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The Cats of Cattus: Three Cats in a Laboratory, mostly known as Three Cats in a Laboratory or TCIAL, is a story written by Mimosa N.

Two cat siblings, Nameless and Kodie, accidentally end up exploring the deeper parts of the draconian facility they live in, where they meet a friendly robot, discarded for developing free will, and a winged mutant who suffered the same fate.

Nameless and Kodie learn about the changes Trupan Laboratories went through and uncover many other secrets during their attempt to escape their ruthless home.

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A white and gray tom, Bramble, wakes up a nameless she-kitten of 6 months old, then a brown male kitten named Kodie. He asks them to follow him, whereafter they head over to the main chamber of their facility. Kodie asks how long he and his sister slept for, and Bramble replies it's been a long time.


The cats go through the main chamber and are greeted by a familiar face. A dark gray she-cat with a silver stripe on her back stands before them, looking intimidating enough to scare Kodie. The cat, named Metalclaws, introduces herself as the leader of this area and comments it to be nice to see the two kittens again.
Nameless is happy to see her and calls out "Auntie Wishbone!", making Metalclaws frown. She informs her she doesn't want to be called that, and now goes by "Master" or "Metalclaws". She orders Bramble to leave, saying the two kittens need to be shown their "nest". Nameless and Kodie feel on edge by her serious tone and suspect something has happened.

While Metalclaws shows the kittens around, Kodie gets really spooked by the dark hallways, smeared with blood and other strange scents. He trots towards a window and accidentally witnesses Bramble killing a cat. He concludes the facility has been compromised and is no longer a safe haven.

A few days later, the terrible vibes become too much for him and Kodie attempts to escape the facility. Metalclaws catches him in the act and informs him "The Metallicity Clan" does not allow rebels and deserters, who will either receive corporeal punishment, prolonged torture, a public execution, or banishment to the ground floor. As Kodie is still young, she settles on the least severe punishment and rips his tail off, ignoring his pleading to be let go.

The next day, Nameless and Kodie walk around the facility together. Nameless asks Kodie about his tail and he tells her everything. Nameless then stumbles upon a staircase and suggests they should go down to check it out. Bramble shows up to warn them not to go, as it's for authorized personnel only.
The stubborn Nameless argues that she can go wherever she wants, whereafter he unsheathes his claws and she's forced to back down.

Around bedtime, Nameless plans on sneaking back to the staircase with Kodie. He reluctantly agrees to come with, and they set off. When Nameless is certain no cats are patrolling the top, they quickly go down.


The kittens travel through the center of the facility with curiosity. Suddenly, they stumble across a large white and black tom staring at the dead body of another cat. He then senses Nameless and Kodie hiding behind a corner.

He walks over and introduces himself as Hutch, a robot cat Metalclaws locked into this area two years after the Melody Accident, due to gaining sentience and starting to rebel against her ways of leadership. At the time, Metalclaws did not know how to shut down or reprogram robot cats, explaining the clumsy measure.

Meanwhile, outside Trupan Laboratories, a white tailless tom approaches the entrance. He convinces the guards he merely came to talk business and introduces himself as Ozzy, the "No-Tails" leader. The guards escort him to the main chamber, where Metalclaws is present. Ozzy asks her to consider joining forces with the No-Tails and conquer all neighboring colonies and clans with him. He makes a vague promise he'll grant her anything she wants in return, which convinces her. She asks him to come back tomorrow to discuss plans further.
The next day, they brainstorm strategies like they're long-time allies. Copper then interrupts and reports that two unauthorized cats are wandering around the middle floor and Hutch has escaped from The Ragdoll and Melody. Bramble later shows up with the news Nameless and Kodie have disappeared.

