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Kodie Arret is the deuteragonist in Three Cats in a Laboratory. He is Terra's younger brother (by a minute) and the nephew of Metalclaws.

Kodie was made in January of 2020, as "Cat #72", in an old story called "The Last of Stone Shard Laboratories". However, he made his first appearance on this wiki in May of 2021.

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Kodie was born to an unnamed she-cat and Lykos Arret. His sister was unnamed at the moment, but after the events of TCIAL, she names herself Terra Arret.

During the War of the Highlands and the Lowlands, he and Terra were put in a chamber that would stop them from aging, to keep them safe.


Kodie gets very spooked by the atmosphere of the current state of Trupan Laboratories and attempts to escape. However, he gets caught in the act and Metalclaws rips out his tail, shortening it to a bobtail.


Kodie is easily scared and would rather run than fight. He is skittish and timid.


Kodie is a small, brown, shorthaired tom with yellow eyes. He once had a long tail, but it had been shortened by Metalclaws.



  • Kodie, in an old draft of the Cattus universe, originally had no siblings. However, in The Last of Stone Shard Laboratories, he has an older brother and a twin. However, they are not named and only numbered. Kodie's twin was the protagonist of the story, and named himself Velvet at the end.
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  • Kodie originally had velvet red eyes.

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