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{{Quote|Are you willing to ride with your inner demons? Then let me take form so that whoever made the earth cry shall be consigned to their shattered fates.|Atlas, to Jamie during the former's creation.}}
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{{Infobox|Box title = Rising Atlas|Row 1 title = Jaeger Type|Row 1 info = Armed|Row 2 title = Namesake|Row 2 info = [[wikipedia: Atlas (mythology)|Atlas]] (<small>Greek mythological [[wikipedia: Titans (mythology)|Titan]]</small>)<br>[[wikipedia: Atlas, Rise!|Atlas, Rise!]] (<small>A song by [[wikipedia: Metallica|Metallica]]</small>)|Row 3 title = Host|Row 3 info = [[Jamie Lake]]|Row 4 title = Jaeger Ability|Row 4 info = Earthen|Row 5 title = Voice Actor|Row 5 info = [[wikipedia: Dave Boat|Dave Boat]]}}
'''Rising Atlas''' is the [[Jaeger]] of [[Jamie Lake]], featured prominently in <i>[[Spiritwalkers]]</i>.
An armor-clad Jaeger wielding an emerald greatsword specializing in power and durability at supernatural heights. Its main ability has it manipulate and shape the land into numerous forms to aid his host in the heat of conflict.
== Appearance ==
Rising Atlas manifests as an entity with the image of a troll fully clad in armor from head to the toes, adorned with earth-themed impressions, accents, and accessories.
His head, save for the eyes, is completely covered by a helmet with added spiralled ram horns.
== Personality ==
== Earthen ==
==== '''Techniques''' ====
* '''Quaking Tomb''': Slams his greatsword to immobilize enemies with a huge slab of stone right in front of them. Alternatively, it can be flung into multiple pieces upon creation in attempting to attack distant enemies. The slab can be broken to bit by stronger enemies or those who anticipated the attack.
* '''Igneous Grip''': Catches enemies by surprise with a gigantic hand made of rock bursting from the ground.
[[Category:Owl's Property]]
[[Category:Owl's Property]]

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