic, Lust Magic, Love Magic, Gender Transformation, Gender Transcendence, Upgrading Subordination, Fanaticism Inducement, Absolute Beauty, & Absolute Uglyness. (165-Total)
-Child of Paradise Crown

#{Queen of All Dragons}Cockatrice Stare, Enhanced Roar, Supernatural Roar, Draconic Energy Manipulation, Draconic Element Manipulation(Allows use of all elements), Draconic Immunity, Dragon Creation, Dragon Summoning, Dragon Manipulation, Draconization, Dragon Arm, Dragon Intelligence, Dragon Heart, Dragon Soul, Dragon Aura, Dragon Armor, Enhanced Clawmanship, Draconic Combat, Draconic Attacks, Draconic Weaponry, Dragon Technology, Dragon Magic, Dragon Morphing, Dragonman Physiology, Dragonborn Physiology, Alien Dragon Physiology, Angelic Dragon Physiology, Asian Dragon Physiology, Balaur Physiology, Bionic Dragon Physiology, Cartoon Dragon Physiology, Chimera Physiology, Cockatrice Physiology, Data Dragon Physiology, Demonic Dragon Physiology, Dimensional Dragon Physiology, Dino-Dragon Physiology, Dragon Turtle Physiology, Elemental Dragon Physiology, Fairy Dragon Physiology, Feather Dragon Physiology, Insect Dragon Physiology, Jabberwock Physiology, Lesser Dragon Physiology, Mystic Dragon Physiology, Psychic Dragon Physiology, Draconic Machine Physiology, Skeleton Dragon Physiology, Undead-Dragon Physiology, Vampiric Dragon Physiology, Western Dragon Physiology, Dragon Lord Physiology, Transcendent Dragon Physiology, Primordial Dragon Physiology, & Phoenix-Dragon Physiology.  [Dynalir’s Powers: Dragon God Physiology, High-Tech Exoskeleton, Symbiotic Costume, Power Suit, & Fictional Mimicry.]

a.    Phoenix Physiology, Hyperspace Travel, Speed Embodiment, Speed Infinitum, Psychopotence, Tetralogy, Magic Transcendence, Mystic Derivation, Magic Lordship, Magical Entity Physiology, Retroactive Immortality, Cycle Transcendence, & Absolute Reincarnation.

b.    Weretiger Physiology, Strength Infinitum, Negation Immunity, Indomitable Rage, Superiority, Lesser Immunity, & Badass Adaptation.

c.    Ifrit Physiology Yin Generation, Yang Generation, & Absorbing Replication.

d.    Salamander Physiology, Speed Swimming, Poison Generation, Poison Manipulation, Unmeltable Ice, Frostbite, Absolute Zero Inducement, Cryo-Phasing, & Ultimate Freeze.

e.    Pyro-Mechanical Physiology, Transcendent Artificial Intelligence Physiology, Science-Magic Ascendancy, & Meta Variable Manipulation.

f.     Stymphalian Bird Physiology, Greater Immunity, Absolute Weaponry, & Absolute Artillery.

g.    Dimensional Entity Physiology, Dimension Manipulation, Dimensional Travel, 5th Dimensional Physiology, 5th Dimensional Lordship, 10th Dimensional Physiology, & Higher-Dimension Manipulation. (108-Total)
-Queen of All Dragons Crown

#{Y’dikan King}Angel Summoning(Angel Surge), Angel Creation, Angelization, Angel Manipulation, Angelic Technology, Angel Morphing, Angel Mode, Angelic Power Negation, Angelic Combat, Angel Summoning, Angelic Magic, Transcendent Angelic Mage Physiology, Angelic Energy Manipulation, Angelic Force Manipulation, Divine Energy Manipulation, Divine Force Manipulation, Transcendent Angel Physiology, Godly Incarnation, Angelic Sorcerer Physiology, Cherubim Physiology, Ophanim Physiology, Seraphim Physiology, Heaven Manipulation, Heaven Lordship, Demon Summoning(Hex-Tension), Demon Creation, Demonization, Demon Manipulation, Demonic Technology, Demon Morphing, Demon Mode, Demonic Power Negation, Demonic Slayer, Demonic Power Immunity, Demonic Combat, Demon Summoning, Demonic Magic, Transcendent Demonic Mage Physiology, Demonic Energy Manipulation, Demonic Force Manipulation, Transcendent Demon Physiology, Satanic Incarnation, Hell Manipulation, Hell Lordship, Tartarus Manipulation, Divine Presence, Divine Siphoning, Deity Creation, Deification, God Summoning, Divine Banishment, Deity Manipulation, Divine Slayer, Divine Magic, Divine Power Immunity, God Morphing, Prison Domain, Devil Mode, Zoroastrian Deity Physiology (Among Favored Pantheons), Divine-Demonic Energy Manipulation, Divine-Demonic Force Manipulation, Tentacle Extension, Eldritch Entity Creation, Eldritch Being Manipulation, Eldritch Magic, Eldritch Physiology, Cthulhu Mythos Deity Physiology, Transcendent Machine Physiology, Transcendent Demigod Physiology, Nephalem Physiology, Transcendent Hybrid Physiology, Phantom Condition, Spiritual Energy Physiology, Transcendent Demigod Physiology, Divine Lord Physiology, Multiversal Physiology, Transcendent Y’dikan Physiology, Divine-Demonic Physiology, Anti-Magic, Anti-Magic Generation, Anti-Magic Physiology, Anti-God, Unity, Boundary Manipulation, Balance, Absolute Life Manipulation, Cheating, Action-Reaction Defiance, & Object State Manipulation. (89-Total)
-Y’dikan King Crown

#{Judge of the Gods}Transcendence Inducement, Transcendence Manipulation, Trilogy, Absolute Physical Law Manipulation, Inducement, Augmentation, Reduction, Attribute Manipulation, Context Manipulation, Context Configuration, Life and Death Removal, Light Side Aspect Manifestation, Dark Side Aspect Manifestation, Meta Army Manipulation, Sentience Inducement, Sentience Manipulation, Simultaneous Causality, Effect Generation, Node Manipulation, Omni Atomic Manipulation, Nature Ascendancy, Meta Trapping, Extra-Dimensional Energy Manipulation, Extra-Dimensional Magic, Extra-Dimensional Energy Physiology, Ethereal Manipulation, Exotic Force Manipulation, Extinction Reversal, Ambient Energy Manipulation, Mechanical Energy Manipulation, Opposites Shuffling, Phreatic Explosion Inducement, Life Lordship, Death Lordship, Amalgamation, Supertasking, Sympathetic Magic, Optimal Finesse, Uchchaihshravas Physiology, Remolding, Remaking, Kingdom Manipulation, Control Manipulation, Subordination Manipulation, Physical Change Manipulation, Purpose Manipulation, Regeneration Manipulation, Reincarnation Manipulation, Resurrection Manipulation, God King Physiology (God Maker & Breaker+Gods & Transcendent Monsters Physiology)=Creator Deity Physiology, Destroyer Deity Physiology, Alpha Physiology, Omega Physiology, Primordial Deity Physiology, [God Modes]=Powers of all types & ALL Pantheons from(Aboriginal Deity Physiology, African Deity Physiology, Altaic Deity Physiology, Arab Deity Physiology, Archangel Physiology, Archdemon Physiology, Armenian Deity Physiology, Aztec Deity Physiology, Basque Deity Physiology, Canaanite Deity Physiology, Celtic Deity Physiology, Chinese Deity Physiology, Egyptian Deity Physiology, Finnish Deity Physiology, Greek Deity Physiology, Daimon Physiology, Protogenoi Physiology, Titan Physiology, Guarani Deity Physiology, Hindu Deity Physiology, Inca Deity Physiology, Mayan Deity Physiology, Mesopotamian Deity Physiology, Native American Deity Physiology, Inuit Deity Physiology, Norse Deity Physiology, Oceanic Deity Physiology, Orisha Physiology, Philippine Deity Physiology, Olden Visayan Deity Physiology, Tagalog Deity Physiology, Roman Deity Physiology, Shinto Deity Physiology, Siberian Deity Physiology, Slavic Deity Physiology, Vodou Deity Physiology, Yoruba Deity Physiology, Zoroastrian Deity Physiology), God Type Switching. (93-Total)
-Judge of Gods Crown

Combat Attacks:

-Fire Dragon ArtsThese are techniques taught to the Ignacial (Fire-Type) Dragonyne Witches only. With this unique fighting style, they utilize their dragon’s power, brute strength, combat artistry, & magic skill to blaze through armies, dominate their opponents, execute intense deadly attacks, harness their primal instincts and animosity, & learn what it truly feels like and means to be a dragon.

·       Fire Dragon Blaze- Drayvsra roars, sending an explosive blast of fire from his mouth to his enemies. Devastating both up close & at a distance.

·       Fire Dragon Jet Knuckle- Flames blast from Drayvsra’s fore arm & elbow sending him flying like a missile at enemies at Mach speeds to deliver a devastatingly damaging punch courtesy of Dynalir’s oversized fist.

·       Fire Dragon Slither- Drayvsra summons 4 flaming Naga from his arms that coil around mass numbers of enemies, burning them alive before exploding.

·       Fire Dragon Texas Roundhouse – Drayvsra spins like a tornado and lands a powerful flaming roundhouse kick so strong it can break a T-Rex’s neck.

·       Fire Dragon Claw-After covering his fiery claws with Dynalir’s scales, Drayvsra lunges forward to deliver two powerful broad slashes.

·       Fire Dragon Scorch- Drayvsra stands in place & concentrates. By vibrating at intense speeds, he somehow drastically superheats an entire area to uninhabitable temperatures that even demons can’t handle.

·       Fire Dragon Whip Tail- After generating Dynalir’s 5 tails from his lower back & wrapping them around each other, Drayvsra slams it into the ground with explosive force.

·       Fire Dragon Mega Horn- Using his flaming dragon horns, Drayvsra launches forward to spear his opponents, hooking them in place, burning them alive long enough to land one strong blow.

·       Fire Dragon Hurricane Hook- Drayvsra swings his fist around & up so fast it not only catches more fire, but creates a fire tornado.

·       Fire Dragon Magma Boost- Drayvsra blast forth 3 powerful waves of hot magma from his hands & mouth.

·       Fire Dragon Lunge- Drayvsra surrounds himself with a ginormous flaming fire aura image of Dynalir. One of the 7 heads shoots fire at high speeds sending Drayvsra flying towards the enemy with unstoppable momentum.

·       'Fire Dragon Sniper'- Drayvsra blasts forth a bolt of “Black-Hot” plasma covering extreme distances in seconds.

·       Fire Dragon Iron Jaw Volley- Drayvsra blasts fire rings that turn into razor sharp teeth that chomp up enemies at a distance.

·       Fire Dragon Bomber- Drayvsra cups his hands together to create a blazing ball of flaming death, a bomb capable of decimating armies.

·       Fire Dragon Fang- By forming a huge flaming jaw around his, Drayvsra takes a bite out of anything. Even solid stone & black steel get torn like cardboard.

·       Fire Dragon Cyclone- Drayvsra spins creating a flaming whirlwind of giant fists to blast at enemies.

·       Fire Dragon Napalm Clap- Drayvsra claps, causing an explosion so strong it can level forest and create huge craters.

·       Fire Dragon Red Rush- Drayvsra stands in one plane until a 3-layered magic circle is completed & set. He then rockets forward and delivers a flurry of blazing mountain shattering punches.

·       Fire Dragon Infernal Lotus- By dawning Dynalir’s claws on his hands and feet, Drayvsra goes martial arts mad on all enemies.

·       Fire Dragon Dragonyne Tetsuzanko- While charging at an enemy using his back, Drayvsra creates a huge magic circle summoning one of Dynalir’s heads to bash into the enemy and send them flying.

·       Fire Dragon Rocket- Drayvsra performs a “Shoryuken-esque” uppercut. While knocking his opponent upwards, his fist is constantly exploding, and before the height of the launch is reached Drayvsra summons one of Dynalir’s heads through his arm to take a bite out of his victim.

·       Fire Dragon Pyro Drill- Drayvsra creates a giant flaming drill & either lunges forward with it using it as a lance or throws it like a spear.  

·       'Fire Dragon King Burst'- Drayvsra roars releasing a fiery blast of 25 Trillion megatons.

·       'Fire Dragon King Star Fist'- Drayvsra channels the power, energy, & force of 555 Quintillion megatons into one hand and fires an overpowered blue ray disintegrating bones and atoms.

·       'Fire Dragon King Leviathan Tail'- Drayvsra creates 2 dragon god magic circles and split kicks them creating 2 enormous flaming tails. He then swings them at enemies with god like force.

·       'Fire Dragon King Grand Sword'- Drayvsra punches the ground creating an explosive fire tornado. The tornado vanishes to reveal a gigantic Claymore-Chainsaw Sword that’s bigger than a skyscraper.

·       'Fire Dragon God Roar'- Drayvsra manifests Dynalir’s wings, exposes the Mark of the Dragon King on his chest, & blasts a titanic 725 Septillion Megaton blast that takes the form of a colossal dragon.

·       'Fire Dragon God Rampage'- Drayvsra assumes Dynalir’s full 7-headed form then evolves to Dragon god level.

·       Fire Dragon God Incinerator-Drayvsra turns both his hands into gigantic dragon heads then brings them together creating a continent sized firestorm.  

-Tempest Twist

These techniques can be performed by harnessing the power of his phoenix mode or transforming completely. Complete transformation introduces a whole other level of power since these moves are fueled by the phoenix power.

·        Tengu’s Furnace- Drayvsra flies around at hypersonic speeds, landing 5 punches on 5 enemies before anyone can even notice. The damaged enemies are marked by the phoenix curse marks and explode 5 times with each explosion being more powerful, painful, & deadly than the last.

·        Tenzan’s Inferno- Drayvsra creates a city sized firestorm that can easily be increased to consume countries or continents.

·        Phoenix Tackle- Drayvsra creates a phoenix and shoots it at his opponent.

·        Phoenix Rush- Drayvsra rockets towards his enemy and delivers a concussive tackle. The collision creates a phoenix double that sends the same opponent flying further away before exploding.

·        Hell’s Luxury- Drayvsra summons millions of small magic circles in rows miles all around the battlefield. The circles summon unbelievably long black spears that go flying in all directions skewering everyone in sight.

·        Pentagram Claw- Drayvsra does 5 consecutive slashes, creating a flaming demonic pentagram that summons chains & hellfire that torment his opponent. After the pentagram disappears the chains remain to torment the sad soul until their will is broken. 

·        Sage Art: Creation- Drayvsra creates rings of fire around his body the rings spin faster & faster, building up kinetic force and energy. He can then call one of each ring to wrap around a specific limb, causing strength, speed, & impact force to temporarily skyrocket beyond the norm.

·        Sage Art: Extinction- Drayvsra creates an enormous flaming magic clock in the air. Once the clock ticks down to 12, the unforgiving primordial flames will consume all in sight except Drayvsra, turning the battleground into an ocean of ashes.

·        Sage Art: After-Life- Drayvsra summon 10 giant Spire Towers covered in flames & magic runes. Drayvsra then uses these spires to summon fallen warriors seeking vengeance in the form of blazing titans with giant white hot swords.

·        Sage Art: Redemption- Drayvsra draws a powerful magic seal filled with divine power & holy magic. The seal instantly repairs & restores him while his enemy will receive fatal blows equal in number and x45 the damage of what they dished out to him.

·        Sage Art: Punishment- Drayvsra’s vicious phoenix side makes its power known by sending out a mental-magic signal that easily breaks through mental barriers and not only incapacitates enemies but makes them suffer excruciating unbearable pain. The greater the enemies’ hostility, anger, & harmful intent, the more pain they’ll suffer through. The pain also increases every 3 seconds.

·        Annihilation Blaze- Drayvsra creates 3 mountain-sized suns that follow enemies around, hunting them down before exploding.

·        Crushing Wall- Drayvsra summons an enormous wall of flame a sends it sliding at his enemies.

·        Rondo Flame- Drayvsra dances and spin-slides, summoning a magic flaming circle. All who stand in the circle now and during its creation can’t lay a finger on Drayvsra and are stylishly beaten senseless.

·        Crescendo Flame- Drayvsra calls forth a forest of explosions that blast out to music.

·        Feather Rain- Drayvsra summons 500 Quintillion razor sharp phoenix feathers that then rain down and skewer the battle field before exploding.

·        150 cal.-Nado- Drayvsra creates 3 giant flaming tornadoes filled with 150 million magic phoenix feather guns.

·        270 cal.-Nado- Drayvsra creates 12 giant flaming tornadoes filled with 270 quintillion magic phoenix feather guns.

·        390 cal.-Nado- Drayvsra creates either 4 flaming city-sized cyclones filled with 390 quintillion magic phoenix feather guns or a 575 kilometer blazing cyclone filled to the brim with 390 Octillion magic phoenix feather guns.

·         Exploding Hades- Drayvsra creates 5 gigantic spinning rings of fire & black steel with demonic runes and dragon text in the ground. The rings summon unending chains, continuously grabbing enemies & dragging them into the circles, incinerating them( The deeper the ring, the hotter the flames) creating a deafening boom when the rings all close at once.

·        Mercury Claws- Cosmic energy and chaotic force consume Drayvsra’s phoenix talons, causing him to go into a wild berserker mode, throwing destructive claw slashes that can decimate meteor showers and rip apart colossal monuments.

·        Birds of Prey- Drayvsra summons his 5 pet birds of legend to attack enemies.

·        Apococlypse- Drayvsra summons asteroids and firebirds to come and strike the earth.

·        Fire Flood- Drayvsra blasts 2 tidal waves of fire forward and then brings them together.

·        Pyro Spear- Drayvsra creates 8 extremely long flaming spears that hit targets from extreme distances.

·        Jetstream Claw- Drayvsra performs a high powered slash, sending 4 gigantic discs flying that can cut through anything.

·        Pyric Twist- Drayvsra creates a gigantic sword of flames and then spins it, turning it into a fan consisting of thousands of phoenix blades that fly everywhere at blinding speeds.

·        Hell’s Tomb- Drayvsra summons a doorway to the Pyroverse and then begins knocking enemies into a cosmic incinerator.

·        Song of Ashes- Drayvsra makes it rain red-shining ashes. He then begins to sing making everything the ashes touch glow intensely red and vibrate at hyper-sonic speeds, before bursting into flames. The ashes can break down anything on a molecular & atomic level.

·        Firebird’s Call- Drayvsra screams sending forth cataclysmic waves of sound that make everything explode.

·        Phoenix Stare-Drayvsra fires hyper-concentrated waves of white hot cosmic fire from his eyes.

-Tiger’s Law

These techniques can be performed by harnessing the power of the Tiger Force or transforming completely into his tiger form or temporarily contracting & summoning the cosmic, astral, divine, demonic, and godly stripped cats of the tiger force. Complete transformation introduces a whole other level of power since these moves are fueled by the tiger force and his tiger power.

·       Savage Roar-Drayvsra blasts out a titanic blast of red-hot fire with a thunderous roar.

·       Savage Barrage- Drayvsra surges tiger force energy in his fists turning them into roaring flaming tiger heads with super nova canines that can rip through anything.

·       Savage Ballista-Drayvsra charges at them enemy with lightning speed to pierce them with his finger claws. The second he stabs them his claws surge with energy and vibrate to break them down on a molecular level. He then stabs right through them and they explode. This all happens in one second.

·       Savage Spin-Drayvsra spins so fast he creates a flaming tornado which then takes the shape of a giant flaming tiger titan that sends powerful claw swipes so powerful that they shred rock formations.

·       Savage Berserker Claw –Drayvsra thrusts his claws forward with such speed and raw strength that he can stab an opponent 75,000 times in one Pico second.

·       Savage Drill Claw- Drayvsra reinforces his wrist claws with flames of destruction and drills through anything with savage precision.

·       Savage Psycho Claw- Drayvsra vanishes from reality to deliver 10 deadly claw slashes to a defenseless enemy.

·       Savage Homicidal Claw- Drayvsra rushes the enemy with an insanely powerful flurry of claw attacks at sound speed.

·       Savage Genocidal Claw- Drayvsra sends 3 gigantic claw waves that decimate all in their path.

·        Tsume ni yoru shi (Death by Claws) – Drayvsra scratches up magic kanji’s that summon flaming lynxes that cut and scratch at Mach speeds.

·        Taigārirī gijutsu: Moeru hyōnoarashi (Tigerlily Technique: Blazing Hailstorm)- Drayvsra vanishes and appears in the air holding 2 huge bouquets of tiger lilies. He then performs a continuous 360 spinning flip all the way to the ground sending the razor-stem, explosive plants to greet their master’s victims.

