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β€œ Even when the magic disappears, its rhythm goes on. ”


β€œ As long as its melody still plays, the symphony of magic shall make its encore. ”

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The Owl City


Urban Fantasy


Brian H. Kim
Jesper Kyd

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United States

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Disney XD

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Troubadours is a fan project based on the universe of the television animated series Star Vs. The Forces of Evil. The story takes place several years after the events of the series finale and in contrast to its predecessor, the series has a major Tokusatsu influence although it still retains the "magical girl" aspect to a degree.

The story takes place several years after the series finale in the merged world of Earth-ni; the amalgamation of Earth and the fairytale-esque dimension of Mewni. It centers around the escapades of the Diaz siblings and their friends involving ancient trinkets, diabolical groups, eldritch monstrosities, and forgotten pasts returning to influence the present; all of these having to do with a dimension one of the siblings has started to recall strange memories of.


The world of Earth-ni looks similar to its real-life counterpart, except that humans are not the only ones living in the planet. Ever since the merger between Earth and Mewni caused by the destruction of magic, monsters and Mewmen alike now coexist among the common folk, albeit with consequences. Even with the improved relationships between the three races, hostilities are still commonplace especially in the destitute settlements. A common reflection of this persistent prejudice is the occurring attacks on monster settlements and other pro-monster activities orchestrated by Pandemonium, an underground criminal guild currently sought out by multiple governments throughout the planet for their repeated attacks.

Architecture has greatly benefited from this merger, evident in the amalgamation of modern and fantasy designs seen in the numerous buildings, structures, and other architectural creation situated in cities. Small-scale settlements also follow the same but depending on the town, some lean to a modern design while some feel at ease at the sight of a fantasy-themed setting. Natural areas such as forests, marshes, and deserts are now occupied by fantastical races whose home dimensions were also merged. Some of the well-known natural locations have become havens for the wide variety of monster to call home; the Floridian Everglades for instance is now one of the many abodes to aquatic/amphibious monsters and the wilderness of Central Asia finds a number of its areas being established as underground networks for the more subterranean creatures.


The Troubadours

Name Troubadour Identity Description
Diana Diaz Coronia Second youngest of the five Diaz children and the main protagonist. Her meek and bookish disposition belies her inquisitive wanderlust, thanks to her curiosity of Earth-ni's bizarre ecosystem, and equestrian fascination, evident by her impressive displays of trophies that show her worth as a jockey. As Coronia, her dexterity with the sword and shield is as dazzling as the sunlight she commands at will.
Apollo Diaz Nocturnus Middle child of the five Diaz children, older twin brother to Diana and the deuteragonist. As competitive and arrogant he is, that smug face of his conceals a code of sportsmanship and honor to ensure that regardless of the outcome; only the efforts matter. The moonlight is as cold as the winter winds that only heed to him as Nocturnus.
Comet Diaz Steraberus Oldest son among the five and a college student currently studying in theatrics, which sparked his career as an actor but backs down the expected ego whenever interacting with his family and friends. Steraberus makes the stars howl throughout the sky and those who attempt to assail him will be guaranteed that his adroit martial arts are equivalent to being struck by meteorites.
Miguel Diaz Terraijin The youngest of the five. Energetic and acerbic, he comes across as a free-spirited hellion with a knack of coming up convoluted pranks on the fly. He stalks his would-be target in the shadows cast by the earth, then surprises them with a thunderclap, clad in the raiment of Terraijin.
Titania Diaz Seraphia The second eldest and oldest daughter. Her photographic skills are as precise as her experience as a paramedic, despite her young age. People who are initially unnerved by her unmotivated and dry attitude will find themselves surprised by the amount of medical knowledge and survival instincts she exhibits underneath her bored outlook of life. She rejuvenates her fallen comrades with a plethora of medical Arias and her mastery over the four elements is not something to be trifled once she dons the wings of the ethereal Seraphia.
Drake Lucitor Grimglaive ....