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"When the destruction of Magic inadvertedly unleashed dark beasts, led by a forgotten past of the Butterfly lineage, to leave destruction and ruin in their wake, five siblings were given the means to combat the looming threat using the magic found within the symphony of music by an unlikely source; flashing memories of a past life."

"Tone" is a mystical phenomenon currently observed and practiced in a similar vein to magic, in the dimension of Roqaria and is one of the last remaining magics to exist after the destruction of the Realm of Magic. The fundamentals of Tone are heavily associated with the elements of music when its first inhabitants, threatened of becoming what their history dubbed as "off-pitched" where the dimension's raw Tonal energies gradually phases them out of reality, used music to counteract the reality-phasing side-effect of prolonged Tone exposure. This musical practice of capturing raw, dissonant Tones has been practiced and improved for countless centuries, it eventually made Tone entirely independent, cutting itself from being connected to the Realm of Magic.

Since then, Roqarians formulate specific channels that can focus Tone in various ways; from harnessing them as renewable sources of energy, imbuing arsenal with a series of chords that tune their properties with whatever attribute the chords were inscribed for, and more commonly, crafting incantations and spells, which are called "Arias". There are two ways how an aria can be enchanted: Physical & Arcane.

Event Horizon

"The rapid spread of an interdimensional mist and the capture of a powerful interdimensional being leads a team of unlikely heroes in a full-time adventure throughout many dimensions, armed with strange weapons manifested out of the same mist that affected their spirits."




"What stands between all of reality and interdimensional demons hungry for new worlds is a secret society of warriors and one plucky cook from Angel Peak, Texas."

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