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Hi I make stuff whether it'd be cringey or cool. I also might have maladaptive daydreaming.

My Stories (so far)

Three Cats in a Laboratory

A story about about two kittens as they attempt to escape their facility after realizing many things have changed.

The Adventures of Blue and Siskin

Blue, a cat accidentally ends up in Cattus. He then meets another cat named Siskin, who shows him around. Blue befriends Siskin's friends, but a possible war could be happening at the moment.

Project Marigold

Project Marigold is a Portal fanfiction series following Pallas and Coryn as they discover that an AI known as "The Boss" is planning to "reclaim" Aperture Science.

My Characters


Project Marigold

Journey To Nowhereland

  • Minerva
  • Shanice Keria
  • Blackfeather
  • Vasily
  • Gail
  • Featherines
  • Avians
  • Opterian Society
  • Opterianism
  • Cult of Nepenthe Silver
  • Nepenthe Silver



  • Corvine
  • Dire Cat
  • Birdcat
  • Shadow Wolves
  • Attackers