Malanok is a transformed beast, and the combination of a human with his once discarded demon self. Created by Malanok.

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Malanok was formed by two versions of himself meeting; one a pacifist human and the other a daemonic being which constantly craved blood. The daemonic being was trapped in a piece of "blue immortal stone" (type of gemstone) to prevent it from escaping and laying waste to the lands. Many years later, the human Malanok was born and lived peacefully with his wife, Ruzanna, until one day he was killed in an accident caused by one of his friends. Worried for his life, this friend grabbed a large chunk of the blue immortal stone and rammed it into Malanok's chest, knowing that the stone would bring him back for several weeks and give him time to make peace with the world and say his goodbye. However, this chunk of stone contained the daemon.

When both versions of Malanok met, they fused into one new creature. During the fusion process, a rift opened into the flow of energy (a universe from where all energy if from) and a being of energy fused with Malanok's new soul as well. With his soul constantly producing more energy than it can burn, and the blue immortal stone giving him the power to change matter as he sees fit, he awoke with his old friend looking over him. The new Malanok could not remember anything from it's predecessors' lives, except Ruzanna, so fled in fear and confusion. During the three years after his fusion, Malanok had escaped constant traps set out by humans who were trying to kill him.

One day, Malanok was observing a valley, trying to understand what the villagers in the field were doing, when he heard a scream. He spun around to see Ruzanna being dragged out of the treeline by several men on horseback. He could not remember much about her, but knew she was important to him. Malanok had killed several men when one of them drew a "red immortal stone" dagger and stabbed him in the back. Red immortal stones drain energy from the victim and daemons force the body to change into a weapon and kill anyone around them. Malanok changed into a dragon-like form, as large as a continent, and started to destroy the surrounding area. He was then stopped by Ruzanna, who had climbed on him and pulled out the dagger. Malanok regained control of himself.

When Malanok woke up, he remembered everything of his previous lives, both the human and the daemon side. When he looked around, he was in a crater, several miles wide, and no life anywhere to be seen, including his Ruzanna.

Appearance and Personality

Malanok is usually in the guise of a grey mammal with three pouncers on his "hands" and three talons on his feet. He usually has a pointed head which only has eyes. To talk he creates gill like slits in his neck and exhales air to create the noises; causing him to have a deep voice and his laughing to come out as a "ruh-ruh-ruh" noise.

Malanok is very quick to switch between friendly and aggressive, which can frighten those who are not used to him. He will do anything to protect a friend and would do anything, other than endangering a friend, to harm his enemies.

Malanok does not quite understand human behaviour and usually says inappropriate things at inappropriate times, without knowing, whilst trying to be witty; in addition to this he does not fully grasp sarcasm and frequently takes puns seriously.

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