Katey Costa Araujo, also known as Kanniball, is a character from Hybrids Among Us and a parasitic triple hybrid of a werewolf, vampire, and a witch, created by Ricardo Costa Aruijo.

She was like this for a fair period of time in the story and had trouble controlling her transformation, but ended up returning to her normal self.

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Katey would transform often and attack humans, which caught the attention of the media.

They found her home address and forced her to stay locked up for days on end, giving her the name "Kanniball". It eventually activated her dangerous transformation in front of them. Katey worried she'd kill everyone in Salvatore, so asked her father, one of the original hybrids, to chain her up. But Kanniball was activated again and she broke out.

Fearing the worst about her condition, Katey decides to attend a special clinic and stays there as the unruly, dangerous Kanniball, accidentally infecting several others. After a long time, she left with the assumption she could now better control her other side.
She went to see her family, but they were being attacked by evil knights. The adrenaline rush made Kannibal grow again, but Katey wanted to control it this time, which she managed to do for the sake of her family.

Some time afterwards, two "Kanniballs", Jatey Parrish and Derrica Knowles, appeared, who used to be one of her past victims and were out to get her.

General Information

Species: Human (previously), Kanniball 
Status: Alive, "Kanniball" subdued by Katey
Enemies:  All the enemies in the comics
Occupation: Salvatore Protectors (sometimes)

Family Information

Grandmother: Marines Costa Araujo
Grandfather: Padeca Costa
Father: Ricardi Costa Araujo
Sister: Cora Costa Araujo
Uncles: Mutley Costa Araujo, Marcellus Costa Araujo, Samuel Costa Araujo
Nieces: Gerina Costa Araujo
?: Maninho Costa Araujo, Clebi Costa Araujo, Mark Costa Araujo

Story Information

First seen: Blood of the Beast
Last seen: Remember Your Humanity, My Daughters

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