·        Taigārirī gijutsu: Yūdokuna ago (Tigerlily Technique: Venomous Jaws)- Drayvsra turns into his tiger blitz form; coats his fangs, claws, & spikes with poison; lands 4 insanely fast strikes on his opponent before he knocks them into the air. He reverts back to normal in mid-air surrounded by magic tiger lilies that turn into magic flaming tiger claws that slice up enemies as he spins and then he finally takes his out-stretched foot claws to finish the job with a frankensteiner.

·        Taigārirī gijutsu: Chimamire no sakura (Tigerlily Technique: Bloody Cherry Blossoms) – Drayvsra summon the mythical Tigersnake tree to engulf enemies. The branches rocket to the skies knocking enemies all around. In a blitz of flaming cherry blossoms, Drayvsra zips & flies passed enemies slicing and stabbing them with his claws at blinding speeds until they’re caught by the roots and the tree is the size of a city. The tree explodes in flames of purity that seek to purge all enemies.

·         Kami no ryōshi no kiba (God Hunter Fangs) -Drayvsra spins so fast he creates a flaming tornado which then takes the shape of a giant flaming tiger that strikes with explosive jaws powerful enough to shred entire islands.

·        Tengoku no tsume (Heavenly Claws)- Drayvsra changes into his tiger blitz form and creates 3 dopplegangers. The 4 beasts spin wildly into wheels of flaming claws and fangs that rip through opponents easily.

·        Tora name (Tiger Tidal Wave) – Drayvsra summons tidal wave of magma that takes the form of a tiger pouncing.

·        Hyaku oku ken no ōkoku (Kingdom of 10 Billion fists) – Drayvsra summons the 7 pillars of Rykishi which happen to be 7 gigantic 355 ft. tall, 500 ft. wide, & 1,200 ft. thick (Earth god barriers) or thick walls of divine protection and presumes to beat his enemies through them with explosive punches and brutal force.

·        Sen-biki no yajū no kyōen (Feast of one thousand beasts) – Drayvsra creates 1,000 big fire tigers and has them rush at enemies knocking them into the air and ripping them to pieces and burning them alive before they finally come together to form one mountain-sized tiger to consume what enemies remain before exploding.

·       Liger Thrust- Drayvsra channels the power of the lightning lion in his right arm & the blazing tiger in his left arm. His claws retract even farther out of his wrists reaching lengths of 2 yards. Drayvsra then jets forward, crossing his claws, piercing his enemy, burning through them to create a giant X-cross of electric fire.

·        Tiger Bomb- Drayvsra creates a red, white, & gold striped ball with the kanji for tiger burning in it. He can hit enemies with it, throw it, or launch it but once it hits its target, said target will be blown up in a 467 gigaton explosion, ripped apart at an atomic level by 33 Septillion unending claw attacks, & finally incinerated.

kanji for “Tiger.”

·        Tiger Bomb Barrage- Drayvsra blasts a huge barrage of tiger bomb missiles at enemies.

·        Tiger Bomb Blockade- Drayvsra launches 5 Asian lung dragons, each moving at speeds of 650,000 mph with a big tiger bomb in their mouths, from his hands.

·        Tigron Nuke- This attack is 30 times stronger and 25 times more potent than Drayvsra’s tiger bombs.

·        Tigron Nuke {Indra Arrow}- Drayvsra summons two giant celestial tiger paws. The claws cross creating a row of 4 flaming claw crossbows. Between the 2 center crossbows, Drayvsra takes a supercharged tigron nuke and encases it in cosmic energy turning it into an explosive arrow.

·        Tigron Nuke {Black Zeus Ball}- Drayvsra shoots an unstable T-nuke pass his enemy. It explodes & creates a colossal blazing electric tiger head that roars and sucks everything in like a black hole. It then bites down on the captured enemy, lethally and instantly vaporizing them.

·        Tigron Nuke {Heaven’s Rejection}- Drayvsra launches the tiger-head blast into the atmosphere. It explodes but causes giant tiger spears to rain down on the earth. The tiger spears are gigantic, each with a tiger’s head topped with badass halos for the helm. They each then explode, creating a spinning inferno wherever they land. 

·        Tigress Tackle- Drayvsra generates the power from the dark red & gold 3 tails of Undahba the 3-Tailed Tiger Queen. Her bloodlust overwhelms him, causing him to explode in an explosion strong enough to take out a mountain, stockpiling every pore with power instead of killing him. He then rockets forward creating & encasing his arm in a giant magic flaming tiger skull towards his already soaring enemy. He bashes them with his blazing skeletal battering ram.

·        Tigress Dance- Drayvsra calls forth the power of Onshalah the nether black & arclight white Tiger Queen, Helaesha the Maltese Blue Star 2-Tailed Tiger Queen, & Undahba the dark red and gold 3-Tailed Tiger Queen. They surround the enemy and run around in a triangle formation syphoning all the oxygen while simultaneously incinerating everything in it. They then stop and rocket to their prey & strike with their cataclysmic paws. While their god-like paws are crushing the enemy, Drayvsra assumes his Berserker Tiger form and finishes the job with an insane punch from the sky.  

·        Tigress Cosmic Gown- Drayvsra’s body becomes surrounded by cosmic energy and matter that turns him into a giant cosmic tiger capable of FTL speeds and star level power output.

·        Tiger King Call- Drayvsra’s cataclysmic roar causes rubble, debris, asteroids, & meteors to trap the enemy in a giant flaming sky prison in the exosphere. Drayvsra then enlarges his tiger claw with broad flames and Chinese runes. He then flies up to the falling prison while turning into a primordial tiger and shatters it revealing the light which can be seen from space. 

·        Whip Tail- Drayvsra uses his 9 blazing tails to whip around enemies.

·        Taigākumo: Fukō no u~ebu (Tiger Spider: Web of Misfortune) – Drayvsra transforms into a giant spider tiger, wraps his enemies in giant webs of hellfire, and consumes them.

·        Taigākumo: Jigoku no shinryaku (Tiger Spider: Hell's Invasion)– Drayvsra tosses 5 of his demonic new born spider tiger young like giant shuriken. They then start shooting streams of fire, poisonous needles, and jagged black obsidian shards, streams of acid & super sticky flammable sludge at the enemy from all sides. They then trap said enemy in webbing and feed before vanishing.

·        Tiger God Roar- Drayvsra envelopes his body with tiger force energy and synchronizes his power with Totsun the sacred blue tiger, (one of his angel summons.) The giant tiger builds energy in its mouth and transforms said energy into a giant magic circle for Drayvsra to blast through with the miniguns in his paws. Once they pass through the circle, the bullets turn into giant flaming star-like hummingbirds that annihilate everything in a sea of explosions.

·        Tiger God Ravager- Drayvsra transforms into his tiger buster form and body slams his opponents into the ground. He then beats them into the earth’s crust to core and then knocks them out past the surface and into the sky to rocket out of the ground, grab them, and perform the sickest power-bomb ever!!!

·       Tiger’s Memory: Cata-9-Tails- Drayvsra claps his hands together and summons 9 gigantic tiger head-shaped balls from space. They contain energy reminiscent to all life in the universe. The sun’s fury, the moon’s patience, the roars of the stars, delicacy that wouldn’t sway falling leaves, and the ultimate intensity of a white dwarf star.

-Queen Style

In this fighting style, Drayvsra channels his demonic energy directly into his legs, performing outrageously destructive kick attacks taught by the Red Queen herself. He can add in The Red Queen’s demonic energy for extra power, but that would be overkill.


·        Crimson Buzzsaw- Drayvsra spins surging demonic energy turning himself into a giant buzzsaw blade to rip enemies apart while simultaneously beating their asses.

·        Crimson Axe- Drayvsra performs an axe kick surrounding his leg with pyronide turning it into a giant axe.

·        Crimson Spear- Drayvsra rockets skyward while the demonic energy forms a spear to mercilessly pierce enemies sending them to the heavens.

·        Crimson Twin Spears- Drayvsra performs a flying spinning drop kick while the demonic energy forms 2 spears. This attack can also be performed in mid-air.

·        Crimson Top- Drayvsra performs an upside down cyclone spin kick. Performing this attack in mid-air will cause Drayvsra to shoot his guns while spinning raining bullets down & raining hell on enemies.

·        Crimson Guillotine- Drayvsra leaps into the air & with a surge of demonic power he slams his leg down on enemies slicing them in half.

·        Crimson Pendulum- Drayvsra zips around his enemies’ defenses wraps his legs around their neck and snaps it 3times.


·        Scarlet Stallion- Drayvsra encases his whole lower half in pyronide while the demonic surge of energy turns it horse-like. He becomes a raging centaur with a gigantic horse half to stomp enemies to dust. He charges forward at blinding speeds, begins stomping them out, and finally flips his entire centaurian body to slam his hooves down to send forth powerful shockwaves.

·        Scarlet Jaguar- Drayvsra slides forward while he slides, his demonic energy forms a red jaguar that slashes, claws, bites, & rips enemies apart before throwing them into the air to be shot.

·        Scarlet Snake- Drayvsra performs a kick which summons a giant serpent to ravage and consume enemies.

·        Scarlet Spider- Drayvsra stomps creating a web of demonic energy everywhere catching enemies who get too close. He then disappears keeping his full presence hidden until he strikes his enemies’ weakest spot with tremendous force.

·        Scarlet Boar- Drayvsra digs his legs into the earth before teleporting above his enemy. He then performs a flying spinning drop kick while the demonic energy in his legs forms 2 curved tusks.

·        Scarlet Tusk- (A follow up to Scarlet Boar) Drayvsra hooks his legs into his enemies’ ribcage & then performs an insane hurricanrana, burying their torso into the ground.

·        Scarlet Boomerang- The devilish energy materializes with the pyronide to create an explosive razor sharp demonic boomerang that violently spins at hyper sonic speeds keeping the enemy suspended in one place before sending them skyward and exploding.

·        Scarlet Hundred- Drayvsra kneels down in a “downward dog” pose and then lunges forward so fast he seems to phase through his target at the blink of an eye while hundreds of bright blurry red clones attack the target at lightning speeds from all directions, but he’s just moving so fast that time can’t keep up and the “clones” are just after images.

·        Scarlet Discus- Drayvsra performs a strong kick sending a powerful disc of deadly power slicing through the enemy.

·        Scarlet Death-Scythe- Drayvsra performs a capoeira kick filling his leg with demonic energy while the pyronide forms a powerful reaper scythe to split his victims.


·        Velvet Stampede- Drayvsra sideways leg sweeps a mile-long line & then drop kicks a burst of energy across it creating a crazy herd of a hundred demonic energy bulls that trample the enemy breaking bones, stabbing with their horns, & crushing their horns with their hooves. 

·        Velvet Scissors- Drayvsra takes his legs and after supercharging them he catches an enemy in scissor lock and cuts them in mid-air.

·        Velvet Monsoon- Drayvsra does the splits and then takes his outstretched demonically charged legs & begins breakdancing creating a powerful demonic tornado of fatal kicks.

·        Velvet Trickster- Drayvsra sends a false solid-mirage clone to the enemy, & when said enemy strikes the clone he appears behind them holding their arms, legs locked around their ribs. He then breaks their arms and completely shatters their entire ribcage forcing them to vomit a stream of blood & organs like a death fountain.


This is a unique fighting style utilizing melee combat and gravity, electro-magnetism, strong force, & weak force manipulation.

·        Pink Pulse- Dray can increase the attractive force of a certain body to make objects to be thrown at it with great force. This also makes him able to increase his own gravity to make opponents and objects to be attracted to him, prompting him to launch physical attacks. Additionally, he can intensify the gravity of the Earth to make the target(s) "heavier" and restrain them, with a force strong enough to crush the ground itself, creating massive craters of continental size.

·        Gravity Intensification- Drayvsra is able to increase the intensity of gravitational force exerted by the planet on his target(s), creating an attractive and repulsive force. The same can be done with the gravitational attraction between him and/or other bodies.

·        Titan’s Press- Drayvsra was shown to be able to perform the action of tapping into the gravatonic, electro-magnetic, & other 2 forces of planets, solar systems, & universes, multiverses, & beyond, thus enhancing his powers. He waves his arms down and makes a wide linear area in front of him to be crushed by a strong gravity.

·        Titan’s Boa- Dray’s is able to make objects to be repelled by him, changing the amount of gravitational force between them and himself, which effectively makes the object fly away with great force from him. It becomes useful when he has his movements regulated by something like a whip.

·        Gravity Nullification- He becomes able to nullify the effect of a planet's gravity to, for an example, allowing him and other objects to float.

·        Alabazker’s Sword- Drayvsra can even control the gravity exerted on a certain mass of air, what allows him to use it as a slicer, mainly when applying a sudden high amount of gravitational force in a smaller area. He does this by pointing his hand upwards and then swiftly waving it where ever, effectively tracing the region cut by the Slicer.

·        Vector Pins- Through a precise application of multiple vectors of gravitational force strategically placed on his body, Drayvsra is able to control his own movements by forcing them. It becomes useful for him once he's with his movements restrained.

·        Absolute Gravity Manipulation- Drayvsra's control of the gravity reaches to a level where even light, an electromagnetic wave whose mass is immeasurably small and only explained by Einstein's General relativity theory is within his power's range. Such ability implies that the there are no entities that can't be trapped by his powers.

·        Black Hole- Drayvsra stretches his hand forward and concentrates an enormous attractive force in a single point, therefore efficiently creating a small black hole, that is impressively under his complete control, absorbing only what Dray desires in a swirl-like pattern, including light. A quick change of the target being absorbed also can be useful for him to prevent that target from running away.

·        Orion’s Grip- Leaves enemies hopelessly trapped in a crushing sphere of gravitational energy.

·        Void Fist- Drayvsra creates a black hole in his fist and punches his enemies into the void. He then absorbs their power.

·        Purge- Drayvsra creates a force field within his enemy and then expands it until they explode.

·        Crazy Legs- Everything fades to black as Drayvsra kicks every enemy and colors the world with incredible vibrancy.

·        Banishment- Drayvsra creates a massive black hole and summons chains from the void to drag his enemies to the depths to die.

·        Absolute White- Drayvsra strikes with the full force of a white hole.

·        All are Bugs- Drayvsra uses Negative Gravity to crush all enemies on the inside (Implosion) while simultaneously crushing every cell in their body by countering with regular gravity x2 million (or higher). This process continues until all threats are destroyed on an atomic level.

·        Context Claw- This powerful slash attack from Drayvsra can cut through reality itself.

·        950 Trillion Fists- Drayvsra warps space-time to throw exactly 950,000,000,000,000 punches in one thousandth of a second.

·        Horizon Line- Drayvsra transforms his arm into a galactic cosmic void & clotheslines his enemy with the force of a small planet knocking his enemy light-years away before summoning meteors from his same arm to fall and crush his enemies.

·        Gyro King Fist- Drayvsra creates a sphere of gravitational energy, makes it spin at cosmic speeds the energy builds at incredible rates until he releases it with a ferocious punch. He can shatter an entire mountain range of 10-12 mountains with a single punch after charging for 10 seconds.

·        Graviton Twist- Drayvsra creates a gravity sword & then thrusts enlarging the sword to insane lengths of 140,000 kilometers. The space and reality around the sword bend, twist, and mix until a planetary explosion destroys everything.

·        Sleeping Giant- Drayvsra places his hand to the earth and uses gravity & electro-magnetic energy to claim the land beneath him in a grand circle. He says Grind to claim & twist the land. He says Lock to lock the land and sky in the circle into a space-time lock. He then says Burst to blow it all to Hell over & over in a time loop. 

·        Venus Whip- Drayvsra creates gravity whips to hold down targets and slap them around at cosmic speeds.

·        Jupiter Shuffle- Drayvsra erases gravity and sends enemies spiraling in rings before crushing them.

·        EMP Party- Drayvsra channels his electro-magnetic energy through his guns. A simple human pistol could shatter a building though it would break apart from the overload.


This fighting style is a mix of melee combat, gunplay, spell slinging, & pyromancy. One aspect of these brutally beautiful arts is Quin Tetsu, which is the style where witches not only use their guns as ranged firearms but also as wands to cast magic spells. Another is Pistolet du corps, in which anyone ingenious, skilled, or crazy enough to master this form of the arts can turn their bodies into living guns. No not like Transformers or Black Rock Shooter, by using their aura (Life Energy), mana (Magic Energy), or contract power (Using the power of their demons) witches can focus, enhance, and fire explosive power from their bodies in the form of energy, shockwaves, constructs, magic attacks, or just explosive force turning their bodies into organic mystic firearms.   


·        Equilibrium- Drayvsra creates a magic spinning red circle and declares it the safe zone. All time stops and multiple red guns appear all over the battlefield. He then moves at light speeds, grabbing and shooting multiple enemies from multiple locations, angles, & positions at the same time. Finally he appears in the safe zone as time resumes and all targets are being ripped apart by bullets.

·        Four Dragon Brothers- Drayvsra charges up, channels his magic fire into his guns, & shoots out 4 powerful blasts in the forms of flaming dragons.

·        Gun-Gasm 1-Drayvsra enlarges his guns and begins discharging explosive shots in all directions.

·        Gun-Gasm 2-Drayvsra slows down his time perception to a crawl, targets several enemies, overloads his bullets with pyronide, & blasts multiple enemies in less than ten thousandth of a second. Shot enemies become overwhelmed with pleasure, get paralyzed, go into cardiac arrest, and when Drayvsra turns around and poses, shot enemies’ heads fly off like fireworks. Their bodies explode creating red smoke and their heads explode creating letters that spell DRAYVSRA in fireworks.

·        Gun-Gasm 3-Drayvsra does a low spin kick creating a Dragonyne circle and dives in it. His body well hidden, he enters an out-of-body experience as an Eros spirit shark, swimming underground, creating magic circles that spawn geysers of Eros bullets.

·        Volcano-Drayvsra punches his guns into the ground and fires. Dragon eye-like formations form at chosen places on the battleground spawning either pillars of fire, gravitational energy & force, or dragon bullets.

·        Breakdance 1-Drayvsra does the splits and with his outstretched legs he begins breakdancing, shooting and kicking in all directions.

·        Breakdance 2-Drayvsra walks on his hands while spinning, kicking, and shooting in all directions. He spins faster and faster, the flames get hotter & hotter, the shooting speed increases, until he finally shoots out 2 dragons from his leg guns while performing an inverted drill-rocket kick.

·        Breakdance 3-Drayvsra breakdances, kicking up a firestorm that burns enemies while sweeping them into the air. He then does a head spin spinning & shooting enemy weak points with insane accuracy and increased firepower.

·        Breakdance 4- Drayvsra drops it low, and poses with one leg in the air. He charges and compresses energy in his legs and then starts spinning on his back shooting targets and creating a magic circle. He sits up surrounded by 4 magic circles, he then slightly opens his legs summoning 4 giant cannons from the magic circles, and he finally spreads his legs wide causing the cannons to fire wildly. Then Dragon bullets & Eros bullets fall from the sky raining pain and pleasure on enemies.

·        Arachne Shot-Drayvsra takes 2 pistols and shoots out 134 bullets at once, all the bullets are positioned to look like a spider’s web. The bullets disperse and all targets hit will come together and explode.

·        Basara Blast-Drayvsra fires pyronide-infused tiger bombs from his pistols that shreds through enemies before exploding.

·        Crimson Magnum-Drayvsra channels pyronide into his guns to blast out 55,000 megaton shots.

·        Serpents Waltz-Drayvsra phases across the battlefield leaving temporal ash clones in his wake. The clones fire at targets as he moves.

·        Shooting Stars-Drayvsra teleports, temporarily splitting to 5 different locations at once & begins firing Pyronide reinforced red dwarf star bullets.

·        Falling Stars-Drayvsra teleports into the air and begins spinning & shooting upside down firing Pyronide reinforced red dwarf star bullets.

·        Graviton Blasts-Drayvsra shoots explosive gravity bullets from his guns that can shatter or disintegrate anything. He can stop the shots anywhere once fired and have the wait to explode on his command.

·        Point Blank-Drayvsra fires a pyronide-infused trick shot. Should the enemy dodge or block the bullet, Drayvsra will appear in the dodged, deflected, or destroyed bullet’s place to shoot again.

·        Broken Hearts-Drayvsra takes 2 pistols, brings the guns together, and shoots out 8 bullets at once; all the bullets are positioned to look like a heart. The bullets disperse and all targets hit will turn to stone.

Shotguns & Rifles

·        Whirlwind-Drayvsra traps enemies in a mid-air tornado of pyronide then shoots lighting the wind tunnel on fire.

