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When Nathan was a baby, his family went on a trip to a tropical island. While they were their, they decided to go on a walk through a more wooded area, which got them somewhat lost. While they were trying to get back to the hotel, they were kidnapped by some tribal people. The tribal s spoke a language that Nathan's parents did not understand, so they didn't understand what they were doing to the baby. The tribe's leader took the baby to a volcano, and throws Nathan in. The two parents scream, but then Nathan comes out from the volcano on a geyser of lava, perfectly fine. After being let go, they ran back to the hotel. Nathan grew up relatively normal, never knowing about what had happened. One day, a girl he had a crush on was being bullied, and he tried to step in, but was easily pushed away. In anger, he accidentally activated his powers, hosing the whole group in flames. He ran away after that, being homeless for a while, until becoming a hero, just like Alex.

Personality Edit

Nathan is usually quite relaxed, happy, and generally calm. He is known to get very angry and is quite hot-headed, and has a bad case of sailors mouth.

Appearance Edit

Nathan usually wears a jacket around his waist, a long sleeve shirt, shorts, a beanie, and noise-canceling headphones, which are used to block out the explosions caused by his powers.

Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength, Speed, Durability: While not up to par with Alex, Nathan is still strong enough to shoulder-check a car hard enough to turn it into a projectile in a fight with Alex, fast enough to keep up with Alex when they weren't being serious, and survive one of Alex's serious punches.

Fire Manipulation: Nathan's main ability is his complete mastery over fire. He can create, manipulate, and extinguish fire at a single thought. He can create fireballs, blasts streams of fire, fly using rocket propulsion, and has total immunity to heat.

Lava Manipulation: When Nathan gets angry enough, his skin will start to leak a unique molten metal, which he can create and control. This metal is similar to iron in texture and appearance, but is 3x more dense then steel.

Equipment Edit

Sound-Proof Headset: Nathan's fire powers can cause things in his fighting environment to explode, so he wears these in case so he doesn't hurt his ears.

Trivia Edit

Nathan is straight

Nathan's favorite food is anything with peppers

Nathan likes open spaces, heat, and food

Nathan hates crowded spaces, snow, and steel beams.

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