Licette Hopley is one of the main characters from The Venusian Twins series.

Early LifeEdit

Licette lived in Mercury a year ago, after all, she moved to earth, to Pacific Palisades, to start a new life.

Personality Edit

Licette is portrayed as sweet, bubbly, free-spirited, brave, perky and enthusiastic, and formerly cold.

Appearance Edit

Licette is a young girl with orange hair and brown eyes, she wears a red medium jacket with short sleeves, white tank top, blue denim shorts, white socks and red and gray sneakers, she wears a necklace or pendant with three red leaves with a gray orb.

As a adult, Licette wears a gray tank top with buttons, white leggings and gray shoes.


Red and gray fireballs

Red and gray lights

Aurora Borealis


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