·        Buck-Shots-Drayvsra infuses these guns with pyronide to boost the power & force.

·        Recoil-Drayvsra uses the recoil from shots to increase his speed.

·        Jackson’s Pipe-Drayvsra covers his rifles with pyronide, reinforcing them, making them tougher, & overloading them energy. He then summons a stripper pole & starts spinning on it, but instead of going down, he goes up while spinning and shooting.

·        Eros Edge-Drayvsra performs a flying spin kick, shooting Eros Bullets (bullets fired infused with pyronide turned into spiral arrows) in all directions.

·        Crimson Guardian-Drayvsra assumes a defensive stance with he rifle creating a magical red barrier. The barrier absorbs all damage, force, and energy Drayvsra blocks before he repels targets away. He then takes the absorbed power and releases it in an overpowered blast. This attack works best against aggressive enemies.

·        Queen’s Revenge-Drayvsra uses these guns like nun-chucks&/tonfas, swinging, spinning, twisting, & shooting targets in all directions.

Cannons & Launchers

·        Hunting Dogs-Drayvsra infuses his guns with magic creating magic circles around the barrels. He shoots surrounding the blasts with flaming-Pyronide dogs that make the shoots hunt down targets.

·        Volcano Range-Drayvsra slams his cannons to the ground and fires, summoning pillars of fire, missiles, or whatever depending on the gun in question.

·        Vorpal Blast-Drayvsra rockets into the air, shoots his cannon, and the impact of the shot creates a magic circle with a huge triangle in it. The 3 points summon 3 giant demonic Queen of Hearts cards that swing a huge vorpal blade across, shredding all enemies in the circle.

·        Fleek Fleet-Drayvsra launches shots of pyronide infused rockets at enemies.

Full Body
Vortex Grenade-Drayvsra opens his hand creating a vortex that sucks enemies in. He then closes 

·        his hand making a fist causing the vortex to explode, completely shattering enemies.

·        Armor Pierce Palm-Drayvsra thrusts his palm into his enemy with concussive force then twists his arm sending a blow of explosive force through his arm damaging the target from the inside & outside.

·        10 King’s Cannon-Drayvsra charges both arms, assumes a (Kamehameha-Like) stance, and blasts 2 powerful beams through an infinity-symbol magic circle.

·        Shotgun Fist-Drayvsra surges energy and force in his arm and rockets to an enemy. The enemy he punches will then be knocked back a second time with an explosion from the stored energy Drayvsra passed on when & wherever he hit them.

·        Railgun Fist-Drayvsra compresses a charge of unstable bio-electric energy in his arm. He then throws a punch sending a vortex stream of bio-electricity and concussive force at targets.

·        Machinegun Rush-Drayvsra launches an intense volley of concussive, bone-shattering punches faster than sound with force of 90,000 tons.

·        Ironfist Gatling-Drayvsra launches an even faster & deadlier volley of blazing explosive, bone-incinerating punches faster than light with force of 900,000 gigatons.

·        Chaingun Kicks-Drayvsra launches an intense volley of concussive, bone-shattering kicks faster than sound with force of 190,000 tons.

·        Minigun Stomper-Drayvsra launches an even faster & deadlier volley of blazing explosive, bone-incinerating kicks faster than light and rains them down on enemies. They have of force of 9,000,000 gigatons.


-Dragon-Queen Sure Kill Moves

These super skills are a combination of his Fire Dragon Arts & Queen Style moves. With Dynalir’s firepower, savagery, and incredible force & the Red Queen’s demonic energy, monstrous force, & combat artistry, these moves are guaranteed to get Drayvsra a sure kill.

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Red lotus Blazing Rose

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Velvet Dragon Claw

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Scarlet Napalm Nova Roar

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Crimson Edge Dragon Blade Barrage

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Dragon Queen’s Bounty

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- 1 Million Crimson Wyverns

·        Dragon-Queen Sure Kill- Scorched Velvet Black Tail

-Phoenix Stars

The Phoenix stars are a combination of Drayvsra’s Tempest Twists & Grave styles. By channeling the power of his Phoenix form and synchronizing it with his gravity manipulation skills, he can add the full force of the other fundamental forces for more insane attacks.

·        Phoenix Star- Saturn Triple Volley

·        Phoenix Star- Neptune Swing

·        Phoenix Star- Fangs of Mars

·        Phoenix Star- Chaos Sphere

·        Phoenix Star- EMP Chain

-Cross Fire Arts

This is a powerful magic fighting style where Drayvsra takes multiple different flames, each with their own different properties and gifts, from his collection & channels their power all at once to perform devastating & overpowered attacks that do an insane amount of damage. It truly takes his fire manipulation & magic skills to a whole new level. These attacks are perfect for eradicating armies of enemies or colossal titans…or just showing off.

'Dual Blaze '(2 Flames)


·        Eros Flames+Chaotic Flames= Aphrodite Red Arrow

·        Chaotic Flames+Ice Flames= Esmeralda’s Rage

·        Purple Flames+Hive Flames= Arachnablaze

·        Black Rose Flames+Hell Flame #2= Luxuria Forest

·        Divine Flame #1+Neon Flames= Lights of War

'Trinity Flames '(3 Flames)


·        Gamma Flames+Ice Flames+Dusk Flames= Sleeping Beauty Ice Age 

·        Green Flames+Estellar Flames+Purple Flames= 1,000 Tongues of Fire

·        Black Flames+Rens-Sin Flames+White Flames= Yin Yang Flame Fist

·        Terra Flames+Chaotic Flames+Wild Flames= Wrath of Terra

'Firestorms '(4 Flames)


·        Nova Flames+Nebula Flames+Eros Flames+Ren-Sen Flame= Omni-Aphrodisiac

·        Majestic Flames+Estellar Flames+Wild Flames+White Flames= Tiger Tidal Wave

·        Eros Flames+Poison Flames+Venomous Flames+Hell Flame #3= Sea of Naga

·        Black Flames+Divine Flame #1+ Digital Flames+Blue Flames= Song of Vengeance

'Infernos '(5 Flames)


·        Majestic Flames+Nova Flames+Wild Flames+Holy Flames+White Flames= Grand Lion Thrust

·        Eros Flames+Divine Flame#3+Divine Flame#4+Hell Flame#4+Psychic Flames= Zenith Claws

·        Hell Flame#5+Bloody Flames+Soul Flames+Spiritual Flames+Ghost Flames= Call to Lucifer

==Weapons (111 Total):==
Over time Drayvsra has acquired a huge arsenal. He loves using his weapons in tandem with his powers and flames. Each weapon summons a different Angel Surge (Angel or Deity), Scale Hunter (Dynalir or alternate Dragon), or Hex-tension (Red Queen or alternate Demon.) There is also the full-body summons of Drayvsra’s salamander form. He uses weapons of 4 different types;

Dusk Arms

Dusk Arms (42)
These magical armaments are either too powerful or complex for normal humans to use. In a league of their own, these weapons can decimate entire armies like its child’s play. (These weapons summon Scale Hunters, Angel Surges, & Hex-tensions.)

Bewitched Chains: 
These chains are infinite, indestructible, & can come from any part of Drayvsra’s body. They can bind, seal, and/or banish any entity and can be infused with Draconic, Divine, & Demonic, etc. powers. 

Mystic Whips: 
These whips can number in millions, each moving at speeds of Mach 215 to Mach 111,734. They feed on aggression, pain, desire, will power, & induce extreme pleasure/pain, by over stimulating the body’s pain and pleasure receptors, & increase fatigue in Drayvsra’s victims.

Scarlet Brides: {Venus, Aphrodite, Astarte, & Xocotzin}: 
These 4 gatling gun pistols were crafted by Bodoe, a legendary demon smith. These guns were made from the rarest of divine minerals & demonic alloy making them the perfect weapon for Drayvsra. They were also made with the nigh-immortal flesh of a powerful Tyrant Dragon, which feeds on fire for a temporary boost in strength, so Drayvsra never has to worry about the guns overheating. They can also eat their scales as well as the scales Drayvsra constantly sheds, after lighting his body on fire, turning the shed scales into powerful magic bullets. So they never have to be reloaded. Drayvsra uses 2 guns in hand & 2 on the back of his heels, & can also summon 2 of Dynalir’s heads to turn the guns into Dragon Cannons. Lastly, the guns are also perfect for spell casting. Drayvsra loves summoning his familiars through his guns.
[Dragon Cannon Mode]

[Dragon Sniper Mode]

[Dragon Gatling Gun Mode]

[Dragon All-Buster Mode]

Sons of Karma:
{Holster/Reloading Gear}
Having been crafted by Bodwa, a legendary demon smith, all 6 of these hand cannons are extraordinarily powerful, packing a multitude of high-powered shots. The 3 Ivory ones have longer range, better accuracy, & a slightly higher firing speed. The 3 Violet ones have a more concussive blast & much more explosive force. 2 guns can be wielded in hand while the other 4 will float near the user and automatically shoot at remaining targets like flying turret guns. This function makes this a truly deadly weapon. However in exchange for their extreme power, they need to be constantly reloaded. Hence the floating holster/reloading gear that’ll float around behind the user’s back. The guns have rapid fire & shoot at high speeds, but this a double-edged sword so only the most worthy & skilled gunslingers can wield this weapon set. Due to their high rate of fire & lack of infinite supply of bullets being in the guns rather than the reloading device, their user must often switch guns in battle; taking 2 in hand, leaving 2 to levitate and fire at surrounding or rear targets, & 2 to reload. All 6 guns can be reloaded simultaneously. And thanks to Bodwa’s magic, the less ammo each gun has the more powerful the guns will become. Drayvsra once used Indulgence to obliterate a Falsifier Demon & 3 huge meteors it had summoned with one shot. Their names are Prosperity, Indulgence, Anarchy, Disaster, Sincerity, and Revenge.

Crimson Quadra: 
A set of 4 large White & Red handguns crafted by the demon smiths, Bodoe & Bodwa. Each gun has been custom designed from some sort of unnamed draconic alloy and is capable of channeling and handling Drayvsra’s magic powers. Its shots are capable of ricocheting off walls. In terms of effectiveness they’re an all-around weapon effective in both close range and long range situations. On each of these guns is a giant clock, with each of the 12 hours (invoked in the form of the gun’s bullets dubbed by Dray as Chronos-King bullets) conferring a separate time manipulation ability. Drayvsra can use one pair of the weapons with arms and the second pair with his legs. Each of the guns in the Crimson Quadra set has a specific name: Eros, Agape, Phileo, and Storge.
Chronos-King Bullets include:
• 1-Stops Time
• 2 -Accelerates time
• 3-Decelerates time
• 4- Rewinds time
• 5-Views the future of an object or person
• 6-Creates a temporal clone
• 7-Time Travel
• 8-Timestream Shifting
• 9-Communicates with people in different times
• 10-Views the past of an object or person
• 11-Age Control
• 12-Temporal Reset

Quick-Draw: Drayvsra stands motionless and concentrates on aiming on enemies and objects around him. He can easily hit targets from all sides and above him without changing his foot stance with little difficulty.
Dragon Shot: Causes Crimson Quadra to fire off 5 shots, in the form of 5 flaming wyverns, rapidly in a row, exploding on contact with target.

Sisters of Fate: 
Another set of 4 guns crafted by demon smiths, Bodoe & Bodwa. As if being divine in nature wasn’t enough, these guns also transform…they’re Butterfly Dagger-Guns!!! They change like butterfly knives & shift into long daggers that can cut through divine materials like a knife through a birthday cake. They all have individual names: Epiphany, Revelation, Destiny, and Revolution. Functionally, they’re pretty similar to the Scarlet Brides & Crimson Quadra guns, being designed as sister guns, and possess the same core abilities. The only notable difference is they have more distance and better ricochet effect and the fact that these guns can kill a deity/deities & any divine embodiment their user may choose to get rid of. They are resistant to the effects of a deity and are capable of killing the specified deity. Drayvsra can use one pair with his arms and the second with his feet.

NeAngelo’s Roses: 
In the mist of his training with the Dragonyne Witches, Drayvsra developed his own unique type of magic, Artillery Magic. With it he can summon thousands of guns & firearms of any make, model, or design and give them different properties from high-tech to elemental to temporal, to dimensional, etc. After creating NeAngelo’s Ring, his own personal universe of guns, he can summon unlimited munitions & artillery to any plane of existence he’s in, starting as simple rose petals flying around in intense winds before turning into guns.

• Human Guns-(Ordinary Artillery) Ordinary automatic handguns, these guns handle similarly to the Scarlet Brides, Sons of Karma, Sisters of Fate and Crimson Quadra, but cannot handle the magical power or physical force of Drayvsra’s attacks well, making them prone to breaking mid fight. Drayvsra himself refers to these hand guns as “toys” and typically only uses them in combat when he doesn’t have any more powerful weapons on him person or when he decides to “challenge himself”. A good example of how badly normal handguns handle Drayvsra’s power is during the first chapter of the original game. During a strip club cutscene where Drayvsra is getting attacked by angels, Bodoe & Bodwa actually had to throw him dozens of handguns and rifles mid battle in order to replace the ones he keeps breaking by fighting.
• Light Bringers-(Light Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for light-based powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Mega Busters-(Power Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit to either enhance the weapons' firing capabilities, or channel powers, including elements, psionics, magic, spirits, divine or demonic energy, etc., through weapons.
• Green Guns-(Acidic Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit to either enhance the weapons' firing capabilities with acidic properties, or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Shape Shooters-(Adaptive Artillery) Drayvsra is able to use ranged weaponry, such as firearms, bows, slingshots, and cannons that are capable of adapting to a variety of situations.
• Halo Makers-(Angelic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for angelic or divine energy or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Chaotix-(Chaos Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit to manipulate either chaos energy or chaos itself, or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them. 
• Star Guns-(Cosmic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for cosmic forces and/or energies, or use cosmic forces and energies on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Death Scythes-(Death-Force Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit to manipulate death-force or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Devil Pistols-(Demonic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for demonic energy or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Snap Shots-(Digital Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for digital information or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Plague Bringers-(Disease Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for disease-based powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Dragon Works-(Dragon Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for draconic energy or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• 5 Maidens-(Elemental Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for elemental forces or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Airvotex-(Energy Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit to manipulate Energy or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them. 
• Helloooo Nurse!!!-(Healing Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for healing properties, or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Kinetic Cannons-(Kinetic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for kinetic energy powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Gaia Pieces-(Life-Force Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for life-force or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• White Out-(Lunar Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for lunar-based powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Gun Birth-(Magic Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons, etc. as a conduit for magical powers/forces or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Bugs-(Nanite Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for nano-robotic substances or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Law Bringers-(Order Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for order-based energies or order itself, or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Prototypes-(Orgamech Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for techno-organic substances or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Flesh Guns-(Organic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for organic energies and/or substances or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Lucy’s Gifts-(Psychic Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for psionic powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Gamma Guns-(Radiation Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for radiation-based powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Sun Guns-(Solar Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for solar-based powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Spiritz-(Spiritual Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for spiritual abilities or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Special Tools-(Technological Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for technology/machinery, or use technology/machinery on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Back Lash-(Technomagical Artillery) Drayvsra can use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons, etc. as a conduit for technomagical powers/forces or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Clock Works-(Temporal Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for temporal powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them.
• Screaming Banshees-(Vibration Artillery) Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for vibrational powers or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them, including some sonic effects.

Reaper Dress: 
A pair of sawed off shotguns that contain the souls of violent sprites who once collected teeth & fangs of the Barbotusk in the land of Gehenna. The weapons contain a curse in every shell of the weapon fired. Even though they’re shot gun weapons, they have surprising range and more power in comparison to Drayvsra’s more standard weapons. They’re so strong one shot can break a giant in half, leaving a huge crater behind what little remains. They also have a lower rate of fire and have good stunning capability. Drayvsra has 8 pairs of this weapon, one he can use with his arms and a second to use with his legs, while the rest float around him. Its Quick-Draw is similar to Crimson Quadra and Sisters of Fate. Drayvsra stands in one place and concentrates on aiming and firing on enemies within his immediate vicinity, swinging & spinning the guns around like poles or staffs. He can freely aim in all directions with supreme accuracy, and jump in the air while spinning to rapidly spray bullets around the vicinity. With the Dragon-Shot, Drayvsra can charge the shots from the Reaper Dress, which results in the rapid firing of several white-hot shots in a row. Bullets released from the weapon during a charge attack can bounce off solid substances once or twice.

Infernal Kiss: 
These 4 over-powered flintlock-Hitchcock pistols were reforged by Madame Porshia. Resembling six-shooter pistols or blunder bust guns and with a strong link to the magical arts, they were originally intended to be used only by the chosen of the Dragonyne Witches until a clan member betrayed and injured one of their own.
Something strange is that these, despite clearly being cast and constructed before the 1300s, are almost exactly hammer action Colt Magnum revolvers, which were not designed until about the mid-1800s. Perhaps in the same ilk as Irenic, these inspired Samuel Colt's designs. Regardless, the guns were sealed away and sapped of most of their original power until Reshemuah obtained them as a last resort when the clan faced the onslaught of the Witch Hunts. They can also function like whips infused with mysto-nitroglycerin anything the whips touch burn to cinders.
What makes these guns such a Dragonyne treasure is their own ability to can create, summon, shape and manipulate many different kinds of bullets, shaping and combining them as needed, or moving them with telekinesis. The Bullets vary:
• Wolverine Rounds
-Designed to shred flesh and other organic matter, these rounds are particularly effective against living targets. They are likely similar in construction to hollow point rounds.
• Berserker Rounds
-Designed to shear apart on impact for maximum damage, these rounds are particularly effective against living targets.
• Anti-Armor Rounds
-Ammo-Buster- This type of ammunition is derived from Delvainum, (Dragon Steel). This extremely dense, heavy metal is about 109.7 times heavier than lead, and far more difficult to deform than steel. It is excellent for use in armor-piercing type ammunition. Because of delvainum's great properties and strength, it is very useful for piercing deep into metallic targets.
• Hot Slug Rounds
-HS rounds consist of a thermite bomb which clings to, and burns through, nearly any known substance.
• Inferno Rounds
-Inferno rounds are incredibly powerful rounds that can melt or burn through virtually all known substances. This damages enemies and weakens their accuracy.
• Snow Rounds
-Cooling lasers collapse ammunition into small White-Rose-Einstein condensate - a mass of super-cooled subatomic particles - capable of insta-freezing impacted objects.
• Jack Frost Rounds
-Jack Frost Rounds inflict massive damage and destabilize enemies, reducing their accuracy. 
• High Explosive Rounds
-Designed to detonate on impact, high explosive rounds have one major kick. 
• Fat-Boy Rounds
-Fat Boy ammo, also called squash projectiles, is designed to flatten on impact, increasing the amount of physical force transferred to the target.
• Spear Head Rounds
-Instead of projectiles, Infernal Kiss release charged particle bolts that can bypass kinetic barrier shields. However, the actual damage done to the target is typically less than what's done by a standard round.
• Flirting Rounds
-Flirting rounds are built of material that condenses on impact to penetrate armor, then shreds into shrapnel in the softer medium of flesh. They are widely considered unethical.

Bullet Reign: Drayvsra stands still, lights his eyes ablaze, and takes aim then fires at nearby enemies with powerful shots from either hands or feet, locking onto enemies automatically & burning them to ashes.
Charge Modifier: Holding down the attack button will cause the guns to change ammo types & discharge a single power shot, causing massive damage. When used in conjunction with a few of the guns firing at once, these shots can destroy weaker enemies instantly.

Guilty Pleasure: 
These 2 pairs of M-136 pistols, crafted by Bodwa, are some of Drayvsra’s heaviest artillery. These 4 guns can breakdown organic matter at a genetic level, robbing living targets of their ability to heal. Charged shots summon giant cow skulls that launch out at incredible speeds. 

Riot & Rebellion: 
These 2 swords are actually 2 pieces of a grand Halberd. Riot is capable of using angelic magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality, while Rebellion is capable of using demonic magic to achieve several feats such as creating, destroying and reconstructing anything, sometimes even to warp reality. Brought together, the halberd form of the weapon uses both in tandem, being able to create, shape and manipulate discs of any sizes and material, shaping and combining them as needed, or moving them with telekinesis.

This elegant mystical umbrella sheathes a great sword of legend. The sword houses the body & soul of Karma (a malevolent goddess with 5 thousand arms) and is capable of striking a thousand times in a single attack. It is also able to delay the effect of anything to a later time, for example striking target, but the impact of the strike would not occur until later. The umbrella is just as dangerous as the blade it conceals for it can absorb souls, while removing them from the source, into the sheath and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing the user, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently.
Common advantages include adding the target's skills and abilities to users, or using the absorbed souls to augment user's own powers. The top of the Umbrella can also be useful for it can negate/cancel out some or even all kinds of deaths from oneself and others, truly making them ensuring that the living stays alive, even in death they can resurrect themselves for as long as the user so desires, potentially defeating death itself no matter how strong or impossible the odds may be. 

