"I was born into royalty." Edit


Not much is known about how the King exactly came into power, but it is known his family is a long line of kings and rulers, each ruling over their own kingdom/dimension.

Personality Edit

The King shows himself to be very kind and just leader, trying his best to be the perfect king of stories. In reality, while he is quite brave, he is somewhat childish, and often gets enraged when not treated with the amount of respect he thinks he deserves.

Appearance Edit

The King wears a gray hoodie, red gloves and cape, jeans, and boots, supposedly the same clothes he wore when he left Earth to lead his families kingdom, with some added bits. He also wears a large golden and jeweled crown, which is the source of his magical power.

Abilities Edit

Superhuman Strength: The King is similar to Gods-level of strength, easily able to wrestle with even Alex, a God of Combat.

Superhuman Speed: Much like Alex, The King can use his flight to move at superhuman speeds.

Superhuman Durability: The King's body is covered in a very thin shield of green energy, allowing him to take several hits.

Energy Projection: The King can summon and use a green fire-like energy to create large blasts of energy, create shields, or even make simply objects and shapes.

Army of 1000: The King can summon his personally army, an army of 1000 of the best soldiers to ever exist. These soldiers are purple in color, and use similar equipment that they used before they died.

Heaven's Hammer: The King can summon a large, golden hammer, which he uses as his main weapon.

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