Rosabelle Polk is a main character of The Venusian Twins series, she is Tilly's older sister and Lilly's cousin.

Early Life Edit

Rosabelle was born before her younger sister Tilly, she moved with Michelle to 1362 Bella Oceana, until another half of the spaceship appeared and landed in their lawn, Rosabelle became jealous of Tilly being a venusian girl due to her mother caring for her.

Appearance Edit

Rosabelle is a slender girl with fair skin,pink eyes, violet hair with pigtails, orange shirt with a orange plus on it, turquoise pants and orange shoes.

As a adult, Rosabelle wears a orange headband, she wears a turquoise collared shirt with puffy sleeves, a orange vest, brown jeans and orange ballet flats.


Rosabelle is portrayed as a envious and jealous girl, when Lilly and Tilly saves the world, she becomes sisterly, nice, kind and selfless to her.

Adult Rosabelle
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