-Lilly's catchphrase.

Lillian "Lilly" Polk (real name: Lil-Pol) is the protagonist of The Venusian Twins series, she is Tilly's identical twin sister.


Lilly and Tilly were born on Venus, under the names Lil-Pol and Til-Pol. Their mother has taken them to a spaceship as a transport to Earth ,and the twins left Venus in destination to Los Angeles, during the flight, Lilly was separated from her sister and ended up in a house in 757 Hartzell St, A young couple Marty and his wife Donna Polk, noticed the baby outside in their lawn and goes to check it out, the couple raises Lil-Pol as their daughter, renaming as Lilly Polk.


Lilly is a young girl with long blonde hair and blue eyes, she wears a purple jacket/coat with a pink sleeveless shirt, a purple and pink baseball cap in backwards, blue jeans with a pink belt, pink and purple shoes, and she wears a purple and pink bracelet or wristband.

In the epilogue of the seventh story, Lilly is shown as a adult woman, she no longer wears her baseball cap, and stills wears her bracelet, she wears a purple pantsuit with a pink shirt and pink high heels.


Lilly is a tomboyish, kind, adventurous girl, with awesome powers and a loving daughter to Marty and Donna. She is friends with Shelly and Hubby, and also Veronica.


Purple and Pink lights


Aurora Borealis

Purple and Pink Spells

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