"I'm just here out of respect." Edit

 Backstory Edit

The Red Devil's past is very unknown by most. What is know is that some point in his life, he had made a deal with Satan himself to prolong his life. Unfortunately, he was tricked and was turned into a demon. In fear, he ran away from home and has lived several centuries.

Personality Edit

The Red Devil is a very serious and deadly person and usually doesn't talk during fights. He never lets up in a fight, and will use any excuse to win a fight, even if it isn't seen as moral or fair.

Appearance Edit

He wears a white hoodie, jeans, and hiking boots. He has red eyes and white hair.

When in his Demon form, he grows horns from his forhead, a tail and sharp claws from his hands and feet. He can also choose to sprout wings.

Abilities Edit

Demon Physiology: The Devil is a Demon/Human Hybrid, which means he has the abilities and weaknesses of both.

Superhuman Strength: The Devil can easily hold back Alex and her Arms of Blue.

Superhuman Agility and Speed: The Devil is more compared to a monkey in movements than a human.

Superhuman Durability: The Red Devil can take a beating from Alex and hardly feel a thing.

Regeneration: Like all Demons, the Red Devil can regenerate from any damage as long as his brain is intact.

Flight: The Red Devil can sprout wings from his back and fly.

Pyrokinesis: The Red Devil, like most demons, can summon and control fire.

  • Fire Spin: By setting himself on fire and spinning into a ball, the Red Devil can launch himself as a projectile.

Trivia Edit

The Red Devil likes spicy foods, fighting huge opponents, and learning about demons

The Devil hates mild foods, weaklings, and anything holy.

The Red Devil's favorite food is spicy curry.

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