Musical Charge is the collective name for a series of stories, created by TheRainbowSprinkles.

It revolves around 8 ordinary kids who vow to protect a musically inspired kingdom, called the Kingdom of Tunes.

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For almost 1000 years, King Treble and Queen Piano have ruled the Kingdom of Tunes. The source of the kingdom were 8 different crystals known as "Tunies". Without the these, the kingdom would fall into darkness.
Troubles begin on the night of the ceremony of the King and Queen's ruling anniversary when Piano's sister, Sharp -who wanted to be the queen since childhood and became angry and depressed when Piano was picked- strikes with her evil organization called the Dark FLATs. They attempt to snatch the crystals, but these are quickly protected by the king. He and his wife run off into the castle's throne room with the crystals.

There, they decide to send the crystals to Earth, and declare the people that'll find them the Guardians of the Kingdom of Tunes. But the Dark FLATs follow the Tunies to Earth and vow to find them.

However, they are intercepted every time by 8 children; the Guardians:

The calm, but tough and trustworthy Reanne Mimette.

The kind and athletic Lewis Anderson.

The rude and unintelligent Link West.

The arrogant and wannabe player, Wes Presley.

The tough and strong MJ Blackstone.

The shy and unconfident Luna Kennedy.

The spunky and aspiring artist, Emma Starr.

And the calm loner with the golden guitar, Trent White.

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