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{{Quote|Aegis is like imaginary friend except they represent certain dimension.|[[Professor Zappa|Zappa]] to the team upon the awakening of their Aegis.}}
{{Quote|The force of that dimension can be expelled with single, concentrated breath.|[[Professor Zappa]]}}
{{Infobox|Box title = Aegis|Row 1 title = Titles|Row 1 info = Spirit Weapon<br>Punch/Magic ghosts (<small>by [[Sachi Zero|Sachi]]</small>)|Row 2 title = Homeworld|Row 2 info = N/A|image = File: mimicmaster.png|caption = [[E.S. Posthumus]] is an example of an Aegis.|Row 3 title = User(s)|Row 3 info = Varies|Row 4 title = Abilities|Row 4 info = Depends on the user}}
'''Quickening '''is an interdimensional phenomenon[[Category:Zero's Strange Misadventures]]
'''Aegis '''are key concepts essential to the story of [[Zero's Strange Misadventures]]. Unseen manifestations created by the spiritual energies of numerous dimensions and so-called "'''''spirit weapons'''''", both the heroes and the villains utilize Aegis in their exploits throughout the multiverse to achieve their goals.
== Background ==
Their existence were a mystery to the multiverse before certain spiritually-oriented worlds cooperated to form rituals that enabled them to heed the attention of these entities. An individual must have at least a decent amount of spiritual energy to be tethered with an Aegis or else they will suffer excruciating pain or, worse, even death.
Before becoming as such, a spiritual entity akin to it goes on an unseen rampage, threatening the stability of the world/dimension it was born in. This entity is dubbed as a "'''''Mania'''''", and those who knew the secrets of the Aegis are obligated to tame or quell the entity. A Mania's existence causes pitch-black rifts to gradually appear in the dimension, giving the executioner an hour or less to either tame or kill it before the rifts are large enough to tear the fabric of that reality apart into nothingness. Normally, a powerful Mania is accompanied by an army of minions that represent the common themes of the dimension it originated, such as a Mania of the Dinosaur Cowboy world will beckon dinosaur-like wisps for support. The lesser spirits/minions will automatically dissipate once the Mania they were born from were to be tamed or eliminated.
== Aegis Acquisition ==
== Trivia ==
* An "''aegis''" is defined as the the protection, backing, or support of a particular person or organization.
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[[Category:Zero's Strange Misadventures]]

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The force of that dimension can be expelled with single, concentrated breath.

Professor Zappa

Quickening is an interdimensional phenomenon

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