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Scarlet Akuma is a humanoid demon, created by Rainystarz.

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Scarlet is an ex-Nazi soldier, despite not being German herself. She was quick to realize their evil intentions and escaped. Why she joined them in the first place is unsaid.


Scarlet is described to be sadistic, yet nice for a demon. She can't stand others getting physically hurt or killed, but is easily angered and difficult to be around.

She hates angels and humans, despite being good friends with a human.

Demonic attributes

As a demon, she has the ability to turn people insane by just having them look in her eyes, and can move objects with her mind. But much like vampires, she weakens in sunlight and avoids it at all costs.


  • Scarlet was originally a fancharacter, created for Touhou Project, and the older sister of Sakuya;
    • She was then going to star in an original game, which is last said to still be in development.
  • She loves alcohol and claims that "it washes her emotions away".
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