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{{Quote|Think of it as your imaginary friend, with your personality and innermost desires as the ingredient on how it appears.|[[Corrina Tarron|Corrina]], to [[Jamie Lake|Jamie]].}}A "'''Jaeger'''"''' '''is the materialized visualization of a person's genuine personality and their innermost desires. It depends on a person's spiritual energy instead of magic due to the soul being a key component to what genuinely makes people unique with each other, and it is often cited as a literal "''fighting spirit''." Jaegers play a critical role and are main concepts prominent in ''[[Spiritwalkers]]''.
== History of Jaegers ==
How Jaegers came to be in the first place remains a large mystery even by those well-versed in the history and culture derived by Jaeger users of the past. It has been stated that the creation of one's Jaeger can be interpreted as hidden talent taking physical form to those who wield it. Such as how people are different with one another, Jaegers are infinitely unique with each other and utilized for either good or evil causes depending on the type of people their Hosts are.
== Characteristics ==
When a Host manifests their Jaeger or a portion of it, their eyes develop a vibrant glow of the color that Jaeger is associated with, such as in this case Jamie's eyes glow an intense emerald green whenever summoning [[Rising Atlas]] to his call.
== Jaeger Acquisition ==
* Placeholder information regarding about an item that triggers one's soul to awaken their Jaeger.
* If a Jaeger host is an eldest of the family, there is a chance their younger sibling(s) could potentially develop their own Jaegers, with the chance of creation heightened if said sibling(s) share a strong bond with the eldest.
** If the potential host happens to be a parent, it is bound to happen their children will develop their Jaeger. However, the rate of Jaeger acquisition wanes for future descendants.
** If the potential host is the younger member of a family, their elder siblings cannot develop Jaegers and resort to using external means of acquiring one.
* If one dies while having the potential to acquire or in the process of acquiring a Jaeger, the latter will automatically be created, reviving the host to be given a second chance in life, but at the cost of becoming a [[Revenant]].
* A person possessing an outstanding amount of potential could subconsciously develop their Jaegers since the time they were born. This method of acquisition is the rarest one of them all.
== Jaeger Attributes ==
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|Martial Power
|Determines a Jaeger's capacity in inflicting physical damage.
|Arcane Power
|Determines a Jaeger's capacity in inflicting damage through their special abilities.
|Measures how much damage a Jaeger can withstand before being destroyed through physical means.
|Measures how much special or magical damage a Jaeger can withstand before being destroyed. It also reflects how the Jaeger and their Host can resist skills or magic tailored to worsen their mental and spiritual condition, such as brainwashing or charms.
|Indicates a Jaeger's overall speed in terms of perfomance and reaction time.
== Types of Jaegers ==
==== '''Armed Jaegers''' ====
These Jaegers are permanently equipped with a weapon specifically crafted out of the user's personal favorite, even if said users happen to have a distaste for weaponry and despite the title. It also includes Jaegers that rely on martial arts or unarmed combat, contrary to the title. They specialize in overpowering the enemy to their last knees at close range by landing powerful or hasty attacks. Inversely, the type has examples proficient in dishing out powerful blows at the same time taking hits of the same force, but at the cost of speed. 
==== '''Assault Jaegers''' ====
Jaegers whose masters prefer a more strategic method in taking out their adversaries, these entities possess abilities designed to snipe out, disrupt, and repel enemies from afar. In exchange for their ranged capabilities, Assault Jaegers are inferior when put up against power-oriented types and those excelling in close-ranged combat. They can also exhibit sub-abilities that can keep an eye out on and analyze targets that are from their Hosts' current position but they lack the see-through capabilities common among Esoteric or Saboteur types.
==== '''Esoteric Jaegers''' ====
Specializing in tapping one's potential with magic, these Jaegers are categorized as such when their hosts possess the capacity to wield such mystic powers. The most prominent characteristic is the abilities they possess, which usually defy the laws of physics and reality to varying lengths depending on the spiritual fortitude of their hosts. Despite the title, it is not necessary for the potential Host to practice magic before acquiring this sort of Jaeger.
==== '''Saboteur Jaegers''' ====
===='''Weaponized Jaegers'''====
These Jaegers are created into variations;
== Trivia ==
* The word "''Jaeger''" is German for "hunter."
* Because of their nonexistence towards non-hosts, it is common for them to assume Jaeger hosts having telekinetic abilities, with the sudden glow in their eyes being a dead giveaway.

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