-Tilly's catchphrase.

Tilly Polk (real name:Til-Pol) is the deuteragonist of The Venusian Twins series, she is Lilly's identical twin sister and Rosabelle's younger sister.

Birth Edit

Tilly and her sister Lilly were born in Venus, she was named Til-Pol by their mother, Tilly and Lilly left Venus in destination to Los Angeles, during the flight, Tilly landed at 1362 Bella Oceana while her sister Lilly is in 757 Hartzell Street, However, a single woman named Michelle Polk and her daughter Rosabelle, sees the other half of the spaceship, they open it and she carries Tilly in her arms, much to Rosabelle's jealousy and envy, Michelle tells the baby venusian girl that she and Rosabelle will become affectionate to each other.


Tilly is a young girl with short blonde hair, blue eyes, she wears a purple jacket with green stripes, black skirt with a belt, purple tights and green boots, she also wears a purple and green bracelet or wristband.

In the epilogue, Tilly is shown as a adult woman, she wears a green shirt with long sleeves, purple pants, green high heels, she still wears her bracelet.


Tilly is a shy,kind-hearted girl with awesome powers, she loves her mother so much.


Purple and Green Lights


Aurora Borealis

Purple and Green Spells

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