"We are Everything." Edit

Backstory Edit

The origin of The Three is unknown, but they is the oldest and most powerful beings in the known multiverse. One of the earliest records of contact with them was in the ancient times, with multiple examples such as Aztecs, Romans, Greeks, etc. Then after the fall of those great empires, they went silent for thousands of years, until their contact with Alex. Afterwords, they are used to contacted them mentally.

Personality Edit

The Three Sisters all have different personalities, based on what they represent: Maindo, Mind, is wise, quiet, and slow to act. Soma, Body, is rough, quick to act, and does not always think out her actions. Divus, Spirit, is more like Maindo, except somehow even more reserved.

Appearance Edit

The Three Sisters appear to be full-grown women, with blue (Maindo), orange (Soma), and purple (Divus) wings. Their hair also follows this color, as well as their togas.

Abilities Edit

Reality Warping: The Three have total magical control over the Multiverse and everything in it.

Trivia Edit

They have said they wrote the laws of physics itself, which is kept on a pedestal in their own dimension.

Alex was apparently: "The first mortal in 6000 years who dared to talk back to them to their faces."

They had given "birth" to Alex by combining there respective domain's power: The body of Soma, the mind of Maindo, and the soul of Divus. This means they technically have three mothers, each pitching in to give them life.

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