OC character

OK i don´t think anybody actually likes it when someone else steals there drawing it would literally be so annoying.............. I thought we need a new meaning for this word.
I really dont like the wikipedia article about it... its not fitting the artworks that come up if you do a search.
-> why would artists need an extra word to describe that their drawing is NOT a copy from something aready there... do it the other way around.. Tell people what has been copied!

Copying and reproduction are not a form of Art, more a craftmanship. (talent is needed too but is different talent)

Wondering, where and more importantly, why the word "OC character" became soo unbelievable popular.
atleast 80% of all fresh DA member use this in their titles and tags
(original character, character.... just makes no sense to me.. like "los angeles angels" just stupid)

Soon there are more OC groups than groups for Dwarves    XD
New meaning, OC:
up to 80% of search output on Deviantart(biggest art page on planet) is quite bad fanart... Cartoony drawn, Person or animal that most of the times looks similar to a Pegasus, Unicorn or catmen(felinae), is more or less Humanoid..

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