What is hidden will become your weapon. Your talents will be their doom.

Mel to his proteges.



Asia (Various disciplines and philosophies)
Europe (Practical)


Breathing-based technique


Enhanced condition
Varying resistance to mental and spiritual attacks
Supernatural abilities



Key Focus


Quickening is a respiratory-based fighting style that brings out a unique set of abilities depending on the practitioner. This discipline is prominently featured in Riftwalkers.

Overview Edit

Quickenings are the hidden talents buried deep beneath of an individual, suddenly projected into reality by a tranquil mind and spirit, then through constant practice of precise breathing control. A person skilled in their own Quickening are gifted with a slew of powers that are supernatural in nature; some even twisting the laws of physics in ways akin to magic. In addition to new abilities, users initially have average resistance towards mental and spiritual attacks, which can be improved with further training.

Quickening abilities are quite diverse and unique from each other. When it comes down to a fight between different Quickening abilities, the user's creativity with their Quickening is often the factor of their victory, not on how much destructive capabilities such a style can be produce by the practitioner. How a Quickening appears is based on several traits that make up their users, some give them an edge in physical offense because of their willpower alone and some can only be operated in complex and technical situations as a reflection of a user's defining quirk.

It was originally developed by humans who were caught in the crosshairs of the War for the Surface Lands. Desperate for their survival and countermeasures against the Gumm-Gumm forces, the Quickening's progenitors sought to optimize their physiological capabilities into something that can give them the edge against the evil horde of trolls without solely relying on magic, the more benevolent trolls, and the wait for having the sun to rise up. It was then that Eastern philosophies involving the mind and spirit were then incorporated when one of the progenitors recently came back from Asia, immediately imparting what he had knew of his studies to his fellow brethren.

Years later, the progenitors were able to fend off a good number of Gumm-Gumm troops using complex techniques brought unto them with a clear mind and spirit, then forced out through precise breathing that the trolls that saw them mistook the earliest Quickening practices as some sort of "breathing magic." Some Quickening users decided to impart it to some trolls before both races made a Pact to live the rest of their days separate from each other in peace.

Quickening Acquisition & Training Edit


Benefits Edit

  • Heightened Condition: A practitioner can augment their condition to heights their current Quickening skill can consider as "peak". When augmented, the practitioner can easily pull off feats of enhanced strength, speed, stamina, durability, and other bodily function possible within their disposal.
  • Resistance towards Mental & Spiritual Attacks: A Quickening automatically confers the user a somewhat-average resistance against mental and spiritual attacks.
  • Longevity (Limited): ....

Known Quickening Users Edit

Quickening Name Description Practitioner
Inferno Jamie Lake Controls his body temperature to generate heat that can be utilized for versatile purposes. The more focused his breathing is, the hotter the heat becomes. Jamie can infuse objects or weapons with his Quickening, giving them an edge when used against properly-armed opponents.
Electric Eye Corrina Tarron Generates bolts of electricity propagating from her own bio-electricity, refined through her breathing patterns. The electricity produced is different from naturally-made electricity, as it can travel through wood, despite being unable to conduct it.
Yata No Kagami Rengoku Absorbs the energy of physical or non-magical attacks, retaliating the stored energy right back at the attacker. Alternatively, he can increase his defenses depending on how much stored energy he has, but gradually decreases when active.

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