Backstory Edit

Manny was created in Dr. Leviathan's Lab. The Doctor was watching some older cartoons and decided to try and create something related to what he was watching. He then created Manny (somehow.) Using his Elder God Magic, Manny was born, then thrown out about half an hour later out of boredom. Manny then wandered the world, eventually creating quite the name for himself. He was known as the Cartoon Man. Alex caught wind of this and went to go see him for themself. After watching one of his shows, he went to try to talk to him and ask about his past. After hearing about how he was made by the Doctor, they decided they needed to keep him safe.

Personality Edit

Manny is quite silly and bouncy, trying to interject jokes whenever he can. He uses his powers for extra effect in this. If one of his friends are hurt, he will not hesitate to try and help in any way. Usually. it just ends with him pranking the individual who harmed his friend in the first place. Manny is also known to have a violent side, brutally slaughtered people who activate this horrid state.

Appearance Edit

Manny looks very cartoonish, with large eyes, hardly visible nose, and oval mouth. His arms and legs do not bend in joints, but are bendy. He wears a tuxedo(Sometimes a top hat too), white gloves, and sometimes carries a cane.

Abilities Edit

Cartoon Physiology: Manny can do anything a cartoon can do. He can stretch his limbs, enlarge, move without any outside help, summon objects into reality, change outfits in an instant, change his voice, even change reality as a whole.

Trivia Edit

Manny is straight, but only for comedic value.

Manny does not have a favorite food, as he does not eat.

Manny likes making people laugh, thinking of new jokes, and dressing up.

Manny hates jerks, people who cut off his jokes, and newer cartoons.

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