Tamotsu Renji is a psychiatrist detective who made his debut in the story Consequences, created by Ridler.

He is top of his field and cured all sorts of mental diseases previously considered untreatable when his career was still young. He is one of the most well-paid professionals in psychology. He works in a small office with his secretary, Maya.

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Tamotsu is an extremely bright man and can immediately figure out things that the average guy struggles with. He always notices when something's wrong and can quickly make a decision on how to respond.
He cares greatly about the people around him, no matter how close they are to him, and wishes to help and protect them at all cost.

In "Consequences"

One day Tamotsu is visited by an upset father who desperately wants to help his daughter. She was kidnapped and brainwashed into becoming the culprit's slave, and once she was found, left with a great deal of psychological damage.

After examining her, Tamotsu realizes the only way to help her is to understand more about the crime. While investigating, he finds out that the girl wasn't alone, and many others were assaulted by the same person. After talking to witnesses and victims, he finally manages to find the culprit and afterwards has the knowledge on how to cure his patient.

In "The Lost Carol"

In the currently unreleased "The Lost Carol", Tamotsu needs to cure a man who thinks he's Santa Claus. While slowly digging into his psychology, he starts to remember his own childhood and early life.

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