Under Tusk: 
These shotgun-axes harbor the soul of Endrea the fallen Black Steel Valkyrie. Drayvsra swings these bad girls around like nunchucks & war batons. Their design allows him to use the recoil of their powerful shots to increase his movement, making him very unpredictable. 

Tigre Fuego: 
This is the 1st of 3 swords given to Drayvsra by his father. It’s his preferred melee weapon and favorite sword. Made just for him, this powerful blade contains the souls of a pack of ferocious fire & dire tiger spirits. Being infamously titled as the “Final Hunter”, this sword can cause death in absolutely anyone or anything without any exception, including immortal and "unkillable" beings. Sense the death would be unavoidable and permanent, anything that was killed through the use of this sword cannot be resurrected via normal means. It can transform into 5 different basic forms. (Above: Basic Form.)

-Annihilation Mode
It expands into a powerful Grandsword.
-Obliteration Mode
Transforms into a giant, 4-bladed chainsaw that can extend/grow taller than a skyscraper, or split and shift into a 5-star chainsaw shuriken. 
-Execution Mode
Transforms into a quadruple bladed gatling gun scythe. Both ends look like sabertooth tigers roaring with 2 blades resembling the fangs and gatling guns in their mouths.
-Assassination Mode
Changes into a powerful, swift blazing samurai blade.
-Devastation Mode
Turns into 2 chained blades, perfect for up close & long distance combat.

Black Serenade: 
This is the 2nd blade his father made for him. It feeds on life itself, sucking the souls out of its victims. After its awakening, it is revealed that this terrifying blade can create, shape and manipulate an energy that can delete anything/everything it touches. As it is contained and exists outside of reality, it transcends concepts such as time and space and renders nearly all powers that come in contact with it useless.

Bone Shredder - Drayvsra spins araound with his sword around rapidly, shredding his foes for extra damage while also propelling them into the air.
Warp Pierce - Drayvsra hurls Black Serenade at his enemy impaling them. He can make the blade return to him or follow up with a powerful teleportation kick to further impale his enemies.
Dance Macabre - A rapid series of strikes from Black Serenade Drayvsra uses to overwhelm opponents.

A living katana that pulses with the heart of a demon god of war named Asura (Yes,-the puncher of all things and body-er of planets, Asura). The blade is constantly seeking out the blood of its victims, and can even suck out their souls upon defeat. It’s powerful enough to destroy stars. It’s one of the better-rounded melee weapons at Drayvsra’s disposal having adequate range, power and speed. He wields it in his hands. When equipped, Drayvsra’s Hex-tension Punches take on the form of giant spectral blades. These blades are not truly the limbs of any particular demon, but instead just some form of destructive demonic energy. 
Death By Moonlight is a special attack Drayvsra can perform with Aizen where he draws a demonic seal in front of him with the blade and then either slashes it horizontally or vertically. The vertical slash also creates a beam of energy. Due to the time needed to prepare this attack, it is unsuitable on non-stunned enemies.

Savage Spin: Consists of Drayvsra spinning with the Aizen outstretched, sharpening & strengthening the shed flaming dragon scales flying everywhere, creating a blazing tornado of sword slashes.
Whirlwind Blaze: Drayvsra swings and thrusts his blade simultaneously in a clockwise motion with enough force to create a flaming wind tunnel of slashes and stabs.
Pyro Slash: Drayvsra can sheath the Aizen, charge it and then quick draw the blade in a burst of power much more powerful than a normal sword swing. This is also known as Iaijutsu.

A whip that houses the soul of an ancient serpentine named Vectra. It summons her demonic strength through a dimensional portal on the whips hilt. This whip allows for good reach, crowd control and speed. Although it deals moderate damage to its foes, its poison is overwhelming & its accuracy is unparalleled. Drayvsra uses this weapon with his arms. This weapon also grants slight vector manipulation abilities.

Hex-tensions: Some of Drayvsra’s normal hexes will become backhand attacks from the Queen, snatch & slam attacks from the 4th heart, and snake bites & lungs from Vectra herself.
Serpent Hunter: Drayvsra can charge and throw the Vectra towards nearby opponents to wrap and ensnare them. Afterwards Drayvsra can pull those enemies towards him for follow up attacks, swing them around, body slam them, or pull himself towards his opponent for a follow-up attack.

The series of these 3 whips were crafted by Quin a mythical hellblade craftsman and possess the souls of the 3 Gorgon Sisters Euryale, Stheno, & Medusa. This first set Euryale, a whip & a riding crop, was made to dominate enemies up close. Her eye in the riding crop turns enemies to stone and the whip strikes with titanic force and accuracy that’s nothing short of supernatural. It also lets the user fluidly move around on both land and air. This allows them to perform feats such as kicking off almost any surface, air dash, swinging around lampposts, grinding along rails, and battling enemies with speed and style. Basically using their environment to their advantage. User is also able to implement the movement into their fighting style, allowing them to fluidly connect their physical attacks with coordinated follow ups.

The 2nd whip is more exotic and prideful. It has 2 functions; a giant throwing star/shuriken and 2 flaming dual whips, one with 2 strands & the other with 3 strands. Stheno is able to launch a single attack that hits its target multiple times. This could be much like a punch that hits the target ten times despite only throwing one punch.

This, the 3rd whip in the Gorgon set is perhaps the deadliest of the 3. However unlike its sister whips, this one was made for long range combat only. The huge mask-like backpack shoots out “sniper whips” that are highly venomous especially to demons, can attack at light speeds, and be rendered invisible.

A pair of clawed greaves & gauntlets that channel the power of the imprisoned gods named Sol and Luna. The weapons have the power to command, mix, & combine the elements & can switch between the Void’s Darkness, Demonic Water, Sacred Light, Cosmic Wind, Esoteric Earth, Dream Metal, Diabolic Poison, Gaia’s Law (Nature), Arcane Lighting and Fires of Wrath element and are best used for short range combat. Drayvsra has two sets of the weapon, allowing him to equip them to both his arms and legs at the same time.

Cross: Drayvsra spins around with his arms outstretched to hit nearby enemies. Doing this also changes the element that the Dauntless currently has equipped (from electricity to fire or vice versa).
Angel Surges: The angel surges for either Drayvsra’s arms or feet become claw thrusts or claw swipes from each of the Divine Elemental Titans respectively.
Hex-Tensions: The hex-tensions for either Drayvsra’s arms or feet become claw thrusts or claw swipes from the 8th & 9th hearts. The hex-tensions also gain an elemental property based on what element of the Dauntless Drayvsra is currently using the hearts also switch; 8th with fire, 9th with lightning.
Dauntless (Fires of Wrath Element)
Super Charged: Charging Dauntless with the fire element activated will cause the weapon to drop a cow skull-shaped mine that erupts in a wave of fire. The longer the charge the greater the eruption.
Fire Environment: Dauntless grants the power to scorch the earth incinerating all who stand on it, binding them helplessly to the ground as long as they are in fire mode.
Dauntless (Arcane Lightning Element)
Fully Charged: When charged in lighting mode, Dauntless creates 3 spears of lighting that can damage nearby enemies.
Electric Environment: Grants ability to create a field of lighting bombs & an electric atmosphere, shocking and electrocuting all in the vicinity of Drayvsra.


A pair of fans & ice skates that hold the souls of the demonic witch sisters named Yaska well known for her tornados slicing the land & Niella, who was well known for her godly ice powers. These skates can create tornados, hurricanes, & ice storms, freeze enemies upon contact and increase Drayvsra’s mobility by allowing him to jet-stream, fly, or skate around a battlefield at high speeds instead of running. Frozen opponents can be thrown through the use of Drayvsra’s hex-tensions or scale hunting. Drayvsra uses this weapon with his arms & legs.
Hex-Tensions: Drayvsra’s wicked stabs & kicks become white and gain an ice attribute along with the wicked fast forward & upward thrusts from the 10th heart’s spider legs.
Dance Macabre: Charging results in a quick flurry of stabs or kicks or several sweeping kicks. 
Ice immunity: Drayvsra can skate over cold surfaces without becoming frozen.

These electric skates made from a powerful adult thunderbird, courtesy of Bodwa, can channel city leveling amounts electricity in seconds, increase the wearer’s speed and agility, & grant the power to walk on water even if they’re not running. They also allow their user to manipulate, generate and otherwise control friction, the force resisting the relative motion of solid surfaces, fluid layers, and material elements sliding against each other, ie. whether the contact causes the movement to stop (sticking the targets together) or continue. They let Drayvsra achieve Absolute Constant Velocity by eliminating all friction as well as air walking by increasing air-friction enough to create footholds.

Laughing Jackal: 
A set of smart magical rocket launchers that house the deceased soul of the Imperial veteran, Lieutenant colonel Degurechaff. These are one of Drayvsra's more powerful ranged weapons, but are somewhat limited in firing speed. These dangerous missile launchers can alter the opponents' probability of defending attacks with Probability Alteration Missiles and help the user avoid being hit using Multidimensional probability fluctuations. Drayvsra can use his immense strength and use them like a pair of tonfas for fast melee attacks and fire off swarms of rockets or small nuclear missiles. He has two sets of the weapon, one for his arms and the other for his legs.

Winds of Devastation (Hands): Drayvsra spins around with the Jackal outstretched as a melee attack. He then shoots off two nukes while spinning.
Party Time!!! (Feet): Drayvsra does a handstand and spins around with Jackal outreached on his feet locking on targets. He then begins shooting off a barrage of rockets during the attack in all directions.
Onslaught: When charged the weapon fires multiple rockets at once.
Cannon Ball (Fire Dragon-Sword Horn): Drayvsra can use the force of the rocket launches from the Jackals to propel himself towards his opponents.

Tang-Shen & Yosuzume: 
The Tang-Shen & Yosuzume are weapons that combine the properties of traditional revolver guns and nun chucks. In other words, they’re nunchuck guns. The result are weapons that excel in close quarters combat, but can also fire bullets like traditional hand guns for ranged attacks. Additionally, Tang-Shen & Yosuzume are possessed by the souls of 2 twin demon birds from the Netherrealm and have fire rates so fast that even gods are said to have trouble keeping up. The bullets they fire can bounce off solid surfaces up to 6 times. They are used with Drayvsra’s arms.

Hex-Tensions: When equipped Drayvsra’s wicked punches become palm strikes from the Red Queen, and knuckle thrusts and spirit bullet pulses from the 1st heart.
Loss: Drayvsra will throw the Tang-Shen at his opponent and it will spin around while firing off a few rounds, while Drayvsra uses an angered, hyper charged Yosuzume.
Black Out: When charged, Yosuzume fires a volley of bullets. The amount of bullets increases based on time charged. Tang-Shen calls forth a swarm of hummingbirds.

4 guns created by an unknown super civilization and powered by a unique power source called Bayollonium (at least it isn’t a stupidly named fictitious metal). Each weapon can fire a white hot beam of whitish-blue energy that freezes enemies in place and breaks them apart on an atomic level. Tommy Malown modified them to have demonic powers. The shots bounce off solid surfaces at least once. Drayvsra can equip one pair to his hands and the other to his feet.

Quick-Shot: Alternate to the Crimson Quadra, Sisters of Fate, and other handguns. Drayvsra hovers in mid-air as time slows to a crawl and takes aim at nearby opponents.
Ion Beam (Hands): Drayvsra can shoot off a beam of energy with increased power compared to a normal shot. The strength of shot can go to 3 progressively stronger degrees of power.
DJ Shooter (Feet): Fires 5 disk like shots of energy.

Neo Gaia: 
Made from a piece of Gaia’s heart by Bodoe & Bodwa, this powerful cannon has to be one of the top 3 most powerful guns in Figure 8 history. As long as its user stays in physical contact with the Earth or Earth-like planets, its shoots cannot be blocked, parried, negated, absorbed, countered, phased through, dodged, or defended against in any manner. Charged shots result in a surge of Gaia’s wrath shocking & stinging enemies lucky or skilled enough to dodge to not be the intended target. The energy & electricity can’t be absorbed.

Chronos Keepers: 
These double barrel-style super pistols, each barrel with 5 barrel openings, can shoot 5,000 quasi-temporal bullets per second. The bullets shift through space & time and each shot can go through 100 50-meter thick sheets of steel and platinum. Demi-gods can’t even keep up with the bullets.
(Build of the guns demonstrated above.)

Big Momma: 
Drayvsra found this heavy monster at a military expo while fighting demons and it was love at first sight. He took it to Bodoe & Bodwa and asked them to give it “that magic kick.” Now this bad boy rips through anything dumb enough to be in the line of fire. It has 2 modes; Devastator- Firing rate is slower but the force is concussively explosive, and the rounds richohet up to 6 times before exploding, & Annihilator- Firing rate is insanely faster and the bullets pierce through anything. 

Heavy Contract: 
A minigun reforged in Black steel and holy platinum. Drayvsra can channel his flames through to give the bullets nigh limitless different effects.

Djinn Hunter: 
A demonic weapon that summons the power of the ionic demon, Amondshee from a portal located at the sword’s hilt. Generating a strange energy, the blade’s light repels illusions and is unbearably toxic to angels. By focusing this power through the portal, Djinn Hunter is able to form a sword of pure energy, which can cut through most objects and create sword beams. It’s used in a similar way to Aizen and can only be used with Drayvsra’s hands. In addition it has the same Death By Moonlight move possessed by Aizen.

Blade Born: Drayvsra spins with the Pillow Talk weapon outstretched in his hands, making a miniature hurricane that can damage nearby enemies.
Charge Modifier: Drayvsra sheaths Djinn Hunter and performs an Iaijutsu slash similar to the Aizen weapon. The move can be charged to three degrees of strength and at full strength the blade extends to 2 long blades, 3x normal length when swung. The sword will keep this extended length for a short amount of time after the attack has been dealt.

These high tech fn p90’s have been upgraded with built in high-frequency blades & anti-magic energy spheres. They function a lot like huge butterfly knives & are capable of shredding anything they cut down to a sub-atomic level, making them dangerous, up close, at a distance, and just badass to watch. However due to their complex construction, they were deemed too chaotic & complex for human use & were recalled. They’re the worst weapon for a human, but a dangerous toy for a witch.

This weapon was once wielded by the fallen angel, Leviathan. It can transform into 1,000 different angelic weapons! These weapons include a double bladed axe gun, a pair of chainsaw gauntlets that change into bow & arrow gauntlets, chained claws, 3 giant machine-gun shurikens, arm-mounted sound cannons, halo clones, a giant holy mech, a broadsword the size of a skyscraper, a minigun, a chainsaw whip, plasma spear, a trumpet capable of firing orbs of energy, & a hyper-fast rolling sphere/turrent gun, etc. It’s somewhat slow, but deals more damage than almost all of Drayvsra’s other weapons. This weapon is equipped to both Drayvsra’s arms and legs simultaneously.

Spin Attack (Hands): The weapon transforms into a double bladed axe gun that can be swung in a circular motion or straight down to damage enemies before delivering a concussive blast.
Holy Wrath (Feet): The weapon transforms into a set of chained claws that are used to slash apart enemies.
Music to my Ears (Feet): Changes Nalakuverra to a trumpet which then fires a single magic orb of sound & energy.
Divine Charge (Feet): Changes into a car-size bow & arrow.
Bandz to make him Dance: Changes Nalakuverra into a stripper pole on which he spins, kicking all enemies back with aggressive explosive force.

A pair of curved Indian swords that absorbed the power of a war god named Murugan and were cleansed & enhanced by Chandra. They hit fast, hard and have a fairly decent amount of range to their attacks. True to their attack nature being "absolute", the effects and damage inflicted are also absolute, causing regeneration and reconstruction to fail. Blessed with the power that is Ever-changing Will, these blades possess the power of divine transmutation & can transform, alter, or transmute matter, energy, elements, objects, beings (animals, aliens, mythical beings, etc.), etc. into anything else, either completely or partially, permanently or temporarily. Drayvsra has two pairs which he can equip to his hands, tails, and/or feet.

Scale Hunter: Summons Dynalir’s razor-sharp wings.
Hex-Tensions: The hex-tensions for the appendages Murugan is equipped to become giant sword slashes, stabs, & tiger claws.
Angel Surges: Leg blades, summons the horns, spikes & head of Aggragon.

Deadly Nightshade: 
These are a poisonous pair of whip-like weapons, containing the soul of a demon who shares the same name as a flower that blooms in Hades. They function similarly to the Vectra weapon, and are great for crowd control and grappling enemies. Drayvsra has two pairs of these weapons, and can equip them to his hands and feet simultaneously. These whips strike at incredible speed, striking their opponent in rapid succession that may even kill opponents instantly. Their attacks can cause more damage than normal due to gaining massive amounts of kinetic energy, and thus momentum, produced through the speed of each hit. Since their speed is fast enough, the winds can distort space to bypass defenses.

Hex-Tensions: Hex-tensions become giant poisonous thorn-whip slashes for the appendage the weapon is equipped to.

A crossbow made from a gorgeous man who once boasted his beauty to the gods who in turn metamorphosed him into a hideous insect for his vanity. Still living inside a part of the bow's frame, he fires cursed arrows of savage, venomous bugs. Despite being turned into a weapon, the soul still seeks revenge against the gods, thus the insects are incredibly dangerous when fired upon deities. Drayvsra can only equip this weapon to his hands for obvious reasons. The bow’s user can use magic to control insects, transform themselves or others into insects, mimic animal traits and summon/create insects spirits and/or insects. They can communicate with insects, borrow their senses, possess them and otherwise use insects as extensions of themselves.

Infestation: Drayvsra can fire arrows from the bow in rapid succession and charge the power of a single bow to increase damage, slow the target and increase the amount of damage poison causes.
Hex-Tensions: Hex-tensions for the hands become giant horned wasps that fire as poisonous arrows. Hideous mutant centipedes and vampiric mites can also be fired as trick arrows.
Scale Hunter: the stingers
Angel Surge: Shoots out

A scythe weapon containing souls captured by the god of death, Thanatos, who had been expelled to the farthest depths of Hades. The weapon is mostly used as a powerful, yet slow melee weapon. The spikes that form the scythe’s blade can also be shot out towards opponents. Unlike all dead scythes, Thanatos can permanently destroy/annihilate souls and/or spiritual beings that do not have a body, with or without affecting the body, which causes the targets to die without possibility of Resurrection, but some may transform into a soulless being instead.
It also makes its user immune to all soul-based powers, meaning their souls cannot be manipulated in any way, including being absorbed, destroyed, trapped/sealed, or converted into another type of soul. This perfect defense is the contract with Thanatos.

Scale Hunters: Summons the claws and jaws of Mythalamund. 
Hex-tensions: Hex-tensions for hands become spectral scythe slashes, arms of the undead & claws of death himself.
Angel Surge: Summons the spiked tentacles of Deldro.

Ymir & Surtur: 
Flame and Ice throwers containing the souls of Giant Kings known as Ymir-King of the Frost Giants and Surtur-the Fire Giant King. Ophelia, a princess & powerful priestess, who was thrown into the Coctycus River by her sister due to her jealously of her current relationship, and was mutated by miasthma captured them. Drayvsra can switch between the two elements to either burn or freeze his enemies or use them simultaneously. He has two sets of this weapon that can be equipped to both his feet and hands.

Hex-tensions: Becomes either a fiery or icy hydra head that sweeps, stabs, and mauls.
Scale Hunter: Dynalir’s tails become longer and blazingly whip, or frosty with sharp jagged frost spikes that slam and freeze, or both at once.
Angel Surges: Summons Deldro’s tentacles engulfed & enhanced with fire or ice or both.

A giant rocket-hammer forged from one of the Kongo Conglomerate’s prized yet top-secret ingenious Spacecrafts & the breaking down of the thunder god, Takemikazuchi's, divine sword, the Futsuno-mitama. It has a slow swing speed but can break through the defense of almost all the opponents Drayvsra comes across. It can be charged for extra damage, shock foes with electricity, and stun those standing on the ground after its swings & shatters the earth. Charge attacks also kick start the afterburners & boosters for supersonic swings. Drayvsra can only truly equip this weapon to his arms & though it can technically be equipped to his legs, his tails wield the hammer.

Hex-tensions: Hex-tensions for arms become the giant fists of the infernal demon Hekatoncheir.
Scale Hunter: Instead summons the power of Raothun, whose thunders can create holes in the atmosphere & shatter the sky.
Angel Surges: Summons the hooves of Exeza.


