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Character Information


Nicolas Strider Junior





Birth Date

Feburary 8th, 2000

Blood Status





Nicolas Strider (father)

Naomi Strider (mother)

Magical Characteristics


His parents arguing loudly and fighting




8½", Pine, Dragon Heartstring





Hufflepuff (first year)

Ravenclaw (third year and onwards)

Nicolas Strider Jr., commonly referred to as, "Nick," is a half-blood wizard and the son Nicolas Strider Sr. and Naomi Strider. He attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and was temporarily placed in Hufflepuff after the Sorting Hat deemed him unsortable. Through enormous character development the Sorting Hat could not foresee, it later placed him in Ravenclaw.

Nick was well known throughout the school for being 'unsortable' and having prodigal magical abilities far greater than any histroical wizard. However, he lacked ambition to pursue anything magic-related.

After meeting Professor Wilde, he slowly developed a passion for music. 

Appearance  Edit

Nick has dark, 'stormy,' grey eyes and dirty blonde hair characterstically unruly and wavy, a unique trait not seen in either of his parents. Later on, he gets an undercut and left-ear piercing at Wilde's influence. He has occasionally been seen wearing black-rimmed glasses, as he is slightly near-sighted.

Like his mother, Naomi, he has a fairly tall and slender build. It is also noted that he is apparently an eighth Chinese from his father's side. Although aside from the shape of his eyes, which was described as 'almond-shaped,' he resembles this little. 

According to Professor Locke, he would be quite popular with girls due to his looks—it's his personality that's the problem. 

The author drew some inspiration from Kouichirou Hasegawa from Oboreru Knife and Daiki Mamura from Hirunaka no Ryuusei.

Personality Edit

At the beginning of the story, the Sorting Hat could not sort Nick into a House. It believed he neither valued nor possessed any of the traits of the Houses.

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Passive, calm, apathetic, easily irritated, introverted, reserved, lazy, rarely shows emotion, blunt, serious, cold, speaks-only-when-he-has-to, disengaged/disinterested 

But can be quite observant, intelligent, level-headed, sarcastic, 

Extremely vain in his abilities. Believes he'll always win/be the best and get whatever he wants, conditioned from his childhood as, being a prodigy, he rarely failed. 

Dislikes expectations people put on him. Everyone expects him to be as great as his father, Nicolas. He just wants to escape from reality. 

Has a weak moral standpoint. Traumatized by his parent's always arguing, uses music as an escape. }

Synopsis Edit

Early Life

Nick was born on Feburary 8th, 2000 in the wizard village of Chaste, located in the midlands of England. He is the only child of Nicolas and Naomi Strider. 

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