MM's reference sheet

The Masked Magician, or commonly known as Masked Magi or MM is one of the major antagonists in the fanfiction The Tale of Monte'Tres. He is-claims to be-a stage magician who practices magic and he used to formerly be a thief, but he thought it was too "Boring."

Other description: A Ominous yet clever magician who is shrouded in mystery. Not much is quite known about him other than being Professor Michael Wright's "rival" and wanting to take over the town of Monte'Tres.

Backstory: Zenia was born to Zeyenna Trita and a father that preferred to go unnamed. The Trita family was a poor say it the least. Her dad was an alcoholic and her mother was rarely home. One day, her mother got extremely ill from an unknown sickness. Zenia tried her best to help her mother get better but it was no use, as a few days past and her mother eventually passed away. On the other hand, Zenia's father had mysteriously gone "missing" a few days before her mother died. A while after that, Zenia decided to change her name and didn't quite feel right in a female's body, so she started using a binder, hoping her father didn't mind wherever he was. And from that day forward, she was known as Zenon instead. After that he ran away from home, trying to look for another shelter as he just so happened to come across the entrance to the town of Monte'tres. And..that was also when he decided to don a mask and become the Masked Magician.

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