Image of Sirios.

"Simply because I can be of help doesn't mean I will."

Sirios is an shy kitsune who grew up and lived in a mansion for most of his 300 year life. He speaks with a British accent and is known for his long and enigmatic conversations.
He is the son of the vampire Castielle and the kitsune Meline.

He's intelligent and extremely curious about things he knows nothing about. He spends most of his time in his private study or in the library studing due to his asthma.
Thanks to being half vampire and half kitsune, he has high magical ability, that allows him to preform some spells of a nine tails (though they require a large amount of concentration and power. This causes him to become extremely fatigued.) and to have incredible strength in general.
He is capable of creating powerful illusions and using expert level telekinesis.

Though, Sirios has several drawbacks as well:
Because of his vampire blood, he is weak to sunlight, moving bodies of water, and silver. When ever he decides go outside, he uses a parasol or a hooded jacket.
He's also classified as somewhat of a tsundere. One of the reasons is because of his mother's death. Another feature that came with this is his sheer and unadulterated hatred for his father.

In order to help control his emotions, he seperated his soul into two; one representing good and the other representing evil. They primarily are in the form of two foxes, but can change their forms at will.
They act as his consciousness, advising him to do either good or bad. They also serve as shikigami, seeing as they are slightly weaker than him and draw most of their power from him.

Sirios also has a severe phobia for dogs and heights.

Personality Edit

Sirios is very shy, but curious. He rarely cares about people who are not his family, including his butler and maid, along with his two sisters.

He hides his feelings in an effort not to get anyone involved with his personal life. Even though he is known to bottle up his emotions, he can be compassionate and caring if he wants.

Sirios can be rather ruthless in battle, and never holds back at some moments or cares about who could be at risk. He can be a bit clumsy and is easily embarassed, and sometimes those traits can get the best of him.

Additional InformationEdit

Full Name: Sirios Iolus Olivers
Age: 395
Height: 5'07"
Weight: Unknown, Under 100 Lb
Gender: Male (Can change at will)
Abilities: Telekinesis, Illusion generation, Massive strengh and speed, Manipulation of reality (Within a closed space), Space-Time manipulation (Limited)
Hair Color: Snow White
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Alignment: Anti-Hero/Neutral
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