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♦ α–΄Eα—©Tα‘Œα–‡Eα—ͺ α—©α–‡TIα‘•α’ͺE ♦
Terra Arret.png
Terra Arret

Terra, formerly nameless, is the main protagonist in Three Cats in a Laboratory and a minor character in the Adventures of Blue and Siskin. She formerly resided in Trupan Laboratories until she, along with Kodie and Sally, escaped.

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♦ α–΄Eα—©Tα‘Œα–‡Eα—ͺ α—©α–‡TIST ♦
Featured Artist.jpg

A motivated writer and a talented artist with a passion for the hero genre. His work has a childlike charm to it that's hard not to appreciate.

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