Back to Nameless and Kodie, they ask Hutch more questions about his history with Metalclaws and learn about his role in the war, how he saw the creation of the mutant Melody, and Metalclaws' descent into corruption and dictatorship. Then, Copper, Coal, and Metalclaws appear, and Hutch and the kittens are dropped down a trapdoor they happened to be standing on.
Hutch tells his worried companions they've reached the bottom of the facility and need to be careful here, since Melody and The Ragdoll patrol the area. The staircase that leads back to the above floor is a long walk away and sits behind a locked gate, which requires a password, though Hutch recalls the gate was open last time and is optimistic.

The three cats silently move forward, but eventually run into Melody, who chases them around with an axe. The path is then blocked by The Ragdoll, seemingly bringing a grim end to their adventure. Then, a white-winged cat with a black stripe attacks Melody from behind and scares her away. The Ragdoll yells at her to come back, but his voice doesn't reach her. He decides to run after her, whereafter the winged cat introduces herself to the others as Sally.

When the topic of how to escape the facility arises, Hutch admits to know all the doors to be open, as Metalclaws had sent a robot guard down to check on the bottom floors, and his destruction of the machine hadn't caused any alarms to go off. This robot appeared to be the "dead" cat Nameless and Kodie saw him with when they first met.

Meanwhile, Metalclaws and Ozzy are back to discussing plans on how to conquer the other colonies. She suggests ambushing or tiring them out with multiple small scale attacks, which Ozzy supports, though he also thinks they should make use of Melody. Metalclaws agrees, and Ozzy sets out to organize their first ambush on a colony known as "The Peacekeepers".

Back down the facility, Melody and The Ragdoll return with renewed determination. Sally offers to distract them and asks the three cats to hide in the meantime. She flies towards the exit and the guards chase after her, as hoped. With all the doors indeed being open, Sally is able to escape Trupan Laboratories itself. Melody, The Ragdoll, Bramble, and many other Metallicity cats chase her for a bit, but can't keep up and are forced to watch her fly off in the distance.

With everyone being occupied with Sally, the three cats are able to exit as well, but find the top floor blocked by Copper, Coal, and an infamous, deadly robot named Glitchy. They're chased around, but eventually make it out alive, where they spot the group that futilely chased down Sally in the distance.
As to make sure they won't get seen, Hutch orders the kittens to hug the left side of the border, but then, Metalclaws shows up and pounces Hutch. Hutch's fate remains unknown. Nameless and Kodie are forced to abandon their friend.


Nameless looks out at the distance of Malus, then runs off to follow Kodie, concluding their story.

The epilogue shows Nameless meeting a cat who knows a lot about the Arret bloodline. They tell Nameless that the pelt originates from a famous cat named Arret, who saved the Others, an underground colony, from an epidemic. Nameless reverses "Arret", hoping to get a name out of it. It results with "Terra" and names herself.



Nameless - Protagonist; A young cat, the sister of Kodie.
Kodie - Deuteragonist; A young cat, the brother of Nameless.
Hutch - Tritagonist; A robot cat, discarded by Metalclaws long ago.
Metalclaws - Antagonist


Sally - A winged, mutant cat that was trapped deep inside the facility after running away from Metalclaws.
Bramble - Secondary antagonist; An ally of Metalclaws. He is her second in command.
Melody - Secondary antagonist; A mutant girl with cat features and an ally of Metalclaws.
The Ragdoll - Secondary antagonist; An ally of Metalclaws. He is a sentient Molly's Ragdoll whose origins remain unknown.
Copper - Secondary antagonist; An ally of Metalclaws. She is a brown and yellow sulfur-like robot cat with yellow eyes.
Coal - Secondary antagonist; An ally of Metalclaws. He is a black and silver robot cat with white eyes.
Ozzy - Secondary antagonist; The leader of the No-Tails colony and an ally of Metalclaws.


  • TCIAL was originally going to be part of The Adventures of Blue and Siskin;
    • In this draft, Nameless and Hutch didn't exist;
    • Kodie was going to be the sole main character.
  • TCIAL originates from an earlier story made back in January of 2020; where three cats try to escape a laboratory filled with robot cats who wanted to add mechanical parts onto them.