A pair of chainsaws that use the scales of the infernal dragon, Salva Maderna as its teeth, and the heart of her fallen rider, Turekon as its engine. Legend states that Turekon’s voice could bypass defenses and manipulate his opponents through their souls & spirits, thus as the engines rev up, Turekon’s groans cause enemies to feel intense vertigo or downright pass out, leaving themselves open to attack. Also Salva’s fangs, claws, & spikes were so sharp that she could rip through the thickest of skin, the toughest of armor, & strongest of scales with relative ease. Even the Iron Dragons of the North were no match for her. They have short range, but do more damage to opponents the longer they are kept in contact with them. Drayvsra has two pairs of this weapon and can equip them to both his hands and feet. Drayvsra can use these weapons as a pair of high momentum skates…. Somehow when they are worn on his feet.

Scale Hunters: Summon the power of Dynalir’s jaws to crush enemies and rip them to pieces.
Hex-tensions: Longer chainsaw slashes and jabs are made.
Angel Surges: Summons the saw-like wings of N’Rahsia.

Chain Chomp: 
A Chain Chomp that was weaponized and received by Drayvsra from a Beautiful British Witch during a cross between dimensions. The Chain Chomp can act independently of Drayvsra to an extent, and can attack nearby enemies, in a fashion similar to normal chain chomp enemies in Mario, without him ordering it to do so. Yes, this is real.

Sweet Irony: 
These hammers are made of Voralcalcum, a powerful shock absorber and so dense it’s indestructible yet responds so highly to vibrations. So strong it can cause earthquakes & sink holes with a single strike.

Scale Hunters: Summons Dynalir’s horns to break any barrier and skewer enemies.
Hex-tensions: Summons the Red Queen’s enormous hammer, crushing the enemy between her hammer and his, like smashing an enemy against a wall.

Angel Surges: Summons the heads of the Skeletal dragon pets of Genmore.

Divine Arms

Divine Arms (30)
Made from the souls & bodies of angels he’s defeated, these heavenly weapons bring divine punishment and help Drayvsra tap into his angelic power & holy heritage. (These weapons summon Angel Surge only.)

Drayvsra’s 2 prime X-angels manifest themselves in the form of two bus-sized build slashing swords sharp enough and strong enough to shred black-steel monoliths & decimate stone monuments. Their magic can also pierce magical barriers no matter the strength for no door is closed to these keys of light. Pisces Alpha can cut through time, & Pisces Omega can cut through reality itself.

White Rose: 
Made with the soul of Abe no Sayaka, this white and pink beauty, crafted by Quartz is a legit death scythe and Roman Dragonav assault rifle. With its unique design, multidimensional power, hyper-cosmic ethereal nature, and insane recoil and power, Drayvsra can use the recoil to increase his mobility, turning him into a deadly blur of speed or use its overwhelming spiritual power allowing him to temporarily phase out of reality itself leaving enemies fearful in a tornado of white rose petals and cherry blossoms. 

Crafted by the mysterious heavensmith Quartz, this rapier can make a spell unstable in order to alter its properties. When used on the wielder’s own spells, it can increase its destructiveness in exchange for accuracy, duration, or range to be reduced. When used on others' spells, the blade can cause them to fail or backfire. The Norak priest Ezekial’s soul must remain in this weapon as penance for his past sins and as a means of redemption. His mastery in spell-craft was truly a sight to behold. Those who prove worthy and skilled will also be granted divine knowledge of the 3 divine houses of Frederick. Any dark arts users who are pierced by this sword will be turned to stone. 

Blood Lily: 
This blade is a manifestation of the angel Af, angel of anger and holy wrath. It was crafted by Sensei Hanzatori to be a harbinger of death and destruction to all that its master saw as an enemy. The more blood it consumes the stronger it and its user become. The sword’s blood is composed of a metallic substance, allowing for control over this substance in lieu of normal blood, in addition to potentially being poisonous to those who are negatively affected by certain metals.

50 Shades of Black: 
Crafted by the divine spirit craftsmen Sensei Hanzatori, this gun-blade houses the spirit of the Mitsui Kongo Lake. They can completely obliterate malice. They crystalize all they cut, blessing them with a potent calming of time spell.

These shotgun gauntlets crafted by Madame Porshia house the soul of a proud ancient beast king & one of the rare 15 Nemean Lions. These babies pack a punch so strong, they can easily smash enemies through diamond pillars, and break onyx.

This hammer is the twin sister to Mjolnir. (Yes, the hammer of the mighty Thor himself.) This hammer grants the user supreme control over Divine Lightning thunder, sound, and vibrations. 

These claws, crafted by Sensei Hanzatori, are made from the soul of Orthros the guard dog to the pits of Tartarus. Orthros’s fangs and claws can even devour gods.

This weapon, crafted by Sensei Hanzatori, is a reverse engineered supernatural Mantra gear from the Onigiri Monks who trained Drayvsra. The gear summons 8 powerful arms that surge and discharge a combination of a Dragon’s chi & a Witch’s mantra energy through devastating force. Users of this weapon have reached the pinnacle of Hand-to-Hand fighting prowess. They know everything about bare hand fighting and surpass any and all masters of combat of any form, have complete knowledge of the forms whether be unknown, nigh-impossible to master, or forbidden and can also create their own forms of combat to throw off their enemies

Aqua Fang: 
These gauntlets summon the fangs, jaws, and claws of Heggenee the waterhound of the 5th ring of Heaven. These hydro claws are somewhat slow but their power to infinitely build up pressure allows them to cut through anything given enough time.

45 Excalibur: 
This gun was crafted by Madame Porshia from a broken blade from a series of Excalibur blades. (Yes there were more than one.) With the power of the holy sword, this gun is an unbelievable source of power and accuracy. The bullets ricochet until they hit the targets weak spots. They’ll even ricochet inside the target’s body.

This powerful heavenly hand cannon contains the soul of the Greek dragon Ladon, guardian of the golden apples and brother of the Nemean lions. He was truly a dragon feared by the gods. Those who wield this holy pistol, are granted semi-temporary immortality as long as the gun is loaded. This pistol shoots out not bullets, but instead the 100 giant blazing heads of the dragon himself. (The user shoots out 100 heads then reloads.)
Hive Knights
These divine circular bladed SMGs, made by Quartz, fire the stingers of Hive-Z soldiers at insane speeds. The stingers shock and instantly stun targets until they disintegrate. 

Made with the soul of Muninn, one of Odin’s prized ravens, this gun turns Drayvsra into the perfect sniper. Muninn’s all-seeing eye in the scope sees the entire battle field, the entire universe, into different points in time, & across different dimensions. With its precise magic vision, no one is safe, and once Drayvsra locks onto a target & pulls the trigger, the magic bullet will chase said target until it gets a confirmed kill. This deadly divine rifle truly never misses a shot.

This angelic badass kasari-gama, crafted by Sensei Hanzatori, strikes with lightning speed, holy flames of divine vengeance, & can create, shape and manipulate holy earth that's highly effective against the supernatural, such as demons and/or angels. The effectiveness, in question, can range from trapping and/or immobilizing to outright banishing or killing supernatural threats. Furthermore, divine earth itself may have other properties and abilities, such as healing, Resurrection, summoning angels and/or spirits of the deceased from Heaven to the material plane.

Made from one of 5 broken Atlantean tridents by Quartz, this holy water hydro spear can purify all who touch it by burning their sins. The more dangerous the target is, the more powerful, precise, and deadly the spear becomes, and the more skilled the user becomes. 

Blades of Salvation: 
These blades once belonged to a prehistoric band of monster hunters. They grant their user incredible agility and inhuman flexibility and increase their dexterity hundreds of times over.

Deicide Squad: 
These strange guns come from an entirely different omniverse. They are 4 revolving shotgun-esque SMG’s each filled with elements of the Primordials. Ascension {Red Gun/Right Hand} can create, shoot, and manipulate fire/flames of an ancient primordial nature. Descension {Blue Gun/Left Leg} creates, shoots, and manipulates electricity/lightning of a primordial nature. Order {Jet Black Gun/Left Hand} creates, shoots, and manipulates water of an ancient primordial nature. And Chaos {Silver Gun/Right Leg} creates, shoots, and manipulates the earth of an ancient primordial nature.

This bladed railgun, crafted by Quartz, harbors power proportionate to that of Indra himself. Its user can fire hyper speed vaults of electricity and overpowered shock bullets, and become a virtual embodiment of lightning.

Sin Slayer: 
This scythe houses the souls of Nikysis the Ice dragon king and Beggord a frost giant. Entire civilizations and mountains can freeze over with one swing from this scythe.

Grand Testament: 
These 2 high velocity heaven gun pistols pack more fire power than a nuclear missile. They’re so strong, that they can easily break through magic barriers, angel & demon bones, and the most stubborn armor. 

These 2 blades contain the hearts of 2 real love birds forcing those they cut to fall uncontrollably in love with the user to the point that they cannot bring themselves to hurt them.

This instrument of Heavenly glory was crafted by Quartz and given the power of Bonsur a guardian of Valhalla. This divine guitar will grant its user the power to summon blessed vines of protection and righteous fury that snatch, pierce, and then burn their prey all to the sound of rock and roll. It will also summon vengeful plant spirits from the Garden of Eden to punish enemies for their polluting presence. It can also be split and the halves can be used like dual axes.

Lover’s Quarrel: 
This arcane bow can only be fired from the legs, yes the legs only. Its arrows never miss & are able to create sound quakes and waves. It can tear molecules at an atomic scale by emitting high-frequency vibrations from the target’s entire body.

4 for All: 
With these huge oversized nunchucks, Drayvsra can summon the power of the 4 Chinese North, South, East, & West gods-The Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Tortoise.
Having mastered this weapon, he can summon each the Four Symbols which are four mythological creatures in the Chinese constellations, each one representing a direction and a season, and connected to certain elements. They also have connections to the four benevolent animals. He can summon them at the end of combos or during charged attacks.
Four Symbols
Azure Dragon of the East-(Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Ambient Energy Manipulation, Asian Dragon Physiology, Plant Manipulation, Wood Manipulation, & Spring Manipulation)
Vermillion Bird of the South-(Ambient Energy Manipulation, Avian Physiology, Phoenix Physiology, Fire Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, & Summer Manipulation)
White Tiger of the West-(Ambient Energy Manipulation, Autumn Manipulation, Feline Physiology (Tiger), Metal Manipulation, Rage Manipulation, & Berserker Physiology)
Black Tortoise of the North-(Ambient Energy Manipulation, Snake Physiology, Tortoise Physiology, Water Form Manipulation, Water Manipulation, & Winter Manipulation)
Since some systems include the Fifth Beast, during fully charged attacks, Drayvsra can summon the body and form of the Yellow Dragon for a limited time:
Yellow Dragon of the Center-(Ambient Energy Manipulation, Asian Dragon Physiology, Circadian Manipulation, Eclipse Manipulation, Land Embodiment, Season Embodiment, & Yin & Yang Manipulation)

This swift axe was once the weapon of the Norse god Tyr. Madame Porshia managed to reforge it into a stronger faster axe with the horns and hide of Star Runner, a celestial ram with more than twenty thousand diamonds covering its entire body. This weapon is capable of creating & manipulating diamonds. It is able to spread or scatter them like shotguns and form shields reflecting various attacks &/or abilities making it well balanced on offense and defense. The diamonds are strong enough to block Roe Escarlet's dimension cutting capabilities.

There once was a broken shield from a fallen kingdom graced by Madame Porshia’s touch. Blessed by the extraordinary Heavensmith, filled with holy wrath and a thirst for justice, these babies are ready to bring the pain. These chained hammers are truly a force of nature & a symbol of redemption. With them, their user can instantly develop skills to deal with threats or varying situations, either permanently or temporary.
For example, after a certain situation, like a sword battle, their user will develop enhanced adaptive swordsmanship, developing a perfect counter style, dominating the opponent as the battle progresses. They could gain knowledge of medicine, and use it to heal someone who is severely wounded. Their wielder may develop enhancements to go along with the skills, making it seem as if they have had years of development and training in a few seconds. 

These 2 chained hooks have syringes built in that are connected to 2 vials containing 2 divine curses.
Vial1.) Curse of Submission (Love/Fear Spell)- This curse instills the target with love & fear for Drayvsra, forcing them to submit. 
Vial2.) Curse of Lost Logic (Reality Warping Spell)- This curse destroys all target’s sense of logic, reason, and common sense, ensuring their emanate defeat.

Avant Tial IVI: 
This sacred clock offers divine time manipulation, keeping the user immune to alterations in the time stream, allowing them to retain memories of prior timelines before the alterations when others may not. They'll notice if someone time travels to the past or someone rewinds time to the point the event will occur, allowing the user to see every event across all of the infinite timelines simultaneously. They know instantly when and how something happened or will happen regardless of what timeline an event occurred. This chronos-sentient weapon also allows the wielder to attack, creating and striking with razor sharp clock hands in the form of pole-arms, including glaives, poleaxes, halberds, naginatas, spears, halberds, scythes, guan dao, tridents, etc., that are capable of adapting to any threat foreseen.


This construct came from another dimension where Egypt, its gods, and its people continued to thrive for thousands of years and developed magic-tech. that’s equally on par and partially more advanced than Asgard. Unfortunately, their civilization died out & this is one of the last remaining pieces of their grand technology. Having been modified with holy power & angelic tech by Quartz, segments of this elaborate sarcophagus open to fire out a multitude of Exo-Egyptian magic guns.

Dragon Arms

Dragon Arms (9)
These ancient Dragonyne relics help tap into hidden reserves of power & can strengthen the bonds between a witch and his/her dragon. They were once a very broad spectrum of highly advanced tools, weapons, & constructs that were used to battle & tame dragons as well as hunt and slay them with extreme amounts of power, equal ferocity, and advanced workings. Their complex & fickle nature and construction make them weapons that only the Dragonyne Witches can use. (These weapons summon alternate Scale hunters only.)

These 9 guns have 3 modes that shoot out 3 of a dragon’s deadliest weapons. Two can be shot from Drayvsra’s hands, 2 on his feet, & the remaining 5 guns are used by his Tails!!! Their names are Asteroth, Bolock, Astrid, Zolaire, Vrash, Qtetzkyotal, Slasher, Clyme, & Daxis. Savage mode blasts out enraged dragon heads at blinding speeds, Berserker mode sends a volley of high-powered dragon blasts towards the enemy with concussive force, & Ethereal mode hits enemies mercilessly with a dragon projections from long range. It’s an advanced Dragonyne weapon. Like the Twin Wyverns, these were merely dusty stone relics at first, but were renewed & upgraded through Drayvsra’s touch.

This is the final of the Dragonyne’s prime model swords, the Tiamat Excaliburs. It is a powerful dragon sword made with the salvaged heart of an unborn dragon whose egg hatched in Drayvsra’s body upon him entering adolescence and gave it life in the form of a sword. Though it can never take its full dragon form, it is immensely powerful and can manifest a huge dragon head that’s bigger than a large building & with practice, can manifest a huge blazing dragon avatar. Blessed by the Slissra Dragona (A legendary etherious Pantheon of primordial Dragon gods & Cosmic Draconic beings), capable of matching Excaliber, Blitz Fyre, Caliburn, Murasame, & the Ethereal King’s Blade, and breaking Ascalon the Dragonslayer & MXCT Slitherblades (Highly advanced anti-dragon swords capable of killing draconic beings instantly), this sword has been passed the ultimate title of Dragon Killer.

Dracko Cestus: 
These are clawed gauntlets specifically crafted for the Ignacial (Fire-Type) Dragonyne Witches only. They heighten the dragon’s fire power and witch’s physical strength to unprecedented levels. They’re also capable of producing a potent shield that nullifies draconic power and severely weakens dragons, but this weapon itself is a double-edged sword.  

Ingrus Cext: 
These black gauntlets harness a dragon’s rage and ferocity. They can attack on the physical, metaphysical, and astral planes all at once making them a threat to the living, dead, and the undead. These Black Dragon gauntlets & greaves allow their users to either instantly develop powers/abilities to deal with threats or cause their bodies to dynamically learn from experience. Depending on the user's control of the power or genetic structure of the weapon, the reactive effects can be permanent or temporary.
For example, after a certain situation, the user's skin may become tougher. They may display increased IQ after a difficult test or fortified emotions after a personal argument. The user may be able to read different languages after moments of looking them up or be able to withstand a constant bombardment of radiation. Some users may develop Enhanced Speed after being shot, or grow Dermal Armor, or gain the opposite power of their opponent.
Uses for this draconic gear include:
• Adaptive Appearance
• Adaptive Augmentation
• Limitation Transcendence
• Power Opposition
• Reactive Invulnerability
• Reactionary Immunity
• Reactionary Replication
• Skill Adaptation
Varied Examples
• Biological Manipulation: Users reactively enhance their bodies in multiple ways usually encompassing one of the personal enhancements.
• Damage Memorization: Users memorize the damage their bodies take, thus rendering themselves immune to the same attack or move twice.
• Dermal Adaptation: Users reactively change the texture, color and density of their skin to suit the situation.
• Environmental Adaptation: Users reactively alter or shift their bodies in order to survive in their surroundings.
• Mental Manipulation: Users reactively alter their own minds and control their positive or negative effects, perhaps even turning on other Mental Abilities.
• Reactive Attribute Enhancement: Users reactively develop enhancements for situations, combat or tasks.
• Self-Adaptive Power: Users abilities are able to adapt themselves.
• Situational Strength: User is literally as powerful as they need to be at any given moment.
• Superior Adaptation: Adapt anything and everything.
Intricate Examples
• Aquatic Respiration after being submerged in water.
• Atmospheric Adaptation in changing gases.
• Damage Memorization to render oneself immune to certain types of attacks, such as limb severing.
• Elasticity to fit through small openings.
• Enhanced Intelligence in against mentally incomprehensible threats.
• Enhanced Strength when being attacked by foes of great numbers.
• Fireproof Skin when exposed to flames.
• Flight when falling off of a cliff.
• Invulnerability before being hit by a semi.
• Night Vision after being in the dark for a few seconds.
• Omnilingualism when attempting to read or listening to a different language.
• Teleportation if confronted by a force much stronger than oneself.
• Being able to survive without oxygen and being able to withstand the vacuum of space.
• Becoming pure energy. 

Living armor, composed of Asdagon (Dynalir’s old friend), that turns its wearer into a vessel of extreme power but uncontrollable aggression making them an unstoppable force. Together with Dynalir’s scales, this armor is an indescribable pillar of power. Asdagon & Dynalir’s union gives Drayvsra the power to spontaneously and quickly increase his power-level to match those of superior opponents and overcome excessive hardships, (with all 7 of his limiters active.) This adaptation applies to all personal parameters, physical, mental and even existential.
Raw power, speed and fighting skills will keep increasing until the opposition finds itself severely outmatched, surviving and recovering from incredible punishments until they become unnoticeable. When facing some particularly extreme circumstances, the armor’s user will eventually reach a breaking point, their power-level exploding as they shed into a new, super-powerful form.

In the end, no matter how huge the gap in power, no matter how impossible the odds, the armor will always find its possessor standing victorious on top of their defeated enemies. Though this weapon is beyond incredible, it was so strong that any witch, wizard, or warlock that claimed it, died after the 3rd use. In the end, its nature & power became too much for even the upmost elite of the Dragonyne to use, & was deemed too dangerous and sealed away.

These old Dragonyne relics summon the power to turn any dragon into a Leviathan type. These whip-claws can stretch for miles and are faster than even speed demon comprehension. These are well-known for the iconic scene were Drayvsra easily blocked & redirected all 17 quintillion of Neo-Athena’s purple tachyon arrows, of which moved millions of times faster than light.  

Twin Wyverns: 
These 2 guns have 3 modes that shoot out 3 of a dragon’s deadliest weapons. Machine gun mode blasts out dragon scales at blinding speeds, Shotgun mode sends a volley of dragon teeth towards the enemy with concussive force, & Sniper mode hits enemies mercilessly with a dragon claw from long range. It’s a basic Dragonyne weapon. It was a dusty stone relic at first, but was renewed & upgraded through Drayvsra’s touch. 

