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My Boyfriend is a Wolf is a reimagining of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale, created by VampireMeerkat.

Some artwork was published in 2008 on Deviantart, while the actual story was never published at all.

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Deirdre and Damy (2008).

Red Riding Hood, called Deirdre by everyone, is a bullied outcast with no friends to turn to. When she's sent off by her mother to bring her grandmother food at the other side of the forest, she meets up with the infamous killer wolf, Damy.

As to save her own life, she manages to convince him that his way of hunting is aggressive and unstealthy, and his infamy will create an uproar against him one day. She suggests he should blend in with humans and not make himself an obvious murder suspect. Her life is spared in exchange for her services as his teacher in human behaviour.
Deirdre quickly accepts the role, but then learns it means she'll be taken captive and isn't allowed to leave Damy's house without his guidance. In addition to that, she has to trick and lure victims to him for as long he can't do this himself.
Being forced in this position makes her uneasy, though she discovers to have an evil streak herself and every day she suggests one of her bullies as a target.

As time progresses, they become a crime duo where Deirdre sics her new friend onto people she personally deems bad. Damy shows a dog-like loyalty towards her and trusts her judgements, implying he has no morality of himself to refer to, despite his intelligence.

Deirdre eventually decides to leave her old life behind to live with him, and Damy stops fixating on eating people and uses her lessons as a strange attempt of becoming an actual human being. After a few years, he admits he wants to become human in order to have a relationship with her that surpasses that of a human and a pet, and wolves don't live as long.

Deirdre isn't sure what to think the confession, but promises to help him find a way. Nevertheless, whenever they go out to journey, she seems overdependent on his strength and aggression as a wolf. Rude or violent people are immediately punished, and frightened wild animals that dare to lash out at her as well.
Thanks to the lessons Damy learned from her, ironically, he wonders if she's still the right person to tell him what to do and asks where her fear originates from. She claims not to be afraid, as she has him for a friend.

After a strenuous year of chasing down plausible legends, they find an old woman living in a tree, who confirms to know of a witch; her pet dog. Damy and Deirdre learn that the dog used to be human, while the old woman was her dog. The spell that made it happen allows for an animal to become human or vice versa, as long there's an opposite party to swap species with.
The dog witch senses that the dark and serious Damy has plenty of humanity relative to his species, while the seemingly kind Deirdre lost a chunk of hers, thus tells him she can do the transformation if Deirdre is willing to become a canine in exchange. The news about her worsened character shocks Deirdre.
Still, she considers it for the sake of her her only friend, who's life is already halfway over. Damy, on the other hand, thinks it to be pointless if the pet-owner dynamic between them doesn't change. She asks if that's how he sees himself, so he refers to her tendency to have him play her guard dog and his to obey.

After hearing the witch's character verdict and now Damy's opinion on their relationship, Deirdre feels guilty and believes her life experiences have made her unknowingly apathetic. Because of this, she argues she should be transformed into an animal and play the role he's played for her from now on. Damy reminds her of the reason he wanted to become human at all; something Deirdre can't show understanding for considering the way she's behaved in the passing years. He says she's not as vile as she thinks she is.

The witch gives them a dog collar woven from Damy's fur, without his knowledge, and instructs Deidre to wear it if they decide to go through with it. Deirdre thanks her, but Damy is skeptical about her free help.

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Deirdre is 14 when she first meets the wolf, Damy.

She deemed her life fruitless and was bullied by classmates for unknown reasons. She was quick to give up her old life and stay with a murderous wolf she tried to reform. While doing so, she learned to have a lot of vengeance brewing inside of her and she used her new friend to mercilessly bring down the people that wronged her.

In the company of her wolf friend, her shy, gloomy and lacklustre personality becomes cheery, which makes it not seem like there's anything wrong with her.

Deirdre has long messy blonde hair, blue eyes, and wears a red tank top, red cape, red skirt, long white socks, and black shoes.


Damy is a giant wolf who wishes to become human, even though he seemingly doesn't respect them. He is 25 years old in canine years and known for terrorizing the neighbourhood Deirdre lives in.
He is intelligent and serious, which makes his interest in the bouncy Deirdre confusing.

Damy has black fur, blue eyes, a muscular body, and wears blue pants. The humans don't comment on his unusual big posture and the fact he can speak or wears pants; and consider him a regular wolf.


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