I remember the first time I turned into a werewolf.. I felt a fucking hunger, until my eyes looked like blood."

—Maninho to Desmond "Des" Moines in Hybrids Among Us #01

Fernandi "Maninho" Costa Araujo is one of the main protagonists of Hybrids Among Us, and the first vampire-werewolf hybrid, created by Ricardo Costa Aruijo.

He was special in the sense he was able to maintain his human awareness, yet his vampire instincts were his greatest flaw and his bloodlust would often take over. In order to control this side of him, he wore a "blood ring" to keep himself docile. He had lived for centuries before his murder.

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Maninho was born on May 15, 1886, as one of the first monster hybrids. He was a former knight at Salvatore's Afro-British cavalry, then the normal cavalry which his family was also a part of.

He met Desmond "Des" Moines in 1910, who was the founder of Des Moines in Iowa. He had already discovered what Maninho was and asked him to bite him. The human Des "died" 8 years later, but came back as an original vampire, despite Maninho also being a werewolf.

Biographical Information

Birth: May 15, 1886 (Exact age unknown/roughly 129 years old)
Supernatural Status: Born undead hybrid
Species: Original hybrid Kanniball
Gender: Male
Occupation: Knight of cavalry Salvatore
Status: Dead
Cause of Death: Stabbed in the heart with Excalibur by Des Moines, heart then ripped out by Ricardi Costa Araujo.

Family Information

?: Marines Costa Araujo, Padeca Costa, Ricardi Costa Araujo, Marcellus Costa Araujo, Samuel Costa Araujo, Katey Costa Araujo, Cora Costa Araujo, Gerina Costa Araujo, Mutley Costa Araujo, Clebi Costa Araujo, Mark Costa Araujo


Height: Tall
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Light brown

Story Information

First seen: Pilot
Last seen: Remember Your Humanity, My Daughters

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