I don’t know if you guys understand who we are dealing with. This Stringy character comes off to me as some sort of cosplayer. No threat. Just annoying. The people she has involved herself with, those are the real threats--including Snow White. Snow White may come off as ghetto. As hood. As whatever you think of her. But I can tell you, she is like Pappy, but much...much worse. She is a woman of focus. A woman of commitment. She has only one goal. Search and destroy. She is a weapon of our own creation! Pappy may have an impressive body count. Pretty impressive, but his is nothing compared to hers. You guys have forgotten, she was once a part of the Dragon Guild before she defected to the Sky-Titans. There’s a mountain of bodies buried underneath this building--all in her name. Gentlemen, you’re looking at the wrong monster. The TRUE monster is not the one with supernatural powers. The true monster is the one with no powers at all.

—Big Tony talking to Man, Stringy and Mopy: World's Finest #1

Tiffany Akari Bridges is the supporting character in the Stringy and Mopy webcomic series..

Background Edit

Tiffany Bridges was orphaned early after her birth after her mother was murdered. Years later, after being trained in many forms of martial arts...especially Krav Maga, and advanced Gun Kata. She discovers her notorious grandfather, Pappy, at the age of 18 and met her cousin, Samantha Bridges a few months later.

Tiffany was on a search for her parent's murderers. She managed to track down and kill the organization that has killed her parents. However, unfortunately, one of the leaders managed to escape.

Other than that, her life has been in mystery.

Meeting with Stringy and the Sky-Titans Edit

Before she became a Sky-Titan, she was once apart of a deadly assassin guild called, The Dragon Guild. She was brought into the Sky-Titans once she discovered that the person she was hunting for assassination was Paul Bridges, "The Pappy", ie: her grandfather.

Despite having no powers, she has managed to beat Stringy in a fist-fight. She may not have the same powers as Stringy and many other super beings, she is cunning and smart enough to outclass, outsmart, and outdo many of them -- including Stringy, one of their strongest members.

She helps with day-to-day operations with the Sky-Titans, however, she would do a bit of "freelance" to help protect local small towns from either crime or supernatural terror attacks.

Her relationship with Stringy, however, is rather a typical sibling rivalry. She is also seen as a friendly adversary to Stringy, however, she would help her from time to time and often times would protect her from classical threats such as monsters and dangerous criminals. She would often give her advice on certain situations. Other than that. she would always look at Stringy as an adversary to try to surpass.

Relationship with Pappy Edit

She would times grow excessively annoyed at Pappy's flirting with other women in inappropriate times during a fight, or when he is screwing around with them when he is supposed to be worried about his granddaughter. She had to threaten to cut off his nether-regions in order for him to help save Stringy. They usually have a cool relationship, though they would at times argue like an old married couple.

Despite being the 2nd youngest in the Bridges Family, she is way more mature than Pappy and Stringy combined, often focusing on the mission and getting distracted far less due to her training with the Assassin Group.


Introduction to Snow White

Appearance Edit

Tiffany wears a revealing yellow jumpsuit with a scabbard behind her back carrying her katana. She has a tattoo of a dragon, indicating that she was once part of an assassination gang in her youth. In later pages, she would be wearing casual clothing: a two-piece black suit; a sky-blue buttoned shirt tucked in blue jeans, etc.

She is pretty tall at around 6'4", 8 inches taller than Stringy. She is pretty muscularly lean like her cousin...however she is slightly more "thicc" than Stringy in many ways.

Like her cousin, they are pretty free spirited in the items of clothing they wear...however, Tiffany is a lot more carefree than Stringy. Stringy is carefree with a child-like mentality, but Tiffany is care-free with an adult-like mentality.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Tiffany is a very agile young woman. Despite not having superpowers, Tiffany is strong enough to throw a 300 lb man through a wall, fast enough to keep up with a full powered bicycle, and durable enough to withstand a punch from a Rho User (wererhino). She is a very fast learner, trilingual, and can decode ancient, dead languages.

  • Peak-Human Strength: Tiffany is strong enough to throw a 300 lb man through a wall and tow a car filled with 4 people.
  • Peak-Human Speed: Tiffany can run up to Mach 0.2 (68 mph) at top speed. However there has been a few times where she outran Zeta Users (werewolves) who can run at a minimum of Mach 0.15 (51.25 mph).
  • Enhanced Intelligence: Tiffany has heightened awareness. She can decode 12 lost languages, can speak three languages, and can adapt faster than any other human. She is a mathematical and tactical genius.

Personality Edit

Tiffany is a very kind and loyal individual. She is protective towards those she loves the most, much like Stringy and her grandfather Pappy. Unlike Pappy, she does show some affection to those she cares about and would go the extra mile to the ones she cares. However, she does have anger issues and in some cases, she does have some lovesickness to the point that she becomes the female version of Johnny Bravo - to some extent.

She is always focused while on missions though, however, this does not mean that it is virtually impossible for her to be distracted. Despite her achievements, she has shared many failures and incompetence during her missions.

She can be quite belligerent and short-tempered. Her main thing is that, to win her trust and her affection, one must have some coupons to buy her food. Much like Stringy and Victoria, Snow White is also a big eater, though not as frequent.

Quotes Edit

You can't be fucking serious right?

—Tiffany Bridges (talking to Pappy)

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