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Backstory Edit

Alex lost their arm in a car crash at a young age, and being a natural tinkerer, built a robotic replacement. As they grew up, they lost interest in most jobs, being too boring for them, so they decide to move to New York City, fighting in underground arenas for money to survive under the nickname "Mechamorph".

Appearance Edit

Alex is very pale, has icy blue eyes, a robotic right arm and dirty blond hair with a white mark. They wear a gray hoodie, jeans, hiking boots, and have a robotic arm in place of their right arm. They also have a necklace which their mom gave them when she passed away.

Personality Edit

Alex is usually quite calm and relaxed, staying to themself and thinking a lot. (While not very open about it, they are very philosophical) If they meet someone new, they hardly talk and study the person very intently. If around friends, they are very easily excited and are quite loud. During a fight, they are incredibly serious and have a hard time talking, and usually just spout weird nonsense.

Alex believe in serious fairness, anything done to them must be done back. They have no care about killing people, and can do so easily, but only if they are rude, kill people for fun, or take advantage of people.

Powers Edit

Intelligence: Alex is quite smart and knows many random facts that help in many situations, mainly in biology and technology.

Determination: Alex's willpower is very strong, and if they feel strongly enough, they can push beyond violent pain and wounds to finish their job.

Equipment Edit

Alex has a robotic arm replacing their right. This arm is made of dark gray metal and looks very skeletal, only filling up the gaps in bones with more metal. A red wire comes out from the shoulder and is attached to their shoulder nerves via a large metal spine.

Superhuman Strength: With this arm, they can lift over 300 pounds and hit with enough force to crack a human femur.

Pain Immunity: Their right arm feels absolutely no pain.

Functions Edit

Forearm Storage

360 Rotational Joints/Lockable Joints

Grappling Hand

Insulated Shoulder and Electricity Channeling

Techniques Edit

Rock Splitter: Locking their fingers together and rotating their wrist at full speed, Alex creates an intense drill. This can piece most metals and stones.

Electric Punch: By attaching another cord to something that gives off electricity, usually a car battery, Alex can channel electricity through their arm and deliver a powered-up attack

Electric Rock Drill: By combining the Rock Splitter and Electric Punch, Alex can create an attack with the power of the previous two combined.

Trivia Edit

Alex is Pansexual

Alex's favorite animal is the mantis shrimp.

Alex's Zodiac sign is Libra

Alex can speak English, German, and some ASL.

Alex's favorite food is cheeseburgers

Alex is a fan of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Alex suffers from both poliosis and vitiligo, diseases that decrease pigment in both the hair and skin.

Alex's favorite things are tinkering, video games, and fighting

Alex became bisexual in the 6th grade, and gender neutral in the 9th grade.

Alex sometimes trips up on their pronouns, still using male ones instead of the neutral ones.

- This is a joke?

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