Star Quest Wolves: Book

Star Quest Wolves is an original book by Ashenpaw [ me ] about a female grey wolf living in Alberta, with the main goal of finding her family.

Summary (so far)

Star Paw remembered losing her family a week ago while struggling to live on her own. She caught a rabbit and ate it, then returned to her den. A vixen attacked her but she defeated it, then went to sleep. When she woke she went hunting but heard a terrible screech, which led her to find Bandit, a Northeastern coyote, in a bear trap. After freeing her, Star Paw helped her get the trap off and offered her a place to stay at her home. Bandit stayed.

Star Paw encountered a mysterious black wolf who tried to get her to follow him. She told him about living with a coyote and he seemed confused and shocked, and offered to help her chase Bandit away. Star Paw declined and left, returning to her den and Bandit.


Star Quest currently does no have an editor or publisher, and won't for a while. For now, the writer is working with her mother, and suggestions from a website forum. The book will be published on Google Play Books when avalible

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