Seth Rogers is a masked person known as Shadow Lord and is a member of Challengers, a superhero team that is trying to free Vriexvell from a notorious gang named Tentacles.

History Edit

Seth was born with ability to controll shadows.His hometown Ronnville, a town near Vriexvell .When he was 12 his hometown was burned by Tentacles.They killed his family,but he menaged to escape thanks to a man named James Carter.After that he used to live alone and was trying to find the man who saved his live.During his search he met with a team named Challengers and became part of it.

Personality Edit

Seth is very related is very strict and ambitious.He gets on well with his teamates exept with Tom.Toward to enemies he is very murciless.

Abilities Edit

  • Expert to Hand-to-Hand combad :
  • Manipulates shadows:He can manipulate and control shadows, using them to hide himself or even as a mode of transportation (travelling from one shadow to another)
  • Swordmanship:Seth is also a great swordsman.Using his sword he was able to destroy Benjamin armor.
  • Speed: Seth is capable of moving at speeds faster than the eye can see.
  • Shadow Form: He can  be transformed into a shadow.During Shadow Form he became more powerful,but can't control his powers.

Relationships Edit

Jade Johnes:Firstly they are enimies and later they become teamates.They are really related to each-other .Seth has feelings for her,but he had never expressed.

Tomas Schweiger: He was also enemie with him before.Later they became teamate,but they have still have rivalities between them.

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