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The Lurking Evil is a series about a vicious demon lord planning to take over the human world, created by Ephiryz.(Note from the author - the story is still being developed,so that means there's still stuff that will change).

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The world of humans and that of demons exist alongside each other, but are separated by a portal that also functions as a barrier; keeping humanity safe from their ruthless neighbors.
The demon world is slowly crumbling and its residents worry they're doomed to perish, though no responsibility is taken over the fact they themselves are to blame. Creatures with monstrous strength and powerful magic abilities made the land suffer irreparable abuse for generations, and it's insinuated their current home is not their first.

The demon lord, Frederic, concludes that expanding their domain is the only option and wishes to claim Earth as his own. He makes plans to cross barriers and invade the human world to make room for his struggling underlings and peers.

Violet -who's mother died at the hands of one the demons- and April are driven by their personal experiences and set on saving everyone. Though the mere humans prove to be an obstacle, when Violet ends up stuck inside the demon world and encounters one of Frederic's sons, humanity's future becomes less certain.

<I added a bit to the story, but an important thing that needs to be explained to make it all work is why Violet and April are such important characters. How are they able to take on powerful demons and why does humanity depend on these two women, especially if every country on Earth has trained army soldiers and war weapons to recruit?>



Violet Holzknecht

Violet is the protagonist. She's Erich and Jane's daughter, and appears in all three chapters of the series.She inherited her look after her father - blue eyes and dark-purple hair.She is 166 cm/5'5 ft tall.Violet is best friends with April.

April Norrell

April is the deuteragonist and a friend of Violet's.

Frederic the Demon Lord

Frederic (2021).

Frederic, also known as "The Shadow Man","The Twisted Knight" or "Mrithun", is the main villain of the story. His goal is to take over the Earth and expand his kingdom.

His nickname refers to his ability to spawn from shadows. Unlike regular demons, he and his sons can also take on a human appearance. Frederic is extremely powerful, tall(248 cm/8'1 ft), has sharp teeth, wings, a tail, green eyes, black hair, and can grow long claws that can instantly kill his target.Frederic also wears a green gem that is attached to his outfit(but can also be worn as a necklace) that has it's own abilities like hypnotizing,charming both humans and demons.

Marcus (2021).


Marcus is the main antagonist in the first chapter and Lord Frederic's youngest son.


Virgil is Lord Frederic's eldest son. He's the quietest one in his family and is very mysterious.Virgil and Marcus don't have the best relationship.Usually he would enjoy annoying his little brother.

Virgil has black hair,yellow eyes,a pair of wings and a tail.He is 217 cm/7'1 ft tall.He can release venom when he bites his target which then causes the victim to die in a short span of time.


Erich Holzknecht

Erich (2021).

Erich is the father of Violet Holzknecht. He mostly appears in chapter one.

He was born in Germany on February 16th, 1978. When he was 4 years old, he moved with his parents to America, where he met and befriended Ivan and Amelia Norrell.He then met Jane Stevens at the age of 11 and fell in love with her.He's worked as a businessman for a big corporation since the age of 22.

His wife, Jane Holzknecht, was murdered by one of the demons that showed up to take over Earth for Lord Frederic. Because of this, Erich is a pessimist and suffers from moments of depression. He used to be the complete opposite before her death.

Erich is a 39 years old man with blue eyes and dark-purple hair with gray highlights. He is 176 cm/5'9 ft tall.

Jane Holzknecht

Jane is the mother of Violet Holzknecht.She only appears in chapter one.

Jane was born on May 7th in 1978 in America.She has white hair,blue eyes.She is 168 cm/5'6 ft tall.She's been working as an librarian since the age of 23.

Her murder was the deciding factor that made Violet want to take on Lord Frederic.

Ivan Norrell

Ivan is the father of April Norrell. He appears in chapter 1 and is a minor character.

He was born and raised in America, on the 24th of March, 1978. He and Erich Holzknecht have been best friends since childhood. He works at a highly recommended restaurant as a waiter.Ivan is the total opposite of Erich and always tries to cheer him up whenever he's feeling down.Ivan is a person that loves to make jokes and tries his best to make everyone around him happy.

He has black hair, gray eyes, and is 174 cm (5'8.6 ft) tall.

Amelia Norrell

Amelia is the mother of April Norrell.

She and Erich Holzknecht have been best friends since childhood.


Damien (2021).

Damien and his gang were one of the demons that were sent by the Demon Lord to take over to world for him.He's a professional assassin that has been hired by Frederic.Most of his childhood he had spent with his father - Vincent hunting down animals by using shotguns.This made Damien very fascinated with firearm weapons.Damien has also developed a slightly unhealthy obssesion about the Demon Lord,he wants to be appreciated by him.He's gifted with a power that makes him shapeshift into wild animals (for e.g. wolves,bears etc).