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I will not do anything. Come on from the one who wants to die!


Planetia (プラネティア Puranetia?) is a Main Protagonist of the Fan Fiction Novel Demon Wars.


A disaster occurred at Deman World where the Foreign Race named Deman lives. It is the attack of Devil. Devil can not forgive the existence of Deman itself. With the appearance of Devil, the happy days at Evil at Deman World have collapsed fragile. With this, Deman and Devil's Battle began. There was a girl in that Battle. The Name of Girl is Planetia.


Daughter of Dark Knight that is sometimes called Legend at Deman World. Run Expressman as Devil Hunter. Basically it only receives Request via "Specific" "Password". Weapon is 2 Types of Great Sword "Evil Caliber" and Two-Hand Gun "Dark Gun"


Planetia is a Daughter of Dark Knight, with black Semi Long hair and yellow eyes. Her clothing consists of a great red coat with a dark red clothing inside and a black tie, she also wears black stockings and boots, she also has a hair pin which has the looks of an Gargoyle Head.


Race like Human and Devil Fusion. Usually I am in the form of Human, but it is characterized by having Devil's Power.

Deman WorldEdit

World imitating Demonic World. It is Deman's birthplace.

Reference MaterialsEdit


  • Trillion: God of Destruction Style Original Character
  • Her style seems an archetype in and of itself as Faust from Trillion: God of Destruction has similar clothing and Hair Style. It's unknown what character was the first to have this style.
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