Michelle Polk is one of the main characters of The Venusian Twins series, she is Tilly's adoptive mother.  

Early Life Edit

Michelle and Donna were playful sisters in their childhood, they began pretending to be aliens, looking at some flying saucers in the ceiling, Donna's parents watched the two sisters reading a science fiction novel, the novel is named Fallen Angels, and they fall asleep after reading it.

Adult YearsEdit

A adult Donna and a adult Michelle became inseparable and they lived in their home in Pacific Palisades, they go to a playground where some kids are playing, the young women are amazed at this, where kids are kids, and adults are adults.

One day, Donna and Michelle are shocked to realize their parents died in Parkinson's disease, after the funeral, Michelle tells Donna that she is pregnant and is having a child, she names the child as "Rosabelle", When walking home, he bumps to a man who works as a doctor, the man introduces himself as Marty Polk, and he proposes to her.

Adopting TillyEdit

Michelle and her daughter Rosabelle noticed a half of a spaceship, she opens it, revealing Til-Pol inside, she decides to adopt her as her second daughter, renaming her as Tilly Polk, much to Rosabelle's jealousy.

Appearance Edit

Michelle is a slender woman with violet hair and blue eyes, she wears a green long-sleeved blouse,hot pink jeans and green shoes.

Personality Edit

Michelle is a good-natured, affectionate and motherly woman, she loves her daughters, niece and her big sister so much, she is sympathetic, understanding and compassionate, despite being a single woman.

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