A whip staff forged out of dragon scales from a Wyrm class dragon known as the Dimension Hunter. The hide is nigh indestructible, and surprisingly more flexible than rubber. Even though it has been weaponized, the flesh still lives and protects its user, attacking any enemy that will catch the user off guard or while they’re attempting a sneak attack, making it somewhat of a crutch but a useful weapon nonetheless. With the power of this legendary dragon, this weapon can create, shape and manipulate dimensions, beginning with the physical 0-D, 1-D, 2-D, 3-D, 4-D, 5-D, 6-D, & 7-D changing their own dimensions. Advanced uses include manipulation and linking to alternate dimensions and dimensional energy to achieve a variety of feats, such as teleportation, portal generation, and pocket dimension creation.
These platinum-like wings once belonged to Yskan-Ra, the Egyptian Dragon god of Magic. With their power at his disposal, Drayvsra can cast spells & rituals that take days, weeks, or even months of preparation in seconds, & use the power of the Pyroverse on a God-like level.

Devil Arms

Devil Arms (30)
Weapons of mass destruction and bringers of chaos, these primal weapons are forged from the bodies and souls of demons he has defeated in battle. These tools of vengeance and death help Drayvsra tap into his demonic power & hellish heritage. (These weapons can summon Hex-tensions only.)

A hellish black claymore with magical power given to Drayvsra as a keepsake by his Uncle Ebon, one of the caretakers. The blade itself is a vampire. It is in a somewhat dormant stage when Drayvsra first uses it, but “awakens” upon contact with his blood or that of his enemies. With it he can perform…

Hex-tension: Summons giant demon swords and the blades of the 3rd heart.
Sparrow- A basic forward sliding stab good for covering distance, and approaching enemies safely.  
Skull Cracker- An overhead strike designed to break through armor and the bones of demons.
High Pressure- A launcher-esque move where Drayvsra propels opponents into the air with an upward strike, summoning a pillar of blood.
Hungry Boy- A quick multi-hitting attack where Drayvsra throws out a flurry of thrusts in during so, the blade splits down the middle revealing a grotesque mouth full of fangs, long jagged teeth, & a serpent-like tongue. It’s a deadly combination a multi-sword thrust & sadistic evisceration with giant scissors at high speed.
Pulse - 7 chargeable blood blade projectile that can be shot from Drayvsra’s sword. Think the Sword Beam from The Legend of Zelda, minus having to be at full health to use it.
Dirty Dancing - Drayvsra plants Hemophage into the ground, turning the sword into a tall, slender bloody cross and twirls around on the pole kicking all enemies around him.

Cursed Spear blade of the Red Queen. With this, Drayvsra can summon armies of Card Soldiers, Devil Spiders, & Dark Giants to battle in his name, shooting out an entire army in a single shot.

These blood thirsty blades have what remains of the legendary power of the city of Ouroboros. Sealing the power of over 20,000 breeds of mythical snakes and serpents, these sai blades grant their user full dominance over all with serpentine blood. Drayvsra can take these cursed venomous blades and use attacks like…

Venom Plunge-The Sparrow of Ouroboros. Drayvsra does 3 high speed dashes, piercing his opponent before turning into a giant snake and slamming into them. 
Python Piledriver- Drayvsra plunges his sai into his enemy’s legs, instantly critically poisoning them before he then rockets into the air & slams them, face-first, into the ground.
Serpent’s Purge- Drayvsra summons a handful of flying snakes that hook themselves onto enemies, poisoning their minds and then putting them under Drayvsra’s control.
Egyptian Whirlwind- Drayvsra stabs the ground sending hundreds of serpents underneath. On command, the snakes burst out of the ground and drag their prey down to be eaten.
Poison Graffiti- Drayvsra performs an X-shaped cut to the ground which then summons Egyptian hieroglyphics that turn all who stand on them to stone instantly.
Persian Gown- Drayvsra spins at high speeds sending an ocean of snakes in all directions, he spins faster raising the ground zero of the attack into a tower of spinning snakes, and then the tower explodes sending spears of poison and deadly cursed snakes everywhere.
Snake Sniper- Drayvsra throws two sais, charged with purple energy, at his opponent. It can be charged dealing more damage and can be performed in mid-air.
Sai Hunter- He fires one Sai at the opponent, and then the second Sai. The sai blades mark the enemies as two giant spectral boa snakes appear, follow their quarry, & chomp them to death with a nasty venomous bite.
Viper Drop- Drayvsra teleports and quickly hits her opponent from above with a jump kick.
Boa Fall- He teleports again and hits a second kick to the opponent from the other side.
Snake Eye- Drayvsra tucks into a ball and rolls toward his opponent knocking them off of their feet.
Coil n’ Roll- Drayvsra will leap up in a ball first and then roll into the opponent.
Anaconda Vice- Drayvsra leaps onto his opponent's chest and begins eating away their face or neck. Also, if the opponent has a sai lodged in their neck before he performs this move, he'll pull out the sai and stab them repeatedly.
Spear Snake- After Drayvsra finishes biting (or stabbing) the opponent, he will kick them away.
Spiteful Gorgon- Drayvsra grabs hold of his opponent, and in an homage to Mortal Kombat, he rapidly stabs his opponent's torso with his sais, breaking their ribs and damaging their innards. He then knees them in the face, breaking their skull.
Dance With Me?- Drayvsra teleports and proceeds to kick the opponent three times before stabbing his sais into their ears. Then, he viciously takes a large bite at the opponent's forehead, completely breaking the part of the skull. He then proceeds by taking out of his sais and stabbing them in their eyes & watching as snakes blast out of the poor victim’s face like a fountain.

Tommy Malown designed this hungry s-o-b to be a F**k you to everyone in Drayvsra’s path. This hellcannon houses the soul of Jiggles, a notorious serial killer clown. It literally sprays one million rounds per second. It houses Jiggle’s brain and with Malowns trickster magic in it, Drayvsra can do insane tricks like...

Hunting Dogs- Drayvsra surges his flames into juggernaut and blasts out thousands of blazing hellhounds that chase after enemies at high speeds until they catch them & eat as much of their meat and bones as they can before they explode.
Horny Rhino- Instead of shooting bullets, this crazy thing blasts out demonic rhinos.
Great Balls of Fire- Juggernaut charges up and blast 10 balls of fire that later explode sending bullets everywhere. 
Indiana Jones- Drayvsra creates a magic circle in front of the gun before firing. He then shoots through the circle. 2 rows of similar circles form a path in front of him, and bullets spray from the circles turning all enemies between them to Swiss cheese.

This cursed scythe is the cursed fate of a vile nun, Margo Romania. Her sinful lust and carnal desires earned her a one-way ticket straight to hell. Her soul was then the treasured item & plaything of the fallen angel Ingrid. This scythe can summon the burning hands and claws of Margo and other fallen women who curse their fate and wish to share their suffering with whomever their master targets & the weapon can scream horrendously causing the vibrations to sharpen & reinforce the blade making it capable of cutting through anything. The weapon also materializes her vengeful nature in battle for any harm that befalls this scythe will have greater effects on the environment as well as any & all enemies surrounding the user.

This triple-linked nunchaku staff is infused with the power & soul of Victoria Frankenstein, an extremely powerful madscientist, unprecedented alchemist, and descendent of the legendary Doctor Frankenstein. The staff is connected to the Frankenforce, a bottomless well of quantum-cosmic energy & pseudoscientific knowledge. With this demonic weapon, Drayvsra can perform Pseudoscience, methodology that appears to be scientific or supported by science, but which fails to comply with the scientific method. A field, practice or body of knowledge can reasonably be called pseudo-scientific when it is presented as consistent with scientific research, but it demonstrably fails to meet scientific norms.
With this power, the user of this staff is able to perform feats that may appear to be science-based, but it is not distinguishing from feats of Science Manipulation that involves the utilization of the physical laws while this power functions similarly to Magic that defy the physical laws.
Victoria’s Sinful Branches of Pseudoscience
• Alchemy
• Artificial Life Creation
• Astrology
• Boundary Manipulation
• Cartoon Physics
• Causality Manipulation
• Enhanced Crafting/Inventing
• Imaginary Element Manipulation
• Imaginary Physics Manipulation
• Logic Manipulation
• Pseudomathematics Manipulation
• Psionics
• Science Attuned Physiology
• Scifi Manipulation
• Scientific Prowess
• Technological Magic/Technomagic

Amun & Shu: 
A dual-set of curved sickles imbued with the power of Lucy’s two favorite elements, fire and water respectively. These two weapons can be used for slashing attacks, or be brought together to form a double bladed sword. The special moves to this weapon are as follows...

Hex-Tension: Summons flame blades from the 8th Heart.    
Jet-Stream - Drayvsra lunges forward with both weapons performing a series of rapid strikes.
Cross Fire- An aerial attack where Drayvsra strikes across his opponent with Amun and Shu making an X-shaped slash.
Fire Pool- Amun & Shu’s launcher. Drayvsra spins the blades around at supersonic speeds, hurling foes into the air using the power of fire and water.
Horizon Slice- Drayvsra quickly slashes with the 2 blades performing multiple strikes.
Hex Cross- Drayvsra performs an X-shaped slash on the ground.
Chosen Path- Drayvsra plunges both swords into the ground producing a trail of fire that shoots forward damaging enemies from afar.
Vortex- Drayvsra produces a cyclone of fire & water damaging foes around him.

These fans were made from the soul Embrosa. Cuts from these dagger/fans turn blood into nitroglycerin burning foes from the inside out. The fan form channels hell fire & the winds of chaos creating blazing hurricanes & wind tunnels.

This mystic devil bass can be used to cast spells and manipulate reality in a small area. The user can summon objects and creatures from the sky, enhance or debuff the abilities of others in the area, and empower the player. The instrument can also kill or heal targets around the area. It also affects the weather and time of day around the world. The bass is also comprised of a large sickle that can be used for melee attacks. The notable attacks available to this crazy weapon are…

Interlude- Drayvsra rapidly produces razor sharp musical notes, giving sound & vibrations deadly physical form, and begins making a hurricane of them to surround him damaging all enemies in the vicinity while a sick bass riff plays.
Song of Frustration- Drayvsra plays a metal jam that enrages all enemies, stripping them of all reason & forcing them into a wild but slower berserker state. This effect lasts longer than use of taunts and enemies are drastically slowed but their attacks do 3 times as much damage.
Lusty Love Song-Drayvsra targets four enemies or allies then plays a love song with Lilith. Allies will feel a strong sense of joy, euphoria as well as a boost in speed, striking power, & magical power. Enemies will likewise receive the same positive emotions and power boost which will force them to attack their allies, but will then become severely damaged or die once the effect wears off due to magic rejection. Should Drayvsra use this attack again and switch controlled targets, his allies will remain unaffected while his enemies will feel a strong sense of envy & rejection and go on a rampage, attacking everyone, friend or foe, except Drayvsra. 
Deadly Solo- Drayvsra blitzes the enemy, moving at high speeds in all directions, changes Lilith to assault mode then charges at the enemy at higher speeds and rip them to shreds. He then continues to spin even faster producing an even larger amount of sound energy while stepping forward to finish tougher foes with a devastating omnidirectional slash.
On your knees- Lilith summons a demonic electric sound storm, so big it shadows the Earth & blocks the sun. Then giant orange palms rain down, attacking the Earth with same destructive force that killed the Dinosaurs.
Flashy Finale- A chargeable move where Drayvsra summons a large castle of giant speakers that shoot out ginormous sound fists with tremendous force and higher speakers that blast out solid musical notes that spin like shurikens and fly everywhere, ripping the land & sky asunder. It’s slower, but much more powerful than it would be to summon shockwaves, sound waves, notes, & spells using normal combos.

A set of greaves and gauntlets that Drayvsra initially gained upon defeating Skoll the Lightbreaker and fallen son of the Great Hound who fell to the depths of Hell during Ragnarok. They give him a variety of close-range moves that possess an uncanny resemblance to moves in fighting games, and deal light-based damage. The ferocious soul, star eating fangs, divine claws, and powerful flesh of the beast still live in the weapons giving their master the strength to rip open the barrier between dimensions, claws of light that shred all considered enemies (divine or demonic), & the power to strike with the force of a hypernova given time to charge.  These are those combo moves...

Hex-Tension: 6th Heart duo throw them hands.    
Swarm- A flurry of kicks that is followed up with an axe-kick. The axe kick can be charged for extra damage.

Underfist- A follow-up to Swarm where Drayvsra throws a rapid series of punches ending with a DDT.
Beastly Uppercut- A chargeable uppercut that launches enemies into King Tyrus’s mouth.
Rising Phoenix- Basically a Shoryuken.
Straight- The sparrow of the Fenrir weapon. Drayvsra slides forward with a powerful punch. The impact will force the enemy to spin uncontrollably.
War Hammer- A double-fisted haymaker that leaves a large impact crater, smashing enemies to the ground.
Absolute Impact- One of his most powerful moves. Drayvsra focuses his power into 1 attack that decimates anything unlucky enough to get hit by it.
Volcano - Drayvsra slams his fist to the ground to produce a large explosion.

This is a huge 12ft long sword. Known as the Storm Saber and Spirit King of Azure Lightning, Eragon is a Devil Arm that helps Drayvsra tap into his latent demonic powers. It’s wielded similarly to Tigre Fuego & Hemophage, but grants Drayvsra the ability to imbue some of his attacks with spiritual & demonic electricity. It initially tried to trick & consume Drayvsra, but was ultimately put under his command. With it he can strike quickly enough to perform multiple sword strikes before rain drops can hit the ground, destroy souls with lightning, & slice rows adamantine pillars clean in half.

A pair of fire-based gauntlets with the soul of Farsero, the Arch Dragon of Purgatory sealed within them. Like Eragon, it tried to control Drayvsra, but became wieldable by him instead. Interestingly enough, these gauntlets are haunted by the Thirst for Life curse and any enemy hit by them will dry up, burn out, and fall apart. Also the Frost demons from Cocytus (The coldest ring in Hell’s lowest depths) are stated to be immune even to the fires of a volcano & the sun, yet are very vulnerable to the hellish fire of Ignis. The only moves it has that Fenrir does not is Raging Blaze where Drayvsra surrounds himself with flames hotter than hellfire that damages enemies just by being in the vicinity among several others.

Hammer with an ox head made from adamantite. It can cause extreme volcanic eruptions and lava flows. It can also fire off giant spheres of molten rock like missiles. It can attack with powerful volcanic force, & strike with the heat of a planet’s core.

A demonic gun housing the soul of Ottvanghana the dark lord of sexual desire. The gun fires not bullets, but the spirits of the fallen Black Widow Clan of lustrous assassins of Asia who died in the witch hunts. While exiting the gun their spirits materialize into lightly armored flaming spider-fox-ninja spirits with the armor being made of some form of powerful violet demonic antimatter making the force behind their hits stronger and their explosions more destructive. Their whispers poison the minds of those they pass, disorienting and terrorizing missed targets.

A set of armor, greaves, gauntlets, and mask, made of a demonic metal that destabilizes anything that obstructs it on an atomic level. Each pair of gauntlets and greaves have built in thrusters, which increase the speed and power of Drayvsra’s attacks. In spite of this the weapons are slow relative to others Drayvsra has available, but when they hit, they hit hard, (Example: The almighty one-inch shatter punch that devastated an entire temple and surrounding hills). The gauntlets and greaves also have drills, claws, sickles installed on them that can increase in size the longer they’re charged (because bigger drills are always better).
Hex-Tension: Summons the fists of the Queen and the 5th Heart. Charged attacks summon the claws & single horn of the 4th Heart.

El Dorado: 
A demonic black-steel & gold hovering DJ table made of Karlaviel’s soul, corpse, & death coins capable of performing ancient songs of tragedy and summoning 666 unique classes of warriors. The weapon has a Calamity Gauge that determines the strength and types of warriors it summons during Gun Kata moves. This gauge can be filled or depleted depending on which attack is used. The 7 specific modes used from the weapon are…

EDF002: Caster: Turns El Dorado into a Caster, a magus from the Age of Gods that far surpasses modern magi. She is something from the divine era that shouldn't exist in the Age of Man, so her abilities in magecraft are on an entirely different level than any living magus can produce. They have a large amount of magical energy at their disposal. Fills Catastrophe the gauge.
EDF725: Assassin: Silent Killer and Demonic Spirit of Assassinations, is one of the Four SS Ranked Classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy War. Servants of this Class are skilled at operating covertly, stealthy, and silently. This class is one of the weaker classes at fighting; as its members possess low attributes due to not having glorious legends as heroes, it instead specializes in killing Masters rather than Servants. It is an oddity compared to the more formal Knight classes who believe in fair duels and chivalry in combat; they will attack using the most unfair and favorable conditions, and with these conditions, it is possible for an Assassin to match and defeat other Servants. The Assassins' special class ability is ‘‘Presence Concealment”, which allows them to remain undetected when spying or preparing to ambush their targets. Fills the Catastrophe gauge.
EDF638: Ravager: Fierce hellish beast warriors that are able to empty themselves of all rational restraints in battle and completely immerse themselves in combat becoming dangerous warriors for both friend and foe. The ability allows them to ignore fatal physical damage as if it never affected them and continue fighting with a frightening level of stamina while also being unpredictable and erratic in combat, making it hard to counter them. The rareness of this power makes-up in one's opponent being super strong as it boosts their adrenaline and stamina to the point they are able to wear out their opponent through sheer tenacity and ferocity alone. Fills the Catastrophe gauge.
EDF727: Behemoth: Humanoid beings of prodigious size and strength common in the mythology and legends of many different cultures. Most obvious changes are increased size (ranging from relatively normal-sized but big to huge to closer geological scale), strength and endurance. Generally, giants lack any real supernatural abilities, but they can have the same ability to learn as, for example humans, and some have truly impressive powers. Fills the Catastrophe gauge.
EDF143: Marksman: Powerful sharpshooters that utilize bows, sling shots, & sniper rifles with unnatural accuracy. Consumes Catastrophe gauge.
EDF501: Blade Master: Drayvsra splits the table open creating a giant gear below him. The device blasts up a huge pillar of light, turning into a Prince of Demonic Light construct around Drayvsra & begins wreaking havoc, damaging all surrounding enemies in a large explosion.  Consumes Catastrophe gauge.
EDF666: King’s Guard: Deadly dark knights with the ability to take on the form of weapons, which grants several abilities most of which come from the materials their bodies are made of and what kind of weapon they are. These knights can also create/use attacks that cannot be blocked, reduced, countered, negated or deflected by any means, defenses, armor and immunity. This ability is not dependent on physical factors like strength, but is instead based on the properties of the attack.
Knight’s Attacks
• Concept Destruction: destroy and negate conceptual defenses such as time and dimension to successfully hit the target.
• Defense Break: bypass and ignore all forms of defense, whether it be metal armor or dimensional barrier.
• Defensive Damage: Inflict damage even while guarding.
• Intangibility Cancellation: ignoring the fact that the target cannot be affected by attacks, the strike cannot be phased through.
• Irreversible Destruction: true to the attack being "absolute", the effects and damage inflicted are also absolute, causing regeneration and reconstruction to fail.
• Omnipresential Attack: no matter what timeline the target is residing in, the attack will strike at all space-time locations, ensuring a successful hit at a time when they are vulnerable (i.e. before acquiring intangibility or immortality).
• One Hit Kill: Despite being an absolute power, the user's attack is amazingly powerful, enough to kill a human completely, especially a user with Immortality, or the Enhanced Healing Factor power.
• Totality Attack: Attack the target anywhere/everywhere in existence.

A backpack-like apparatus in the form of a black widow spider that is able to summon an indefinite amount of spectral razor sharp, incredibly strong, nigh indestructible red wires & webs made of pure demonic energy. The wires can be individually arranged in midair, thrown, or wielded as a short range weapon. Each one is also explosive and will explode after a few seconds of an impact or on Drayvsra’s command.

These deadly demonic Scythe-boots grant their user intense speed and the power to summon Byxonylem, a powerful dark metal that can only be found in Tartarus. The green radiation from the metal’s aura severally weakens all who touch it. Stomping summons spires, jagged wild blades, and giant spears. Kicking will summon seadly buzz saw blades, & spike projectiles.

Hex Tension: Summons heels of the 7th Heart.

These two grandswords are infused with gravitational-green pulse energy which makes them easy to use. Spinning them makes them intensely stronger.

Sword of Azalea #1 (Head of the White Raven King): 
This almighty blade is but a piece of the demon-forged blade once used by their Father, the Legendary White Raven King, Azalea himself, that was shattered into 10 pieces upon his death & left to his children. This legendary blade has been magically imbued with his essence and is considered a source of god-like power within the Figure 8 continuity. This piece often switches between a default sword form, a trident form, a bow & arrow form, and a scythe form during combat. Although Drayvsra wields it most similarly to Tigre Fuego most of the time. The completed sword or its severed pieces are so powerful & intense, that their full power can only be wielded by Drayvsra or one of his brothers. Drayvsra occasionally loans out this sword to the Figure 8 support character, Jewel for his own use. But he usually receives it back from him. It has 2 notable additional moves...

