Name: Plei D. Argo (Play D Argo) Nickname [What marines and other pirates call you]: "Playboy" Argo Position In Crew: Captain Note 1: His "goal" is to build a harem, a crew full of beautiful women or "dames" and to sleep with the Gorosei. But his "Dream" is to sleep with everyone on his "smash list" Note 2: Rayleigh is to Argo what Nami is to Sanji. Argo is constantly trying to sleep with Rayleigh. Rayleigh is nuber 1 on Argo's smash list. Note 3: Argo has a list of people he wishes to sleep with known as the "smash list". Age: 23 Crew: The Dame Pirates Bounty: 800,000,000 Note: He has fornicated with many strong and high ranking navy men and their wives and swindles them out of their money, thus raising his bounty incredibly high. His most notable crime to date is fornicating with the wives three different tenryuubito on multiple occasions and stealing a large amount of their money. Past: He was abandoned as a baby by his real parents and taken in by a powerful pirate. This pirate and his crew were annihilated by a unnamed man when Argo was still a kid. He was the sole survivor. Argo barely escaped, he took his foster fathers journal with him. A few years later, Argo finally mustered the courage to read the journal and read the will inside. He saw that his foster father had a devil fruit hidden and planned to sell it in an emergency. Argo, being weak at the time, was captured and sold into slavery where he was forced to learn every instrument. He was broken out by fisher tigers assault on Mariejois. When argo was a slave, he dreamed of tracking down the devil fruit hidden by his foster father. Now that he was free, he was able to track down and eat the fruit. Argo began his lewd adventures after that. His "dream" is to build a harem, due to his inherited perverseness from his Foster father. His true goal though, is to find the unnamed man who killed his family, and take revenge on him. Personality: Bi. Short attention span (one of his gimmicks is that he will get distracted right in the middle of conversations or important situations). Overthinks everything. Very sarcastic. Secretly Perverted. Paranoid easily. Very seductive. Only cares about getting laid. Obsessed with money. Insanely good at math, literature, and music. Very lewd sense of humor. Easily impressed. He is always rating people on their attractiveness with a 1 to 10 scale, this often gets him in trouble with people when he rudely blurts it out. Appearance: Blue long hair, always wears a jacket no matter what, Always has headphones on. Likes: Getting laid. Attractive women, Married women, music, old men (Garp, Sengoku, Rayleigh, Fujitora, Zeff, Momonga, Jimbei, Cobra, Riku, Pagaya), Food, Money, Math, Literature, Piano. Lewd humor. Other perverts. "Cool" or "Bad ass" powers. Roleplay (wink wink). Note: Argo is a prodigy at all instruments, due to his past where he was a entertaining slave and was forced to play music. Dislikes: young husbands, young guys. Nasty food. Buzz killers/party poopers. 6/10's or lower (wink wink).

Note: Argo constantly has relations with married woman.
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Devil Fruit: Dome Dome no mi : The user can blow large bubbles, similar to laws room. Inside these bubbles, the user can create universal laws through complicated logarithmic equations in their head. There can only be one law per bubble, but there are a lot of exploits that can be done with this power. The size of the bubble depends on the lung span of the user. Note: Under uses his fruit. Mainly uses it to get laid. Most people who know him well feel his fruit goes to waste. Weapon Of Choice: Brass knuckles. Fighting Style: Various forms of martial arts, combined with his devil fruit abilities. Preferred Haki: Busoshoku Haki Conquerors Haki: Yes Note: mostly uses it to kidnap people he deems attractive. Allies with: Females in general. Note: Argo gets along with females in general with his seductive charms, but is hated by countless young husbands and young men in general, other than his fellow perverts of the straw hats.

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