Luis was slightly a project from a remixer. He was created by TMSX37 on February 14, 2018, 4 hours, 35 minutes, and 45 seconds ago and lives in an apartment with his creator in Holyoke, Massachusetts.


Luis appears to be a fusion of a cube and a cat with white fur, no tail, fully white cat ears, and appearing as object styled.


Luis appears to be online sometimes, and he is a little diligent in his acts. He can get hungry by being attracted. And he eats every 2 hours. He is very joyful, depressing and funny.


TMSX37 was online while the news came out. He saw a Youtuber that had the same look as Luis, but with different colors. TMSX37 always wanted a real life fiction character. So he got out some fabric, stuffing, and everyday objects for organs. His last step was to get out an unknown and rare element that no one had used before. He squirted out 1/3 of the element and then Luis said his first words.

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