King Xaffos

Names & Titles

Xaffos, Degovon, King, Umbra, Comet, Death


Exact age unknown, though > 4.5 billion years old, dates back before Earth was created (Physically late 20's)






Dimension Hopper, Fighter, Explorer




168 lbs

Eye Color


Hair Color

Crimson Red


Absorption, Adaptive, Astral Projection, Berserker Strength, Black Hole Creation, Blast Power, Cosmic Awareness, Density Control, Dimension Hopping, Dimensional Manipulation, Divine Powers, Duplication, Energy Manipulation, Energy Shield, Energy-Enhanced Strike, Fire Generation, Flight, Force Field, Gadgets, Healing, Heat Vision, Ice Generation, Immortal, Insanely Rich, Intellect, Invulnerability, Lava Generation, Leadership, Light Projection, Longevity, Magic, Molecule Manipulation, Nigh Omnificence, Nigh Omniscience, Omnifarious, Omni-Lingual, Omnilock, Omnipotence, Phasing, Power Bestowal, Power Erasure, Power Item, Sand Generation, Size Manipulation, Stamina, Super Sight, Super Speed, Super Strength, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleport, Time Travel, Tracking, Unarmed Combat, Water Generation,

King Xaffos is an original character created by Nathaniel Moreau. Xaffos was born in another dimension into a royal bloodline who are fluent in magic and other worldly abilities on a planet with a rocky landscape and red sky. Xaffos's family, kingdom, and people were all slaughtered at the young age of 5 by a demonic entity that invaded their home world. With Xaffos's brothers help, he was able to escape to another dimension on another world with a hospitable environment.

On this new world Xaffos had to learn how to survive on his own for some time, eventually by age 8 Xaffos was taken in by an old couple who ran a farm, they offered him a home despite his appearance being different. They gave him food, water, clothes and in return he would simply help out around the farm. Though Xaffos was cautious at first he warmed up to the old couple and felt for the first time in a while that he found a place he could call home. As the years went by Xaffos discovered the different abilities he harnessed. Xaffos was 19 years old when the his step-parents had come to him with a surprise.

They had taken note of his strange and unique abilities and earned enough money to send Xaffos to a school of Magic, there he could possibly learn more about himself. Xaffos attended the academy and quickly excelled beyond all others in his school, while there were confrontations and tales to be told during this chapter of his life, they are not important for what was to come is what made Xaffos what he is today, a megalomaniac with quite the personality and charm.

By age 24 Xaffos had buried his step-parents and taken care of the farm duties. Curious about his original home, Xaffos performed a powerful and complex ritual opening a rift to a realm with him as the bridge piece to the other realm (essentially because he was the "item" from the dimension he wanted to go to he was easily able make the connection). There on his home world, he stood among ash and rubble. The sky was a dark maroon just like he remembered. The air tasted of sulfur and smelled of death. Xaffos explored the ruins of what was once his 1st home, it felt like something was luring him further into the withered castle, not a feeling but a presence. The closer Xaffos got the more familiar this presence felt, it was wicked and ghastly. Xaffos walked through a long catacomb and saw a red light near a hall to his right.

Upon reaching the light there laid what seemed to be the corpse of the demonic entity that destroyed his home all those years ago, his hand pressed against a giant crystal glowing with a crimson red that seemed to pulse. The demon is what he felt but the crystal is now the one alluring. Almost uncontrollably Xaffos presses his hand against the crystal and in that instant billions of lights and images rush into your mind, he feels and sees love, hate, friendship, isolation, jealousy, secrets, violence, sadness, madness, power, honor, loyalty, motherhood, fatherhood, scoundrels, good, evil, and much more. The memories of everyone on his home world, from the fateful day and everything behind it, their names, their voices, their faces, all burning into his mind all the while something speaks unto Xaffos. Something that can only be described as what felt like an amalgamation of all life on your home planet.

"Xaffos, do you remember?" the voice asked. "Yes, I do, I remember it all. Everything, I was you and you were me sort of, I think. This feels all like trick or a joke." Xaffos stated feeling alarmed and still being overwhelmed by these images. "Who's creating the trick, you; if so, am I not your creation, your illusion?" the voice said flatly. "No, I don't think so. Probably not." Xaffos says trying recollect himself "Probably not but who knows; I've been around for eons and experienced so much. I embody all that is good & evil, and now we're here. It's unprecedented. I give you a choice; come with me to the end and the beginning or struggle here wanting to know more like a beautiful autumn leaf. You stand on the edge of freedom and you see what life holds and offers, be more of stay the same." the voice and light extend a hand towards Xaffos. "You're asking me to abandon everything I know in order to experience something new, you're not really making it sound that bad?" Xaffos stated concerned.