Chaos Rain: Drayvsra shoots a barrage of meteors from his fist. This move is chargeable.
Hurricane: Drayvsra spins around with the weapon slashing at foes while protecting himself.

A dark-katana forged from the continent size serpent Sasoria that was normally used by Morgon, but was briefly used by Iris in Figure 8+3, but is normally used by Drayvsra. The blade can extend to lengths so long, it can decimate entire cities in a single slash. It has an incredibly sharp cutting edge, capable of cutting through just about anything. It can also transform into a naginata form that comes with even deadlier sharpness & a powerful curse that kills demons instantly but is useless on anyone else. Drayvsra doesn’t use too many moves in gameplay while using Basara, but with the Black Knight Army Hunter style he can perform several dimensional slashes, and an air slash capable of cutting apart a large stone coliseum from several dozen meters away. He likely can perform some of the more complex moves Iris uses too.

This darkforce hammer hits with titanic force. Though the power is tremendous, the hammer moves surprisingly fast, hitting with power beyond the speed of sound. The aegis breaker at the end can break through the very concept of defense.

A sacred treasure of battle used by numerous war gods including Ares, Tyr, Sigrun, Guan Yu, & Mesopotamian & ended up lost only to be found in the 3rd ring of Hell, its blade pierced into a rotting tree trunk. The vengeful war-hungry cries from this weapon gives demons shivers as this weapon of holy war is now a darkened god slayer. Users of this guan dao become the concept of combat in all its forms, including mental, physical, spiritual and conceptual ones, regardless of the area and numbers involved, and can control how any conflict progresses.
Users become extremely skilled in all form of fighting, weapons and both strategy and tactics as well as statistics of war to the point where they are considered Gods. Its killer skills include…
• Raging Sky Heart Breaker: Drayvsra launches himself high into the air before piercing the ground with a succession of deadly strikes delivered with his guan dao. The force of the attack shatters the ground beneath him, causing wide spread devastation to the surrounding area.
• Gomi-Tai Tai-Ichi: Whirling his guan dao around himself at an incredible speed, Drayvsra rains down an explosive gale of slashes on his opponent. Debris is set ablaze & sent flying amid the destruction.
• Shadow Counter: Drayvsra delivers a decisive slash to the enemy with his guan dao. The power of the slash cleaves the ground beneath in two, splitting the surrounding countryside.

Wonderland Sisters: 
These 4 15’ pistols were made by Tommy Malown after Drayvsra got his hands on the Unholy Grail. These babies can negate magic barriers & divine and protect, stop spells dead in their tracks, etc. For these anti-magic guns are the bane of magic users & supernatural forces…except their user, that is. The guns also house a “Trump Card” that allows their user to copy any/all movements/actions after seeing it performed once, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. With these skills they can become masters and incredible at what they do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over.

Users can copy how a person aims, giving themselves incredible marksmanship; however, if they wanted to use certain weapons, they would have to watch a person fire that weapon in order to be able to copy it (such as how to fire a rifle, as opposed to how to fire a bow, or how to throw knives or darts).

An ancient divine tool & belonging of King Midas. Its purpose was to reveal all varied forms of value & worth in anything, amplify it, & bring prosperity, but it became corrupted by Midas’s greed, grief, & despair. Now it was, or use to be the precious prize of Arsene Lupin IIVI, a human whose greed, skill, & madness resulted in him being turned into a demon upon his death. This demonic ray gun now has the power to induce preposterous amounts of greed into targets as well as buy/barter for absolutely anything, for the user absolutely everything has value and can be bought, including people, concepts, elements of reality, etc. Buying may require communion with anthropomorphic personifications of certain concepts or bartering with something other than paper money. Users of this weapon can force entities to give things their souls, their money, or their lives for any amount of services for a different concept.

Applications Include:
• Communing with concepts or other incorporeal entities.
• Contract Bestowal: Create binding business deals with entities both physical and non-physical.
• Concept Manipulation: "Buy" concepts.
• Self-Power Bestowal: Buying superpowers.
• Subordination Manipulation: Control the free will of others by simply buying their lives.

Twist Shot: 
A powerful armor-piercing sniper rifle with a Hex-Gear core, courtesy of Tommy Malown. Drayvsra can make the bullets ricochet off multiple walls to make it increase in speed and power, and target weak-points of specific enemies to increase damage.
Hex-Tension: Summons Drayvsra’s 4 horsemen (car familiars.)

A weapon with a vase-like hilt generates a cursed water whip. The water summons the hexed vines of Apocolypto from the depths of the infernal jungle of the 6th circle of Hell. The vines rip their user’s enemies open & crawl within their prey’s insides turning them into a corpse vase for their deadly venomous screaming flowers to blossom.

This disc-like backpack apparatus is the very embodiment of corruption. Representing the event known as “Falling from grace” this weapon can create a series of empathetic weapons & spiritual swords that can ravage hard-as-platinum skin and blades that cut souls.
Example Soul Blades;

Black Ivy-Can induce overwhelming feelings of intoxication leaving enemies helpless and ready to die with a smile.

Dark Soul-Can induce strong feelings of hatred, turning even the most noble of pacifists into savage killers.

Girth-Induces physical swelling and weakness of muscles, followed by heavy feelings of vertigo.

Endeavor-A mere clash of blades with these swords will turn competent warriors into total idiots. 

Jabra-Can break the concept of distance, impaling enemies accurately no matter their distance or speed.

Star Jaw-Can cripple divinity and weaken and shatter any form of Divine protection.

Soul Surge-Can induce hopelessness & nihilism. 3 hits will cause soul destruction.

This truck-sized bone eating axe is strong enough to blast through boulders in one slash. It can also create any fortification of various sizes and strengths and from differing substances, ranging from energy to wood, stone, metal or anything that the user can imagine, making it perfect for going on the defensive. 

This demonic machine gun used to belong to an Elder Lich. It blasts armor piercing bullets fueled by dark, orange-electric Reaper Energy & is able to make objects shatter regardless of their hardness or condition.

== Transformations ==

Dragon Mode

This is by far, the most complex transformation of Drayvsra’s arsenal. Since he and Dynalir the 7, (his dragon partner bound to him body and soul[The Dragonyne Witches always keep an additional feature of their primary dragon partner shown, other than just the scales. Given Drayvsra’s surprisingly curvaceous male figure, Dynalir’s eye is constantly seen on Drayvsra’s left hip.]) Since Dynalir has 7 heads Drayvsra can assume 7 different sub-transformations.  To kick the battle up a notch, but keep the risk of ending it too soon small, Drayvsra has a small basic Dragonyne man-dragon form. He changes with the power of each head accordingly: (He can enter a small humanoid Dragon form-Dragon Head 2nd Gear. He can then enter a full savage dragon form-Dragon Head Full Gear.) He can even assume multiple dragon forms by himself if Dynalir’s ever incapacitated, or rendered unable to fight. These forms can range from a wyvern, drake, naga, wyrm, & manta, etc. These dragon forms, as a whole, boost all his stats tremendously & look bad ass at the same time. Each of Dynalir’s 7 heads has their own personality and their own separate powers & abilities to offer. Fun fact: These forms can change depending on what different weapons and flames Drayvsra is using.


Drako being known for his explosive enthusiasm is the first head of Dynalir. His physical strength is on par with the likes of 3 & Chesire. He is the 1st of Dynalir’s heads & Head #1 of the Crimson 7 Dragon. He is rambunctious & tenacious, always ready for a fight at the drop of a dime. Dracko is the reason as to why Drayvsra can either use various ranged weaponry such as slingshots, bows, guns, cannons etc., as a conduit for draconic energy or impose those effects on ranged weapons to enhance them. He can create any kind of weaponry that is imbued with incredible draconic power, wield them as his own, and make it so that no one is capable of using the weapons except for those who are worthy of its power. The exact power the weapon possesses highly varies on the type of draconic force that empowers it.

He can also use various ranged weaponry to utilize everything there is, from space to time to reality to energy to the elements to spirits to pretty much anything. Everything is usable in one form of artillery a weapon may have.

He & Drayvsra have reached the pinnacle of armed fighting prowess. He knows everything about fighting with a weapon and can surpass any and all masters of armed combat of any form, having complete knowledge of his wielded weapon whether they be unknown, nigh-impossible to master, or forbidden and can also create his own forms of armed combat to throw off his enemies.


The head female of the pack, Y’ngzalizz-{Ing-zall-ez} plays the role of Drayvsra’s caring mother figure. She often acts as a guide & tries to keep Dray on the right path but it doesn’t take much to anger her, insulting Drayvsra & dragons in general being 2 of her pet peeves. She’s noble, proud, confident, & sassy with a soft spot for children. For reasons unexplained she has a strong distaste for certain gods, many demons and devils, & any human that isn’t a child. Y’ngzalizz can observe/view/watch everything, everywhere, everywhen, and everyhow at the exact same time and regardless of where or when it is or might be. She can view realities outside of the whole of existence, into dimensions shielding against every form of observation, see the lives and connections that tie together anything/everything and the thoughts and dreams of every creature/entity/demon/god or eldritch horror that exists or doesn't exist. She can view out into the boundless emptiness and nonexistence where isolated and locked entities dwell.

All that is, isn't, might, might not, could, could not, can, can't and won't exist is visible and laid bare before her, and nothing can be hidden from her eyes. Unlike perception, which is the power to perceive anything/everything, this power only enables her to observe/view/watch everything.

She also carries 4 blades of absolute power with her when Drayvsra takes her form. These blades can absolutely annihilate beings of a certain species without leaving so much as ashes let alone a corpse. These 4 massive swords have even caught Iris’s attention, forcing him to state that they’re on the same level as the Artesians & they’re evn capable of hurting him.

-Lost Devotion: The 1st Blade is capable of slaughtering gods of the highest caliber, even critically injuring Bujiin & Taijiin Gods and Cthonic deities like Nyarlthotep.

-Dark Reprieve: The 2nd Blade is a god-tier Devil Slayer. It can kill Prime Evils & even conceptual-level Hell Lords like Satan.

-Kin Slayer: The 3rd Blade is a Dragon Killer. It can sever draconic magiks & energies & one-shot any dragon that isn’t in the 2nd Court of the Slissra Dragona.

-Grave Keeper: The 4th Blade can destroy even the most powerful undead entities. According to Jadis, not only is this blade capable of killing True Immortals like Dracula but he guaranteed it can even kill nonexistent creatures of the void & even other ammortal beings.


Being somewhat of an eccentric in mind, body, spirit, & bond Niko+Las is a duality, a split yet symbiotic existence. They are the 3rd head of the Crimson 7 Dragon & a powerful tag-team. Upon assuming half their form, Drayvsra becomes a man in one form & a woman in the other. He can already do this himself of course, but what makes this instance special is that in Niko+Las’s ½ forms the roles of Drayvsra & Dynalir become reversed. Niko+Las have the power of both the 2nd & 4th Branches of Metaphysics.



·        Concept Manipulation

·        Form Manipulation

·        Knowledge Manipulation

·        Logic Manipulation

·        Science Manipulation

·        Truth Manipulation



·        Absolute Existence

·        Absolute Restoration

·        Existence Manipulation

·        Omnicounter



Being referred to as “The Big Girl” by the group-(Drayvsra & the other Dragon heads) Avalline is a powerhouse & a living fortress. She is the 4th head of the Crimson 7 Dragon & the largest mid-transformation of the 7 individually her size coming up 5x larger than the Earth itself. She can create mazes that defy logic and bend space-time in a way that doesn't make any sense, such as making door A and door B both lead to door C and door C only lead to door B, or making a door lead back to its-self. The mazes may also be in constant state of change, shifting and reshaping all the time. She can also create, shape, and manipulate all the elements, be them artificial, natural, supernatural, psychical, physical, esoteric, fantasy, cosmic, universal, divine/transcendent, demonic, conceptual, metaphysical, primordial, etc. elements, having practically no limits on the amount or type of element he can absorb, combine, project, or manipulate.

Applications Include…

All Elemental Manipulations

1)    Artificial Element Manipulation

2)    Eclipse Manipulation

a.      Lunar Manipulation

b.     Solar Manipulation

3)    Elemental Boundary

4)    Element Manipulation

a.      Classical Element Manipulation

b.     Conceptual Element Manipulation

c.      Cosmic Element Manipulation

d.     Dark Element Manipulation

e.      Demonic Element Manipulation

f.       Divine Element Manipulation

g.     Empathic Element Manipulation

h.     Esoteric Element Manipulation

i.      Esoteric Energy Manipulation

i.       Fantasy Element Manipulation

j.       Imaginary Element Manipulation

k.     Light Element Manipulation

l.       Primordial Element Manipulation

m.  Psychic Element Manipulation

n.     Physical Element Manipulation

o.     Spiritual Element Manipulation

p.     Transcendent Elemental Manipulation

i.      Elemental Energy Manipulation

ii.      Transcendent Energy Manipulation

q.     Ethereal Manipulation

i.      Aether Manipulation

ii.      Nether Manipulation

r.       Foreign Energy Manipulation

i.      Omni-Energy Manipulation

1.     Energy Manipulation

s.      Foreign Material Manipulation

i.      Supernatural Properties Manipulation

1.     Exotic Matter Manipulation

t.       Life and Death Manipulation

u.     Magical Energy Manipulation

v.     Meta Space-Time Manipulation

w.   Nothingness Manipulation

x.     Periodic Table Powers

y.     Quantum Foam Manipulation

i.      Absolute Force Manipulation

ii.      Cosmological Force Manipulation

z.      Twilight Manipulation

i.      Darkness Manipulation

ii.      Light Manipulation

aa.  Universal Force Manipulation

i.      Fundamental Forces Manipulation

bb.                        Wu Xing Manipulation



Lae/Full Form

Laevatane is the 5th Head of the Crimson 7 Dragon. He is a very estute gentle despite being a dragon. He carries himself with pride & is very sweet on Drayvsra, always flirting without a care in the world. He has a positive attitude & a nonchalant disposition. He carries the power of Draco-Tech, combining technology with draconic energies, elements, and other dragon-related forces he can create, own, & find advanced technology, capable of completing tasks and feats so great that it only appears like magic such as controlling reality, living armor and weapons, devices, etc. The technology is so advanced that it's beyond mere human logic and imagination, that a single little child's toy can destroy an entire city.


(I)-Ichabod (x3)

Ichabod is the 6th head of the Crimson 7 Dragon. He is somewhat arrogant & a bit of a pessimist, the typical lazy swordsman-(only active if there’s a fight going on & only happy if the opponent is worthy.) Not to mention the two of them often have attitudes towards each other & argue a lot of the time leaving the other heads to break up the fighting. Drayvsra cannot fully control him and there are times when he will not react when Dray tries to use him in Scale attacks. Despite this, he is still loyal to Drayvsra and is always ready to defend him should something happen. He’s essentially the older brother personality that only wants Drayvsra to do better & give his all. Also if Drayvsra takes enough damage in a weaker state Ichabod will awaken & go on a rampage, thus he functions as a cheatcode should Drayvsra get locked out of his own system. He can create Dragon blades that cut through absolutely anything and everything, which absolutely nothing can defend against.

The attack can cut down opponents of any form, whether they be immortal, invulnerable, or the hardest substance in existence. It can also reach every plane of existence, whether it be space and time or alternate and pocket dimensions. The cut can affect the target no matter what it is, as it is an Omnipresential attack that can slash through all timelines and parallel dimensions. Intangibility cannot evade the attack as it cuts past the "intangible" defense and strikes the physical being beneath it. With Ichabod, Drayvsra can slash through intangible elements such as fire and water, causing them to split apart as oppose to a normal cut which would simply allow them to reform.

This power also slashes through metaphysical concepts such as reality and illusion, allowing one to either dispel and destroy illusions of any level or slit through the barrier between the two and allow imagination to become reality or vice versa. Dreams and memories can also be cut, allowing one to escape from being trapped in nightmares and the mental world. Conceptual locations and beings such as heaven or hell, living or spiritual, and gods or devils, are also affected by this ability.

Ichabod also has 3 sets of eyes that give him different bonus abilities.

Red Eyes: The Red Eyes grant the power to project fire blasts from the eyes. They also let Ichabod & Drayvsra create, shape and manipulate the sky and everything in it, including all the aspects of the weather.

Gold Eyes: The Golden Eyes can transform matter and objects, including living beings, into stone by looking at them. With them, Drayvsra & Ichabod can create, shape and manipulate surfaces, the interface of any two targets (including solids, liquid, gases, vacuum, energy, etc.), for example the land around them to make holes, gaps, hills, slopes and such, and can also be used to manipulate the surface of walls, floors, and even ceilings.

Blue Eyes: The Blue Eyes can emit beams of heat-draining energy, freezing their opponents in their tracks. They also let Dray & Ichabod create, shape, and manipulate the oceans and seas and everything in them, including all the aspects of the oceans, from the purely physical ones and also mythical/conceptual ones, such as: capriciousness, hidden mysteries of the depths, and the subconscious.




Representing the more serene & collected side of the Crimson 7 Dragon, Ragnarock is 7th head. He is a mixture of a Dragon, a Buddha, & an Asura with an uncanny mastery in combat that for 2 million years has proved unmatched. He excels in melee attacks without weapons on supernatural levels. He’s able to perform counters, techniques, and combination strikes with such skill, speed, and prowess that far surpass their regular counterparts. Since his combative prowess is pushed far beyond the natural level, he’s able to pull off hand-to-hand feats that are seemingly impossible for even the most skilled fighters that try to comprehend his foreign skill.

He has the power to absorb anything/everything, including matter/energy, power, concepts, etc., while removing it from the source, into their body and use it in various ways, gaining some form of advantage, either by enhancing themselves, gaining the drained power, using it as power source etc., either temporarily or permanently. When assuming his full form, Drayvsra’s defensive abilities become absolute for their body absorbs anything, completely removing any need to block attacks.

1.     Absorbing Replication

2.     Absorption Ball Projection

3.     Absorption Beam Emission

4.     Absorption Field Projection

5.     Absorption Infusion

6.     Absorption Slash

7.     Absorption Weaponry

8.     Absorption Artillery

9.     Adaptation Absorption

10.                        Age Absorption

11.                        Card Absorption

12.                        Chemical Absorption

13.                        Color Absorption

14.                        Concept Absorption

15.                        Data Absorption

16.                        Death Absorption

17.                        Death-Force Absorption

18.                        Deity Consumption

19.                        Digestive Assimilation

20.                        Dream Absorption

21.                        Duplication Absorption

22.                        Emotion Absorption

23.                        Environmental Absorption

24.                        Experience Absorption

25.                        Explosion Absorption

26.                        History Absorption

27.                        Impact Absorption

28.                        Inertia Absorption

29.                        Inorganic Absorption

30.                        Elemental Absorption

31.                        Energy Absorption

32.                        Remote Energy Absorption

33.                        Energy Assimilation

34.                        Insanity Absorption

35.                        Knowledge Absorption

36.                        Life Absorption

37.                        Life-Force Absorption

38.                        Aura Absorption

39.                        Luck Absorption

40.                        Magical Energy Absorption

41.                        Matter Absorption

42.                        Mass Absorption

43.                        Memory Absorption

44.                        Mind Absorption

45.                        Omnidirectional Absorption Waves

46.                        Organic Absorption

47.                        Personality Absorption

48.                        Pollution Absorption

49.                        Power Absorption

50.                        Property Absorption

51.                        Psychic Energy Absorption

52.                        Soul Absorption

53.                        Space-Time Absorption

54.                        Meta Space-Time Absorption

55.                        Speed Theft

56.                        Spell Absorption

57.                        Stamina Absorption

58.                        Suffering Absorption

59.                        Vibration Absorption

60.                        Weapon Assimilation

Again with the blood of Tiamat, Drayvsra can transform into multiple dragon forms from wyvern to wyrm, from drake to manta without Dynalir’s help or influence. He can also call upon the power of these mighty Dragon Lords from Dynalir’s family bloodline.

Ø Orobarion-Bends gravity to his will. Powerful enough to attract the moon towards the earth when not dormant.

Ø Dromagdon-Can create & activate super volcanoes at will. Powerful enough to attract the sun towards the earth when not dormant.

Ø Quinterra-Can raise endless sandstorms. Can easily create a crack so big that it would split the earth in half.

Ø Frostecton-Could drive the world into an endless ice age, later shattering the world to pieces.

Ø Raothun-His thunders are powerful enough to create holes in the atmosphere & shatter the sky. Can manipulate the clouds to create endless rainstorms.

Ø Mythalamund-Covers his surroundings with a massive cloud of ash which causes molecular deconstruction to every sentient being near it. Strikes confusion with an ear piercing scream, making him very difficult to be located.

