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Star Quest is a story about a female grey wolf from Alberta, trying to find her family, written by Ashenpaw.

There are plans to have it released on Google Play Books when finished, and possibly an official release by a publisher.

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A young grey wolf, Star Paw, lost her family a week ago and is struggling to live by herself. She finally catches a rabbit to eat, but when she returns to her den, a vixen is waiting to attack and steal her meagre prey. The weakened Star Paw barely defeats the intruder and gets to keep the rabbit for herself.
The next morning, she hears a terrible screech during her hunt; leading her to a Northeastern coyote, named Bandit, stuck in a bear trap. After freeing her, Star Paw offers up her home to rest at until her wounds have healed, which Bandit accepts. They become friends and promise to look after each other.

Star Paw later encounters a mysterious black wolf who tries to get her to follow him. She tells him she can't leave the area, as she is taking care of a coyote. He misunderstands her words and offers to help her chase Bandit away, thinking she's a leeching intruder, but Star Paw declines and returns to her den, leaving the stranger standing.

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