"It's not bad, I'm just giving you the option of a new mode of existence." the voice says calmly. "Okay, I-...I'll give it a shot." Xaffos takes it's hand feeling a surge complicated feelings and new thoughts. "Prepare to discorporate." the voice says quickly enveloping and seeping into Xaffos. Xaffos screams in agony his voice not his own but the several billion voices over lapping sounding horrifying but mesmerizing.

"Thank you." a chilling voice spoke out in a deafening tone. It was the shrouded in black smoke, but you knew and the amalgam knew, it was the soul or energy of the very demon that slaughtered your people and that laid dead on the floor in front of the crystal. "I have learned much from you, by your coming here I have earned a new catalyst for my reign of terror." the demon paralyzes Xaffos. "You are alone child, the only legacy your people leave behind now is death, your planet was just one of many I've destroyed. This is only the beginning. I will command a great and terrible army and we will sail to every world. We will sail 'till every light is extinguished. I am the end, I am Degovon the Hell bringer, and I am here for you Xaffos."

Degovon attempts to merge with Xaffos, in doing so he disrupts an important process tainting crystal and Xaffos, all three beings burn fighting each other, fighting for dominion. Xaffos's body rips apart spreading across the cosmos. What feels like a millennia is mere seconds. Xaffos wakes on the cold stone floor of the catacombs. The large crystal that glowed and pulsed with life was now shattered and dull. The corpse remained but both presences were now silenced. Xaffos stood up, his mind, body, and soul felt like they were on fire. Xaffos stood in silence, thoughts racing, bis mind was bombarded with several occupants, too many too count. Xaffos asked, "...Who...who am I?" Xaffos went on stumbling out through the castle seeing images and memories that both seemed familiar and foreign to himself or herself, itself maybe? Xaffos fell to his knees once he reached the outside of the castle. His mind once again being attacked, he recalls what led him here. He WAS Xaffos, but now he is everyone, his personality, his thoughts, his being, his interests, his hobbies, dislikes, his senses, etc were all shared among everyone that's every been and perished on this world, including Degovon, he was present in his mind and with that his body.

Xaffos was also imbued with the magical power and prowess that everyone had been given from birth including the mighty demon who attempted to take his body entirely. Xaffos went on to discover who he was now, how he'd cope with his new "friends", how he'd use his power, and where he would now go. As Xaffos lived he went by many different names, though he was never always the same, he would change in almost every facet in different times. Though the most common form he acts in is believed to be driven by Degovon, getting his turn to have some fun.

Appearance Edit

Xaffos w/o shape shifting has dark grey skin, with a muscular build, handsome. Physically he looks like he's in his late 20's. He has pointed ears, sharper canines, he has medium wild hair that's crimson red; emerald eyes. Xaffos's default attire consists of a chest plate with a yellow jewel on the crest, dirty orange waist cloak, dirty orange scarf/cape, black boots and dark pants, a black belt with a yellow jewel on the buckle, sharp black gauntlets, sharp shoulder pads. Casual clothing can consist of a mix of jackets, flannels, jeans, yoga pants, t-shirt, shorts, etc. Depending on who is controlling Xaffos body depends on the type of clothing, some male or mostly female users would wear dresses, skirts, tube tops, etc. Though Xaffos typically hides most of his true form and will shape shift to look like the dominant life form on any given planet he's on. (EX. on Earth he would look like a human)

Personality Edit

After merging with Degovon and the Amalgam, Xaffos has every imaginable personality possible, though it changes all the time. One day Xaffos could be an ally and best friend, the next he could be a lover, or a thug, maybe childlike, warlord, etc, it just depends on who's piloting Xaffos body, Xaffos alone disregarding any other spirit or occupant of his brain, is a quiet hardworking man, always true to his word. Xaffos is generous to any who need help and is a vibrant ray of sunshine to those who know him. His base personality was changed as well though, the default personality of Xaffos now is that of an egotistical megalomaniac. He's smart and charming.

Quotes Edit

"I must say, in all my time I have never encountered someone with such strength before, not that it will matter though."
-Xaffos after being punched by Hercules
"In these past few million years it seems as though my name has been forgotten, even I can't compete with time."
-Xaffos being controlled by Degovon
"The afterlife awaits you, my judgement is final."
-Degovon about to finish off the Time Warden
"I have returned. After an eternity away from you all Jedreck is back!"
-Jedreck an ancient being of immense power controlling Xaffos
"You carry the ring Petratell. No doubt a relic from my former past, it matters not. Fighting you is beneath me."
-Degovon speaking to Etrigon
"I've looked into my own future, I asked internally; What could possibly bring about my end? To my surprise it was non other than myself."
-Xaffos speaking to a lover
"I'm scared, I know my mind is changing, but I'm already too far gone to know what to do. I want people to know if I do things, if I do things to hurt anyone; Please, please forgive me! Just watch over me, until I can find my way out of this labyrinth in my brain and regain my sanity!"
-Xaffos reaching out to an old friend

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