Ø Ninlathal-Can create such pressure underwater that it would crush anything in an instant, it could easily create a liquid sphere the size of the sun.

Ø Diogene-Has ancestral genes of all other beings, powerful enough to revert any calamity. 

Ø The Dragnar Trinity-(Tiggron, Wolfracture, & Manavartin)-Planetary cataclysms are left behind their trails as they circle the world, combining the elements of fire, water, & air, few can match them.

Phoenix Mode


In the form of the legendary firebird, Drayvsra gains incalculable speed, being able to move 920 sextillion times faster than the speed of light. He also gains unlimited magic reserves, 7 rare magic birds & winged beasts of legend to do his bidding, matter & energy creation, and an unrivaled boost in magic knowledge, power, and skill. Not to mention he also gains psychopotence, magic lordship and transcendence, & becomes the one & only source of N’vora in the omniverse.

White Phoenix

This alternate phoenix form is the definition of life & creation. Burning with the flames of primordial knowledge, this phoenix has seen it all and continues to see. The White phoenix is the cosmic embodiment of life and all magic & psionic energy, born with the beginning of the omniverse, representing all life that has not yet been born. It is a source of all mystic power & psionic energy, and acts primarily through hosts, with its most famous & powerful being Drayvsra.

Dark Phoenix
The dark phoenix is the embodiment of constant destruction, capable of burning abstracts, concepts, and multiple dimensions & universes with near relative ease. The black phoenix wields a cosmic energy field called "End Game Effect", a force of entropy from the destructive side of existence, which proves integral, as it is the core from which his other abilities manifest from. This effect allows him to transverse through dimensions and alternate realities, also enabling him to break barriers and force-fields. 

Drayvsra can transform into a Phoenix Dragon, hybrid of Phoenix and Dragon - two prominent and powerful mythical beasts. The phoenix dragon has all the strength and ferocity of dragons and the phoenix's regal and gentler nature.

Tiger Mode
By drawing power from the Tiger Force, Drayvsra can obtain the speed, ferocity, strength, & power of the extra-dimensional primordial cosmic tiger. Letting anger, true blood lust, and an unprecedented craving for destruction drive his actions, he throws away all of his weapons & enlists only his ferocious Savagery Magic & natural weaponry.  His strength will match, then exceeds that of gods. His fiery fur, fangs, claws, & presence will inspire fear in even the mightiest of foes and his roar has swept the very bravest off their feet. This form is the physical embodiment of his insatiable lust for combat as well as all his rage, anger, & resentment that’s been bottled up for several millennia. 

Tiger Blitz-(Vaast)
This hunting form is for aggressive ground speed. Drayvsra becomes 57,000 times faster than the speed of light. Being fast, agile, & able to adapt to any obstacle, this form truly makes him the Apex Predator. His claws, canines, and spikes are 2,000 times stronger than steel and capable of rending the flesh & bones of angels, demons, & gods alike. He also gains an incredible camouflage; presence concealment, shadow travel, & can grow to the size of mountains. With this version being more useful for the chase, his hunting prowess is unmatched. And should he encounter prey faster than him, the hidden power of this form will activate & his speed will increase to match and then surpass theirs if they touch him, making him faster than any predator.

Tiger Blaze-(Crone)
This level allows Drayvsra to become an armored goliath of combat. His 2 gigantic armored forearms and even larger claws grant him unspeakable striking power. His primal instincts, hunting prowess, & evolved combat skill all make him a nigh unmatchable fighter. His megaton roar can level forests, shake continents, and shatter space stones. He has hidden Gatling gun barrels in his paws, & his knowledge of cosmic spell-craft & mastery of the One-Trillion Palm would shock even Buddha himself.

Tiger Buster-(Beijun)

In this Tiger form, Drayvsra gains a monumental jump in strength and becomes invulnerable & nigh indestructible. Even bladed weapons can’t pierce his hide!! He is granted full nullification to all manner of attacks; physical, projectile, elemental, etc. at the cost of his recoil ability. This form makes it impossible to kill him by physical means & every attack and strike that connects with malevolent intent only makes him stronger. He can zip across solar systems, jumping from planet to planet, in a single bound, can survive a nuclear winter &/or thrive in the core of VY Canis Majoris (the biggest sun in our galaxy), & if his anger continues, he could destroy the universe & possibly the multiverse. The physical strength, unbelievable shock absorption, and insane fire power in this form is… Wild!!

Tiger Berserker-(Nekaros)

In this primal form, Drayvsra obtains world shattering strength that boosts every 2 seconds; his roar alone can obliterate multiple galaxies. He obtains the power of Taikhan, a tigress entity so powerful, he eclipses the likes of Fenrir & Cerberus & is recognized and acknowledged by the Slisra Dragona.

Ifrit Mode (Giant Form)

Weilding these primordial flames allows Drayvsra to grow to the size, level, and power of a legit titan. He dominates the battlefield as a blazing behemoth & embodiment of fire, towering over mountains.
Salamander Mode (Gateway Form)

In this form, Drayvsra becomes a literal universal gateway. He can fight and do major summons or up to 10 summons at once at the same time. He can also breathe & travel extremely fast in water.

Titan Mode

With the stolen blood of Cronos, the power of an alpha hekatonchieres, & primordial ashes, Drayvsra has achieved the power to dominate, rule over, and slay titans. He has also achieved 2 titan forms, one colossal towering over mountains & the other is human-sized but every bit as powerful as the former.

Gemini Mode

After defeating and absorbing Arsvyard & Dsaavrry, the perfect copy and complete opposite of himself, Drayvsra gained a phenomenal new power and form, Gemini.  In this form, Drayvsra and Dynalir separate in an awesome way, & stay separated for long periods of time while keeping their link perfectly intact. Dynalir manifests in the form of a handsome Dragonyne witch and gains the powers of the phoenix, tiger, Ifrit, salamander, titan, Red Queen, & Pisces. With them, he becomes a Phoenix-Dragon, Tigress-Dragon, Berserker-Dragon, Salamandra-Dragon, Dragon-Titan, Devil King-Dragon, Metatronic Angel-Dragon, & a Dragon God. He & Drayvsra both gain a Tremendous boost in power, and their new magic skills and unbeatable teamwork and coordination makes them the deadliest duo truly worthy of the name Gemini.

Pyro-Jack Mode

This form is an unusual one. Somehow Drayvsra has a powerful connection to the omniverse of Dialyons, Deus Ex Machinas & beings of living metal, information given form, & creatures of organic technology. He becomes a transcendent mechanized deity possessing abilities beyond the laws of science or magic, resulting in him being of unfathomable power and capable of incredible feats; his powers are inexplicable to either side and seemingly accomplish completely illogical/irrational actions/effects to both. The potential effects are innumerable in possibilities, as he can accomplish apparently everything imaginable with very little exposition as to how it is done. The scope of this power can range from slight nudges to brutal disruptions in scale. In this form, he is guided by a highly-transcendent, cyberpotent, & nigh-omniscient artificial intelligence that he refers to as Alice, which on its own can manipulate and alter any variables, including those nonphysical and more abnormal in nature. Thus, allowing Drayvsra to have influence and control beyond those that only exist in the physical realm.
Examples of those in the more abnormal and nonphysical category includes, but not limited to: theoretical laws, philosophical ideas, and other notions of similar nature, to which he is allowed to enable/disable/modify/rewrite and in turn, can cause a tangible effect on reality in a potentially higher magnitude than just altering those of the physical existence.
Infinite Joker Mode

Drayvsra manipulates & transcends the dimensional ladder, starting as a 5th Dimensional being, moving on to 10-D, & continues to transcend to even higher dimensions & realities. Dynalir starts out as a Cartoon Dragon in this form & becomes a Dimensional Dragon as they continue to ascend in this form.

Angel Trigger (Angel Form)
Angel Trigger (Archangel)
In his holy form, Drayvsra assumes his birthright to become a host of Heaven, gaining power that exceeds even the archangels. His stats and abilities are increased leagues above the norm and he assumes the power of all his angels. His familiars are dramatically strengthened with divine energy & he gains divine protection. But best of all, he gains 3 new variations of divine power unique to him; (Holy Water Manipulation)- Drayvsra can create & manipulate 3 different kinds of Divine Water each with its own unique abilities and properties. (Bolex Water)- This holy Zodiac water, which can engulf suns and absolve the innocent, is from his bond with Pisces. Its power is a mystery but unspeakable nonetheless. (Righteous Water)-This holy water brings intense pain to all the guilty and destroys all evil it touches. It also brings love & empathy to their hearts and souls filling their hearts and tears with regret for past sins. (Giltin Water)- This is holy water from the gulf of Heaven. With it, Drayvsra can use lightning with getting electrocuted, summon Elatian Guardians that protect the souls of lost & unborn children, & wash away & destroy all he perceives as a threat. (Holy Alcohol Manipulation)- Drayvsra can create & manipulate 3 different kinds of Divine Alcohol each with its own unique abilities and properties. (Holy Wine)- Drayvsra’s seduction powers become incredibly boosted. This wine makes him irresistible and all who taste its sweetness or inhale its aroma will become helpless to his wishes & strive to fulfill his desires.  (Holy Vodka)- This holy concoction is pure literal liquid celebration. Everyone will literally forget what they are doing & turn up. It can also be used offensively, to helplessly disorient enemies, even the heaviest drinkers will fall. (Holy Ale)- This holy ale is made from grains grown among the stars and the oak of the divine white oak tree that grows in Heaven. Its flavor and power can make even the most stubborn, prideful, and indomitable-willed men submit to peace.

Super Angel Trigger (Angel Lord)
Drayvsra’s angelic power is increased to a whole new level. His speed, magic, & striking power have skyrocketed, and he receives his own army of red angels. His very word becomes law, making all who stand against him powerless. His seduction powers are absolutely crazy for he can turn his fiercest enemies into his greatest lovers.

Super Angel Trigger 2(Cherubim)
In this form, Drayvsra gains nigh-omnipotence and becomes a holy tempest. He utilizes the new forms his 3 new heads give him. The Lion Head (Passion)- The Black Hole roar, Divine voice, and a zenith mode.  The Ox Head (Determination)- Absolute Strength, Absolute Attack, & Absolute Defense.   The Eagle Head (Enthusiasm)- Grants him absolute speed, incredible intelligence, claws that cut suns and stars, & God levels of magic skill. 

Super Angel Trigger 3(Seraph)

In this form of Ascension, Drayvsra becomes a holy serpent of flame. His speed is untouchable, and his flames burn all. He can make the immortal mortal, the invulnerable vulnerable, destroy the indestructible, & vice versa.
Super Angel Trigger 4(Angeleus)
At this level of transformation, Drayvsra finally achieves power that surpasses his Mother. He retains absolute restoration, strength to move and break multiverses by barely paying attention, Aethereal manipulation, Absolute Speed, & Full Omnifarious. And like his Mother, he can create his own angels, deities and his own universes.

Super Angel Trigger 5(Omni-Born)
In this level of ascension, Drayvsra becomes a divine being with power that far exceeds his Mother’s. He retains full sub-omnipotence, ethereal manipulation, able to create multiverses with relative ease and possess powers transcending divinity itself, scaling far beyond that of gods let alone angels. He transcends godhood, his power blessed by the Father of All.

Divine Aegis
In this holy alternate form, Drayvsra becomes completely invulnerable. His physical strength becomes incalculable because he can easily move & destroy multiversal constructs & hyperversal objects.

Zodiac Drive-Pisces
In this divine ethereal alternate form, Drayvsra becomes one with Pisces & Dynalir becomes a Seraphim Dragon. The 4 become one using Divine Flames & Holy Waters in tandem in ways that will put the fear of God in anyone.

Holy Enchantress

Drayvsra becomes a beauty that surpasses any ever seen. He can shoot arrows of light & darkness that can destroy anything and can produce enough pyronide to cover both heaven & hell simultaneously. All are slaves to his omnibenevolent charms.

Devil Gear (Demon Form)
Devil Gear (Arch Demon)
In his demonic form, Drayvsra assumes his birthright to become a Lord of Hell. His stats and abilities are increased leagues above the norm and he assumes the power to summon multiple demons at one time. His familiars are dramatically strengthened with demonic energy & he gains Cursed Blood. This is a special transformative ability that allows Drayvsra to access the true depth of his demonic abilities. It only lasts until Drayvsra’s gauge runs dry (although he obviously isn’t limited by a meter outside gameplay) and activating it also heals Drayvsra faster. The properties of Drayvsra’s Devil Gear transformations can be affected by the weapons he currently has equipped upon its activation. Although Drayvsra also has a few “alternate” Devil Gear forms he can access at any time.

Super Devil Gear (Demon Lord)
Drayvsra’s demonic power has been boosted to new heights. This form offers new levels of magic feats and vast reserves of power. His demons are also vastly strengthened. He can summon the Red Queen’s armies and manipulate the 4 fundamental forces to an immense degree with his mind alone with very little effort.

Super Devil Gear 2(Devil King)
In this new dark cursed form, Drayvsra becomes one with the Red Queen, using her weapons, armies, & powers with his own to become a monstrous force of destruction and fear. He also gains the Red King, Ace, Jack, & Joker of Hearts.
His heightened abilities include; Immortality, Regeneration (Mid-Godly, can regenerate from absolutely nothing), Non-Corporeal, Reality Warping (Can alter the very fabric of reality on a whim, shaping the fabric of space-time, distorting or creating physical laws, and manipulating the fundamental forces of the universe), Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Can manipulate and control the minds of countless people from dimensions away), Energy Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Can reshape the material structure of entire planets and dimensions. Scattered Psimon's atoms through out the universe), Magic (Holds nearly unlimited control of all forms of magical energy and a mastery over all magical abilities. Holds an immunity to nearly all outside magical forces and can easily break through magical barriers), Illusion Creation, Flight, Teleportation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Empathic Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Precognition, Cosmic Awareness, Energy/Soul Absorption (Has devoured all the souls of entire universes), Fire Manipulation, Heat Manipulation, Power Bestowal/Nullification, Portal Creation, Shapeshifting, Size-Shifting, etc.

Super Devil Gear 3(Beautiful Nightmare)
In this horrifying form, Drayvsra achieves power that finally surpasses that of his Father and the Red Queen & is capable of destroying the universe with barely 1/10th of his power.
Drayvsra fulfills his role as the Dark Prince, the King of Pleasure, effectively becoming the Perfect Lover, and even the Prince of Chaos in the future Downfall of Creation. He becomes the Chaotic Demon God of Pleasure, Passion, and Decadence. Lust, pride and self-indulgence are the hallmarks of all who follow him. He is the first of the newest generation of Chaos Gods to be born, having come to full sentience within the material realm only during the 22nd Cycle.
While generally referred to as a "he" by humans, Demons, & Devils and as a female by the Angels & Angeleus, Drayvsra is actually neither gender, combining characteristics of both and perfecting them. He typically appears in an androgynous form in which it is a woman on the lower side and a man on the top with two sets of devilish horns growing from its head. He can assume any form; male, female, hermaphrodite or no gender at all. Its sacred number is eight and the colours associated with this Sadistic form are red, purple, and black. 
Drayvsra becomes the Lord of Pleasure, the Dark God dedicated to the pursuit of earthly gratification and the overthrow of all decent behavior, as well as hedonism and pleasure for its own sake. He is the God of Obsession, the Master of Excess in All Things, from gluttony to lust to megalomania. Wherever mortals are ruled by their own unquenchable desires, the Dark Prince of Lust is there in the shadows, whispering, tempting, and feasting on a banquet of souls. 

Super Devil Gear 4(Apocalypse)
With this new fallen form & power, Drayvsra becomes an embodiment of fear, and despair. He walks through existence as an embodiment of the end of it all. His very presence invites death, for he has the power to end all creation & he can destroy multiverses with a snap of his fingers.

Super Devil Gear 5(Devil-god)
Drayvsra becomes a living void capable of eating worlds & gods. The force and impact of his attacks can come from anywhere, & the damage they can cause is terrifying. His punches can rip through reality as well as create & destroy multiple hyperverses.

Majin Devil Gear

In this alternate devil form, Drayvsra becomes Omnipresent and invulnerable.
Red Raven Gear

In this alternate devil form, Drayvsra becomes an embodiment of vengeance itself. His Father’s blood becomes his weapon, & Dynalir becomes a Black Void Dragon.
Dark Zero Gear

In this alternate devil form, Drayvsra controls the Gates of Oblivion itself & has access to his Father’s army, The Void Born, a race of living nightmares that make gods quiver with fear, and give even the most vicious demons goosebumps.
Deus ex Dragnar (God Form)
Deus Drive

In this alternate godly form, Drayvsra controls both the Alpha Force & the Omega Force and with them he can transform into gods and goddesses of any status (Primordial, Cosmic, Earthly, etc.), type (High Father, Creator Deity, Mother Deity, Destroyer Deity, Demon God, etc.), or focus (War God, Death God, Agriculture God, Trickster God, Love God, etc.). He can turn into entire pantheons of new gods, deities that are either based off of known mythology and religion, or ones from his own imagination. He would discover this form & use it to fight Father Dominic for the final time.
God Breaker

In this alternate godly form, Drayvsra controls the Omega force and with it he can conquer or slay any pantheon with relative ease. This is more than enough to challenge the High Fathers. He first used this form to kill Tyrion Blackstar.
Dea Queen

In this alternate godly form, Drayvsra controls the Alpha force and with it he can create gods and goddesses of any status (Primordial, Cosmic, Earthly, etc.), type (High Father, Creator Deity, Mother Deity, Destroyer Deity, Demon God, etc.), or focus (War God, Death God, Agriculture God, Trickster God, Love God, etc.). He can create entire pantheons of new gods, either based off of known mythology and religion, or ones from his own imagination, as well as grant godly power to whomever he pleases. He first discovered & used this form 350 years before being sealed away.
Nephalem Form (D&D Mode)

Drayvsra accesses his angelic & demonic power at the same time, becoming the border between good & evil as well as the bridge. He would discover this form & use it during his second fight against Father Dominic.

True Y’dikan Form (Infinite Mode)

In this form Drayvsra has access to his full unrestrained power. He achieves the status of Trinity & assumes the power of an Angeleus level Angel, a Void-Borne Demon, & a Primordial Dragon Deity. No longer needing familiars, angels, or demons, he has achieved nigh omnipotence & omniarch. So instead, he powers up his collection of beings angels, demons, familiars, and even Dynalir himself, to insane levels of power. With power that truly surpasses that of gods, it becomes undeniably clear why the Y’dikan were so feared by the divine & the demonic alike.

(6th Limiter Released)-Meta Y’dikan Forms
With the 6th Lock of Drayvsra’s 7 Limiter System released Drayvsra’s semi-true forms are revealed, his true beauty or ugliness laid bare for all to see as his power increases to an Outerversal level. These 2 forms made all in existence acknowledge him as both the savior & doom of the 7 omniverses as unifying, perfecting, or destroying all of them at once would be a mere blink of an eye to him now.

The Desire Embodied

Drayvsra can take on his most beautiful & seductive form, The Desire Embodied, a form so splendorous, angels gather around him, even the evilest, cruelest, and jealous demons bow to him. And gods will go to war just for a simple smile from him. He can fill the hearts of apathetic beings and move them to protect and love him. He can strip the free will from even the strongest beings in creation.

The Silence

Drayvsra can also change & reveal his darkest Form, The Silence, a horrific, disturbing, ungodly terror! His fearsome presence spreads across infinite dimensions & realities instantly. A grotesque being so indescribably frightful, humans die from his presence alone. Dialyons & Magnus collapse from just seeing his blurriest reflection. Angels cry & melt, Demons scream & burn to death (even the fireproof ones), and Dragons, Deities, Devils, & Demiurges all turn to stone & shatter, all from the mere sight of him at his angriest or most broken. This indeed shows him as a beyond fiendish Outerversal  filth, a dark vision that should never be seen.

(Supreme Red King)-True Form
With all 7 Limiters released Drayvsra assumes his true form. His origin revealed him to be the perfect, surviving child born with the essences & power from the absolute elites of all the 12 races in the 7 omniverses. His power surpasses all in existence & nonexistence and he exists on a plane where concepts including the time and space of the omniverses, mental, spiritual and conceptual realms, higher dimensions, nothingness, non-dualism, the planes with no space and time, and endless possibilities and impossibilities in the context of all things are irrelevant. His very existence transcends the infinite hieararchy of the Children of the Boundless, who are dimensionless in nature at the core of their being, and are restricted only by The Father of All. With power transcending anything & everything & nothing holding him back, he achieves full omnipotence rivaling that of the supreme god, Thelos Olon.


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