Shelly Belleville is one of the main characters of The Venusian Twins series, she is a nerdy girl who befriends Lilly Polk.

Early Life Edit

Shelly became more interested in science, she was fascinated with aliens as a 7 year old girl, when all of a sudden Shelly become diagnosed with myopia, her parents decide to take her to a doctor, the doctor suggests Shelly to wear a pair of glasses, The young brunette becomes happy to see properly, and even sees the blue sky and the birds.

Meeting Hubby Edit

When walking home with her parents, Shelly sees a girl whose hoodie was stuck in a twig in a tree, she helps her, and they shake their hands together, the girl introduces herself as Alice Hubbert (nicknamed "Hubby"), the two girls become best friends, and started to become fascinated with aliens, They see a image of planet venus and tried to show their classmates about the planet and its inhabitants: the venusians. but, the classmates rejects them due to their crazy nature about Venus, 20 years later, Shelly and Hubby are teen girls who are bullied by popular girls who harasses them for being crazy.

Meeting LillyEdit

Shelly and Hubby bumped to a girl named Lilly Polk, they introduce ourselves and they become best friends.

Appearance Edit

Shelly is a slim girl with brown hair, fair skin and green eyes, she wears a red buttoned blouse with short sleeves and a collar, yellow checkered pants, red and white sneakers, she also wears glasses.

In the epilogue of the seventh story, Shelly is a adult woman, she wears a new red collared blouse, yellow checkered skirt with a belt and red shoes.

Personality Edit

Shelly is a kind, nerdy, smart and cheerful girl, she and Hubby become fascinated with aliens, she loves Lilly's powers.

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