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Ryoka Tokimiya

Ryoka Tokimiya (時宮 両華?) is a Character of the Fan Fiction Novel 13th Demon.


  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Nation: Japan


A beautiful Woman belonging to Lenka Unit 20. Battle by Katana and Battle by Bare Hand are good at. The Outstanding Motor Nerve and the high Battle Power are said to be Strongest in Lenka Unit 20. However, on the other hand, Free-Roaring is the owner of Lively Personality. Because of that, there is a habit of acting with priority on Myself without thinking about Friend. On Personality Surface, it is called Lowest in Lenka Unit 20. Since Motor Nerve is high, Non Battle often performs Acrobat A behavior such as Back Flip, Moonsalt, Rooling. I have been learning Kendo and Karate severely since I was young.


  • 7th Dragon Style Original Character
  • Her style seems an archetype in and of itself as Shizuka Tomagi from 7th Dragon 2020-II has similar clothing and Kisaragi from Kancolle has similar Hair Style. It's unknown what character was the first to have this style.
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