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Sally is one of the main characters in Three Cats in a Laboratory, and a major character in The Adventures of Blue and Siskin. She was a domestic cat that was genetically modified with feathered wings, and was thrown to bottom of the facility of Trupan Laboratories due to rebelling against Metalclaws.



Sally was given to Trupan Laboratories from one of the citizens of Cattus when she was a month old. She later was genetically modified with large feathered wings. After when the Metallicity clan was established, Sally did not like Metalclaws's violent ways and rebelled. Metalclaws later broke her wings and threw her to the bottom of the facility.

Three Cats in a Laboratory

Sally is seen attacking Melody and the Ragdoll when they were chasing Terra and Kodie. After the two creatures return, she later leads them out of the facility and flies off to the distance, allowing Terra, Kodie, and Hutch to leave safely.

The Adventures of Blue and Siskin

Sally is later seen crash landing on the ground, but is later harassed by Ataraxy, a birdcat, for being in his territory. Blue and Siskin happen to be passing through, and try to break up the fight. She later informs about the possibility of a monster running around the Lowlands.


Sally is mainly peaceful, but if there is a reason, she will be violent.


Sally is a small white she-cat with a black stripe on her back that goes through her tail. She has purple eyes and black wings that are white on the front.


  • Sally wasn't intended to be an actual OC. She didn't even have wings.


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